Fall 516 A.V Seasonal Calendar and Events

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Fall 516 A.V Seasonal Calendar and Events

Postby Anarkhos on September 1st, 2016, 3:10 pm

Fall Calendar 516 A.V 

Fall Calendar

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1st of Fall: Fall finally approaches greeting most with tears as they mourn over the loss of loved ones.

2nd of Fall: It has been decided that the stone slabs shall be kept, lock and under key in the library where they will be guarded.

5th of Fall: A ceremony to mourn the loss of loved one's from Summer's curse is held at the dust beds.

7th of Fall: A new tavern opens in town known as "No Man's Land"

10th of Fall: Another strange ship has arrived at the docks of Sunberth. It's crew resemble those that arrived last season. Citizens start inquire about the strange people.

11th of Fall: Word goes about that a new gang known as the "Vigilantes" are in Sunberth and anyone looking to sign up should go to No Man's Land tavern and ask the bartender for a midnight special.

13th of Fall: The curse from the previous season is lifted, the special waters have dried up. All seems to be looking up for the city of Sunberth.

16th of Fall: A man is found dead covered with scratches and bite marks from some strange animal. It is passed off as a wolf or bear and no one should worry.

18th of Fall: A celebration is held throughout the city, as citizens raise glasses to making it through the curse of the slabs.

20th of Fall: A man covered in strange markings walks into the middle of town with a warning. Chanting "Return the slabs, or suffer my curse." He is suspected to be a mage wanting the slabs and is killed on sight.

22nd of Fall: Gods be praised, ore has been found in the mines thus deeming them open once more. Another celebration is thrown.

24th of Fall: Three more bodies are found dead at the gallows, each looking as if they were attacked by a strange animal. A message written in blood "Death is not known without life"

26th of Fall: A man is seen late at night moving in weird motions at the docks. He is suspected to be one of the crew members from the strange ships but that theory is failed to be proven.

29th of Fall: Citizens gather at Slavers Row only to find out that slaves have been freed and guards have been killed. The only thing found at the scene was a parchment with the common letter "V" written upon it.

32nd of Fall: A man is hung at the gallows, but does not die. He is then shot in the skull by a crossbow and still lives. Another is set a blaze with the same result. From this point forward death seems to be unknown to those in Sunberth. Those that are in situations where death would occur still feel the pain as if they died, but instead of death, they are rendered unconscious for a day, only to awake from a dream like state with vivid memory of how they died. Exceptions to this rule are complete removal of the head, or deaths that completely destroy the body.

34th of Fall: Rumors of the dead rising and wondering the streets after the 8th bell at night began to spread and strike fear into hearts.

36th of Fall: Pools of blood are found on the streets but no bodies. Some claim to have heard screams in the night before.

37th of Fall:The library is broken into. Nothing is taken, but the place is destroyed.

38th of Sunberth: Important figures in the community advice citzens to barricade their doors and windows during the night. To not let anyone enter their homes. The doors to the temple are open to those that are homeless. A curfew is put into place from the 8th bell at night to the 6th bell of the morning.

40th of Fall: (Quest) The city has come up with miza for a group to investigate what and where these attacks are coming from.

44th of Fall: Voluteers are asked to keep watch upon sections of the city during the night.

45th of Fall:Screams are heard from Baroque Bay. Terrified citizens claim to have seen a serpent like monster moving through the water and are deemed the town fools.

50th of Fall: The crew of the strange ships are recruiting people to join their cause. Citizens begin to sign up.

56th of Fall: A strange new ore is found in the mines. It has been taken to the library for further study.

62nd of Fall: Citizens go to return the slabs to the temple only to see that they have been stolen.

66th of Fall: Ruffles the size of one story buildings are found carved into the sand. The rumor of the serpent creature begins to spread once more.

70th of Fall: The Proving grounds are teaching combat classes for free to everyone.

75th of Fall: Fish and other sea creature large and small are found beached onto the shores of Sunberth

79th of Fall: Two men are seen at the docks moving in strange motions. Once again they are suspected to be crew members from the strange ships.

81st of Fall: A shadow is cast over Sunberth as a very large tenticle emerges from the Bay destroying the docks and a few ships. The city breaks into chaos. The Attack lasts for the day as the tenticle receeds back into the water at nightfall.

83rd of Fall: The strange ships leave Sunberth in a hurry. Some crew members even get left behind.

84th of Fall: Information is gained about a cult that is aiming to take control of Sunberth come Spring using an undead army and a sea monster. Everyone is in shock and is confused about what to do.

88th of Fall: Heads are brought together to try and figure out a plan for the oncoming attack.

91st of Fall: The final leaves begin to fall from the trees as winter arrives in Sunberth.
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