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Azira enjoys her first hunt of the season

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The Road Often Taken

Postby Azira on September 18th, 2016, 9:11 pm

1st Fall 516AV

The hammering was insistent but not continuous. Knuckles rapped against the wood for a few ticks and then there was nothing for a chime before it began anew. Insistent and repetitive as it was, it went on for long enough to become a natural part of the dream her subconscious was conjuring. Gradually the dream slipped away as awareness returned and told Azira that someone was knocking at her door at intervals. Stretching as the sound came again, she squirmed free of her bed covers, swung bare feet down to the warm stone and grasped for the underclothes left strewn on the floor.

When she was longer no completely naked, she swung her room's door open to reveal a female Dek, who cringed away from the Avora. Peering at her blearily, the huntress made a shooing motion and hardly stayed long enough to see the Dek bow and retreat before she slammed the door shut again. The huntress approached the crumpled clothing that carpeted her bedside floor, and started to dress properly.

Having been away from Wind Reach, her body had adjusted to a new rhythm - the rhythm of Lhavit - and had taking to waking up in or around the Dawn Rest. Now that she had returned to her volcanic home, it was necessary to form a new habit to ensure that she up at an acceptable bell to go hunting that wasn't dependent on the city heartbeat of the Diamond of Kalea. Given that they were at the tail end of Summer - it was the first day of Fall she reminded herself - Syna's rising was an early one. Of course, the goddess of light made her presence known early and left them late so it wasn't as pressing to get moving before daylight came. The same time did her for the entire year, thus allowing her to rise while it was dark outside in the depths of winter and wake during the approach of early light in the height of summer.

Fully dressed in vinati, bryda and boots, she left her room with her equipment slung over her shoulder and back, and her katinu in hand. Heading for the kitchens, she joined the flow of other early risers in the Inner Warrens until she popped out into the cavernous eating hall with its fantastic aromas. She inhaled the various scents deeply as she queued for her breakfast, requesting two meal rations alongside her morning meal when her turn arrived. Once she had her food, she found a table to herself, arranged her things around her so that others wouldn't sit on either side of her and ate quickly. As soon as her meal was gone, she tucked the meal rations away in her backpack and set about checking her bow and arrows in the hall's light. Azira was confident that her bow was still in good condition but she bent it anyway to search for flaws in the food and plucked carefully at the string as she examined it for signs of weakening. Satisfied with its condition, she moved onto the arrows. She pinched the shaft of each one between thumb and forefinger, spinning it slowly as she checked the full circumference for any hairline cracks that might cause trouble when she went to fire. The scrutiny of each shaft was followed by an examination of the fletching to ensure that it was intact and none of the feathers were bent at odd angles that might affect the missiles flight. Finally, she checked the arrow heads to ensure they were secure, attempting to jiggle the tops to see if they came loose from the top of the shaft. Satisfied that they were in good condition for use.

The young woman dumped her bowl and cutlery before setting off through the Inner Warrens again, this time in the direction of the Sanikas Gates. It took time but it was faster moving that way. She moved against the tide as most people she passed were heading in the direction of the kitchens, which she'd just left, but she remained to one side and everyone else came to the other, making movement easy for her. When she finally got down to the gate, she found Syna's light spilling brightly through the opening, although the light came in at a low angle, which suggested that the goddess was still early in her rising. The air that swept down the passageway was cool, hinting at the impending change of the weather that would herald the coming winter. They would have quite a number of days yet before the true chill came and the snows began to fall but just because it was the first day of the season didn't mean she was under any illusions that it would stay like this.

Val hailed her, beaming at her as he caught her attention.

"Hunter Azira! It has been quite some time since I've seen you. I heard you had gone travelling. Where is it you went?" he asked in Nari, an excited light entering his eyes.

"Gatekeeper Val! It has been some time indeed. I have not seen you since the early days of last winter. I decided I would like a change and I left for Lhavit. I couldn't stay away though. Wind Reach called me home. It's difficult to say no to her," she replied with a smile of her own. She quite liked the old Endal and she was sure that there were many Inarta who had learned the finer points of Common from the man, who bore him some affection. He was the closest thing to a father figure that many people had - not that the Inarta went in for that sort of thing of course, the notion of parental figures.

"Ah yes, Lhavit! It is a beautiful city, yes? Very unique. Did you see the famous Ethaefal that reign over it? Did you have the chance to see the patron goddess herself? They have many festivals where you have such opportunities and I'm sure you were at a number of them," he continued, clearly excited to be able to discuss the city with another person, especially one who had spent so much time there.

"Yes to all three. I had opportunity to talk to two Ethaefal up close and learned some things about them as well," she explained, inching in the direction of the city's exit. "As much as I'd like to chat, I'm wasting daylight and I need to get a start on my quota for the season. I'm sure I can drop down to you on my next day off though for a discussion," she told him apologetically.

"Oh yes, go! Sorry, I didn't think, I was just so excited but I look forward to talking on your day off. You will bring some tea with you, won't you? Happy hunting!"

Waving a farewell, she continued on her journey. The girl set off down the Sanikas Road, heading for the steps that would allow her to descend it more rapidly by going straight down rather than weaving back and forth. It was going to be a long day.
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