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Corvus Bubon

Postby Corvus Bubon on October 2nd, 2016, 8:25 am

Corvus Bubon


Race: Nuit, previously Human
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Birthday: 42, Winter, 479 AV.
Birthplace: Where were you born?
Corvus stands 6' tall, though with his slouch it's more 5'6''. His face is very expressive, a charming smile, a cold dead glare, wrinkles around his mouth betraying amusement, bags under his brown eyes showing a beaten spirit. A once bronzed skin tone has turned lighter with death.

Character Concept
Corvus is a loner, largely favoring the confines of a hidden away cave to the streets of a city, unless he has need of the warm bodies that run across them. Only truly loyal to himself and his search for more power, he finds disruptions to his work or research one of the highest offenses. Though a Nuit and used to constantly decaying, He yearns for true immortality, an escape from the Nuit's need to change bodies.

Character History
When he was alive his father was a mortician, so Corvus received plenty of exposure to dead bodies as a child, and when his mother was found dead, her body having already served as a meal for the rodents, his father had him help with the preparation of her body for what was to come. Corvus earned a deep appreciation for death and the bodies of the dead on that day, as his father was an animator of sorts, and attempted Daek-nuit upon her, failing, as it was far beyond his skill.
Corvus studied under his father, learning basic Animation magic, he also began carrying out funeral proceedings, embalming more bodies than his father and taking over the business as his father spent more time buried in research over the years. Corvus had seen 27 summers before his father killed him. Corvus's father, after 14 grueling years, was finally able to succeed where his failure had cost him so dearly before; He had turned his son into a nuit, he wouldn't lose him like he had lost her.
When Corvus awoke as a nuit he was first confused, then scared, and then he was angry. He was cursed to live forever, to leave his body when it could no longer support him, would he even be himself afterwards? Corvus reached for the scalpel nearby and turned to his father, who was beaming with equal amounts of happiness and madness, and lunged forward.
Corvus left Syliras the day his father died, finding transport with a traveling caravan. He stayed with the caravan for quite some time, getting to know a few of his traveling companions well. A traveling musician by the name of Garith, taught him to blend into a crowd, and to craft some basic poisons. Corvus asked where he had learned these skills, Garith had no comment. Another member of the caravan, Marsien, was a practitioner of Malediction, she didn't want to teach Corvus Malediction so he stole one of her books while she was away from her belongings. When Marsien found that the book was missing she sought out Corvus, slapped him, then told him that if he really wanted to learn that bad she'd teach him the basics, then he'd be on his own.
He had been dead for 10 years, and in that 10 years he had not always been the most careful, his body was failing him, just as the last ones had, he needed another.
His current body came courtesy of an outlaw who had attacked the caravan, rather unsuccessfully. It's time to leave the caravan.
Corvus heads to the nuit-held Sahova, looking to apprentice under one of the Wizards there, Warick.
Corvus is not naive enough to search for a way to undo what has been done to him, however he is now seeking a truer immortality.
Corvus Bubon is the name he has taken, he does not speak his own name, or the names of his parents.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language:Nader-Canoch
Poor Language:

Skills Level Source
Malediction 17=10+7 SP=10 Malediction: A Use For Rats +5, Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us+2
Animation 10 SP=10
Embalming 20 RB=10, SP=10
Disguise 5 SP=10
Poison 15 SP=10 (Undead, Fungus, Arboreal)
Carving 6 Malediction: A Use For Rats, Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us
Mathematics 3 Malediction: A Use For Rats, Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us
Observation 7 Malediction: A Use For Rats, Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us, A Change of Form
Trapping 1 Malediction: A Use For Rats
Logic 2 Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us
Socialization 6 Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us, A Change of Form
Swimming 1 Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us
Endurance 1 A Change of Form


-Knowledge of funeral proceedings
-Knowledge of Sylirian trade routes
-Lore of Mathematics: Measuring Diameter
-Lore of Malediction: Mistakes Can be Recovered
-Lore of Malediction: Drawing Ichor Through Means of Attack
-Lore of Malediction: Outcomes are Unpredictable
-Lore of Malediction: Stringing a Talisman
-Lore of Carving: Overlapping Causes Deeper Grooves
-Lore of Carving: Too Deep Grooves Create Damage
-Lore of Trapping: Traps Can Damage the Catch
-Lore of Maledicted Rat Talisman: Creates High Pitched Voice
-Lore of Maledicted Rat Ring: Reduces Hearing, Increases Smell
-Lore of Malediction: Discovery by Trial and Error
-Lore of Sahova: Testing is Restricted to Labs
-Lore of Sahova: Hygiene is Valued
-Lore of Location: Palsa Hydrata
-Lore of Amaryllis: Extravagant Beyond Imagination
-Lore of Malediction: Rats Have Limited Workspace
-Lore of Malediction: Different Parts Create Different Properties
-Lore of Carving: Cracking is Common on Already Cracked Objects
-Lore of Malediction: Flashes of Light or Heat May Appear
-Location: Palsa Hydrasa
-Location: Amaryllis’ office
-Location: Rubellum Chamber
-Nuit ritual to change bodies
-Undressing prior to a body change
-New body: 4-armed male Eypharian
-Basics of manipulating four arms
-Amaryllis: Somewhat perverse and vindictive
-Amaryllis: Enjoys watching a nuit transfer bodies

-A simple black shirt with long sleeves, holes have been worn in to accommodate Corvus's thumbs, the holes are fairly ragged. Holes have now been worn under the armpits a second set of arms.
-Simple white underwear that do their job.
-Black coat that reaches to the ankles, and buttons in the center. The sleeves reach 3/4 of the way down the arm. The shirt underneath showing just the ends of it's sleeve. The collar of the coat is about 6 inches tall, peaking just higher than Corvus's mouth.
-Black boots with soles 2 inches thick, the boot rises 4 inches above the ankle and is tightly laced.
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Embalming Ichor (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Toolkit, Engravers
-Portable Poisoncrafter's kit
-Tiny Animal Snares x10
-Small Animal Snares x10
-Embalming/Preservation Salts
-Cheese 3Ibs
-Spool of Thread
-Rat skull with engravings on roof of mouth.
-Rat skull with engravings on top of skull and damage in ear holes.
-Set of Maledicted Rat Shoulder Blades
-Set of four Maledicted Rat Teeth
329 GM 93 SM 95 CM

Heirloom: Mother's Pendant, 1 inch diameter socket where a gem is missing.


Where in Mizahar are you living?
House: What does your home look like?
Corvus takes up residence within the Quarters, the room is very neat, mostly because it's barely ever occupied. Not much in the way of furniture inhabits the room, a cot and a chest stand against an otherwise bland colorless room.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Housing Cash-In +500 GM 600GM
Embalming/Preservation Salts -10 GM 590 GM
Toolkit, Engravers -50 GM 540 GM
Portable Poisoncrafting kit -150 GM 390 GM
Animal Snare, Small x10 -50 GM 340 GM
Animal Snare, Tiny x10 -10 GM 330 GM
Cheese 3lbs -6sm 329 GM 4SM
Thread, Spool -5 cm 329GM 4SM 5 CM
Winter 516 Seasonal Expenses -45GM 284GM 4SM 5CM
Nuit Bath -1GM 283GM 4SM 5CM

Thread List
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Malediction: A Use For Rats Graded
Malediction: What Rat Bones Tell Us Graded
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A Change of Form Graded
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