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Ashka Windrunner

Postby Ashka Windrunner on November 23rd, 2016, 2:06 am

Ashka Windrunner of the Amethyst Clan


Race: Drykas
Gender: Female
Age: 21 years old
Birthday: 86th day of Spring, year 496
Birthplace: Sea of Grass, Cyphrus
Religion: Preference for Caiyha, Zulrav and Semele.


Ashka is relatively tall, about 5'7 feet, with a lean, strong build. She carries her head high and her back straight, and has a welcoming and self-assured aura. Scars on her chestnut tan testify of the harsh life conditions in the Sea of Grass. She has several scratches over her arms and hands, an impressive bite mark on her right calf and several lines running on the left of her rib cage from a bad fall.
Her features are quite fair, not the most beautiful young lady one will ever lay eyes on, but she has a nicely shaped figure, smiling cheeks with a dimple on the left one, and those wide, expressive grey eyes who seems to be constantly questioning or challenging the world around her.
The wild mass of her auburn hair is usually kept tidy in different braids compositions, her preference going to whatever will free her vision and tame the loose locks. She likes to enlighten it with colorful ribbons in all shades of purple.
The young woman favors practical and confortable clothes over fancy ones. The jewllery she wears is quite modest and enlaced into her clothes and hair. Predominant colors are green, lavender, black, brown and grey.
Her windmarks decorate her upper back, shoulders and arms in an intricate maze of lines, dots and small geometrical symbols. Only black ink has been used.

Character Concept

Ash is a very curious young woman, eager to learn and explore the world around her. This can also play against her, as sometimes curiosity wins over safety. Like most Drykas, she is very attached to her family and understands the dangers and benefits of living in the wilderness. She challenges herself often to survive on her own for extended periods of time, to learn from Nature and, even though she won't admit it, show her brothers she is not a helpless little girl.

Character History

Ashka is born from her mother's second union, with a man who was not yet bonded with his Strider. He came originally from Alvadas, until a thirst for adventure drove him away from his family and to Cyphrus, where he met Ashka's mother Clan. He found himself very interested in the Drykas way of life and community and decided to stay with them. Ashka's mother was at the time recently widowed with two young children. Some time after they met, they developed a mutual attraction for each other, and just over a year later they were married and Ashka was born. As a child she used to listen to her father's stories about far away cities and exotic people, and those captivating tales soon forged her a curious, inquisitive mind, interested in all the wonders her eyes hadn't seen yet. He was from a merchant family who traded with many different populations from all over Mizahar and had a lot of anecdotes and stories to recall. He even taught her some bits of Nari language he learned from trading with the great Eagle-riders. The death of her father at age twelve was a devastating episode in the life of the young woman, and it took her a few of years to overcome her loss. The family believes this is one of the reason why she bonded quite late , at age eighteen, whereas all other members of the family did much earlier.
Growing up in the Drykas community she also developed a profound love and respect for the wild lands wherein they live. She has always been passionate about horses and very caring of her family herd. As soon as she was old and strong enough she started going out on her own for exploration rides, touring the area around the Pavilion, going further and further. She eventually learned the basics on how to survive in the wild, find her way around the country and became a better rider than her brothers.
Her blooming into adulthood and becoming a true Drykas happened quite late compared to others and she was therefore not considered ready for wedding until quite recently. Ashka is however not interested into founding a family yet, as she pursues her exploration of the world, hoping to one day travel to Alvadas and learn about the other half of her lineage.


    23rd of Spring, 517
  • 1 large bruise between shoulder blades will heal in 3 weeks Healed
  • 1 large bruise to abdomen will heal in 4 weeks Healed
  • 1 medium bruise to back of thigh will heal in 2 weeks Healed
  • A headache that will last 2 days Healed
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Ashka Windrunner

Postby Ashka Windrunner on October 11th, 2017, 5:14 am



Fluent Language: Pavi
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Nari


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics 1XP 1 Novice
Animal Husbandry 1XP 1 Novice
Endurance 2XP +3XP +1XP +1XP 7 Novice
Horsemanship 6 SP +3XP +1XP +1XP +1XP +1XP 13 Novice
Hunting 8 SP +4XP 12 Novice
Intelligence 1XP 1 Novice
Investigation 1XP +1XP 2 Novice
Land Navigation 5 SP 5 Novice
Leadership 1XP +1XP 2 Novice
Logic 1XP 1 Novice
Meditation 1XP 1 Novice
Negotiation 1XP 1 Novice
Observation 3XP +4XP +2XP +3XP +1XP +2XP +2XP +1XP +2XP 20 Novice
Persuasion 1XP +1XP 2 Novice
Rhetoric 1 XP +2XP 3 Novice
Riding: Horse 10 RB, 7 SP +1XP +1XP +3XP +1XP +1XP 24 Novice
Running 1XP 1 Novice
Socialization 1 XP +3XP +3XP +1XP +4XP 12 Novice
Stealth 2XP 2 Novice
Tactics 1XP +1XP +1XP 3 Novice
Tracking 5 SP +3XP 8 Novice
Unarmed Combat 3XP +5XP 8 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 5XP 5 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow 6 SP +3 XP 9 Novice
Wilderness Survival : Plains 13 SP +1XP 14 Novice


 Lore of Sea of Grass Geography (SP)
Endrykas location: The Thunderherd Pavilion
Cyphrus location : Lari Lake
Cyphrus Location : Moresta River
Endrykas Location : Ferem's Fortunes

Ashka : Finds satisfaction spending time with the herds
Ashka : Fights on instinct
Ashka : Conflicted about her path
Ashka : Ready to find her family
Ashka's reading
Ashka: Entranced by Diamond Clan Archer

Lyanna Pridesun: False pleasantness
Khida: Kelvic falcon
Kelvic: A race of shapeshifters
Konrad: A tough opponent
Samuel: Knight of Syliras
Samuel: Foreigner trusted to teach
Samuel: Reassuring teacher
Kelis: Brash & proud
Grandfather Windrunner: Suffers in the heat
Lohar: Sick, but promise to come out for event brings hope of healing
Laena: Without Strider yet full of hope
Ferem Silverstone: Renown Dryas fortune-teller
Rufio Stormblood of the Diamond Clan: Fortune-teller
Ramona and Bhug Silvertongue: Part of the Diamond Clan

Drykas culture
 Lore of the Importance of the Strider (SP)
Drykas : A proud people
Drykas : The Topaz clan of gold
The Opal Clan: Known for their healers
Amethyst Clan: Better at horse race than archery
Walahk: Foreigner, non-drylas
Pridesun of Topaz Clan: Takes in Walahks
Thunderherd Pavilion: Known for quality horses & honesty
Thunderherd Pavilion: Windrunner pavilion’s business partner
Windrunner Pavilion: Raise and train horses
City Event: Triathlon!
City Event: a show of unity
The Triathlon: Cause for excitement throughout Endrykas
The Triathlon: Great occasion to meet new people and create alliances
Drykas Culture: Marriage, the Olidosapux in the tent
The Watchmen: Among the best of Endrykas when it comes to fighting and riding

Caiyha, Goddess of flora and fauna

Reimancy: Fire magic

Horsemanship: Grooming maintains health
Horsemanship: Training - starting with a lead
Horsemanship: Building trust takes time
Horsemanship: Clicking the tongue to aid command
Horsemanship: Make training an enticing game
Horsemanship: Using positive reinforcement
Horsemanship: Tacking up
Horsemanship: Cooling a horse
Horse Breed: Ekytol desert
Eyktol Desert Horse: Tolerant to high temperatures
Riding : Signaling for a stop
Riding: Go slow in the dark
Lako: Not suited for prolonged inactivity

Survival skills
Hunting etiquette : Giving other hunters space
Hunting : Animals are often found by waterways
Hunting : With a falcon
Tracking : Identifying an old bird nest
Tracking : Identifying old hare droopings
Tracking : Plants that have been trodden by passing animals
Tracking : Deer prints
Wilderness Survival : There is strength in numbers
Wilderness Survival: In wild-fire smoke cover your mouth & nose
Wilderness Survival: Starve a fire of air with a heavy blanket

Weaponry and Combat
Archery : Nocking an arrow
Archery : Readying a second arrow in case of a miss with the first
Dagger: not well in closed spaces for long
Dagger: considered a toothpick
Unarmed Combat: watch your full opponent
Blades of all sizes are troublesome
Don't give everything in one strike
Unarmed Combat: A simple block
Unarmed Combat: Keep your guard up
Unarmed Combat: Must both attack and defend

Other skills
Acrobatics: Standing on a horse's back
Animal Husbandry: Checking a horse for injury
Intelligence: Gleaming information from one’s appearance
Leadership: Pulling a group together by delegating tasks
Medicine: Burns with absence of whitened skin will not leave scars
Medicine: Rhinedale ash paste for healing burns
Negotiation: Failing to get merchant to agree to a lower price
Observation: Hearing Semele rumbling
Stealth : Avoiding loose debris
Tactics over thoughtless rushing
Tactics: Expect the unexpected
Philosophy: 'There is meaning in everything'
Meditation: Looking within oneself
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Ashka Windrunner

Postby Ashka Windrunner on October 11th, 2017, 5:29 am

Owned and Lived


1 Set of Clothing (SP)
-Simple shirt, linen
-Simple beige pants, linen
-Simple undyed undergarments
-Simple woolen cloak, moss green
-Simple brown leather boots
4 undyed undergarments
Pale lavender shirt, ramie
Tawny brown shirt, ramie
Walnut brown pants, linen

20 Arrows
Hunting Knife

1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 ft of rope
1 lantern
2 torches
1 set of fishing tackle & hooks
1 Yvas embellished with bright purple ribbons
1 large set of Yvas bags
1 purple agate bead

Heirloom: Her father's mapmaker's kit, with an assortment of parchments and colored charcoals and ink sticks.


Location: Family's Pavilion on the Sea of Grass

House (when travelling):
1 large tent (4 person)
1 large tarp
1 bedroll
1 blanket

Mount: Lako, male Strider


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Shortbow + 20 Arrows + Quiver -51GM 49 GM
Winter 516 living expenses (poor) -45 GM 4 GM
Winter 516 half seasonal wages +227 GM 5 SM 231 GM 5 SM
4x undyed undergarments, 2x dyed ramie shirts, dyed trousers -21 GM 3 SM 210 GM 2 SM
Hunting knife (based on weapon price) -5 SM 209 GM 7 SM
Banded purple agate bead* -3GM 5SM 206 GM 2 SM
Spring 517 living expenses (common) -135 GM 71 GM 2 SM
Spring 517 wages +455 GM 526GM 2 SM
Summer 517 living expenses (common) -135 GM 391 GM 2 SM
Fall 517 living expenses (common) -135 GM 256 GM 2 SM

Thread List
Fall, 517
13th - Ashka's seeking
- A search for answers
65th - Sun-bleached Land
- A morning hunt in dusty grasslands

Summer 517
15th - Fighting Fire With... Fire ?
- A wildfire threatens the city
35th - Playing In Starlight
- A new acquaintance by moonlight
46th - When Fists Fly
- A lesson in unarmed combat

Spring 517
10th - A Call To Unity
- A message from a Conclave member
20th - Watchers, Groupies and Partygoers
- A celebration in Endrykas
23rd - Come One, Come All
- A training with knives and a stranger
40th - An Outing At Sea
- A mutual effort for a delivery
45th - Things That Go Wild Into the Night
- A rescue mission into the night
85th - Through Gusts and Rainstorm
- An attempt at hunting despite the storm

Winter 516
15th - Foreign Faces
- An unusual encounter at work
37th - Hollow Venture
- A hunt near an almost deserted lake
49th - Dat Bone
- A mission through a death-filled Stardown

14th of Summer, 514 - Chores and training
- A glimpse of the Drykas daily life
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