Closed [Southern Trading Post]A trip, a trap, a test[Benare]

Clyde and Benare head out of Ravok for a trip and a test.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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[Southern Trading Post]A trip, a trap, a test[Benare]

Postby Clyde Sullins on March 29th, 2017, 1:16 am


Technically speaking, Benare had been hired to protect Clyde outside of the city. Fighting off wolves that were attacking were just such a instance of him doing his job.

Clyde of course could defend himself, capable of killing the lot in the time it took most people to scratch an itch on their nose, but then Clyde knew that wasn't the point. He was testing the Nitrozian's mettle, seeing how he faired, and if he could live up to his perceived end of the bargain.

That being said, Clyde wasn't one to take risks or too easily trust others. He also didn't want to reveal his true powers, let alone his Reimancy, and so instead settled on something else.

Though he had used Voiding through Cha, he'd yet to attempt to store such a spell within her. He'd done so with Reimancy on numerous occasions, but he'd not had a time to do so with a voiding portal. The idea intrigued him, and so Clyde decided to try it.

While the Nitrozian attempted to show off, playing with his bit of pointy metal and looking rather unskilled at handling it, Clyde focused on a non-point inside of Cha while not truly physically within her. A point, or niche, a non-literal notch within her which he could pour a spell into and freeze it. In principle it would be no different than any other magic, such as his doing so with Reimancy, but in practice it was new.

Emptying his mind, Clyde focused on a mental image. A small candle floating in inky blackness, a flame atop it which did not spread light beyond its surface. Then he pictured the flame blowing out, leaving the inky blackness to encroach upon it and leaving utter nothingness.

He willed this nothing to form, focusing within Cha and willing the spell to take shape.

As he worked Clyde muttered out loud, likely loud enough for Benare to hear, though not speaking directly to him.

“A fool assumes, a dreamer hopes, but a wise man ascertains. And which would this one be...”

As he spoke he felt the thrum of djed upon his aura, resonating within Cha. Focusing on the nothing, he willed the space within to empty, to empty beyond blank air, to truly break into the nothing and so breach into the void. Secondarily he was aware of the movement of the auras he indirectly tracked, not focused on them and so only aware of their position in relation to himself and not learning anything more.

As the emptiness broke though he willed cold through the space, freezing it, stopping it at the point of immersion. Storing the spell. While he watched the actions play out, watched the Nitrozian take out his sword and try to scare off a wolf that wouldn't be scared off, tried to show his skill and ability while doing quite the opposite, Clyde focused his djed on that frozen spot. Willing djed into it, feeding it, empowering the spell and growing it and then refreezing it.

His goal was to have a full fledged portal erupt once he unleashed it, a prick of nothing quickly expanding into a full portal large enough to allow an entire person to pass through its open empty maw. A wolf therefore would have no trouble passing through it.

About the time he finished, the wolves finally decided to move, all of the wolves including the two in hiding just out of sight. The one that was visible took a few steps forward, still growling, waiting for Benare to make a move, ready to leap at him, drawing his attention.

As that occurred the other two broke loose running, coming at the two humans from the opposite direction. Clyde, knowing where they were the entire time, knew without looking as they moved.

He waited until they were about ten feet away before he turned and faced them, thrusting Cha out as if to stab at them with a spear. Eight feet, and the wolves were bearing down, committed to their motion and forward charge.

It was at that moment that Clyde unleashed the coolness within the niche, unleashing the spell with Cha's end pointed at one of the wolves bearing down on them from behind.

In the fraction of a moment after Clyde loosed the spell a tiny spot about the size of a fleck of dust emptied beyond empty, causing a breach or portal into the void. Over the next few moments the point would expand quickly, growing.

By the time they lead wolf of the two, the slightly larger and faster of the two, was almost upon Clyde, the portal became fully formed, wide across enough for a man to walk through without their head hitting the top, more than large enough for the wolves.

With a focus on the portal, linked to it, Clyde willed a secondary manipulation, drawing in a Pull in a single direction, the direction from which the wolves were charging, with the portal planted squarely in between himself and the pair of wolves.
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