Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on June 18th, 2014, 7:42 pm

Training :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) Oh hey before I forget, the part of his rotation titled as training, where he's inside Ravok proper and not the lakeshore. What would that entail?

Prophet: (whispers) could be class work- magic, tactics, leadership, history, etc or it could be martial in nature or anything, really. Would you care to come up with a strategy board game developed b the Ebonstryfe to practice tactics? Think Stratego or checkers or something

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) Do you mean IC, or OOC?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) About the strategy/board game dev.

Prophet: (whispers) make it ooc then play it ic?

Prophet: (whispers) i made a dice game for the nro. :)

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) Ah. Sure, I'll think on some stuff.

Prophet: (whispers) i keep coming up with something like Towers... ever played it

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) IC my pc's strategy/skills aren't that high.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) Nope, whats towers?

Prophet: (whispers) A) It'll be good practice B) It's chess meets Risk. Let me see if I can find the actual game (we don't call it by its real name)

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) Well, I'll try and think up an original game, utilizing stuff related to Ravok. Maybe a more combat game with some subterfuge mixed in?

Prophet: (whispers) It's called STronghold. LOL

Prophet: (whispers) Stategy isn't always straight forward. Chess has a ton of bait and switch

Prophet: (whispers) I trust you. We can work on it together once you get it rolling.

Road :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) Could I get some details about the road thing we are building? Like width, material, uh... Anything else you know? Want to work his working on it into some threads.

Prophet: (whispers) early stages will be clearing the way, three wagons wide

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) K. I imagine Clyde would be pretty good at the clearing, though he'd probably also need to use his Reimancy to find weakpoints/hollow bits in the ground that need supporting/work so the road doesn't collapse.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) One downside to building a road near Ravok, its basically marshland around the lake.

Prophet: (whispers) That will be addressed, too. Clearing will be a big part since it's the most labor intensive though they will want to save all the wood/food that they can

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) Mmm... Considering his unique abilities, it might actually make more sense for him to focus on that "earth sensing" aspect of things, and focus on the below ground stuff.

Prophet: (whispers) up to you

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Prophet) K, thanks, that helps!

Fliers :
Karyk: you can get one from others who have already claimed one but picked up a flier
Karyk: just do a later timestamp within the open thread
Clyde_Sullins: So... I could post in that thread, at a later date, of... Someone handing him one of the fliers?
Karyk: yes Clyde

Stryfe schedule :
Ok, Ebonstryfe now has a deployment schedule. season is halved. one is 'deployed' on the lakeshore in one capacity or another. The other half is training and furlow in the city proper. 4 weeks of training and two weeks off. 45 days deployed, 14 off, 3 for travel and 28 training at the Vitrax

Old Travel stuff :
1- Syliras to Nyka- 50 days by horse - 60 days by caravan

2A- Nyka to Ravok- 27 days by horse- 37 days by caravan

2B- Nyka to North Ravok Outpost(by boat)- prior travel time used - 15 days, other estimate given was 20 days by boat.
> Outpost to Ravok- 6 days by horse - 12 days by foot w/ L1 WS

2C- Nyka to Mura by boat -9
> Mura to Outpost by boat- 12
Outpost to Ravok- 6 days by horse - 12 days by foot w/ L1 WS

A- 77 days by horse- 97 days by caravan
B- 76 days by horse- 92 days by caravan/foot
C- 77 days by horse- 93 days by caravan/foot (+ 3 days in Mura)
> Caravan(60) + boat(9) + 3 days Mura + boat(12) + horse(6) = 90 days

2C w/stopover:
Leave Syliras 70 Summer 516
> 60 day caravan journey to Nyka

Arrive in Nyka 38 Fall 516(leave next day)
> 9 day boat ride to Mura

Arrive in Mura 47 Fall 516
> Stay 5 days to 51 and leave on 52th
> 12 day boat ride to Outpost

Arrive at Outpost 63 Fall 516(leave next day)
> 6 days by horse to Ravok

Arrive in Ravok 69 Fall 516

Plotting Planned:

Travel to Ravok-

Travel package
-1 large tent (4 person)
- large tarp
- 100 ft of rope
- flint & steel
- lantern
- 2 torches
- bedroll
- blanket
- fishing tackle & hooks
- a compass
- a riding horse
- a full set of tack
- and a large set of saddlebags


- Flint & steel
- Bedroll
- Blanket, Winter

Don't Own
- Tent, four-person- 10 gm
- Camouflage Tarp (10 sq.ft.)- 12 gm
- 2 X Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) - (1 gm/)- 2 gm
- Lantern, Hooded- 7 gm
- 2 torches- (2 cm/) 4 cm
- Fishing Kit- 10 gm
- Compass- 200 gm

- Bit and Bridle- 2 gm
- Blanket And Hood, Horse, Large- 8 gm
- Halter- 1 sm
- Leash, Large- 2 gm
- Saddle, Riding- 10 gm
- Saddlebags, Large- 8 gm
- Saddle Pad- 1 gm

- Feed, 10lbs- 5 cm
- Toolkit, Animal Groomer's- 10 gm

- Horse- 1 Kavinka Paintedmount- 80gm

Travel Expenses-

Boat from Sahova to Nyka- 15 days- 1 gm/day (Fare)- 15 gm

Food from Nyka to Ravok- 27 days- Minus 7 days for L1 Wilderness Survival= 20 days- 1 gm/2 days= 10 gm

Total Cost= 387 gm 1 sm 9 cm
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Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on June 18th, 2014, 9:12 pm

Faith Related Stuff

Chaon- One Gnosis Mark

"With every lie, every betrayal and every chaotic act, one is paying homage to Rhysol."- Rhysol lore

Breaking Point: A Crucible Story-Received: 25 Summer 513(IC), Thread completed 9 August 2013(OOC)

Clyde's first burst of Chaos logic, while being tortured (possibly by Rhysol?), as he comes to understand the Rising Dawn and why Rhysol allows them to exist.

""Yes... Yes I have realized something... I have realized... You are all petching hypocrites feeding Rhysol! Don't petching try to petch with me! I can see it!""

"You lie! Lie about who you are, lie to the people of Ravok, people around you. People people people! Petchers! Gobble's it up, Rhysol gobbles it up, you say you fight him, but your every action feeds him. You betray! You are betraying these peoples trust, lying about your motives, letting them think you are for them. And they are no better, they betray every citizen of Ravok simply by existing, simply by betraying those around you all, by fighting him. Ha! Chaos! You spread dissent and chaos! Breaking laws, destruction, stealing, chaos to the order of Ravok! You are all feeding him, worshiping Rhysol in all but name!"

Something Elaine says about Rhysol after Clyde "informs her" about the truth of him. (Chaos. Its like change, but for the weak.) Found here.

"Nevertheless chaos is not necessary for change. Change needs WILL. A strong will. Chaos only needs for those who has weak will, so they need a little... 'help' to start that change. I had weak will, I needed chaos in my life to change. Change is necessary and needs strong will, chaos can cause it also, but for the weak."


Threads after Marking that glorified Rhysol:

An Unexpected Guest- (Chaos and lies)Instead of killing a thief that broke into his Ravok home, or smiting her with flame, Clyde strung her along merrily in a conversation, gave her a critical observation of her thieving tactics along with some advice for future break ins, and then proceeded to blackmail her into acquiring him a clock(a proper one), along with giving him a vial of her blood. He then used said vial of blood as leverage, leading her to believe he would do some form of "mage-ey stuff" with it if she did not hold up her end of the bargain.

The Scholar and The Guard- A thread were Clyde meets a guard of the city of Zeltiva, making him question the deeper nature of magic and why he(the guard) uses it and will use it in the future. He also plants of seed of Chaos using his gnosis within the guard, in an attempt to further twist his perception of magic.

Marked by Magic and Chaos- Here Clyde meets a fellow Chaon on Sahova, where he proceeds to use her as a guinea pig in a magical experiment without her realizing its danger (likely fatal if it fails/ it didn't fail), uses her for magic, and proceeds to lie and conceal his true nature as a powerful Reimancer.

A haunting amongst the dead- Here Clyde convinces a ghost that her murdering a child was a good thing in the end, or that it had a good result, and urges her to not try to repress her darker side or nature. He also informs Elaine about the thoroughly misunderstood god Rhysol, and what he was "truly" about, while explaining a few of the common misconceptions people so often repeated about him. This has the unintended consequence of leading Elaine to thanking Rhysol for her current transformation.

The Doors Through Which We Pass- Here Clyde convinces a nuit to give him a sample of nuit ichor, not mentioning that he plans to use it to make a Magecrafted anti-nuit weapon.


Mage Weapon Saga- This is a series of threads, in which a combined effort of the Ebonstryfe and Black Sun were sent on a mission from Ravok to Zeltiva (after Clyde offered himself up for said mission and came up with the idea of it), where they were to hire couriers to deliver a package (which would be made by Clyde in route to Zeltiva), which would be sent to Syliras. Said package (Mage Weapon) would then hopefully arrive at the front gates of Syliras, and cause havoc, chaos, and hopefully destruction. (In the end the Black Sun member went inactive, so Clyde ended up having to complete the mission and find the courier by himself, along with having made the Mage Weapon)

This finally reaches fruition here, were the outcome of the package arriving at the gates of Syliras is described.

Threads involved:
- Creating a Mage Weapon- Here Clyde crafts the Mage Weapon scroll, a complex work of master level Reimancy and Glyphing combined into a device of untold power.
- Glyphing a chest oh so special- Here Clyde Glyphs the chest that will hold the Mage Weapon, which will allow it to get close without the items powerful aura giving it away.
- Surely I'm Hired?- In an attempt to keep his cover during his misison, and to hide his true reasons for being in Zeltiva, Clyde takes on the job of Glyphing instructor.
- Am I Sane?- Continuing his cover, Clyde must undergo a psych evaluation for his job, where he must play the role of a kindly mage wise beyond his years, who is genuinely concerned for others touched by magic, and does his best to throw his evaluator off by delving into the deeper philosophical ramifications of magic.
- To deliver a package- The final step in the mission, Clyde must now acquire the couriers who will deliver the package, by means most shady.
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Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on July 15th, 2014, 4:34 pm


A Treatise on Reimancy: by Clyde Sullins

Index :
-Preface- What is covered about Reimancy

-Chapter 1- A summary of the elements, their combination's, and their inherent danger levels.

-Chapter 2- A classification of spells by power (With a note to relative levels of power)

-Chapter 3- Transmutation versus Attraction (With a note to the latter's common availability by element, and with a sub-note to Glyphing for the former)

-Chapter 4- Other concerns of a Reimancer- Res decay over time, and reabsorption.

Preface :
Preface- This treatise on Reimancy aims to be enlightening and informative. However from the start I would like to make it clear that I plan for this writing to be one of theoretical use, not practical. There will be no mention of hand waving or specific techniques. Instead, this writing aims to give you the information to make decisions for yourself, to better understand Reimancy as a whole, and to make considerations for the future. If you are still reading I assume it is because you accept the purpose of this book, and you see the value to be gained from reading it. If not, well then this book was not really meant for you.

Chapter 1 :
-Chapter 1- A summary of the elements, their combination's, and their inherent danger levels.
For this chapter I will go over each element, starting with the four main elements, and then going on to the three para-elements. For each one I will give a brief description of them, their merits, and their dangers.
-Fire- Danger level- Mid-High, Main Usage- Offense
Fire by its very nature is a destructive force. It burns and harms anything it touches. Which means more often than not the usage for this element will be to fight and attack. It can however be used for less offensive reasons. Lighting a campfire to cook over, torches for light, and so on. The danger however in using fire is of accidentally hitting or burning yourself, or of having the flames burn out of control. Fire, when there is available fuel, has a nasty habit of spreading and growing out of control, far beyond what the Reimancer intended. It is more or less unique in this regard, since most other elements will not by their nature spread or reproduce. For this reason fire is an element that requires control and respect. Control of your abilities, and respect for the element and its powers. A Reimacer lacking either can quickly find themselves in trouble by their own hand.
>Final note- Always use with caution-

-Air- Danger level- Generally Low, Main Usage- Defense
Just as fire is intrinsically offensive and harmful, air is intrinsically neutral. On its own it will do nothing, only when prepared and built up in certain ways is it capable of being used, either offensively or defensively. For this reason it tends to be one of the safer elements, but also one of the less useful at lower levels, or for the unimaginative. However when used at higher potency and pressures, it can also be used to attack, or to incapacitate.
> Final note- don’t underestimate-

-Earth- Danger level- Mid, Main Usage- Offense/Defense
Earth is an element that is equally useful to attack, or to defend. Its hardy and durable nature allows for one to use it to shield oneself from other attacks, or to directly assault a foe. However it is also denser and thus heavier than air or fire, so is usually a slower option. If you have the time, it can be a good method for either need. It is also further useful in that unlike fire which is used up and dies out, and air which disperses after usage, earth tends to stick around permanently. This means it can be used in more long term ways, and or it can be reused for multiple attacks.
>Final note- very open ended in usage, but on the slower side-

-Water- Danger level- Low, Main Usage- Defense
Water like air tends to be used more defensively, to ward off attacks, or to slow a foe down. Usually it will not be used to attack, unless in large quantities of the element, or at a very high level. However like earth once it is collected and used, it tends to stay available for further usage. An inventive mage will find ways to use this normally defensive element in new and useful ways, including more offensive uses. It is another element that is often underestimated, which can serve to grant one the element of surprise. It is also good for combining with other elements, such as lightning
>Final note- Useful element, often surprises foes with its abilities-
-Lightning- Danger level- High, Main Usage- Offense
Of all the elements, lightning is one of the deadliest, and one not meant for playful usage or careless casting. Besides the obvious effects of a direct strike, lightning tends to have other effects which can be equally debilitating. Its sound can be deafening, its light can be blinding, along with the direct damage caused if you actually get hit by it. It is also more or less the fastest of all the elements, its effect taking place almost instantly after transmutation. Like fire, it needs to be respected by its user, or said user may soon find them permanently damaged by a careless spell. As mentioned earlier it can also be used in combination with water for added effect.
>Final note- Very deadly, requires extreme caution in usage-

-Lava- Danger level- Mid-High, Main Usage- Offense
Lava is one of the elements I have used the least, but it is very interesting. It has the liquid nature of water, while having the damaging effects of fire. It is a liquid form of earth, and so when it cools it returns to that state, that of earth or stone. However while it is hot it tends to burn and cook anything in contact with it, even melting through some things. It also moves like water, making it easier for it to get around and over something, similar to water splashing over something. For this reason it is more or less as deadly as lightning, however with less speed. Like earth, it tends to be a bit slower, but well worth the decrease in speed. Like fire, caution should also be used, lest one accidentally burn off something. And unlike fire, the flame cannot simply be beat out, not when the liquid stone is actually eating away at and melting it.
>Final note- Deadly and dangerous, but slower than lightning-

-Ice- Danger level- Mid, Main Usage- Offense/Defense
Ice is odd in the fact that it has taken on the more solid state of earth, allowing it to be more damaging than water, while being lighter and faster than earth. Cold is the domain of ice, and its effects in regards to this should not be ignored. Cold can be deadly, just as much as a blade to the gut. Ice however is not as sturdy as an attack made out of earth, losing in durability what it has gained in speed. Like the air and water elements that constitute it, ice is a weapon best used by an inventive and creative person, to be able to fully use it to its potential.
>Final note- potentially deadly and useful, if used properly-

Chapter 2 :
-Chapter 2- A classification of spells by power (With a note to relative levels of power)

For this system, a five tier ranking system for spells has been chosen. I should note though that the spells of varying levels are ranges of power, not specific amounts, which means they cannot be added together to make a spell of a higher level. So if you have four spells of one level, it means you have four spells of that one level, they can’t be combined to equal X number of spells of a higher level, or other such combinations. Spells of varying levels are not compatible for the purposes of addition.

I also note that this system is entirely of my own invention and use, and is not a widespread system. However for the purposes of your personal usage, you may find this break down of spell levels useful. It is a rough guideline, to help you classify your own spells for your own personal use.

The five tiers of spells go as follows: Petty, Minor, Moderate, Major, and Grandiose.

-Petty (Pe)- Spells of the petty level are the smallest type of spell possible. They range up to the size of a marble, and are negligible in terms of djed usage. This would be something simple, such as lighting a candle with fire Reimancy.

-Minor (Mi)- At this level the spell actually has a noticeable amount of djed usage to most users. Its size can range up to that of the users fist, and is usually the upper level of the capabilities of someone newly initiated, or the staple spell of someone of a higher skill.

-Moderate (Mo)- At this point the spells have grown large enough to have a good chance of being lethal if directly hitting its target, assuming the foe is roughly of the same size as the user. Depending upon the type of spell this can range from something the size of the users torso, or as long as the user is tall, if not somewhat larger.

-Major (Ma)- Large and powerful, these spells can have a wide area of affect, and can still damage its target with a miss, depending upon spell type. This is very draining, and usually limited to high level users if purely res based.

-Grandiose (Gr)- Ridiculous by size or scale when compared to other spell tiers, it can affect wide swathes of land, be huge in size, and is hugely draining both in terms of res and attention. It can only be done by Reimancers of the highest caliber, or many lesser mages working together.

Chapter 3 :
-Chapter 3- Transmutation versus Attraction (With a note to the latter's common availability by element, and with a sub-note to Glyphing for the former)

When doing Reimancy there is always a choice. One can either transmute your res directly into an element to use it as such, or one can attract it from the environment. Each has its own series of pluses and minuses. The most obvious ones are that attraction allows a mage to do more Reimancy with less djed usage. Conversely, using transmutation is easier. It is easier in that innately res is made to be transmuted, it is natural to do as such, which means it requires less conscious effort, less concentration. But when arranging and guiding the natural elements, it does require an increased concentration, a constant conscious effort to have it do your bidding. So when doing Reimancy, a question must be brought forth in your mind. Whether this is an actual question you pose for yourself, or just something you make unconsciously, is up to you. But either way, the choice must be made. What is more important to you, a greater effect, possibly with less djed usage, or a fast and somewhat easier effect, with almost assured increased djed usage.

Of course, there is more to it than that. Time is also a factor, along with the conditions in which you find yourself using your magic. If time is of the essence, or if it is a life or death fight, you may not have the time to find and physically manipulate the elements. Instead, you may need to immediately transmute your res into the element, and use it right away. Of course, if you only plan to use the one spell, and have time to rest and recuperate after each spell, djed consumption might not be an issue for you. If only every time you used Reimancy it could be in a “lab setting”. Reasonably safe, no distractions, no worry of having your throat ripped open. But then, most mages don’t have the luxury of always choosing when they will use their magics.

However if you do not plan to use it right away, if you have time to spare, or plan to be using Reimancy for a long period of time continuously, using attraction is likely the preferable option. In fact, if you plan to partake in sustained magical usage, attraction will be the only option that is feasible in many cases. Also for bigger works of Reimancy, it is simply more cost effective to attract it, than to directly transmute and use natural elements. Along with this, for using Reimancy over a longer period of time, it means needing to constantly guide and attract the element, whether it is natural or transmuted. Once an element is transmuted, the time in which you can control it is limited. Which means you either need to use it very quickly, or will then need to control it via attraction, the same as if it had been a naturally attracted element.

Along with this, to aid you in your consideration, I will now list the various elements, and their common availability in natural environments.
Fire- Rare- While fire is the most commonly thought of element of a Reimancer, it is one of the least likely to be available to attract. Campfires tend to be small, and are not often around when you need to do Reimancy. The flames from a torch tend to be small and quickly consumed. If you plan to use this element, you are probably going to need to transmute it.

Air- Common- Air is one of the constants, if you are alive; you are probably somewhere that has a ready supply. If you don’t have any air available for attraction, you likely have bigger problems, like not being able to breath.

Earth- Low to Common- Depending upon where you are earth will either be readily available, or not available at all. But unless you are on a boat at sea, you will likely have a source of earth available to use, even if it is only the dirt beneath your feet.

Water- Mid to Common- Usually either water or earth will be available for attraction. In fact, it’s usually the fact that one of them is available that makes the other one not. If you are deep inland, you might not have any available. But if you are lucky, you may be near the coast, a river, a lake, something. Usually life congregates around water, which means more likely than not there will be at least some water around, particularly near cities. This might come in the form of a barrel of water, a full water skin, or something else entirely. But it will be rare to not have at least some water available for usage.

Lightning- Ultra rare- So far in my experience, I have never seen lightning available for usage via attraction. Perhaps if you are in the midst of a storm, you might find some, but otherwise you will need to transmute it from res.

Lava- Usually Rare- Lava like lightning is not commonly found in the environment. Certain places might specifically have it, but otherwise it is considered a rare resource for attraction, and requires res transmutation to use it.

Ice- Usually Rare- Similarly to lava, ice is usually either around, or not. However one differentiating factor here is seasonality. In colder seasons, ice is more likely to be around. Or in certain places, it might be around all the time, similar to lava. However in hot places, or hot seasons, you won’t likely find much around, and will need to use transmutation to create it.
Finally, I want to end this chapter with a note to Glyphing. Being a Glypher myself, I understand this better than someone who was purely a Reimancer. I have made many mentions of the merits of attraction versus transmutation. However one way in which transmutation has a definite advantage, is when being used in conjunction with Glyphing, namely storing your spells via Glyphing. Simply enough if a spell is transmuted from res it can be stored via Glyphing, and if it is not, if it has been attracted from the natural environment, then for all extents it is useless to be used for Glyphing storage. So if you are also a Glypher/Reimancer, then bear in mind that to store a spell, it must be totally transmuted from res.

Chapter 4 :
-Chapter 4- Other concerns of a Reimancer- Res decay over time, and reabsorption.

Before I conclude this writing, I feel there are a few more topics that must be discussed, which will influence both your decision making and planning in regards to Reimancy. They are interrelated to a point, but each important on their own.

First of all is Res decay. Res is a part of you as a mage, it is part of your body, that is its natural state and where it belongs. Because of this fact, through this connection to your res via it being a part of you, you are able to do Reimancy, to do the magic effects such as attraction and transmutation. However from the moment it leaves your body, the res begins to decay and rot, to be lost to the environment. The exact nature of why this happens is unimportant, what is important is bearing this fact in mind when you are doing Reimancy. If you have exuded res outside of you, it is decaying. This means the longer the particular bit of res stays outside of you, the more that will be lost to this decay, and the more costly any long term spell becomes. Inside of you before you exude the res, it is stable; it does not decay and is not expended. However outside of your body it loses this stability, and will be lost over time.

It should be noted that once an element is transmuted, it is stable, and becomes that element truly. Perhaps this is part of why you lose control of the element once transmutation has occurred. This means that it will not rot or decay if you have transmuted it, at the cost of losing control and giving up the element, or being forced to then use attraction to control it. However this also means that if a spell is stored via Glyphing, it is stable and does not decay, and will leave the Glyphs just as it entered. But since only transmuted spells can be stored via Glyphing, only finalized spells can be stored, not res.
And the final topic is that of reabsorbing res after you are done using Reimancy. Sometimes you will simply not use all that you exuded, and there will be remnants of untransmuted res from your spells, or the leftovers of what was being used for attraction. Sometimes you may find out after exuding it that you no longer have a need to do the spell, perhaps even because seeing your res was enough to scare off a foe. Regardless of whether at the end of your magics you are left with a little or a lot of res, these res are not totally lost, and can be reabsorbed back into you. This is not a perfect process, and likely some of it will have decayed before you have a chance to regain it, but it still means gaining back a bit of res and djed to be used later.
Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on August 6th, 2014, 10:09 pm

Magecrafting Ideas/Stuff

Ideas for items:

- Light hammer- Durability enhancement, movement/swinging speed enhancement
A> +2 Durability(Stru), +3 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 5

B> +2 Durability(Stru), +4 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 6
C> +3 Durability(Stru), +3 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 6

D> +3 Durability(Stru), +4 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 7

Materials- If possible, base item of izentor crafted isurian steel light hammer

Idea- Mass x Acceleration(Speed)= Force, so the faster the hammer swings, the stronger its hits will be. Hammer is blunt force weapon, all about force. Swing and do serious damage, break or smash, throw, perhaps knock people down. Throwing risky, must retrieve.

Cost for ingredients-
MC 5- 9K GM
MC 6- 15K GM
MC 7- 27K GM

Question- Relative speed increase by +3 and +4 enhancement to speed? Difference between Greater and Major enhancement to speed.

For structural- Definitions-
Greater- The item quite clearly has supernatural properties, and it shows.
Major- The item will leave most people completely baffled, for example a leather vest being able to absorb a good deal of damage from a warhammer.


Ideas for Items to make then sell

- Dagger- Durability Enhancement, movement/swinging speed enhancement
> Useful prototype, to give better idea of effects upon hammer item
> Possible optional reagent- Clyde's blood- make it ineffective against Clyde himself, doesn't harm/cut him.

A> +1 Durability(Stru), +2 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 3
B> +2 Durability(Stru), +2 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 4

Cost for ingredients-
MC 3- 3K GM
MC 4- 5K GM


- Mace, Light - Durability Enhancement, movement/swinging speed enhancement
> Useful prototype, to give better idea of effects upon hammer item

A> +2 Durability(Stru), +2 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 4
B> +2 Durability(Stru), +3 Movement speed (Beh)(Catalyst- Glassbeak sealed inside- Using wards to trap and seal, then extract)= MC 5
C> +3 Durability(Stru)(Catalyst- Glassbeak sealed inside- Using wards to trap and seal, then extract), +2 Movement speed (Beh)= MC 5

Cost for ingredients-
MC 4- 5K GM
MC 5- 9K GM


-Light Staff- Durability Enhancement, Magic Staff Step, Enhanced glow?, Turn glow on/off?

A> +2 Durability(Stru), +1 Staff Step, (Optional Reagent of Opalgloam to add glow)= MC 3
B> +2 Durability(Stru), +1 Staff Step, (Optional Reagent of Opalgloam to add glow), +1 Enhance glow (Beh)= MC 4
C> +2 Durability(Stru), +1 Staff Step, (Optional Reagent of Opalgloam to add glow), +1 Intel(On/Off glow) (Int)= MC 4

Cost for ingredients-
MC 3- 3K GM
MC 4- 5K GM
Names?- Salt Garaghol?
-Sea mammal/cat type thing, which acts as a natural sea water filter. Drinks salt water, body absorbs/uses salt and expels unsalted/desalinated water. Usable for plants, but not usually direct human consumption without further filtering/treatment.

Abase - life, beginning, spring, that which moves
Daraq - equal, identical, that which cannot be told apart if placed side by side
Abasedaras(Lifeform/World name)

Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on September 1st, 2017, 12:01 am

Links/stuff of interest

Clyde Quotes :
"Well.... that was interesting.... Did you see my magic? Awesome... got to do that again.... A doctor? Why I feel great!"- Meeting near meat-

Later in the same thread, after he re-forgot magic- "I mean a great bolt of lightning, what are the odds? Coming crash down right were we were and taking that poor guy out."

"I guess that is what happens when you run around with a dagger near lightning... Though I don't remember a storm coming up... It must have been a cloud so high I could not even see it. And man it must have got me a bit to, I am pretty messed up!"-Meeting near meat-


shielding thread
the only active voider
rattler dhani
constrictor dhani


Image the sarc marc!!!

Kelvic thread thing

spider man :

snake creature :
Image -Sahova npc, Akontak

planet :

Journeymen :


-OOC Note, this was made when Clyde first started here. I plan to keep this the same, so that I can look back and see how much I have learned over my time here, how much Clyde has changed, and yes how stupid I was when I began. So just saying, a lot of these goals have changed, or been tossed out.-

IC to do list

To do list-*note some of this is IC, and some OOC*
Secret :
Really Long Term
1- Master all magic

2- Get lots of gold mizas, like 80,000GM or some ridiculous amount.

3- Become a God!!!

4-Find 'The Book of Roth'

Long Term
1- Make enough Gold Magic to start a career, and to be able to make more.

2-Learn these magics, at competent or better preferably

World Magic:

Become a geomancer, and able to make structure with reimancy




-Chaon- the Gnosis of Rhysol
-Cordas- the Gnosis of Sagallius
-Lykata- the Gnosis of Eyris

-Lost Discipline
Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on September 1st, 2017, 12:04 am

Chat Stuff/link stuff

Reimancy Arch :
Goss: She made a lot of caves.... by turning stone into air.
It wasn't actual architecture.. it was more carving out spaces in solid bedrock.
Then she covered a lot of existing buildings with stone.. like stucco.. only stronger/thicker

PFing/Goss :
Clyde_Sullins: I was a bit confused on the whole djed body thing. Is that considered the same as the trail seeing ability?

Gossamer: The whole Djed Body thing?

Clyde_Sullins: As in, if as a novice user, where the trail is all broken up and such, would it be the same looking at someone's djed body?

Gossamer: a djed body would be seen there in front of them... whole and glowing

Gossamer: while a trail is fading and lingering, some parts dissolving faster etc. So not its not the same.

Syliras/MCing :
Clyde_Sullins: I want to make some stuff for tracking/hunting Yukmen. And since I will need yukmen bits, perhaps a few squires/knights could be sent on the mission to hunt down and bring me some samples as a job thread.

Clyde_Sullins: Perhaps a possible spring plot?

Nightmare: And sure, that sounds fine to me Clyde

Nightmare: You could use the bulletin board to do that

Nightmare: Put bounties on Yukmen pieces

Nightmare: squires, knights and mercs would be on it

Clyde_Sullins: Would it technically, IC wise, be me doing that, or the knighthood, since he's making the stuff "for" them

Clyde_Sullins: I mean Clyde has the finances to pay for it, he can cover it, just wasn't sure.

Nightmare: If you are making it, then you would be doing it

Clyde_Sullins: MMm... I may have misunderstood some aspects of the IC arrangement then...

Clyde_Sullins: I thought the knighthood was supplying the stuff, since he was directly making commissions for them more or less.

Nightmare: You can request things from the knighthood which they may or may not get for you

Clyde_Sullins: Ah, okay. So some things they might get him if he asked, for an item for them he's making, some things they might not.

Nightmare: OOC and IC, it would be best to use the bulletin board though

Clyde_Sullins: Like if they want a magic staff made, they might supply the staff, but not a yukmen bit/blood/source for such as this.

Nightmare: Sure, the more common materials would be easily suppliable

Nightmare: but dangerous materials, poisons, monster pieces would likely have to be gotten in other ways

Clyde_Sullins: Also hey Night, quick question, how good it there magic detection in the city? If he puts up his max Glyphing wards, and practices inside his lab in personal magics, would they know?

Nightmare: You're their magecrafter, they wouldnt care if you practiced personal magics in your lab, as long as it doesn't cause damage to people or property

Nightmare: so the question is moot

Nightmare: By the by, Clyde, if that oath causes the squire to betray the order, the squire will die and then they will likely come after you. So be careful with that

Clyde_Sullins: Assuming they tell who oathed them. I doubt they'll magically know he made it. ;)

Nightmare: I have my ways :P

Nightmare: I always keep an ace up my sleeve, I'm terrible that way

Clyde_Sullins: Now I just need to get a license to practice summoning... I mean, where else am I gonna get those MCing reagents...

Nightmare: yeah, might have trouble with that

Clyde_Sullins: Yeah, I figured. ;) But if he starts doing anything halfway decent, he's gonna need more reagents, the easiest of which to find is summoned bits.

Nightmare: But like I always say, that applies to the city and the city is anything within the walls of Syliras and its outpost...

Clyde_Sullins: Yeah... See the only issue is, well he can make sure nothing gets away if he's in his warded lab. If he's out in the wilds, chances are a glassbeak is gonna get loose.

Clyde_Sullins: Letting glassbeak loose in the bronze woods might require some explaining...

Nightmare: But it would make for an interesting plot

Clyde_Sullins: True.... For whoever ran into them. Because I'm fairly certain once they got loose, Clyde wouldn't be able to find them.

Chaon/Syliras :
Annalisa_Marin: (whispers) Ah, so Clyde. I checked with Nightmare. According to him Chaon can slip in under the radar. However there are a few things you should know. One, Chaon doesn't work in the city at all. Two, its unwise to stay in one place in the city too long. The outpost is likely the best place for one trying to avoid notice.

Nyka/Hunting :
Richard_Blow: (whispers) Monk of skerr approves it, and will probably take a hefty portion while they're at it. Eating unapproved food is a crime, because the Southern monks will be damned if they don't have their fingers in at least part of the pie

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Richard_Blow) Ah, now I understand. Do you know what all is common to hunt around Nyka?

Richard_Blow: (whispers) Deer, the occasional wolf, rabbits, some wild boars, umm... The sort of game you'd expect to find in Northern Europe.

Richard_Blow: (whispers) He might be better off setting up a trap for rabbits... If he has the WS or hunting to identify a burrow. And we got rifles, which is about the same as Reimancy give or take, and we still gotta be sneaky. If he tramps around, all the game will run away. :P

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Richard_Blow) Clyde has... 9 xp in wild surv. Thats a surprisingly tricky skill to get xp in,.

Richard_Blow: (whispers) It really is. People give hunting and stuff. 9XP is enough, I'd say, to recognize that the thing he's looking at is, in fact, a burrow, and that he needs to not trample every leaf ever. :-)

Richard_Blow: (whispers) What kind of burrow? Who knows. Maybe he'll eat badger!

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Richard_Blow) Wild boar though, I think they are somewhat aggressive, they might attack a person, so perhaps one would come to him.

Richard_Blow: (whispers) They are quite territorial, yes, though one of those could potentially kill Clyde. More likely, it'll just cause some nasty injuries before he... Oh wait. He can't zap them if they're right on top of him. They might act as a conduit or the lightning might arc. Well, I'm sure he'll figure some way to kill it. :P

Richard_Blow: (whispers) Do note that they have a tendency to come crashing out of nowhere from thick brush. :-)

Richard_Blow: (whispers) Also that they're impressively hard to kill. Those hides are thick.

Magic stuff/expand :
Caesarion: Also, maxing magics is awesome. Especially considering that leads room to expand on the magic.

Caelum: The higher you are in any skill, the more things you can do with it. All the things you're capable of aren't defined in the lore.

Caelum: When you're a master at a skill, you're flat out expected to invent.

Caesarion: And as Goss told me in the HD, you can even make entirely new magics using the mastered principals of other ones.

Caelum: ^

Caelum: Caelum recently used an unheard of ancient magic accidentally on purpose using his mastery of medicine.

Caelum: And general healing know how.

Caelum: Yeah. He did what amounted to psychosomatic blood magic. lol

Caelum: And earned a gnosis mark.

Caelum: Shell, what I meant is that Caelum purposefully attempted to heal in this method but in doing so accidentally tapped into an ancient magic.

Journeyman/Aura :

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Rayage) Is that how that works, on the aura?

Rayage: (whispers) Yeah, Drainra was able to recognize a Journeymans mark on someones aura.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Rayage) Really? Because Clyde is a master aurist. He can manipulate his aura fully. Which means he might be able to affect that...

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Rayage) So do you think it'd be possible for Clyde to manipulate that? Or sense it with his own aura reading?

Rayage: (whispers) I DO believe clyde could be able to first, sense it, and then try to manipulate it. Its worth trying!

Rayage: (whispers) I mean a golem with auristics was able to sense it.. why not a master?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Rayage) I wonder if it'd be possible to use said master auristics to block that aura effect upon oneself...

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Rayage) So if say they ran into another one, it couldn't latch on and do the voice echoing thing in ones head.

Rayage: (whispers) Maybe conceal it, like any regular aura manipulation, for a while. But Im not sure about negating it permanently.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Rayage) Of course since it tells people what its about to do, he might be better off leaving it...

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Rayage) I didn't mean permanently, I just meant while trying to fight one.

Rayage: (whispers) I have never RPed a Journeyman encounter. So idk XD and yeah, you could probably surpress it so its not recognizable by the journeyman, muffling it, so to say.

djed code/dna :
Clyde_Sullins: I could see using wild djed pools, but using them for the specific end result of living forever? How would they cause that to happen?

Clyde_Sullins: The control is the issue though. How would you task it to that specific task?


Xii: so then messing with the djed didn't really work out for them... (diverse) do you think it's possible to create a map of djed, like how people want to code dna to learn where certain genes are?

Xii: could you study it, perhaps through the chavi or something like that?

Clyde_Sullins: Possibly, but how you'd go about it I've no idea.

Clyde_Sullins: I mean we know ooc how djed works, this bit is altered and defines this as this, and Magecrafting and Alchemy work by altering this djed.

Rayage: Map it? You could observe it with Auristics. >.> Then aim to get changes with Alchemy, or Magecraft.

Clyde_Sullins: Perhaps you could see it with Auristics before hand, make a change, and note the difference afterward to see what on the aura was altered, to understand what does what? It'd be very trial and error, and a slow drawn out process.

Rayage: With auristics you can infer things about the object you are looking at via its aura.

Clyde_Sullins: Although actually literally seeing its djed code, I doubt you could directly do that.

Rayage: but as Clyde says, it would be a process to 'map out' djed

Xii: would you even need wild djed to alter your lifespan, then?

Rayage: because djed is everything

Rayage: Nope Xii

Xii: what would you use to change it, then? i mean to make changes to the djed so that you could see the differences? alchemy, like you said?

Xii: yes, wait, of course alchemy would change it, duh

Rayage: Djed changes no matter if you use magic on it or not

Rayage: if you break a rock into pieces, you have changed the djed.

Xii: that's true

Clyde_Sullins: Hmmm... Actually Clyde might have sort of done this, since he always inspects a item before Magecrafting it, and then does so again after the process is done... So he might actually have done some work on this.

Xii: he should write down his findings!

Rayage: if you know what you are looking for

Clyde_Sullins: Thats the tricky bit. Perhaps one day he will hit critical mass, and realize the trend in the changes in a process he has done repeatedly, and realize it is the same.

Clyde_Sullins: But he rarely does similar alterations to items, usually doing different things each time, so he wouldn't usually be seeing the same changes.

Alternative MCing stuff :
Clyde_Sullins: Ooh... I wonder if using journeyman fragments as a reagent would make it self heal, like how a journeyman does... That could be useful for armor.

Mirage: Possibly

Mirage: that sounds like master level work haha

Mirage: you would need to specifically try to get that type of effect

Clyde_Sullins: Use the optional reagent, and then use behavioral steps to import it onto the item?

Clyde_Sullins: And Clyde is a master level MCer Mir!

Mirage: You would need that, but you will have to identify the djed make up that gives them that ability and try to recreate that and incorporate that into the MC item

Mirage: and then give it the ability to tap into that power

Jashkataal: So enhancement of durability affects the wearer as well? If the item is durable it can soak the inertia of a hammer blow (as the example of the robes)?

Orin_Fenix: might have a sword sticking out of you but your robe wouldn't be ripped?

Mirage: if you ahve a sword sticking otu of you it wont matter if the robe ripped or not lol

Clyde_Sullins: No, it doesn't make the wearer more durable Jash. It just absorbs most of the blow before it gets to the wearer.

Mirage: ^ what he said

Jashkataal: Ah I see.

Orin_Fenix: So if you made an item self-healing then the item itself would simply repair itself when damaged?

Mirage: possibly if you could get it to work right

Orin_Fenix: Right

Clyde_Sullins: Ooh... Wait... Considering some of the ring and equipable stuff Gill put out of late, mightn't it be possible to make an item that makes the wearer heal like a journeyman?

Mirage: Maybe...

Clyde_Sullins: I mean he put out a tongue stud that lets you speak new languages, and a thing that lets you fall like a bird...

Mirage: but i feel that is more in the realm of malediction

Aventis: ... That tongue stud is... Really cool.

Mirage: Fall like a bird?

Clyde_Sullins: The badge of the fallen.

Clyde_Sullins: "When worn, it grants minor protection to the wearer from injury sustained from falling great distances."

Mirage: Clyde I think it is possible but you would need to find a way for the magic of the item to be transfered to the bearer

Clyde_Sullins: Clearly, it wouldn't be easy, but with the suitable pre work and such, and the right steps, within possible...

Philt/Goss :
Gossamer: Shamus.

Gossamer: Djed is a tangible thing.

Gossamer: Just like it can be transformed into res, it can be infused into a liquid philter mixture

Gossamer: The same goes for gnosis gifts.

Gossamer: The easiest of those that comes to mind is Healing from Rak'keli.

Gossamer: You can infuse Djed into anything... some times when you do that it is a recognizable form of magic. Sometimes it is something unique or forgotten or even forbidden.


Clyde_Sullins: Doesn't the master level skill for philtering mention something like that?

Shamus: Even if they were at master level, as in level 100? And yes, it does. Making an entire city sick.

Gossamer: If its does, then I need to talk to GIllar who expanded the article.

Gossamer: Well think about it

Eleazar_Victor_Syroin: Might give the Town some interesting daydreams?

Gossamer: It would depend on what the gnosis allows to be effected

Gossamer: in terms of range/numbers, etc

Gossamer: Because if the gnosis allows for it.. ie. illusionism. ... then yes it could work

Gossamer: but say if it was a magic that would effect something vastly different, then no it wouldn't

Gossamer: its like... trying to poison a city well.... a poison on its own is very toxic, but if you delute it water, it becomes sometimes ineffective altogether

Gossamer: Yea but regardless, Clyde, the philer is only as good as the djed or gnosis infused into it

Gossamer: its more of a delivery system and storage than anything else

Shamus: I wonder if the sugar could be added to a philter, the bacteria feeds on the contents, and then spreads.

Gossamer: philters aren't that terribly big... we're talking a few vials... you can't multiply something in a philter unless you add a magic that causes it to multiply

Gossamer: You guys realize no one in MIz knows what bacteria is?

Ineffective/MC :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Still needed to run that MCing thing by you. About using my blood to make the item ineffective against me, the inverse usage.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Well more or less if I could try that out on one of those aforementioned projects I'd planned for summer. I'd not even realized it was a thing until I was rereading that MC book thingy.

Evalin: (whispers) If you still have some threads, or place holders, in Summer then sure :)

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Also since thinking of it made me think of like 4 other usages for said effect. I mean with a blade its simple, the blade wouldn't cut whatever it was made innefective against, would work normally otherwise... Though what about a device that shoots fireballs! Reimanced flames that don't hurt X person! Or a blunt weapon, like a hammer or a mace, how would that be less effective... *shrugs*

Evalin: (whispers) I have no idea lol

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) See, this is my point, I can never just ask one question. It always evolves into like 8 other questions and directions. :D

Evalin: (whispers) Lol i know and your getting into areas I seriously have no idea about

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Well the biggest thing is making a blunt weapon less effective/ineffective against a certain person. Since it seems like a good idea to tack that onto the final version of that uber hammer I'm saving up for. Having it unable to hurt Clyde seems like a good idea. And all of these projects are supposed to on some fashion be research for that one final big project.

Evalin: (whispers) OK so im going to say this. I do not think you can make a weapon, used as a simple weapon, innefective against a certain person

Evalin: (whispers) Magical effects? Sure, but in my mind you can't make a sharp sword cut everyone but this one person. That doesnt make much sense to me. If the sword shoots magic fire? Ok sure the fire wont burn this person

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) What about if it simply made it act as a normal such weapon against said person, and its enchanted qualities would not be enacted? Would that seem possible?

Evalin: (whispers) That is my way of thinking

Evalin: (whispers) That seems more like it

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) What about the Zariath? It can kill gods, but doesn't even give mortals a papercut.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Of course it was a tallshade creation, and she was all manners of hack in Mcing...

Evalin: (whispers) but that is against all mortals and all divine too. Your saying it will effect all other flesh and blood people except this one which to me doesn't really add up :/

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Well see thats where my brain started to spin off into random idea mode. The craziest of which was a convoluted idea involving chaon's, and the simplest one was one that poisoned anyone who touched the weapon who wasn't allowed to.

Evalin: (whispers) I think that could work actually, its just making a sword cut everyone but a certain person seems silly to me

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Well less so when you are the person making said weapon, and when you don't want to have your weapons turned against you or used to kill you... Especially if you plan to use it, and someone might pick it up and try to use it, you don't want them killing you then either. So thus the reasoning for not effecting the one person, me.

Evalin: (whispers) Well the magical effects it makes sense, but what about a hammer? I don't think you can make a hammer swung at your head unable to crush your skull just because you made it lol. Not that I know anyway

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) I guess that sort of makes sense. Though it further makes me wonder how the Zariat works, to not effect wide groupings of people, and to uber effect other wide groupings.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) So... You say for the hammer, it would be a normal hammer if it hit me. With the blade, it would... I've lost track if you agreed it wouldn't cut in that case, or if you said it'd also just act like a normal blade in that case...

Evalin: (whispers) no it would cut you

Evalin: (whispers) thats what I am saying you can't make a weapon not cut you if it is sharp. You can keep it from using its magical effects though. But a sword is a sword. Its just if used against clyde its not all cool and magical, its just a normal sword

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Well that means the difference from being katanaed in half by a dagger, and being lightly stabbed/cut. Better than nothing. :P

Evalin: (whispers) Lol exactly

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) And in the case of the ubered up hammer when I'm done, that means the difference from breaking every bone in my body, to breaking the bone that gets hit.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Either way, it will be valuable intel to gather before I make the final hammer.

Evalin: (whispers) Good ^.^

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Now I just need to figure out the respective abilities of a lvl 3 and 4 enhancement to speed of a hammer, and figure out what kind of damage that things going to do. I mean at four it should be in the area of ripping through platearmor with a single strike like it was wet paper, at the speed it'll be moving.

Sahova/MC :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) 1/3 of the selling price goes to cost of ingredients, if not more should you be unlucky. Another 20% off the top. So even if you are in ideal situation of just that, you only make about 47% profit, off the total sales price.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Well, I've got an idea for a MC 6 or so item for Clyde, which means quite a few items made and sold to cover the costs. I've got a rundown of it in my plotnotes if you want to see it. It should be pretty epic! If I manage to work up the cost.

Evalin: (whispers) Sahoav is the ideal place to MC. It has most of what you need on hand, awesome reagents, lab spaces, ingredients, and other mages for various effects. No one sleeps and can work round the clock, and you don't pay living expenses. So it would be completely possible for a player to make thousands and thousands of Miza's on Sahova per season with MC if it were not for this system of taxes. It is all to not only make it realistic but to prevent any possible monopolies from forming on Sahova as it is not a place for that kind of thing. It is supposed to be dedicated completely to research, so instead you can come there and get better at your craft and only get a small portion of the profit and then, maybe, leave Sahova with your new skills and hopefully find another city where you can flourish financially not experientially

Evalin: (whispers) What your doing is the right way to go about it

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) You now what would be really epic, if Clyde could invent/discover a new optional reagent! That would be so cool!

Evalin: (whispers) I am more than open to it ^.^

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) The biggest annoyance is for Magic Staff's. I need another personal mage to assist, which usually involves another pc. I've got to get my hands on some low level personal mage npc I can use for that one step.

Evalin: (whispers) You can usually barter and bribe newer mages or those looking to pass their judgement

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Well actually, I've already sort of invented one, with the opalgloam for adding a glowing effect, making a non-burning mage light. So I guess I sort of have invented one. Kind of.

Evalin: (whispers) Stretching that lol


Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Mmm... So it would be reasonable and realistic then to find some new mage new to the island, who's yet to pass their judgement? Perhaps in exchange for a signed copy of my Reimancy book? :D Actually that might be a way to go, I'd think the book would be pretty valuable to a Reimancer.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Yeah, I know its stretching the definition of a discovery, its more of a inherent effect being instilled across, more so than a real optional reagent. Which is why it'd be cool to invent a real one. But I'll be leaving early fall, so not much time left. And wont be back at least till spring.

Familiar :
Damage carries across, both partners hurt. Pascid being smashed maybe counts as blunt damage to human side?

Pascid fight by using body, harden into weapons, stab and stuff, kind of like T2 terminator bad guy. If hit by blunt damage break apart into beads of mercury, less hurt by cutting force due to liquid body.

Shift into animals and such in natural form, sealed form only for when injured or desperate, maybe silver metallic statue or figurine.

Replicant form is flesh and blood, just like partner, so human and hurt the same as such.

Should learn unarmed combat and acrobatics, so pascid can fully use its skills to fight, and so can avoid being smashed easily, along with using own body as weapons. (natural weapons)

Als/MC :
Alses: At level 1: several things, potentially, but just those things with no flexibility or change.

Alses: So, chance of overgiving = shutdown.

Alses: For example; you couldn't moderate the effect (which would be useful to postpone the shutdown if you were in combat and desperately needed it, say).

Clyde_Sullins: Hmmmm... So you'd say at level one... You could tell it when someone says ON it turns on/off, and you could also teach it to turn off if its going into overgiving?

Alses: I think so, Clyde.

Thelma :
Mirage: (whispers) I can help you get some IC stuff sorted out through prompts and such if you like

Mirage: (whispers) You are also free to RP Thelma whenever you like for solos, and coop threads for when that helps :)

Mirage: (whispers) She is really excentric (as I am sure you guesed) You can basically have her charging in and slap an item on the table and tell him to evaluate lol

Mirage: (whispers) and all kinsd of stuff. Feel free to go on fieldtrips to look at stuff in other Wizards labs as well that involve MC items. She is the type that rarely sits still

Mirage: (whispers) Then I say why not make that into a good plot tool

Rykanis_Dakshata: (whispers to Mirage) Mmm... Yes well the fact that his area of expertise in Auristics is in examining Magecrafted artifacts helps with that. Its what Clyde uses it for 2/3 of the time.

Mirage: (whispers) There is still a lot you can do this summer and into fall to make some fun plots and IC reasons to head back to Ravok if you play your cards right :)

Rykanis_Dakshata: (whispers to Mirage) I need to make a list so I can keep it all straight. LOL. I think for now I've just got a lot of solos, but I'm sure in a month or so when all of those are done I'll be knocking you up for help.

Mirage: (whispers) Sounds good :)

glyph/gnosis :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Gossamer) Goss, I was wanting to ask, is it possible for master level Glyphing to ward an item so that gnosis would not work upon it? Like a Chaon laying a curse, or a Inavalti inspecting a item. Could such Glyphing block gnosis from affecting it specifically?

Gossamer: (whispers) nope not unless you have static.. which no one does

apprentice :
Evalin: (whispers) Also, as her Apprentice you are free to self mod your master at any time

Evalin: (whispers) Don't post in the write up obviously, but yes you can do threads in her lab. And usually for her you will be doing a lot of studying artifacts and breaking down the MC that went into making them. Beyond that you can MC anything you want, though usually you will be tasked to ry and replicate the MCing done in some artifact or another

Evalin: (whispers) You are free to use any resource in her lab. If you need any high level reagents run it by me Via PM first, but most likely she will have what you need or can get it

Evalin: (whispers) Most likely she will give you a few lower level items to duplicate first

Evalin: (whispers) Such as a lantern that never goes out. She will give it to you and instruct you to break down the enchantments in it, and then recreate them

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Oh, like I suppose via a low level Reimancy flame... Can do.

Evalin: (whispers) Mhm and you can feel free to start doing those as soon as you want. You now have a ring that will let you go through to any area in the Citadel you want

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Evalin) Ooh... I have an idea for a fishing net... :)

Evalin: (whispers) Go for it :)

Summoning :
Mirage: Break free of their chains >.>

Mirage: One almost got Elva a while back

Mirage: Diverse are humans that are warped and deformed

Mirage: Mine usually have lopsided bodies, one arm bigger than the other

Mirage: I had oen who had bony ridges all over his body

Razkar: How formidable are they?

Mirage: They are actually pretty tough

Mirage: they are a race of warriors with blood thurst

Clyde_Sullins: For normo's maybe, but Raz is a epic master level fighter.

Mirage: they were basically banished because they loved war too much

Mirage: You can probably find one that is on his level

Mirage: ive never summoend one that skilled though since Eva is still only competent

Clyde_Sullins: Wait, so your saying a diverse would be on Raz's level of skill in fighting? Or only strong ones?

Mirage: they are easy to negotiate with

Mirage: I would say only strong ones

Mirage: after all they are a war like people

Razkar: Think Orks but human, Clyde.

Clyde_Sullins: What weapons do they use?

Mirage: they have different tiers of strength I believe

Razkar: They follow the best warriors.

Mirage: *believe

Mirage: Ive always described them using weapons made out of bones

Razkar takes notes

Mirage: Clubs, rough daggers, nothing too impressive

Clyde_Sullins: So... High tier diverse would be on par with Raz... Wow...

Mirage: Think warriors that have been reduced to base instinct. They will fight more often than noght with fists and clober each other

Mirage: Oh clans im not sure

Mirage: I doubt there are that many

Mirage: I mean

Razkar: High hundreds of thousands?

Mirage: they keep killing each other

Mirage: I would think so yes

Mirage: Remember this is all speculation based on what I have done with them

Clyde_Sullins: Ooh... I should get Raz to kill it, then store its corpse in a scroll, to use later as a catalyst!

Razkar takes a break from plotting devasatation to fuss over puppy

Mirage: Lol

Mirage: the way isee it

Razkar: Wait, store the BODY in a scroll?!

Mirage: the strength of the diverse you can summon is directly linked to your summoning skill

Razkar: Hmm... interesting.

Caelum: She's a rescue. The puppy, that is.

Clyde_Sullins: Its a summoned creature, so yes it can be stored.

Mirage: 1) YOu have to be able to make a portal they want to cross

Mirage: and 2) you need to be able to hold it

Clyde_Sullins: So... A diverse that crossed a novice gateway would be... Meh...

Mirage: Diverse are pretty easy to negotiate with

Mirage: promise them blood and violance and gold and they are happy

Clyde_Sullins: Hmmm... True... So its easy to negotiate with, but if it breaks free it would go wild and not negotiate anymore?

Mirage: Most likely

Mirage: and I doubt they would keep their words for long

Mirage: Summoning portals dont work that way

Mirage: think of them like drains

Clyde_Sullins: Oh?

Mirage: if you close it everything still connected to it gets pulled back through

Clyde_Sullins: Oh!

Clyde_Sullins: Well I did not mean it being forced closed, I meant if the gateway failed/ wore out.

Mirage: Same thing

Mirage: It just sucks everything back in and closes

Mirage: unless the chains are not strong enough and the monster breaks them

Mirage: or if you relese it yourself

Mirage: Nope remember there are djed chains linking them to the portal

Mirage: as long as you want to use the creature you have to keep the portal open

Mirage: if you release the creature from the portal it cant go back

Clyde_Sullins: I thought it was possible for portals to wear out over time, to decay? or is that just leashes?

Mirage: Yep they can

Mirage: and thats part of the drawback of summoning

Mirage: So someone can disrupt your portal, and suck back inu that monster that is protecting you

Mirage: unless you fully release it intot his world in which case it may or may not protect you anymore lol

Clyde_Sullins: So... Unless you release a summoned creature, or the leash breaks, a creature gets pulled back in when the gateway closes?


Mirage: after all in summoning the portal does not actually call anything, things have to choose to come in

Clyde_Sullins: I thought you said something about their strength is related to the ability of the summoner, or some such thing?

Mirage: I think it is

Mirage: because if you are a super strong Diverse, you probably wont give 2 shykes bout this tiny little portal so let all the weaker oens go at it

Mirage: higher level summoners can make the portal more attractice

Clyde_Sullins: So would a novice summoner then not call through, if they get anything, a really low tier diverse? What could be lower tier than a child diverse?

Mirage: attracting the attention of stronger Diverse who throw the weaker ones out of the way to see what is what

Mirage: LIke I said its possible

Mirage: its completely random

Mirage: until you find a spot where a clan usually hangs out

Clyde_Sullins: Ah, so it would probably take some fishing to find one.

Mirage: when you form a contract with them the diverse knows that when that portal opens they have to go through it, and usually I assume they defend it so that only THEY can go through and get the gold or the fighting

Mirage: Yep

Mirage: that is where Familiary comes in

Mirage: if youhave a familiar that can go through for you it can attract the attention of one and pull it through

Clyde_Sullins: Really? Did not know that... Hmm...

Clyde_Sullins: I was not aware familiars could pass through a gateway.

Mirage: Yep

Mirage: how do you think you get a Familiar lol

Mirage: One summoner usually has to have a Familiar

Mirage: which goes through the portal and gets another, and they usually go for members of their family

Clyde_Sullins: I doubt Clyde IC would be willing to get a familiar.

Clyde_Sullins: Oh wait... That's how that works?

optional reagents :
Thomas_Cosa: So, magecraft. Is there anyway to imbue an item with poison without a Siku gnosis?

Clyde_Sullins: Perhaps there is some optional reagent in existence that could do it.

Mirage: You could use a poisonus creature as an optional reagent

Mirage: as long as you know what part of their djed makes them poisonus you could possibly use it to pass the trait on

Clyde_Sullins: Would that work? Is that how optional reagents work?

Clyde_Sullins: Sounds like a job for a MCer/Aurist! Da da da!

Mirage: Its how we are thinking it works. Alses, Anchor and I have been theorizing on the hows and whyse optional reagents work and that makes the most sense to me

Alses: I'd just need to see about getting it in the wiki :P .

Mirage: Yeah use Auristics and look for the things you need, and then use MC to hammer out the djed into what you want it to be

Alses: Oh, the possibilities!

Mirage: The best reagent would be a creature that has poison on its surface

Mirage: Then you don't have to modify it overly much it will just be poisonus form the start

Clyde_Sullins: Ooh... Or you could use a piece of that bird that lets you hit astral bodies, and make weapons that cut astrals!

Mirage: Oh thats interesting too

Mirage: say create metal spheres, or gem stones

Thomas_Cosa: With alchemy!

Mirage: and then MC them with the poperties you want and store them

Mirage: and that as well Thomas

Mirage: Then you just go to storage, go through your cabinets and pick up this metal orb with ghostly properties

Alses: Mirage, you're wonderful. Just saying :D

Clyde_Sullins: OOh, wait! So I was wanting to ask you before if I could use opalgloam stones as a reagent to make a light, and then enhance it so it glows brighter... Yes! Thats how I can make a mage light!

Alses: Yep! I'm using opalgloam and skyglass for a light.


Clyde_Sullins: A cabinet with little gems for optional reagents? I am confused on this "making optional reagents" idea Mir.

Clyde_Sullins: Or do you just mean having a cabinet full of various things to use as optional reagents?

plants/Sahova :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I need three different items of edible stuff(food) from three different sources. It could be as simple as blueberries, an egg, and a dried out piece of bread.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I'm just unsure what all would be in those woods. The thorny woods or whatever its called. Could I find various kinds of berries and such?

Mirage: (whispers) Then yes Clyde can gather that outside the Citadel. AFter all you wont be getting any food at all till you are an apprentice. There are a few edible berries and roots, plus you have small rodents and fish

Mirage: (whispers) Oh sure. IF you don't mind you could even do small little write ups of the berries you find and I can make them an official thing :)

Mirage: (whispers) totally! Though feel free to find a couple poisonus ones too. Wouldn't mind seeing clyde with the runns lol

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I'll make sure at least one is poisonous. Hopefully he can find something besides thorns to clean up with.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Although you don't actually eat it, you just chew it for awhile and then spit it out.

Mirage: (whispers) I was thinking a few of thee could be generally found around the island in small amounts

Journeymen :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Hey, quick question, would Sahova have info on Journeymen in the library?

Mirage: (whispers) Int some of the older Summoning books yes :)

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Ah, just wanted to know, so I could find out if I could learn of a journeymen being a fragment, so eventually Clyde can learn how crazy what he did is.

Mirage: (whispers) Yeah definitely. You wont get access to the library till you are an apprentice, however, even if you can't you could probably talk to an expert level summoner like the one we hve to learn about them too

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Since he's using it for his MCing, it might come up during his judgement. Since he'll probably be expected to detail what he did and what went into it. I wonder what the judges will think of that...

Mirage: (whispers) Hmm we will have to see when the time comes :)

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Well I've almost got the staff completed, just one thread with Anna, and one more solo, and I can do the judgement.

Mirage: (whispers) Excelent Ill push your thread to top priority then when it is completed

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) How does a judgement work exactly? Is it a modded thread, or a solo and I turn it in for grading?

Mirage: (whispers) Im working on a codex entry for this, but you write it like a solo and turn it in for grading. WHen I grade it I will either give you the good to go, or you will be banned from the island. If your good then usually it evolves into a mini modded thread :)

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Ah, well only issue there is Anna wants to sit in on it. So she'll be in the thread.

Mirage: (whispers) Thats fine, it still works the same way :)

Silliness :
Clyde_Sullins: *does not stamp Wren's action with his black ink mark of Rhysol's approval.*

Zandelia: theres an ink mark?

Clyde_Sullins: Yes, its got a black sun, and a little picture of Rhysol grinning with a thumbs up, as he feasts on the lies of mortals, and a bagel.

Clyde_Sullins: What is evil but going against the current norm? What is chaos but change? Without these things there is no change, there is only stagnation and death. So for this the path of Rhysol is for the betterment of all mankind. By pushing them and forcing them to grow and change.

quotes :
Clyde_Sullins: Without risk we only have monotony, with monotony there is no change, and with no change there is stagnation, which leads to death.

Clyde_Sullins: Why not take a risk, infuse a little chaos into your daily monotony?


Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I was wanting to work on Clyde's construction skill, to gain some more experience in using Reimancy to build and such. Can you think of any opportunities on Sahova where I could perhaps do that? Maybe dig out a well via Reimancy or something?

Mirage: (whispers) Sure he could be used in the Caverns for sure in constructing new underground Labs

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Ooh, really? Is that something he could do now, while waiting on his judgement? Also who would he need to talk to IC about that?

Mirage: (whispers) I believe there is already an NPC in the Caverns that he would have to talk to, the only problem is he cannot get to the Caverns without being let in by an apprentice just like with all the restricted areas

Mirage: (whispers) Most likely. Either that or have someoen guide you in, either an apprentice or another Wizard

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Ah, interesting... Well, we'll see what happens. If I do figure out a way, would I just go down and tell the npc I want to work, and start carving out a place under his direction? Or would there need to be more to it than that

Mirage: (whispers) The NPC in question (I think he is in the forum i may not have added him yet) is really excentric so yeah you can basically say "Hey I want to work" and he will throw you down a hole to get started

Strange :
1-How you have approached the Flux here doesn't match up much with the Lore. You see it is impossible to learn the Flux by 'coincidence' or 'accident'. The Flux can only be learned by intense meditation and physical discipline. The Initiate has to meditate deeply about his own body until he knows every inch of it with perfect clarity. It is impossible to inherently know or activate or come across the Flux on your own without knowing anything about it. I would suggest you edit this part out of the thread and seek a Flux PC or NPC out in a new thread.
2-Your Voiding here was better than last time but you have sort of stretched your limits as to what you can do with it here. When you tried to open one on the barrier this is in fact impossible. If you imagine opening a portal like putting a needle through a bit of cloth this is more like trying to put a needle through solid titanium. You wouldn't have been able to pack "enough Djed to keep a portal open until the next bell into a point the size of a grain of sand" because the Djed would just not get through. It just wouldn't have happened. No djed depletion just no Void.
3-The way you moved your Portal with the hooking analogy and such is not entirely what happens when you push a portal around. You have a tear in reality and you move the whole thing like a big sheet of metal rather than creating more portal at one side and collaping a bit at the other side. You cannot collapse bits of the sides of portals. You can only collapse an entire portal or scale the portal up or down.

Trigger/Glyphing :
"- Upon the holder of this scroll's mind or reasoning being affected by means arcane, without the express permission of the holder of this scroll for said affect to occur to them, before said effect is enacted."

Wrenmae: And that phrasing. Theoretically someone who watches a novice reimancer move a flame immediately 'reasons' maybe this person should not be messed with, thus fulfilling the scroll

-It would be specific to personal or world magic.

Clyde_Sullins: But actually Wren, that is a good point, one that I am sure I will need to fix. If say I fight a powerful Reimancer, and get afraid, or such, it would set it off.

Clyde_Sullins: It does not detect all magic, nor does all magic set it off, only magic that specifically affects his mind or reasoning. Which I now see is to vague.

Secret :
My actual question was more vague, in what would happen once Clyde left Zeltiva. Mirage had pointed out that with Ravok and Sahova now trading more, perhaps the Stryfe would want to send Clyde to Sahova to try and infiltrate the island and ranks. But it would have to be an official Stryfe mission.

-wouldn't he 'deliver' the thingie to Syliras?

No, not personally, he will be sending it via Grand Oathed courier and such. He wants to be no where near Syliras when that mage nuke goes off.

I mean imagine the area of effect on that thing... Even if its not a direct hit, it would likely vaporize the ignition area. His Glyphs are complex enough to allow remote detonation under specified circumstances.

ideas :
Clyde_Sullins: Glyphing is like a combination of a trainyard, and batteries. Where magic is the trains and electricity. It can store and route it.

-What if using master Glyphing, you stored Summoned creatures as they attempted to escape a circle? Since summoned things are magical, they can be stored... And as a master, even aggressive and hostile magic can be stored. So it would be a useful second line of defense should one try to get out!

Mirage :
Mirage: I think you could use water reimancy

Mirage: give it water reimancy,a nd the behavior to push against water

Mirage: and couple it with a lighter weight thanawater as well

Mirage: so it will have the ability to push against water as it walks

Clyde_Sullins: So then... MC 3, not counting any durability enhancement.

Mirage: either than or make it so that it creates ice as it walks lol

Mirage: Pretty much

Clyde_Sullins: Which to a degree could be skirted, if you got the shoes izentor crafted...

Mirage: There might be an easier way than I am thinking though

Mirage: True


Clyde_Sullins: Of course... I do have another idea for a crystal/gemstone type glow light.

Clyde_Sullins: You know those glow stones used in Kalinor, opalgloam?

Mirage: I do yes

Clyde_Sullins: What if you took the behavior off of one of those, added it to a MCed chunk of gemstone, and maybe enhanced/reinforced it a bit

Clyde_Sullins: That way, the normal state of the stone is to glow and give off light. No on or off, but light without needing to expend djed, since it is its natural state.

Mirage: Hmm

Mirage: that could work


Clyde_Sullins: Alright, so when you summon something from a world, it can be anything on the world, and you can do it from anywere on Miza, right? (22:38:01) Clyde_Sullins: It could even be done remotely via Glyphing trigger, to time it. (22:40:17) Clyde_Sullins: What if in A location, you reverse summoned yourself(Master summoning), and then had a timed gateway Glyphed to summon from the same spot at B location, maybe a minute later. Wouldn't that allow instant travel, without the dangers of the void? Albeit with the danger of getting left on the world... (22:41:06) Mirage: Yep it is very possible (22:41:16) Mirage: You wold have to get your coordinates EXACTLY RIGHT though (22:41:33) Mirage: because if you are not careful you could end up opening the 2nd portal miles away from where you are (22:41:34) Clyde_Sullins: Well, since it takes master summoning, I think by then you should be able to do so, right? (22:41:41) Mirage: Lol you would think (22:42:00) Mirage: depending on the planet the way you pinpoint exactly where you want the portal to open can get hairy (22:42:09) Clyde_Sullins: How so? (22:42:22) Mirage: The bigger teh plannet the more trouble even the tiniest hair being off can throw off your entire plan (22:42:27) Mirage: like on a bigger plannet (22:42:44) Mirage: if you do your pinpoint portal opening just a fraction of an inch lower than it shouldbe by mistake (22:42:49) Mirage: it coudl open miles away (22:42:56) Mirage: though that depends on the planet (22:43:04) Mirage: and you have to make sure the portals dont overlap (22:43:16) Clyde_Sullins: Which is why I said they open like a minute apart. (22:43:29) Mirage: though (22:43:32) Mirage: now that I think about it (22:43:38) Mirage: what use woudl that be? (22:43:41) Clyde_Sullins: With perhaps a second scroll set up to go off in another minute, in case the first messes up. (22:44:16) Mirage: I mean you have to set up the glyphs, set a time limit for it to work, and if it is set to open a minute after you couldn't go very far at all (22:44:42) Mirage: and if you wanted to travel vast distances wouldn't you need someone standing by the glyph to activate it? Since you could not put a time limit on it due to the distance (22:44:44) Clyde_Sullins: Yes, but at master Glyphing, triggers can get REALLY fancy. (22:44:45) Mirage: and the time coordination (22:45:09) Mirage: This sounds like it would work best in conjunction with another mage (22:45:14) Mirage: and not just with glyphing (22:45:43) Clyde_Sullins: I think even over a big distance, a master Glypher could tie B scroll into another scroll opening, specifying it activating X minutes A scroll opens. (22:46:24) Clyde_Sullins: The only problem is, you would need two master mages... Or... Or would you? Since you are on the other world, technically anyone could summon you, once you get there! (22:47:46) Mirage: ah I see (22:47:56) Mirage: but (22:48:03) Mirage: even if you COULD do it alone (22:48:09) Mirage: your playing with fate right there (22:48:13) Clyde_Sullins: ? (22:48:25) Mirage: There is a lot that could go wrong with this, ending up with you trapped or maybe even split between two worlds! (22:48:34) Mirage: It would probably be safer to work with another mage in conjunction (22:48:43) Mirage: Though I can see how this could be useful in a combat situation alread (22:49:07) Clyde_Sullins: Split how? And yes, as I said, even say a competent summoner could do the other end, only the reverse summoning takes a master. (22:50:01) Clyde_Sullins: Ooh... I could even give the other mage a scroll that is triggered by Clyde or whomever no longer being on Mizahar. Which would be a signal for him that I have reverse summoned myself. Or whoever I am sending. (22:50:25) Clyde_Sullins: Combat situation? How so? (22:51:19) Mirage: Im not sure how well glyphing triggers woudl work between two worlds (22:51:23) Mirage: and in a combat situation (22:51:25) Mirage: if you preplaned (22:51:39) Mirage: you could plant these scrolls all over the place, multiple areas (22:51:57) Mirage: and as long as you have the map in your head you could disapear from one place and reapear behind your enemy at any time (22:52:03) Clyde_Sullins: And pop out in different parts of town. (22:52:09) Mirage: Sort of like having (22:52:10) Mirage: Oh (22:52:15) Mirage: have you ever watched Ben 10? (22:52:21) Clyde_Sullins: Yes. (22:52:28) Mirage: you remember Paradox? (22:52:36) Clyde_Sullins: What about him? (22:53:04) Clyde_Sullins: Actually, I was thinking of those people that follow the Dagath, that step into other dimensions to avoid attacks and stuff. (22:53:14) Mirage: You know how he can disapear and reapear anywhere? Well he says its not teleporation (22:53:22) Mirage: its because he has a map of the space time continum in his head (22:53:30) Mirage: That would kinda be like what you could do with this technique (22:53:50) Mirage: That would work if you could come back exactly where you steped out before haha (22:53:58) Mirage: I think the Paradox explanation is a bit better (22:54:09) Mirage: bc its not teleportation your just following a map no one else can see (22:54:13) Clyde_Sullins: Hmmm... Yeah, although it requires having a prepped scroll at the other end, which can be tougher if you want to go long distance. (22:54:17) Mirage: and no one could follow you bc they don't know where the portals go (22:54:23) Mirage: Mhm (22:54:30) Mirage: It would require preparing WAY in advance (22:54:36) Mirage: like put it in your stronghold or something lol (22:54:57) Clyde_Sullins: Like I was saying earlier though, you can do some way crazy stuff with Master Glyphing for triggers. Way crazy. (22:55:33) Mirage: I know but I never want to level it lol (22:55:53) Clyde_Sullins: Well, Clyde is about to his master, so he could do it! (22:57:01) Clyde_Sullins: So it would be a simple task for a master Glypher to specify a summoning trigger for a specific time after another specific scroll has been activated. And another scroll as a failsafe, if after X time of A scroll being activated, and X person is not on Mizahar, being activated. In case B scroll misses. (22:57:29) Mirage: It sounds like a very convoluted method (22:57:34) Mirage: adn complicated at taht lol (22:57:50) Clyde_Sullins: Yes, but it would be easy for a master to word a trigger as such. (22:58:54) Clyde_Sullins: It would be the safest way, that way you have multiple redundancy. For example, the B scroll that was going to bring you back, has been destroyed and does not go off. the C scroll is either back were you started, or in another safe place, which can bring you back out if the prior one fails. (23:00:03) Clyde_Sullins: That way the chance of getting stuck in middle world is lessened. (23:02:48) Mirage: lol my brain can't follow atm (23:02:56) Mirage: im split too many directions for detailed magic talk atm (23:03:16) Clyde_Sullins: More or less, it is back ups, that if one fails, another picks you up, or takes you back to the start.

Ximal :
[8:35:26 PM] Liam: run it
[8:35:30 PM] Liam: keep it active
[8:35:35 PM] Liam: leave Xi as the NPC head
[8:35:47 PM] Liam: and wen you have enough cash amassed build it up
[8:35:57 PM] Liam: then when you master your skill or revy does
[8:36:03 PM] Liam: beat him in a single combat
[8:36:10 PM] Liam: and run it as the head

[8:40:26 PM] Clifton Selfon: Well, I will make sure to keep it active in your absence, and admitting worthy students.
[8:40:37 PM] Clifton Selfon: I will need to talk to Bald about that.
[8:41:12 PM] Liam: thing is as well
[8:41:16 PM] Liam: with that
[8:41:24 PM] Liam: just treat it as i'm still in the aperture
[8:41:29 PM] Liam: if it's only a month
[8:41:35 PM] Liam: i'll make a triumphant return
[8:41:40 PM] Liam: ater 30 days of being down there
[8:41:45 PM] Liam: :D
[8:41:51 PM] Clifton Selfon: Oh, so then rp as if Xim is not there, and disapeared into the apperture.
[8:41:53 PM] Liam: and look like a complete and total badass
[8:41:58 PM] Liam: mhm

Sahova :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Ah, 1, how long did you say it would take being an apprentice to get anywere on Sahova? Was it 2 seasons?

Mirage: (whispers) exceptional talent and skill, plus getting good recommendations and powerful friends can cut the time down to abou 2 seasons for a pulser yes

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Hmmm... Since I never got to meet Ray, I could not get his recommendation. Dang travel times...

Mirage: (whispers) those things can be gotten on sahova IC too

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) The problem would be finding a IC reason for him to stay so long.

Mirage: (whispers) if you wanted a reason one could be made easily enough

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Ah, but anyways, 2! Whatever happened with that whole fragment quest? Or is it still unresolved?

Mirage: (whispers) it's on Vs to do list to work out, but it looks like it will mostly blow over and lead to a possible trade between Ravok and sahova nothing confirmed yet though

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) True, but now that he is going to be a Stryfe, and marked, he would need his going there to be Ravok sanctioned. So even if he wanted to go, that would not be enough. But if you can think of a reason, I am all for it!

Mirage: (whispers) all I can say to that is wait for fall

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Lol. 3 was a animation idea of mine, which Thomas thinks is hacking, but I thought hacking was only when it was other peoples golems.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Anyways, I was thinking what if you animated say a gemstone, or a mirror, as a spying device. And then used the reverse of the setup to gather the info that it saw.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I know it would need to be competent level, since that is required for memory.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Would that be/require hacking? Or just normal animation?

Mirage: (whispers) PM me your full idea but I am pretty sure it won't be hacking. Ttyl back to work


Mirage: (whispers) I did, and as for why it is hacking its because you are hacking into the golems completed program to rewerite it to send you teh images. Its "hacking" because it messes with existing programing

Mirage: (whispers) and your idea could work as far as i can see

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Its funny, because the original idea for the spy golem came from the memosites. So it is funny I forgot about them, and did not think of MCing their behavior into them. That would be way simpler than any hacking device.

Mirage: (whispers) Honestly I didn't think of them at all myself.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Any opinion on how many steps it would be?

Mirage: (whispers) A lot, plus you will have to decide if you are animating an MC item or MCing an animation

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Hmmm... I know it says combining MCing with other magics is hazardous at best... So it would be ideal if it could be done solely with MCing.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I am uncertain how you would even go about combining them, on one item, without it exploding.

Mirage: (whispers) hm im not sure honestly. It think it dpeends on hwo you set up the device to work. IS it just retrieving the information, or is it actually showing it too? What if you designed it to pull info and then impart it backt o you, so you can look at it like one of your own memories? Then you do not need a form of visualization

Mirage: (whispers) Does clyde still have the urge to visit Sahova?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I think that is actually what I said in my pm, about it taking the memory, and then sending it to you. Though I am unsure how a visualization technique would even work. I know you mentioned auristics.

Mirage: (whispers) Mhm you could use Auristics in a way. With a combination of D-wire and MC you could possibly create an item that pulls images from the golem and projects them as auras, which then can be seen with Auristics. Sort of like a hologram in a way

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) And as I also said before, OOC I think I would like to go, but he would need a reason IC via the Stryfe to go, once he finishes all the stuff in Zeltiva.

Mirage: (whispers) That hypnotist mage that really F'ed up Clyde before, he also implanted an urge to go to Sahova. Did that get fixed as well?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Hmmm... I am not sure, Clyde got his magic back, but not sure if all of the effects were broken. V might know.

Mirage: (whispers) If they weren't then Clyde will already have a 'want' to come to Sahoav. That means it would not take much for him to say yes if he was invited to come

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Huh... The only thing is, now that he is a Stryfe, it would not be enough for him to just want to come, he would need to have it sanctioned. So his wants are not everything.

Mirage: (whispers) Lol that wouldn't be an issue if it came down to it. Fall is soon uppon us

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) :) Well, I will have to see what happens in fall, and perhaps the Stryfe might want a member on Sahova. I will need to wait and see what happens.

Mirage: (whispers) Works for me!

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I love foreshadowing... :)

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I look forward to possibly working this out IC. Perhaps Thomas could help, and do the animation half, with Clyde doing the MCing. MAybe. :)


Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Less magicy ones but. By the time Clyde comes to Sahova, he will have made his own magic staff. What effect or reaction might that cause?

Mirage: (whispers) Probably nothing because no one will know he made it himself lol, or many might think he is lying

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Lying that he made it, or that it is in fact a real magic staff?

Mirage: (whispers) Lying that he made it

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Ah. So they would not care that he is in possession of one?

Mirage: (whispers) It might not compare to some of the older masters' works, but if he does convince people he did ti himself they might be impressed with his young age

Mirage: (whispers) Hm no probably not. Think about it, magic staffs are not all that uncommon in Sahova

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) True. Besides, maybe he can find a ancient more uber one while there. :)

Mirage: (whispers) Or learn to make a better one himself :P

Mirage: (whispers) I just introduced Sahovas Master of MC in the wardens page

Mirage: (whispers) So I will be developing him soon

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) I think in that case it is less about knowledge, and more about funding. He is already making a MC 4.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) And especially since I am fairly certain he won't get to keep anything he makes, he especially then won't get a better staff by learning to make better ones.

Mirage: (whispers) *Shrug* you never know

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Lol... Stop teasing my with foreshadowing which you know I love!

Mirage: (whispers) I shall kill you with the amount of foreshadowing in your future


Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Did I show you her Grand Oath?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage)​st278891.html#p278891

Mirage: (whispers) Lol clyde should have been a nuit

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Why should he have been a nuit>

Mirage: (whispers) Because that wording was deliciously nuit like

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) Was it?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) >:-D

Mirage: (whispers) Totally was

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Mirage) It took me awhile, that was at least the 4th or 5th draft. I think over time I have gotten good at Oaths.

Summoning/Magecrafting :
Clyde_Sullins: Maybe... You store it in Glyphing, then make a path leading out to the item to flow into it, and at the same time as you release the barrier holding it in, you strike with your MC hammer?

Alses: Hmm. Actually, you might just need to hit the glyph with the hammer and let it pull the djed out...interesting thought!

Clyde_Sullins: Or maybe place the item on top of the focus holding it, and release the creature at the same time as striking the item!

Alses: Hehe, I was talking with Anchor who'd been talking with Mirage (and possibly Tarot) about magecraft. The hammers are supposed to draw up djed from ingredients and force it into the artifact.

Alses: That bmight work, Clyde...experimentation, experimentation, experimentation!


Clyde_Sullins: I am thinking by the description the soul of the creature is actually trapped in the item, and works to enhance/stabilize the item.

Mirage: and the open portal as far as I can reason is like opening a window into a new world

Mirage: No lower levels can summon diverse bc they will be linked to the portal. They just couldn't send someone else to that world

Clyde_Sullins: Ooh, I wonder how powerful of a catalyst storing a Diverse in a MCing item would be? Or if it would have any odd effects.

Alses: Clyde: just use their armour and swords. Glyph a voiding trap or something above the circle, activate it and void their heads, and yay! Reagents!

Alses: Since I presume their swords and armour are stable in this world...

Clyde_Sullins: True, but I think a living sentient being would be am much more powerful catalyst than a inanimate object.

Alses: There probably should be a quality scale for the rare reagents :P

Mirage: A sentient being will give the best result


Clyde_Sullins: Yes, we never did answer that, about how to put said creature inside of the actual item.

Mirage: I believe it is not the creature that gets sucked inside but their

Alses: Definitely. Your reagent hypothesis? We discussed low-order and high-order djed, and the stabilising properties of alien (offworld) djed from reagents...

Clyde_Sullins: Hmm.... It says the creature is trapped in the item... i always assumed that meant their actual soul.

Mirage: idjed I think that the creature will be broken down and sucked on as djed particles, at least I think so at least

Mirage: Their djed is their soul too

Clyde_Sullins: And souls are more or less batteries the equivalent of a nuclear reactor

Mirage: their existence is pulled in basically

Clyde_Sullins: We were talking about a method using Glyphing, to let channel it into the item by placing it on top of the glyph holding the thing, and then striking it with the hammer or something to make it "absorb" it.

Clyde_Sullins: I was thinking about using one optional reagent, using a bit of soulmist to make the item able to attack ghosts.

Mirage: That's a good idea clyde


Clyde_Sullins: I was also wondering, is there any limit on number of optional reagents you could use?

Mirage: but there might be a limit depending in how many stabilizing reagents u use

Clyde_Sullins: Or maybe using more than one optional reagent destabilizes it, forcing you to use more catalysts to stabi\lize it?

Mirage: I think so Clyde

Animation :
Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Hey, was wondering something, how would it work if you say animated something soft, like a rag doll? What would it be able to do, do you think?

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) Hmmm, not much I'd imagine. Listen maybe, talk (depending if it had a cloth tongue, moving mouth. Maybe drag itself around, haha. I don't think it would be able to support itself -- maybe, stand, for a limited time.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Ah, okay... What exactly is needed to talk then? Would said cloth tongue and "mouth" by enough?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) And would it be able to listen? I mean, a normal cloth rag doll type thing. Ear mechanism for listening?

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) Yep! You just need the working parts; although, I'd have to check the lore again -- but unless you're level is above competent, I don't think the animations can ever speak. Maybe babble the same thing over and over agin, haha.

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) Any sort of cloth doubles as an ear drum

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Really? I thought it was more specific than that, mentions some kind of leather membrane or thingy...

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) I've just used cloth and it worked. My interpretation was anything that would muffle or absorb the sound -- or 'hear' for the golem.

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) Of course, it depends on what the ST will except and all. And Thomas has only done one 'hearing' golem!

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Interesting... See this is the hard part of being a novice animator outside of Sahova, no access to stuff. And the only toys commonly used are said stuffed cloth dolls and things.

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) Come to Sahova then :P

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) It doesn't have to be a doll or anything even relatively human looking. You can animate pieces of clothes, small weapons (not sure what they would do)...

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Animation is not his main skill, besides he has to many other things going on, and is soon to be an Ebonstryfe. Can't go visiting undead cities.

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) A lock even, a door handle. Just remember that a novice level is mostly small things and limited actions.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Now if someone could think of a legitimate reason for a Stryfe to visit Sahova, then maybe he could...

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Maybe I will have him learn some gadgeteering in Zeltiva, make some simple little bodies.

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) Gadgeteering is a good school!

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Although I was thinking, how do the little mouse type devices in Sahova turn?

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) They have wheels -- i'd imagine like the ones on the supermarket strollers? The ones that can turn all the way around.

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) I mean, they are a little block with four wheels... Couldn't they only go forward and backward? How do they turn?

Clyde_Sullins: (whispers to Thomas_Cosa) Well technically I suppose only the front wheels would need to be able to turn, and the back would follow.

Thomas_Cosa: (whispers) Yeah, I think the wheels themselves can move 360.

Morphing :
Twister: Morphing overgiving is pretty obvious. You forget who you are and what you look like.

Gossamer: And you get stuck in forms

Twister: Yeah. Imagine looking yourself in the mirror and not knowing who's staring back at you.

Twister: You lose all sense of identity eventually.

Clyde_Sullins: What do you think Goss? How would morphing affect shifting between Dhani forms? Or do you think it would stop you from shifting?

Gossamer: Why would it stop you Clyde? What's your reasoning?

Clyde_Sullins: Well, you shift from a very specific form, human or whatever, to another, snake or Dhani, I thought not being in that base form might stop you... So then you think it would not stop Dhani shifting?

Clyde_Sullins: Or would the morphing effects just carry over to new form? That might make more sense...

Gossamer: Not at all...and Dhani have no base form of one

Gossamer: So it's like a return to normal shift

Gossamer: only they have three normal choices

Gossamer: Instead of one like most morphers

Clyde_Sullins: So then a Dhani would have 3 base forms... The only thing I wonder on is how would certain morphing's carry over into other Dhani shifting.

stone :

Gossamer: Kav just buys stones and reproduces them for her decorating

Gossamer: she has walls covered with lapis and malachite, a few other things... an island made out of obsidian

Clyde_Sullins: And Ab, I wont be tossing chunks of diamonds at people for what I am planning, which is why I said I needed one that will shatter on impact. Its for a Glyphing idea of mine Ab.

Litani: Shale/slate would be good. :) Easy to find, hard, brittle enough to break on impact (provided the piece is thin enough and you throw it hard enough)

Clyde_Sullins: But, it really needs to be able to be handled and carried around, without fear of it shattering easily or a piece snapping off, or it might be the last thing Clyde does. *BOOM*

Litani: Slate, then.

Goss on Glyphing :
Clyde_Sullins: I wonder if that would make the soulmist last any longer, being stabilized by the Glyphs..

Gossamer: it still rots

Gossamer: and you can't store 'things' in glyphs only djed purposed to do things

Gossamer: I've told you that before, Clyde.

Clyde_Sullins: I was meaning mixing ink and soulmist, to make a Glyphs of the combined substance. Or wait, isn't that how the sealed grounds works?

Gossamer: You actually just said making soulmist last longer

Gossamer: and soulmist is made through chewing up food, blood and djed in ones mouth and becomes a tangible magical thing that decays.. so you cant actually store soulmist in glyphs which is why I was clarifing.

Clyde_Sullins: So wait... I worded that poorly... I was meaning the half of the mix that was soulmist that will degrade. So how about soul-ink?(Mix of two for use in Glyphs) Would that last longer than comparable creations made solely out of soulmist?

Gossamer: Again, you can't store 'things' in glyphs.

Gossamer: You can only store purposed djed.

Clyde_Sullins: Though wait, it says on the lore you can store golems and summoned creatures. Wouldnt that be the same?

Gossamer: if you use geomancy to create a stone tent... you can't store the stone tent in the glyph

Gossamer: You can only store the res purposed before it makes the tent

Gossamer: they are creatures formed totally of djed

Gossamer: they aren't stored as such in glyphs but stored as power

Gossamer: Ive been over and over and over this with Tarot

Gossamer: Glyphing is not voiding, where you throw things in the void and retrieve them

Gossamer: that's voiding

Clyde_Sullins: A golem though has a physical body, that has been infused with animation. So are you saying you can't infuse the body of a golem, only what... Everything else? And then it would pop out infusing it into another body?

Gossamer: Glyphing is something completely and utterly different. Its a magical set of instructions that directs purposed djed and djed constructs in a keyed in series of instructions.


Clyde_Sullins: So then if I tried to store a golem... It would take out all of the stuff I infused it with using magic... Holding the djed of the magical instructions... And then I would place on it a new body, and reinfuse it withing the new shell...

Clyde_Sullins: In this case the tasking and all of the animation stuff being the mentioned purposed djed that was sealed into the focus....

Clyde_Sullins: What would happen if you sealed in the animated process of the golem, and unsealed it without a new body to go into...


Clyde_Sullins: Goss, one last question(for today) on Glyphing, just to clarify. So if I have a functioning animated golem, that I have made(a physical body infused with animation instructions), and I set it on a focus, and try to store it... Is the body of it left behind, as a physical object? And then everything else is taken in?

Gossamer: Glyde, I'm not sure. You'd have to ask tarot because what he has told me seems different than what you say in the lore, but I always go by his word of mouth.

Amelia Oath :
-Amelia Cross will not harm or do something against Clyde Sullins, through her actions or inaction, magical or mundane, directly or indirectly, unless to stop a greater harm to Clyde Sullins, or if given an order to do so by Clyde Sullins of his own free will.

-Amelia Cross will only use her magics to the degree to which Clyde Sullins has currently told her she could, until such a time as she has mastered the specific magic, or Clyde Sullins has told her she could freely use said specific magic by her own volition.

>However if not using her magic would lead to her certain demise, she is allowed to use magic of her own volition until the threat on her life has passed and or been dealt with.

---(Gallo base)
-Amelia Cross will not harm or do something against Clyde Sullins, through her actions or inaction, magical or mundane, directly or indirectly, unless to stop a greater harm to Clyde Sullins.

-Amelia Cross will follow Clyde Sullins orders so long as that order does not mean Amelia Cross sure death, does not go directly against Rhysol, or will cause a greater harm to Clyde Sullins by doing as ordered, than to not follow the order.

-While allowing Amelia Cross a reasonable amount of time to worship her God Rhysol, at a reasonable time, so long as it will not harm or go against Clyde Sullins, in a significant or material amount.

kit oath :
Kit Rowan-

-not using magic to negatively affect Clyde, or to do so through other actions or inaction
-to not use magic or other actions or inaction to poorly reflect upon Clyde as her owner

flux :
Ximal: flux stength enhancements, double = risk (novice), triple = risk (competent), 6-7 times = risk (expert), 10 times =risk (master)

Ximal: thats of severe damage

Ximal: because the higher you go the more complex targeting of things you can do with flux

Ximal: at novice your targeting clusters of muscles which may work against each other

Ximal: at expert you can pinpoint specific muscles for increases of damage whilst remaining safe

Ximal: hell at master you can control your whole nervous system and cut your reaction time down to about 0.1 of a second

Ximal: <.< flux in close range is lethal

Ximal: at long range...utterly useless

Questions :
Clyde_Sullins: Alright, it is in two parts. First is, when you weave a weapon into a shield, to task it to block it, what happens to it? Does it just vanish? Slowly get weaved in? What?

Gossamer: the weapon isn't harmed

Gossamer: You need a sliver or filling from it

Clyde_Sullins: And what all would it be able to block? For example, I weave in a steel dagger? Would it only be able to block steel daggers? What about a iron dagger? Or a steel sword? Or would it block all bladed weapons regardless of material? Or only daggers specifically?

Clyde_Sullins: Ah, that makes more sense... A sliver... Sort of like you are weaving it in like a thread into a blanket... Ah...

Clyde_Sullins: For weapon tasking, what all would it be able to block? For example, I weave in a steel dagger? Would it only be able to block steel daggers? What about a iron dagger? Or a steel sword? Or would it block all bladed weapons regardless of material? Or only daggers specifically?

Gossamer: steel daggers

Gossamer: or maybe a steel kitchen knife

Clyde_Sullins: Then what is that reference on the sheilding ore about tasking it to block all blunt or projectile weapons? Or maybe I misunderstood that...

Gossamer: You have to complexly task it to do that

Clyde_Sullins: So then if you wanted to block all bladed weapons specifically... How would that work? What would that take?

Gossamer: lots of time lots of materials lots of weapons

Clyde_Sullins: So then... Say I weaved in a steel dagger, and a iron longsword. What all would that block? *last question*

Gossamer: steel and iron daggers, and steel and iron longsword

Clyde_Sullins: and nothing else... Hmmm... So the material only needs to be in once, it is the type of weapon that must be different each time..

Gossamer: per shield


Clyde_Sullins: Though that begs to question, how do you divide weapons up. Is it per size, like one tiny, one small, one medium, and one large blade, and all bases are covered? Or would it be more fine than that.

Gossamer: lets try this....

Gossamer: kovac is a shielder

Gossamer: hes afraid of aidara kicking his butt

Gossamer: aidara owns three pairs of shoes

Gossamer: leather pumps in a smoking hot red

Gossamer: cowboy boots in snakeskin...

Gossamer: and cheap canvas flipflops

Gossamer: what things does kovac need to task his shield with so he doesnt get her foot rearranging is colon?

Clyde_Sullins: Leather... Snakeskin... And canvas... Plus... each type of shoes?

Gossamer: exactly

Gossamer: but he could use a snakeskin pump and a canvas boot

Gossamer: to fudge a bit

Gossamer: then he could use leather flip flops

Gossamer: And he's covered

Gossamer: its thing and material

Clyde_Sullins: So he needs a piece of each specific material, plus a piece of each specific shoe type... Though sometimes two can overlap, so you get a shoe type and material as one tasking, but for that instance it would take 3 taskings to block out her shoes.

Gossamer: if course she could ambush him with a killer plastic pair of jimmychos

Gossamer: or go at him barefoot

Clyde_Sullins: Sorry, the metaphor ends there. I mean alloys. What about alloys of metal mixed, like bronze? Or say a iron/bronze mix?

Clyde_Sullins: Would you need to specifically block that alloy, or could you also block the individual ingredients? And what if you only block one ingredient in the alloy?

Clyde_Sullins: Would you need to specifically block that alloy, or could you also block the individual ingredients? And what if you only block one ingredient in the alloy?

Gossamer: depends on how you wove

Clyde_Sullins: So... If a bronze sword comes at you, and you blocked copper and tin(makes bronze) it would block. Or instead you could specifically block bronze.

Gossamer: nope I won't allow that

Gossamer: its bronze or nothing

Gossamer: ..That's metagaming

Clyde_Sullins: Oh, okay. So you must block the specific alloy. I could see someone making some crazy mix of metals just to petch with a shielder.

meditation :
Used for most initiations in magic

Can be done by clearing ones mind and focusing on the thought of nothing and emptiness, or by focusing on a specific image or object in ones head to the exclusion of all else, or even a specific action of repetition like breathing, or chanting.

Often a part of this is breathing techniques, learning to control your breathing and keep it even, even when stressed or fatigued, or while exercising, and to stay calm.

It allows them to better focus on their task, and to concentrate, even through distractions and things that would break ones focus normally.


Really though, since possession is about a contest of wills, a person highly skilled in meditation would be much better at such a battle of wills.

So meditation would be very helpful to a Spiritist in regards to possession. Whether easing the possession and in working with the spirit or keeping out unwanted spirits.

Private religious devotion or mental exercise, in which techniques of concentration and contemplation are used to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness.

In many religions, meditation involves verbal or mental repetition of a single syllable, word, or text (e.g., a mantra)

Visual images or mechanical devices such as prayer wheels or rosaries can be useful in focusing concentration.


Focus and steady ones mind, clear ones mind from outside things, and even things of ones body.



three main criteria-the use of a defined technique, logic relaxation, and a self-induced state/mode

Other criteria deemed important [but not essential] involve a state of psychophysical relaxation, the use of a self-focus skill or anchor, the presence of a state of suspension of logical thought processes, a religious/spiritual/philosophical context, or a state of mental silence\


two broad categories: concentrative meditation(focused attention) and mindfulness meditation(open monitoring)

-direction of mental attention... A practitioner can focus intensively on one particular object (so-called concentrative meditation), on all mental events that enter the field of awareness (so-called mindfulness meditation), or both specific focal points and the field of awareness.

-"One style, Focused Attention (FA) meditation, entails the voluntary focusing of attention on a chosen object. The other style, Open Monitoring (OM) meditation, involves non-reactive monitoring of the content of experience from moment to moment.


Physical postures-

Various postures are taken up in meditation. Sitting, supine, and standing postures are used. Popular in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism are the full-lotus, half-lotus, Burmese, and kneeling positions. Meditation is sometimes done while walking, known as kinhin, or while doing a simple task mindfully, known as samu.


Able to look back at recent memories, of the day or prior several days, and examine them in better clarity, to notice details you previously missed(Expert)

You will be able to recall lost memories and experience age regression.(Master)

stimulate dreams and visions


Clyde_Sullins: Well, other lores make reference to it. Like that at higher levels, meditation can be used to mitigate the effects of overgiving in personal magic. And also blocking out pain.

Fallon: So good to use if you're a mage it seems.

Verilian: Well, aside from calming effects and all that.. blocking out pain might work, or the overgiving possibly, or maybe you can do something like.. enter the Chavena or something

Clyde_Sullins: And obviously as you get higher skilled in it, you would better be able to block out outside distractions to allow you to better focus on a task of importance. So yes it would help a mage to focus on his magic in the midst of a battle or something, without being distracted.

Fallon: I can imagine meditation would be good in helping focus the magic though.

Clyde_Sullins: Well, this is the quote from the paramagic lore, on meditation- "Useful to maintain clarity under stressful conditions, it was believed to mitigate the consequences of overgiving in personal magic to a degree. "

Verilian: Well, first and foremost he could enter a calm state of mind very quickly

Jorek: I'd assume meditation would mean that the person managed to calm themself and . . . block out external disturbances.

Clyde_Sullins: True... That would especially be helpful with certain things like shielding, and to keep calm under pressure...

Clyde_Sullins: And really any magic in general, as the calmer you are, the more efficient you are with djed usage. Distractions and stress are one of the factors affecting both magic and djed usage.

Jorek: I mean, getting that kind of control of yourself while you fight is perhaps a kinda meditation in itself.

Clyde_Sullins: Wow, meditation is mentioned to help on four different gnosis.

Clyde_Sullins: Lykata, dreamwalking, oceanus, and inavalti.

construction :
Kavala: that if you build it from stone, good luck with keeping it intact

Kavala: its not totally stable so he wants it to have bones

Kavala: but Kav built the island from the seafloor up over a years irl time with bedrock and baserock

Felavik_Dysodamus: Load-bearing stones

Kavala: then coated it with obsidian for looks

Kavala: but alll the buildings above ground in The Sanctuary have been 'built' first then stone coated.

Kavala: The ones she carved out of bedrock by changing stone to air or sand are a lot more stable.

Kavala: because she wasn't adding stone, she was removing existing stone

Clyde_Sullins: Hmmm... So a important factor in building, is the density of the stone, and making sure that the stone can hold the weight?

Kavala: But Clyde.. most people in Mizahar can't figure out compression tests etc to tell what the load the structure can bear.

Kavala: so you have to build it out of wood first... as if you would be building the building

Clyde_Sullins: Hmmm... True... Clearly it would take some trial and error, to figure out how to properly make the stone at the correct density, how to shape it. A lot of collapsed and unsafe structures.

Kavala: then encase it in stone

Kavala: According to Tarot... otherwise mods can randomly collapse poorly constructed and unsupported reimancy structures

Kavala: or other mages can alter them with just a bit of use of their djed

Clyde_Sullins: Interesting... Well, unless you then use your Master Glyphing, and carve antimagic sigils into the stone.

Clyde_Sullins: How much weight would you say, in stone, a wooden base structure could hold? I mean, how thick is the stone on your buildings?

Kavala: SAnctuary's above ground structures are ... I'm trying to think of the term

Kavala: are covered with stone for looks?

Kavala: faced yes.. thats what I'm trying to say


Felavik_Dysodamus: It had to be realistic, planned out.

Felavik_Dysodamus: Like a real home. She said 'poorly constructed' things could be torn down.

Banickle: In ancient times it was more about interlocking pieces and a balance of weight that helped a structure stand strong. Not wires and beams, per say.

Leila: lots of engineering went into those lol

Banickle: The perfect example would be the Keystone...yes.

Fallon: But that is more bridges.

Banickle: Not really, it was used in arches, too.

Fallon: Mmm, suppose so. And yeah, brick by brick.

Clyde_Sullins: Alright, well then if I do build something out of stone, I will make sure to first make sure it has a strong foundation, and also build it slowly brick by brick. Lego style. :)

Khal'iah :
Well, not exactly clause, but it could be the main portion of the Grand Oath. Khal'iah could swear to use his power to further Clyde's goal of the destruction of Syliras. And a side-clause would be that he would also aide in bolstering Clyde's physical abilities. In exchange, Clyde would teach Khal'iah Reimancy and Magecraft- and glyphing

res filter :
-Basically his glyphs would prepare the physical mesh filter to alter the res that came through it and activated it. The glyphs would change the phase of the energy so it would bond with the physical structure of the item rather than just dribble over it like a physical substance.

-Yeah, the res filter he came up with in Spring 510, before he learned Shielding.

-Oh hi. :) This is where he figured it out, Blood-Compass.

Yeah, the process of discovery and creation is written in that thread. He basically takes metal filaments and weaves them into mesh.

magic labs :
1-One difference is how well the space is used. The simple one is meant to be used for one operation at a time, by one, maybe two people. The elaborate is much more nicely done, and looks nicer with better materials, uses the space better, including the walls, and is made to be used by more people, easily 4 operations at a time going on, and that many work stations.

The reason that it can be used as well by any level of magic user, is that the same equipment more or less is used for any level of user. It is the user that is getting better. This is different from other skills, like metalsmithing, and gadgeteering, were as the user gets better, they need better and more varied equipment. Though this differs from field to field, as some higher level users of world magic unlock new techniques that could take new equipment over the more basic stuff.

If a competent gadgeteer, and a master one use the same materials, and pieces, they will more or less come out with the same thing. But if a competent magecrafter, and master one use the same materials, the master will be able to go much farther with it and do more, along with being faster at it.

Also for the same level enchantment, it lowers the chance for a master doing it, over a competent user, of things going disastrously wrong, and the entire place being decimated by a magical explosion. Though really high level by even a master might still end in magical decimation, look at how Areesa Tallshade died! And she was one of the best magecrafters!

2- For number 2, I would think no. If you try to stack things like that, it would be to much going on in one space. Would not be enough room.

Is like saying I want to use x room for my bedroom, and my bathroom... The bathtub and toilet and sink are in there, and situated by design, you are not going to be able to shove them over and stick a bed and tv in there.

Unless you can call in an expert gadgeteer to come in and design and help utilize your workspace, is not going to happen. Plus would probably be cheaper and easier to just get a second lab, than to pay a gadgeteer to design the one to be more efficient and able to be used for more than one.

3- If you plan on doing anything high level with most world magic, it is a good idea to have a specialized lab. It is not as big of a deal to do low level stuff, but for high level, you want one.This varies from discipline to discipline however. While all you need is some circles for animation, which is not as big of a deal, you would definitely want to specialize for magecrafting, for all of the equipment, setup, and stuff you would be using.

ionu :
Gossamer:Okay... to really understand Ionu you have to understand his/her core.

Gossamer:Ionu is a nonconformist in the extreme.

Gossamer: be it gravity or that the sun rises in the day and sets at night or that water always flows downhill

Gossamer: Its not a sense of mischief or trickery... they don't care about thieves or that sort of thing.

Gossamer: Ionu invented the whole concept of illusion to let themselves break every rule ever invented either by nature or people or physics etc.

Gossamer: In a lot of ways its a very child-like mentality

Gossamer: Where we all grew up and accepted that apples will fall down from a tree once they get ripe enough... Ionu hasn't yet figure out that those rules have to always apply

Gossamer: And Ionu doesn't do it to impress people.

Gossamer: They do it for selfish reasons.. because they delight in breaking every rule possible as often as possible.

Gossamer: Every last Ionu mark request I've gotten in the last six months has been by thieves

Gossamer: Just because Ionu dwells mostly in Alvadas doesn't mean he dictates every aspect of it. Avanthal is influenced by Morwen but not completely and utterly strangled by winter

Gossamer: But you have to look at a bigger picture too

Gossamer: When I say Ionu loves breaking rules... is a petty rule going to matter to him or is a big one going to give them a bigger kick... say something like gravity.. or that a street has to stay where it's paved day to day?

Gossamer: petty meaning a human rule?

Gossamer: Like... will Ionu concentrate on breaking the 'no stealing in the market' rule or will everyone in the city wake up one morning and have one eye in the center of their forehead instead of two eyes facing forward?

Gossamer: Its a god... you got to think of Ionu on a godlike level

Gossamer: I think that's why I get so bummed over these little ugh Ionu requests.

Gossamer: Ionu is someone you can have a lot of fun with and be creative.

Gossamer: I hope that helps, Fallacy

Gossamer: They are pretty much out there for people to read.

Kit_Rowan: I imagine that people would gain the attention of Ionu by . . . rejecting reality?

Kit_Rowan: 'This should not be so and I refuse to acknowledge that it is so.'

reimancy :
still, you don't just want to overgive for the heck of it. Tarot himself said in Reimancy, three large spells (for your level of skill) would really be the breaking point when overgiving set in

liar/djed :
It is already established that wizards are able to hold a pool of expendable djed to use for casting magic, but does this expand over time along with you getting better at the magic? Is a master reimancer able to hold a larger pool of djed than a novice, or is the only effect of mastery better conversion, and being more efficient in using djed?

"World magic and divine magic use external Djed sources, but personal magic uses the wizard's own Djed. This means they lose a part of their spiritual essence upon using their powers. Wizards are taught to keep a reserve of expendable Djed for spellcasting, but if this reserve is exhausted, Djed is taken from their bodies and souls. This limits the amount of magic they can use before they have to stop and rest, or experience worse and worse symptoms as they go into overgiving."

Doesn't make sense that a wizard would just keep loose djed around him. Sounds like it would take a lot of energy no one has. I imagine it has to do with gaining access to the world's djed that would couldn't do with less study.

I think it is more inside of them. A normal person takes in x amount of djed, how much a body normally does. But being able to manipulate djed from being a wizard, they are able to hold in more djed than a normal person, thus the pool of expendable djed that they can use.

But what would that feel like? Senior members haven't mentioned or addressed it, as far as I know. Wouldn't holding it in you turn it into personal djed anyway?

I've read that. :P Djed is like the energy of the world that we learn about in physics. Everything has it, and only a few things have the potential to use it, and only sentient mind have the power to manipulate it. I'm pretty sure that if you 'store' djed inside you, it become personal djed by definition.

I am not really sure, I always thought of it as a well. Besides the normal djed you carry, you also have this well of expendable djed, which you can use. Once it is gone, you have to use the djed in your body, and end up overgiving.

But I always imagined that as you got more skilled with djed manipulation, ie got better and more mastery of magics, perhaps even more than one type of magic mastered, it would deepen this well, which would let you cast more magic before having to use your other djed, which leads to overgiving, along with also becoming more efficient at using djed for magic.

If djed is energy, then it is constant. It can't bend space, but it can accumulate where more energy does, such as when you summon it for magic. Seems to me like a mage's ability to reserve djed is more like their ability to harness and harvest it, to access it from the world.

Well yes over time you harvest it into usable energy from food and such. That is how it is normally gained and entered into your body. It is just a wizard is able to hold more than a non-wizard, or is how I understand it.... Often when I talk of magic, I realize how differently different people visualize the same thing...

You may be right; I' just one opinion. From what I know of basic physics and modern neo-paganism, the ability to simply store magic and carry it around doesn't seem to me like the founders' intent. I do agree that a wizard can access more djed than a non-wizard, though, and that is why he is more 'powerful'.

I agree magic itself cannot be kept in you, you have internal djed, the djed is changed into the magic, at different levels of efficiency as you get better and more skilled at the magical discipline.

And from the lore we can see it says that a wizard can hold more djed than a non-wizard, though we disagree on the method by which that is done.

dominion :

What he was specifically after was a forbidden world magic… governing the folding of physical space. Imagine being able to create space-in-space, borrowing space from the Ukalas and connecting it to the physical world. No wonder the gods did not approve of it.

The name of this science was… Dominion."

pycon lost :
"In the vaguest sense, it's the ability to make the world respond to your imagination. Not with illusions, but with reality. I still have to figure out what differentiates it from Dominion." Direct quote from Tabarnac who is creating the magic

Secret :
Well, I was thinking, djed cannot be destroyed. However it has to get back into the earth somehow. So I was considering a creature, somewhat similar to a fly or mosquito, that absorbs ambient djed, that is its "food," and how it functions. However for obvious reasons, this makes it have a rather short lifespan. But they breed rather fast. So when they die, and decompose, they djed is reintegrated into the soil and earth.

They would be focused more around areas with lots of ambient djed, places were great magic was cast, or even near places with a lot of magic activity, such as magical laboratories.

make a mosquito which is like a leecher XD

More or less, and since leeching djed pure is poisonous, it explains why they are so short lived.

vogue models
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on September 1st, 2017, 12:07 am

WS stuff

Meditation draft(early :

Meditation is the skill of clearing ones mind of thoughts and outside forces. At lower levels it allows one to concentrate better on a task and to better deal with annoyances and distractions. But at its highest level it allows one to delve into deep meditative trances in which such a user can cut off entire senses at will, focus through the worst of distractions without being unnerved or losing focus, and even to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Some truly great masters of mediation have even been rumored to be able to enter the Chavena at will, and to enter Dreamlike states there were they can look upon their own life, and even protect their dreams.

It is used by a wide spectrum of people throughout Mizahar, for both mundane and magical tasks, or even spiritual or intellectual ones.

It can be used in varying degrees to enhance ones life. This can be as simple as helping a smith concentrate on his task of making a sword, helping a Reimancer concentrate on his magic in the midst of battle, or simply deepening ones understanding of oneself through reflection to better understand the things they observe and sense and who they are.

Prerequisites and Related Skills

Meditation is a complementary skill, so does have not any prerequisites. However, it can be used for many other skills, to enhance or to help in focus or willpower.

Combat- Meditation can often help in combat, to keep someone from being distracted from the task at hand, or by irrelevant information or stimuli, or even such physical things such as injuries.

Crafting- People that build or craft things can be aided greatly by mediation. It allows them to focus on the specific task for a greater amount of time, to focus and notice ever smaller details in their work, and even to reflect upon their work and think of new and better ways to do things.

Exercise- Meditation can be useful in exercise by helping to focus on repetitive or repeated acts, or to even ignore aches and pains that would distract you from your work. It can help for someone to work through fatigue, and to learn to keep steady and constant breathing throughout even strenuous workouts.

Observation- Paired with a keen sense of observation, a person skilled in meditation can go into trances, and reflect upon past events and experiences, and notice details that were missed prior. They can also sometimes help to focus ones abilities to sense, by blocking out extraneous distractions, and focusing on specific senses or sensations. At higher levels a user can even to a degree enhance a specific sense, by cutting off all other senses and focusing solely on the one.

Personal Magic- First and foremost, mediation is used in and required for almost every initiation into personal magics. It also affects one of the factors or strains that affects using personal magic, that of ability to concentrate. Meditation can help a mage to keep concentrated better even in the midst of battle, and thus be able to control their magic better than normally possible under such distractions. It can help enhance willpower, focus, and concentration. Meditation is also believed to mitigate the consequences of overgiving to a degree.

World Magic- Mediation can help in world magic due to the dedication and concentration often needed to do such magics. It does not usually directly help as it does with personal magic, but it can still be invaluable. Especially in such world magics that require a strong willpower, such as stopping or easing possession in Spiritism, and dealing with another beings will within Summoning. The force of mind and willpower gained through long term meditation can be invaluable to such practitioners.

Gnosis- While meditation does not usually directly enhance ones gnosis, in some cases it can be vital in activating or focusing a gnosis, or in coming closer to a state of mind in which you can better understand or connect with a diety. Such gnosis that are enhanced by meditation include: Dreamwalking, Inavalti, Lykata, Oceanus, and Severing.

Meditation has many common practices, which can aid one into meditating or gaining a meditative state, and to remain calm and focused.

Breathing- One of the first things someone will learn in mediation, is to control their breathing. Keeping a calm and even pace to ones breathing can be calming, and can assist in entering a meditative state.

Focus- When mediating, it is common to focus on a specific object, concept, or action.

-Object/Image- Often this is something the person is familiar with. They concentrate within their mind and form a specific image to the exclusion of all else. This could be things such as a smooth pebble they saw on the walk there, a complicated knot within the bark of a tree, the waves of surf crashing upon a beach, a God they worship, a person they love, or a favorite sword. Whatever image or object allows them to focus on it solely.

Generally this is either a pleasant image, or a calming or neutral one. It tends to be counterproductive though it if elicits strong emotion such as hate, anger, lust, or greed.

-Concept- This is another means of focus, in which the person focuses on a specific concept, instead of something that is physical. This could be the concept of absolute emptiness, or justice and righteousness. It could be of chaos, of darkness, or of life. Often this is used by practitioners who use their meditation as a form of devotion or worship to a deity, and the concept they often follow is that of the domain of their deity. They also often feel that meditating on the concept of their deity brings them closer to them, and to understanding them.

-Action- This means of focus is similar to ones used in personal magic, of incantations and gestures. It is also better for people in which sitting still and doing nothing is particularly difficult. Instead, they can use the specific repetitive action to calm and focus them, and send them into a meditative state in which their actions mean nothing, due to the repetition.

Examples of this are chanting the same word or set of words over and over, moving in a set pattern such as a set exercise or activity, or simply walking at a steady pace while clearing ones mind of thoughts.

Posture- Posture used while meditating varies from person to person. Some prefer to be sitting, possibly with their legs crossed. Others prefer standing. And others prefer to invent their own unique posture to take on while meditating. The posture itself is not of importance, what is important is that it is a posture that can be held for a long period of time, and is comfortable to the user.

Which means something that can be comfortable and useful to one practitioner, can be painful and a bad idea to another.

Relation to Scholars
Often meditation is used as a means of enlightenment, or a ways of better understanding themselves or the world around them. Many people skilled in meditation have found that while in the calm and free state of meditation, they can better think, and create new and unique ideas that would have gone unseen before. They can also sometimes find connections between things that previously appeared unrelated.

It takes a disciplined mind to spend long periods of time in solitude and blocking out emotions and distractions. It is said that over a long period of time meditation can increase ones intellect, willpower, focus, ability to discern details, and overall fitness.

Of course it is a bit uncertain if this is true, since the people who are likely to spend time developing skill in meditation, tend to already have some or all of these desired qualities, or develop it during the training.

Relation to Religion

Often people who meditate are religious, and use the skill to worship. You will find many people will use the time in meditation as a means to get closer to there deity, to pray, or to receive messages from their deity, whether real or not.

Whether these messages are real or not, it is true that meditating over time while focusing on a deity or their domain will tend to help a practitioner to better understand them, their wants, and to better understand their will. For this end many worshipers will meditate before making a large decision in regards to worship, in hopes that the clarity and focus brought on by meditation will help make their path clear, or to feel closer to the deity they follow.

Special Note: Jamoura
One of the races known to be especially apt at mediation, is the Jamoura. They above all others have dedicated entire lifetimes to it, even with their unusually long lifespan.

It is almost universally practiced by Jamoura, and most have spent entire centuries meditating daily. It is through this constant century long mediation, that they are able to recover conscious memories from their past lives, through something called Reminiscience.

Skill Progression
A person who is a novice in meditation tends to be easily distracted. Even such simple things as birds calling, or the wind on their skin, or someone talking nearby, can break their concentration. They are simply learning the basics, how to breath, finding a means of focus, and a posture, and it can only help in very minor ways. It can take them half a bell of focus to get into a good meditative state if uninterrupted, and they are easily roused from it.

Once a person is competent in meditation, they have better learned how to deal with minor irritants and distractions, and they are able to easily tune them out. They can still meditate even with such minor things going on without having their concentration broken, even minor aches and pains of the muscles are not an issue. However any moderate distractions like excessively loud or sudden noises, or someone coming up and pushing them over or hitting them will break them from their state. It is still very difficult to meditate while fighting or in the midst of certain complex actions, and they will not be able to go into a full meditative state, they it will still help them to a degree if they entered it beforehand. Steady breathing is almost second nature to them, and they find that they have more clarity when focusing and thinking, and notice some things that would normally escape them. It usually takes them 10-15 chimes to go into a meditative state, as long as nothing interrupts or distracts them.

For an expert in meditation, few things can distract them or break their utter focus, and they can even tune out moderate distractions that previously broke their concentration, or numb themselves to wounds such as cuts or strikes that will bruise. It is at this point that meditation can even be entered in the midst of battle or very complex actions, and they can stay calm and focused throughout. Moderate pains and stimuli can be blocked out, and once they are fully in a meditative state they can even block out certain senses to a degree, not nullifying them but softening them and making them less extreme. They can go over events from recent days while meditating in solitude, and notice major details they did not notice prior, or make major connections between very different subjects. However entering such a deep state makes them very vulnerable to outside harm so it is best done alone and while in a safe place. It takes them 2-5 chimes to enter a meditative state, and 5-10 chimes for a deep meditative state.

At this point a master of meditation can do anything within the limits of the skill. They can cut off the input of specific senses, or even make themselves oblivious to the world outside of their mind by cutting them all off. They can focus on a specific sense by losing all of the rest, and thus increase the abilities of that specific remaining sense. Nothing will break their focus, not even being stabbed or run through by a sword, losing a limb, or being set on fire. They are almost always in a meditative state, and can enter it instantly, and only need 1 or 2 chimes to enter a deep meditative state. When in a deep meditative state they can go through almost all of their memories, even back to childhood, and notice things they were to young to understand at the time. By now they understand themselves at a intrinsic level, and are better able to think and make connections between facts they know that others might feel was impossible or blasphemous in its revelatory nature. The only limits here is that of the physical body, needing to stop for hunger, thirst, or injury. They can even meditate while asleep.


Secret :
Zandelia Sansom

"...Smile and a Stab..."

General Information

Full Name: Zandelia Sansom
Birthday: 46th Spring 482
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 130lb
Current Housing:
Religious Beliefs:


Fluent: Common
Basic: Vani
Poor: Tukant


Zandelia is 31 years of age, though hard living and a life of subsisting on what she could sculpt from a bleak existence have etched lines and left marks upon her countenance that would make her appear somewhat older to those observing her. It shows little upon her bearing, however, full of energy and ready to spring into action when necessary.

One piercing, emerald green eye looks out of the right side of her face, the other being rendered useless, evidenced by the six inch scar that cuts across the socket and brow, in a skirmish several years ago now in the battle for her emancipation from slavery. Close-cropped blonde hair spikes up from her scalp, giving her a slightly wind-swept look without with a touch of unkempt matting thrown into the mix. Other than the fact that her left eye is useless she could be considered pretty, after a fashion, with a small, dainty nose just above a set of full lips. The shape of her face is perhaps a bit more square than desirable, however.

Her body is decidedly femenine, though long years of living in Sunberth have left their marks. Strong muscles meet with soft curves, which she will happily use if it gains her some advantage.


A bit of a rebellious spirit, Zandelia can be quite cutting and icy with her remarks at times, leading people to think she is cold and aloof. This is more of a self-defense mechanism than a truth but it serves her well. A flashing sense of humor can be sensed in between long periods of introspection, often sarcastically witty in nature when it appears from the depths.

Since the death of her family, the events of which were forged out of what she has come to view as ‘The Bad Deal’, she has devoted her life to the furtherance of the skills taught to her by her father whilst he was alive. Unable to take over the family business proper, defunct and mutilated as it was, she had to drag herself up from scratch. No one would say she has had stellar success, however she enjoys a small arms dealing business that supplies various lower end members of the squabbling syndicates of Sunberth.

As an aside she buys and sells information, rumors of scandal, tips for gaining advantage and all other manners of knowledge that come with a price. This is her real business, or what she considers her real business, her arms dealing being more a front and method of supplying her with a lifestyle – rudimentary as it is.

She holds a deep bitterness for what lies in her past, and would gladly kill those responsible if she knew who had been involved. She searches constantly for such information, often spending much more time and money than sensible to the pursuit or vengeance. Few ever mention this to her, or even raise the events with her personally, not once they know the consequences for doing so – which are usually violent and swift.


Zandelia’s father was the man she looked up to most in Sunberth, despite having many ambitious fools doomed to failure to choose from. He taught her much about general survival in a place which many might describe as a desert of lawlessness and debauchery. He also tried to impart upon her a sense of his fiery ambition and his nose for a good tidbit of information. In shirt he was an informant, and one who thought he was far more clever than he really was, and he paid for it with his life – along with Zandelia’s mother.

Orphaned at the age of twelve Zandelia only survived as she was seen as a useful tool and sold off to the highest bidder. Her life could have been worse off than it turned out, her new master a fairly wealthy merchant in the Castle Commons area, a supplier of goods both legal and ‘clandestinely acquired’. At least he did not use her for sexual favors overly much until she grew to the ripe age of 18, her curves finally filling her out into a seductively attractive prospect for any middle aged man with no lovers to speak of. She had little choice in the matter and obliged his whims, albeit grudgingly, and was given heaps of gifts for her ‘troubles’. She learned to disdain salvers and slave keepers in general, though men of his specific caliber became detestable to her entirely and a raw hatred began to fester.

Ultimately it could no longer be contained, not even by threats to her own life. It was in her bloody self-fought for emancipation that she lost her left eye, a symbol to her now of what true power over one’s self costs the unfortunate. After a particularly long bout of sexual assault she snapped, her mind retreating in upon itself and some other impulse taking control of her body. The hours that followed she can not clearly remember and so has pieced them together from over-spun tales and eye-witness accounts. To all intents and purposes she murdered her doddering master, psychotically fought the few guards he kept under employ and almost went about killing the other slaves also before being wrestled to the ground by her peers.

Upon awakening they were all free, free to rot in the realities of Sunberth. It was from this she pieced together her life, and it is this hard fought for new existence which stands ever on the brink of being snatched away – the family legacy it would seem.

Skills and Lores

Brawling 6 xp 6 Novice
Dual Wield: Tonfa 15 rb, 5 xp 20 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 5 xp 5 Novice
Weapon: Short Bow 3 xp 3 Novice
Weapon: Short Spear 3 xp 3 Novice
Weapon: Short Sword 4 xp 4 Novice
Weapon: Spring Blade 1 xp 1 Novice
Weapon: Tonfa 30 sp, 19 xp 49 Competent
Unarmed Combat 10 sp, 22 xp 32 Competent

Acrobatics 14 xp 14 Novice
Body Building 5 xp 5 Novice
Climbing 7 xp 7 Novice
Endurance 2xp 2 Novice
Running 23 xp 23 Novice
Stealth 26 xp 26 Competent

Detection 1 xp 1 Novice
Intelligence 10 sp, 32 xp 42 Competent
Interrogation 6 xp 6 Novice
Investigation 22 xp 22 Novice
Meditation 7 xp 7 Novice
Navigation 11 xp 11 Novice
Observation 52 xp 52 Expert
Subterfuge 2 xp 2 Novice

Auristics 12 xp 12 Novice

Acting 16 xp 16 Novice
Camouflage 2 xp 2 Novice
Intimidation 8xp 8 Novice
Larceny 2 xp 2 Novice
Leadership 10 xp 10 Novice
Negotiation 15 xp 15 Novice
Persuasion 8 xp 8 Novice
Rhetoric 31 xp 31 Competent
Seduction 23 xp 23 Novice
Socialization 12 xp 12 Novice
Story Telling 4 xp 4 Novice
Torture 2 xp 2 Novice

Mathematics 1 xp 1 Novice
Philosophy 8 xp 8 Novice
Planning 2xp 2 Novice
Reading 6 xp 6 Novice
Strategy 1 xp 1 Novice
Tactics 2 xp 2 Novice
Teaching 7xp 7 Novice

A Basic Shortsword Stance
Adapating And Surviving
Arranging for Some Training
A Short Bow's Weaknesses
Basic Anatomy of a Short Bow
Becoming Intimate With One's Bow
Body Building Technique: Box Run
Body Building Technique: Shuttle Run
Body Building Technique: Wind Sprints
Breasts Are Not Good For Shooting
Dance Of Flying Flesh
Dirty Tricks
Disarming With Tonfa
Do NOT Get A Short Bow Wet
Hello, Chin!
Hey, Look Behind You!
How To Create A Hidden Net Trap
Lower Shadows are More Easily Spotted
Never Limit To One Style, Or One Weapon
Note to Self: Work On Upper Body Strength
Reading Your Enemy
Sand In The Eyes: Gotta Love The Classics
Screw Technique, I Wanna Live!
Shooting Stance: Open
Shooting Stance: Square
Shrugging Off Punches (Basic)
The Rhythm Of The Fight
Tonfa: Circle of Defence
Tonfa: Dual Wielding Strikes Take Practice
Tonfa Strikes and Stances (Basic)
What Makes Up A Short Bow

A different perspective on the past may help to gain insight into the future
A Lady's Life in Sunberth is a Dangerous Thing Indeed
A Social Wedge Goes A Long Way
Barmaids are the Best Little Women in Town...Caise They're Cheap *and* Free
Bar Maids Beware!
Beers To Ease The Bruises
Bring A Stick To A Fistfight
Challenge Accepted
Dangerous One (Basic)
Desperate for Coin
Dealing with a Drunken Man with Violence (Advanced)
Differences In Perception
Distraction: Shouting
Don't Let Your Emotions Rule Your Mind
Drunk as (with) a Skunk
Enemies at Every Turn
Fixing the Odds
Getting Physically Beat Up With One's Own Shortbow
Giving an Honourable Death
Haggling 101 (Poor)
Intelligence: Counter Information is Important
Intelligence: Data Assimilation Failure
Intelligence: Figure Out Desired Reaction First
Intelligence: Flawed Data
Intelligence: Hallmarks of Behaviors Surrounding a Safe House
Intelligence: Misinformation
Intelligence: Observational Techniques
Intelligence: Using Guards To Spread Rumors
Intelligence Gathering
Investigation: Antagonizing To Learn Information
Jumping Suddenly into Bar Fights
Keep People Guessing - It Will Save Your Life
Kissing a woman, and actually meaning it?
Knowledge Is MY Power... If Not My Purpose
Leaving Sunberth for the Spires
Life-Binding: Not on Your Life
Not In This For Your Revolution (Or Crusade)
One Day, Old Man...
Opportunity: Food is Scarce in the Fog
People are Driven by Money
Planning Ahead
Planning Subterfuge
Playing Games
Power, Fear and Money
Regaining Control
Raising Stakes
Revenge is a Dish Best Served...Bloody
Seducing Three Men to Gain an End
Seeing Through Different Eyes
Showing Compassion with Food
Subconscious: Perhaps Being Alone Isn't The Best Way After All
Taking Pity on Your Killer
Teaching the Tutor
The Art of Gathering Tidbits of Current Events - Sunberth
The Foolishness of Self Defenestration
The Nature Of Power
The Oddest Occurences
The Rat Race
The Revealing of the Bust as a Distraction
The Troubles of Working at The Establishment
Trust Your Intuition
What Measure Is Freedom?
Where Calhun and the Two Have Visited
Will They Kill Me or Trap Me?
Undertaking a Task for Patrice

The Signs of Overgiving (Poor)
The Uses of Auristics in Investigative Practices (Poor)

Ana Sol Staris
Ana Sol Starris's Real Name is Neilles
Ana's Story
Asha: A Gentle Tutor
Bob Barton - The Flirt (Basic)
Calhun And At Least Two Others
Calhun Does Not Know Where I Lay
Calhun Is Close to Garret
Calhun Knows My Name
Contact: Patrice Glaren
Contact: Sashena
Contact: Verand
Darik the Troublemaker (Basic)
Faresha Has Damaged Ribs
Garret Has New People
Goldfinger (Basic)
Hired Help
Jebediah: Grizzled Grave Keeper
Lusa (Partial)
Marn: Loves Blueberries
My Father is in Syliras
Mysterious Stalkers?
Nagging Thought: Does Ana Blame Me?
Patrice Glaren
Revy Hiroe (Basic)
Revy Hiroe - an actual love interest?(partial)
Revy Hiroe - looks smashing in a dress
Shai (Basic)
Suspect: Faresha
The Lesser Gang's of Sunberth: Yellow Canaries (Basic)
The Trio Live in The Longhouses
There are Two Enemies Within The Spires
Tikon (Basic)
'Vapor' (Basic)
Ximal: A Useful Specimen
Ximal: Righteousness Hiding Rage
Zandelia & Bob (Playing Couple)

Brega's House (Basic)
Castle Commons (Basic)
Domain Of The Deceased
Getting Lost In The Whispering Tunnel
Grath's Rest: A Place Of Leisure AND Business
Layout of Lhavit
Location: Surya Plaza
Location: The Shooting Star Inn
Location: Western Hills
Mura...A Place of Healing
Ruby's Scarlet Sanctum (Basic)
Sunberth Dock's (Basic)
Sunberth Shops (Basic)
Sunberth Warehouse District (Basic)
The Establishment (Basic)
The Gated Community (Poor)
The House of Immortal Pleasures
The Sunberth Library (Basic)
The Slave Market (Basic)
Western Hills: Nefarious Crossroads

Daggerhand Colors
Ethfael (Basic)
Jamoura: The Difference between Feral and Normal
Kelvics (Partial)
Zith: Soft And Silky

Equipment and Possesions


Starting Package:
Black Cloak, Cloth Breeches, Cloth Blouse, Corset, Simple Boots
1 x Waterskin
1 x Backpack – 1 Toiletries, 1 Weeks Food, 1 Eating Knife, Flint & Steel

Tent( 4 Person)
Blanket (Winter)
Lantern (Hooded)
Oil (1 pint flask)
100ft Rope (Silk)
Camouflage Tarpaulin x 2 (10 sq feet)
1x Backpack
1x Rucksack
1x Leather Breeches
1x Fur Blouse
1x Leather Gloves
1x Leather Jacket
Pair of Metal TonfaCold Iron make-72gm cost
Gauntlets, SpikedCold Iron make- 15gm cost
Blade SpringCold Iron make -12gm cost
Assassin's Beads
Shadowsilk Robes (35gm cost)
Studded Leather Armour (25gm cost)
2x Leather Scroll Case (2gm cost)
5x Quills (25cm cost)
Book, Blank (3gm cost)
1x Map, city (2gm cost)

Heirloom: Father’s Dagger; The item holds sentimental value and is the only remains of the family- Value 20gm.

Name Profit Cost Total Note
Starter Package 100gm 0 100gm
Cashing in Housing 500gm 0 600gm
Starting EquipmentTent( 4 Person), Bedroll, Blanket (Winter), Lantern (Hooded), Oil (1 pint flask), 100ft Rope (Silk), Camouflage Tarpaulin x 2 (10 sq feet), 1x Backpack, 1x Rucksack 0 64.7gm
Starting WeaponryPair, Metal Tonfa; Gauntlets, Spiked; Spring Blade & Assassin's Beads 0 109gm -
Thread Earning 5gm 0 -
Recipt 0 76.55gm -
Thread Earning 17gm 0 -
Thread Earning 12gm 0 -
Thread Earning 50gm 0 -
Library Theft 0 10gm -
Food and Drink 0 0.1gm -
Fall Income 95gm 0 -
Winter 511 SE 0 45gm -
Spring 512 SE 0 0 - Handled by The Spires
Summer 512SE 0 0 - Handled by The Spires
Fall 512SE 0 45gm -
Winter 512SE 0 45gm -
# - - -
# - - -
# - - -

Thread List

Spring 513
Date Title Status
Spring 3rd Arrival On Going
Spring 4th To Assess One's Raw Materials On Going
Spring 5th Look Like A Nykan On Going
Spring 12th Memories and Reunions On Going
Spring 13th A First Real Relaxation Day On Going
Spring 28th Horrible Confrontations On going
Spring 33rd Riddle Me This On Going

Winter 512
Date Title Status
Winter 1st Reunion Completed
Winter 2nd Meditations On Going
Winter 6th Preventing Issues (Job) On Going
Winter 17th Training Camp On Going
Winter 18th A Beginning (Solo) Completed
Winter 20th (Day) Looking For Metal On Going
Winter 20th (Night) Prayer to Akajia (Solo) Completed
Winter 21st An Evening for Relaxation On Going
Winter 22nd Bows and Arrows (Solo) Completed
Winter 23rd A Middle Completed
Winter 24th Hit me With Your Best Shot Completed
Winter 26th Weapons, Weapons, Weapons On Going
Winter 28th Blond And "Blonder" On Going
Winter 30th Riding Lessons On Going
Winter 39th Snow Day Seductions On Going
Winter 40th Will You Walk Into My Parlour? (Dream) On Going

Fall 512
DateThread TitleRewards
Fall 90th Letters And Words On Going

Winter 511
Date Title Status
Spring 1st A Storm to Remember On Going
Spring 2nd Morose Meetings Completed
Spring 3rd A Whisper from the Past Completed
Spring 4th The Establishment Completed
Spring 5th Blood For Money Completed
Spring 7th Insufficient Grounds Completed
Spring 7th Animal Rescue Completed
Spring 10th Sleeping Is Not An Option Completed
Spring 10th A Feast For The Liar's Tongue Completed
Spring 12th Training Day Completed
Spring 13th Can I Never Get A Break? Abandoned
Spring 14th Through Grit and Shadow On Going
Spring 15th Sunset at Sunberth Abandoned
Spring 20th Meeting New Faces On Going
Spring 20th Secrets And Shadows Completed
Spring 21st Social Graces Abandoned
Spring 24th The Spy And The Beast On Going
Spring 25th It's Happening Again On Going
Spring 25th Reunion Time On Going
Spring 26th That Which Rekindles Completed
Soring 28th To Stalk The Shadows On Going
Spring 32nd Rhyme and Reason Completed
Soring 3rd Never A Dull Moment On Going
Spring 37th In Good Grace Completed
Spring 40th Blood and Sweat Completed
Spring 40th Finding Help In Low Places Completed

Fall 511
Date Title Status
Fall 9th A Hopefully Uneventful Evening Completed
Fall 13th To the Tavern! Completed
Fall 14th A Word Runner's Test (Modded) Completed
Fall 15th Surreptitiously Seeking Associates Completed
Fall 16th Shopping Around Completed
Fall 17th In Search of Secrets Completed
Fall 18th To Train Amongst Tents Completed
Fall 19th The Rat Race of Sunberth Completed
Fall 19th A Thief in the Night Abandoned
Fall 20th [Seasonal Quest] Signs in the Mist: Ancient Cries Pt I Completed
Fall 20th [Seasonal Quest] Signs in the Mist: Survivors Pt I On Going
Fall 30th To Brega's Completed
Fall 32nd The Dusty Shadows Completed
Fall 36th A Confluence of Abilities Completed
Fall 45th To Ruby's Completed
Fall 48th Signing Your Death Warrant Completed
Fall 53rd Tormenta de Tonfa Completed
Fall 54th Fire Consumes Everything Abandoned
Fall 58th The War Courier Completed
Fall 65th Of Friends and Tranquility Completed
Fall 65th Of Friends and Tranquility: Sharing a Meal Completed
Fall 69th To the Wharf Completed
Fall 72nd A Future Vision Completed
Fall 78th Bloody Claws: Taking the Hides of Slavers Completed

Date Title Status
Summer 23rd 504 AV Raw Interpretations Completed
Summer 36th 504 AV Hounding Hargal On Going
Spring 25th 504 AV Pushing The Envelope On Going
Summer 21st 506 AV Ploughing for Possibility Completed
Summer 80th 506 AV Bound and Gagged On Going
Fall 85th 506 AV The Gambler and the Drunk On Going
Spring 56th 511 AVFrom Blood to BargainingCompleted
Spring 57th 511 AVTwo Women, One Mission Completed

Travelling NPC:

Name: 'Garret'
Race: Nuit
Approx. Age: 50 years sentient and fifteen in his current 'body'
Skills: 30 points total - 10pts Intelligence; 10pts Investigation and 10pts Persuasion

Zandelia was a slave for the majority of her young life, gut was freed after her master was killed and she escaped - losing one of her eyes. Garret took her in and helped her recover under the desire to use her for his own ends gather information, spying, etc. Zandelia grew to hate him and eventually left his leashed service under violent means, thinknig she had killed him in the process.

He survived, however, and now has returned with the knowledge that Zandelia's father sold her into slavery, had her mother killed and escaped with the money this brought to further his own ends. 'Garret' worked for Markus (her father) and kept an eye upon Zandelia under instructions to kill her if she ever left enslavement by any methods. This was to keep Markus' deal 'good' by the slavers.

'Garret' obviously did not kill Zandelia and now returns to try and guide Zandelia into killing Markus and releasing 'Garret' from his own shackles so he can roam freely in his existence.

Thats is the basic story so far.



Lakan :
These twisted daggers are the preferred Akalak Warriors. Forged as part of a right of passage, these weapons are sacred to the Akalak. If anyone saves an Akalak Warrior's life, they tend to gift them with one of their Lakan, which the person can keep until the debt is repaid. Reported to have powerful connections to the warriors, the Akalak always know where their Lakan are.

Longbow, Composite :
Made from laminated horn, wood or bone and built with a recurve, meaning that the bow remains bow-shaped even when unstrung. Able to fly farther and with more impact than a regular longbow.
Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on September 1st, 2017, 12:08 am

Goss/B :
Clyde_Sullins: I always find it funny Goss when people say you ban people for no reason or just for them annoying you. If that was the case, I'd have been banned about 27 times, cause I know I'm pretty annoying.

Gossamer: You are super annoying. But you aren't an asshat or mean spirited. You only annoy me because your right a lot.

S'Essy: @Clyde: And who knows you weren't and you just come back with different IP

Clyde_Sullins: essy.. How would I come back with a different IP, but the same name? I think they'd notice that.

Gossamer: He'd come back with the same attitude

Gossamer: We'd definitely notice that.

Gossamer: Have you met Bones ooc?

S'Essy: I don't know... he's a mage...



Clyde_Sullins: True...

Syliras/Stryfe :
Gossamer: But honestly Shimoje... the biggest thread to the knights are the Blacksun and the Ebonstryfe

Gossamer: Why aren't you guys playing that up?

Gossamer: They have far reaching spy networks and they worship the god of Chaos.

Gossamer: The order that the Knights impose in Syliras is an affront to their whole way of life.

Gossamer: hes hiding under your nose and trying to undermind syliras single handedly... give him some bad guys to work with if you want an enemy so bad.

Gossamer: And hes GO'd most of the squires hes encountered

Gossamer: which is hysterical

Drake_Kasparov: GO'd?

Gossamer: Grand Oathed... basically he owns their asses.

Clyde_Sullins: Well, I've tried to, so far none have signed.

Gossamer: and hes a baddie... one of the worst :P

Gossamer: cowards lol

Clyde_Sullins: Maybe I should try some npc's, I bet they'd sign, none of the pc's wanna risk signing anything with Clyde.

Gossamer: So if you guys want a mega plot in Syliras... why not get him involved?

Gossamer: Use your assets

Gossamer: You want someone to hate? i bet he can provide a reason too

Gossamer: You need an immediate enemy... give him some resources and turn him loose with it.

Gossamer: Im sure Nightmare would okay some NPCs so long as Clyde doesn't control them but just works with them.
Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on December 6th, 2017, 12:19 am

Dinner Party Plan:
1- Post main/group thread- Everyone is in with enforced post order-
-If people end up having a solo conversation (pairing off/move off to side alone to talk) they break off into a spin off thread (linking it in their post) with them, while still being in the main thread.


Ebonstryfe soldiers :
Name: Adam
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birthday: 4 Winter 498
Occupation: Ebonstryfe Soldier
Endurance- 26
Interrogation- 28
Intimidation- 27
Riding- 26
Unarmed Combat- 32
Weapon: Buckler- 40
Weapon: Shortsword- 28
Weapon: Bastard Sword- 57
Purpose: Member of Ebonstryfe Unit
Background: The only son of single father and city guard, Adam always dreamed of serving Ravok. From a young age his father trained him in various forms of fighting, or sent him to instructors to learn things he himself didn't know. As soon as he was old enough he became a petitioner to the Stryfe, and soon after a full apprentice.

During his apprenticeship he studied how to use his vigor to intimidate and glean information through interrogation, in hopes that it would better serve him as a solider some day.

Only just passing his Crucible the summer of 516, Adam only recently became a Soldier of the Ebonstryfe to the immense pride of his father. He is utterly devoted to Ravok and Rhysol, and eager to prove himself to his higher ups.


Name: Bea
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Birthday: 32 Fall 485
Occupation: Ebonstryfe Soldier
Hunting- 27
Intelligence- 21
Riding- 24
Running- 26
Scouting- 22
Unarmed Combat- 30
Weapon: Ballista- 52
Weapon: Crossbow(Heavy)- 30
Weapon: Dagger- 28
Weapon: Longbow- 60
Purpose: Member of Ebonstryfe Unit
Background: Bea is the youngest daughter of a small Ravokian merchant, however was never too interested or skilled in all things mercantile. From a young age however she was interested in one thing, ranged weapons. Starting with a small bow at the age of 2 she began to experiment and learn.

By the time she was 7 she could fell a duck as it tried to take flight, and had traveled to Nyka several times by caravan with her parents. Seeing that she had no future in their family trade, and with several older siblings to take over the family business, her parents pressed her into joining the Ebonstryfe where she became a petitioner at 12.

During her time as a petitioner and later as an apprentice Bea explored other ranged weapons she found of interest, learning how to use a crossbow, how to wield and throw daggers, and to her particular delight how to operate and fire a ballista.

She was also ordered to learn to scout, to better serve her future unit seeing as her skillset didn't really apply to direct fighting. Instead she focused on her specialty, ranged weapons, along with gathering information.


Name: Chris
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birthday: 7 Summer 493
Occupation: Ebonstryfe Soldier
Calligraphy- 56
Copying- 44
Glyphing- 26
Leadership- 20
Meditation- 30
Reimancy- 32 (Earth, Fire)
Riding- 2
Unarmed Combat- 16
Writing- 16
Purpose: Member of Ebonstryfe Unit
Background: Initially a citizen of Zeltiva, Chris studied at the University there. At first he focused more on the written word, forming it artistically and copying texts. When he was 15 he was offered the chance to learn magic, and was initiated into Reimancy.

Soon after being initiated however there was an unfortunate incident which resulted in another student being burned alive. Fearing for reprisal Chris took the first boat he could north, staying in Nyka for a short time before ending up in Ravok.

Once there he applied for citizenship and to learn at the Institute of Higher Learning. He was accepted in exchange for also applying to the Ebonstryfe, becoming an apprentice at 16.

There he expanded his knowledge, learning to better control his magic through meditation and Glyphing, and took an interest in leading seeing as he was never really the type to directly fight himself.

Eventually he took and passed his crucible and became a Soldier. He dreams of some day becoming a paladin, though currently his mediocre magic skills hold him back from progressing much further within the Ebonstryfe.


Name: Dan
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birthday: 82 Spring 472
Occupation: Ebonstryfe Soldier
Brawling- 26
Cooking- 14
Endurance- 27
Foraging- 12
Herbalism- 19
Hunting- 22
Land Navigation- 30
Riding- 15
Tracking- 21
Weapon: Dagger- 28
Wilderness Survival- 30 (Forest, Marsh)
Purpose: Member of Ebonstryfe Unit
Background: Dan has spent most of his life living outside, out of cities and far from people. Growing up in Syliras, from an early age he spent as much time outside of the castle city as possible. He quickly learned about plants, animals, and how to get by with as little contact with civilization as possible.

Once he had saved up money he went exploring, spending years traveling across Sylira, visiting almost every land based city it offered and learning a bit of various skills while taking up jobs guiding caravans and others through the wilds.

In his late teens Dan ended up in Ravok and decided to make it his home. He tried his hand at hunting, being a guide, and other jobs, but eventually found his place serving in the Ebonstryfe as someone specialized in the wilds. With little interest in progressing beyond his current rank, Dan it satisfied serving as he currently is, and spends as much time as he can getting to know the nature around Ravok.


Name: Eliza
Race: Mixed Blood(Half Viper Dhani/Half Human)
Sex: Female
Birthday: 45 Summer 477
Occupation: Ebonstryfe Soldier
Acrobatics- 32
Body Building- 30
Boxing- 28
Brawling- 31
Dual Wielding- 26
Endurance- 40
Flux- 35
Hunting- 29
Poison- 28
Riding- 5
Stealth- 29
Unarmed Combat- 55
Weapon: Dagger- 32
Wrestling- 27
Purpose: Member of Ebonstryfe Unit
Background: Growing up from birth as an Orphan at the Commorancy, Eliza's origins are to her a mystery. In truth her mother, a member of one of the larger Ravok families, accidentally became pregnant by a personal Dhani bed slave. Ashamed of the "accident" her mother had the Dhani killed for some invented sleight, and had another slave deliver the child at birth to the Commorancy. She then had this slave killed as well before they returned to the household, permanently erasing almost any connection to the child.

Eliza for her part has no idea of her ancestry, though quickly enough learned that she was different in some way and has since gained some suspicions that she isn't totally human. Only half Viper Dhani she does not exhibit their full nature, but did take on some part of their traits, seeming to age much slower than the other children (appears a little bit more than half her true age compared to a normal human) and moving a bit faster and swifter than a normal human would.

As an adult she is slight of build and short in stature, but as a child she was especially so. Despite her size though she was often picking fights with the other larger children, not out of any malice or desire to hurt them but out of an enjoyment of the activity and a desire to prove herself and what she was physically capable of.

Seeing her interest one of he adults at the Commorancy steered her towards combat training, helping her to refine and expand her natural talent and ability. Eventually this led to her joining the Ebonstryfe and becoming a soldier.

Once she became a soldier she had the chance to further her combat prowess even more, and after studying at the Institute of Higher Learning was initiated into the Flux. This magic seems to best hide some of her natural traits, if nothing else making it appear her speed is due to this magic. She also learned the art of Posioning at the urging of one of her higher ups within the Ebnonstryfe, which she finds suits her other combat abilities.

While she might not know her true nature clearly others within the Ebonstryfe do or have an idea. Though she has been in the Ebonstryfe for decades she is still a soldier by rank.
Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

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Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullin's Plotnotes

Postby Clyde Sullins on December 31st, 2017, 11:52 pm

Skills:- Broken up by category


Secret :
Animation: 4(4xp)-Novice
Auristics: 100(100xp)-Master
Glyphing: 100(25+SP+75xp)-Master
Magecraft: 90(15+SP+74xp+1SXP)-Master
Malediction: 3(3xp)-Novice
Morphing: 11(11xp)-Novice
Reimancy: 100(10+SP+15RB+75xp)- Master(Fire, Air, Earth, Water, [Lightning], [Lava], [Ice])
Shielding: 8(8xp)-Novice
Spiritism: 26(26xp)-Competent
Voiding: 28(28xp)-Competent

Gnosis: Chaon - Rank 1

Secret :
Logic: 57(57xp)-Expert

Secret :
Unarmed Combat: 1(1xp)-Novice

Social/Info Skills:
Secret :
Leadership: 22(22xp)-Novice

Secret :
Animal Husbandry:8(8xp)-Novice
Land Navigation:5(5xp)-Novice
Wilderness Survival:18(18xp)-Novice(Forest)

Secret :
Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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Clyde Sullins
Posts: 2267
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