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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Calendar for Winter 516

Postby Kaleidoscope on December 6th, 2016, 11:19 pm

Winter Calendar 516

As the Watchtowers shift from Autumn's russets to Winter's shattering blues, most Lhavitians look forward to the coming snows. Yet something is wrong. Morwen's glittering footsteps have not graced the earth of Mizahar this year, and as such the temperatures actually rise a little, causing wildlife to get confused and irritable.

Weather Report
Residual warmth of Autumn refuses to fade away- temperatures climb and Lhavit suns itself under 7 days of clear skies.

The skies draw close with clouds, and every evening thunder rolls somewhere in the mountains. Temperatures continue to stay high, but there's no rain yet.

On the 16th, the clouds break with a magnificent thunderstorm, sending spiked shards of lightening over Lhavit. Rain follows, and for the next few days, Lhavit's temperatures lessen somewhat as the rain cools the earth.

The excessive weather settles down into spotted showers and sunshine during the day, and cloudy nights where Zintila's stars are obscured. The temperature stays consistently mild through this period. The winds of the thunderstorm pass, leaving the atmosphere still and calm.

37th-46th: The temperature spikes again, this time bringing sharp gusts of wind howling through the streets and peaks of Lhavit. Spots of rain threaten, but never fall.

The winds persist, finally stripping the remaining dead leaves from plants if they hadn't already fallen. Yet now the skies are completely clear of cloud, and so during the day the heat is even more unnatural. Night-times see the coldest weather of the season, and every morning a glittering frost is quickly melted away by the fierce sun.

The winds finally die down, but in their place slink stubborn clouds that refuse to part. The temperature drops to a late Autumn feel, and rain waters the ground occasionally. The weather is, overall, mild.

Gradually, the winds increase again, blowing and whipping the clouds into towering storm clouds. The 83rd brings the most spectacular sunrise in recent memory, as Syna's rays pierce through clouds of such denseness that they look physical. Over the day, the wind grows, until the evening of the 83rd when the clouds break and the thunder and lightening billow across the landscape. The storm lasts until the morning of the 85th, where residents re-emerge and try to fix whatever go broken.

The end of the storm sees the return to a mild sort of weather, sunshine and clouds broken only by a couple of rain showers. The temperature is mild as Winter slips uneventfully into Spring.

Calendar Events:

OOC: This season, the theme is stories and tales. Using this as the backdrop, we will also be exploring bright and dark, good and bad, happy and sad, equal and opposite- the many and dual sides of this beautiful, bad-ass city. There are four stories this season, with some events and challenges sprinkled throughout.

Firefly and Fireside

On the evening of the 15th, a lonely boat docks in the harbour. No-one knows who it is, or why they have come. Yet as a crew emerge, something strange is revealed. On board, scared, skittish, famished and malnourished, is a once magnificent mare. Horses are rare to non-existent in Lhavit, and so many are keen to get a glimpse of this curious creature. Over the next few days however, the horse and her owner retreat to an animal healer, and all is quiet.

Finally on the 20th, the two emerge into Lhavit. They have a fine story to tell! Having sailed all the way from Riverfall, the horse and crew have stopped at many cities on the way, but have been searching for Lhavit ever since the Konti who owns the horse felt the Call. Unable to separate herself from her horse, the two braved the oceans to arrive at the city.

For the rest of the season, the Konti starts making connections around the city. Her horse, named Firefly, becomes a firm favourite with the children of Lhavit, and Ai'era is happy to give some riding lessons to any, not just children!


Click me :
This story is open for all those who what to explore it, without moderator. Ai'era is knowledgeable in most cities along the coast of the Suvan and the Outer Oceans, and knows a fair bit about animal husbandry, riding, and sailing. She is also a capable weaver and singer, and loves telling stories about all kinds of things. She is residing at Okomo Villa for the entirety of the Winter season, yet is often in different places throughout the city. Firefly is healthy enough to give riding lessons and suchforth on the 34th onwards. PM with questions!

The Dance of Diamonds

The unusual weather of the season is cause for concern for some, but for others the dramatic storms, skies, and winds bring much more. Excitement. In the final throes of the late-season storm, daring citizens brave the rain, crackling skies and extreme elements to attend a party. Open to all, Zintila hosts a party for all the city who wish to experience to life and energy of the storm. 'The 'Dance of Diamonds', named so for Zintila's radiant, sparkling dress which seems to be hewn of an impossible thread made of diamond, takes place at the Springwater Square, spanning from late night through to early morning.


Click me :
Leading up to the 84th, during the storm, rumours will spread wildly regarding a party at the Springwater Square. It is said that there are festival gifts for those that attend, that the party will be hosted by Zintila, that the heavens will rain stars... Whatever rumours abound, it is at least known that something will be happening on the 84th in Springwater Square. During this event, the storm will be at it's worst, and the party-goers will not be protected from the elements. There will be wizards on hand to make sure people keep warm, should they need it, but other that that, anyone who attends should expect to get soaked through in chimes.

This thread can be moderated if people wish it to be so, or it can be explored individually. However, if you do intend to write about this event, please send me a link to your thread so I can pop in should I see an opening!


After the storms finished, there were various broken things all across the city. Much cleaning up was in order, but during the clean-up activities something tragic was found. Hidden, obscured by fallen branches, lay a dead Ethaefal. Tucked in her pocket was an elegantly inscribed note, detailing the reasons for her apparent suicide. She appeared to have no family to speak of, no friends either. Many say that they have no recollection of her face, stunningly beautiful and recognisable though it is. The mystery would seem to go unnoticed, if it weren't for...


Click me :
Please apply for this thread if you would like to investigate. It's a one-on-one thread, so please just send me an application through my PM box and I'll roll in chat if there's more than one applicant after a few weeks. All I require initially is why you think your character would want to investigate/why you think your character would be a good fit for this thread. Anything else I'll discuss with you.

Know Your Own Head

Knowledge Fayre to come here, starting on the 32nd and finishing on the 33rd. It's a city-wide event, with many places partaking. More details to follow.

A Spiked Crown

To Follow...
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