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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

Alvadas City Information and Linkmap

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The Gaping Maw serves as the only entrance point to Alvadas. Once the traveler has passed through the stone jaws, they will find themselves in an ever-changing, intricate network of buildings and streets. Immediately to the right of Gaping Maw, one will find the Sanity Center - the only stable point of Alvadas. It's all topsy-turvy from there.

The streets of Alvadas are always moving around, shuffling the houses like a deck of cards. A left out of your house one morning might take you to the Gaping Maw. Two bells later, that same left out of your front door could drop you in a pit with some very angry Myrians. No house is ever in the same place, no street has ever looked the same twice. Two shops that had been next to each other one day could be on opposite sides of the city the next. The overall layout of Alvadas resembles a rectangle with rounded corners, but The streets themselves could be paved, water, fire, fur or some monstrosity of several different factors. Even the signs never point in the right direction.

Alvadas shatters the patience of even those who devote their lives to such things. Some days it seems the city will help you get exactly where you’re going. Others, it will hinder you at every turn. But Alvadas does not work in extremes very often. It is the home of the god of trickery and it challenges perceptions. One who is open to the joys that illusions bring will have far greater luck in a city where such things change with each passing moment.

City Entrance
All PCs entering Alvadas must post here first

    j The Gaping Maw
    – Entrance/Exit of the City

Parks and Exotic Places
Places simply meant to spice up life. These are great open roleplay scenes - feel free to use them often.

    j Garden of No Return
    – A large, exotic hedge maze that will taste your patience and survival skills.
    j Verlyna's Emerald Pond
    – A hypnotically dangerous mystical pool with flickering illusions at its depths.

Shops and Businesses
Feel free to self-moderate.

    j The Bizarre
    – The major port of call for all traders in Alvadas.
    j Kitrean Krafts
    – An Isurian run blacksmith with a penchant for housing their kind (for work, of course)
    j Arrhizal Apothecary
    – A herbalist's shop specializing in poisons and antidotes.
    j Matilda's Jewels
    – A jewelry store specializing in knickknacks.
    j Okana's Tent
    – The tent of an impassive fortune-teller
    j The Tattered Thread
    – One of the finest clothing stores in Alvadas catering to all sorts of customers; alterations and tailoring services available
    j Divine Legacy
    - A crematorium below and shop above, is that bone... or just wood?
    j Avek's "Unstable" Stables
    - The only stables in Alvadas, serving a constant flow of travelers to the city
    j Impawsible Pets
    - A haven for the zoologically inclined
    j More than Metal
    - Jewelry, sculptures, and more!
    j Wooden Wonders Workshop
    - Shipbuilding and woodworking all under one friendly roof
    j The Call of the Wilderness
    - An instrument shop which houses the unusual and bizarre
    j Kalea's Kiln
    - The home of pottery in Alvadas

Food & Lodging
Please feel free to use these locations in your threads.

    j Cubacious Inn
    – A warm, cozy inn complete with erratically spinning cubes
    jThe Withering Rose
    - A dark, exotic restaurant, promising rich flavor and a quiet atmosphere.
    j The Wolf's Cave
    – An Inn and place of refuge for the more feral travelers of Alvadas
    j The Stallion's Rear
    - The used to be Sun and Stars Tavern
    j The Unnamye
    - Where thrill-seekers go to stretch their imaginations...

Shrines and Religious Locations
Great personal development sites for those with religious flare.

    j Temple of Ionu
    – The most important religious site in all of Alvadas

Community Service Locations
Anyone can use these locations.

    j The Sanity Center
    – The welcoming center and housing authority of Alvadas
    j Craven Manor
    - Home to the esteemed Craven line of spiritists
    j The Sunken Conundrum
    – The library of Alvadas
    j The Patchwork Port
    – The docks of Alvadas
    j Acumen Asylum
    - The school of arts for Alvadas
    j Ionu's Mercy
    - Alvadas’ officially sanctioned medical station
    j The Ornery Orphanage
    - Alvadas' orphanage, where children sometimes disappear
    j The Womiyu
    - The tower of the Speakers of Alvadas
    jThe Sheathewhisps Headquarters
    - The Headquarters of the Sheathewhisps fighting group, set up Spring 516 AV.
    jThe Twisted-Streeters
    - Street cleaners and repairmen of Alvadas.

Entertainment Locations
Please feel free to self moderate.

    j House of Broken Mirrors
    – A worn-down building filled with mirrors that house the reflections and horrors of human nature.
    j Ionu's Wager
    – A high-stakes gambling establishment where you may lose both your money and your life
    j Scholarly Abode of Intellectual Pursuits
    – Essentially, a club-house for the scholars of Alvadas
    j The Crooked Playhouse
    – One of the oldest building in Alvadas putting on some of the best shows
    j Towers' Idol Slanderer
    - A grand statue made by Andres Towers that hurls insults at innocent passersby
    j Stark Naked and Starstruck
    - Come wash away your worries at Alvadas' finest bath house
    j The Mischief
    - Alvadas' number one (and only) traveling trade and performance ship
    j Ionu's Stand
    - The sometimes terrifying puppet show
    j The Floridian Festi Society
    - An old mansion house that holds energetic parties and houses live-in musicians.

Alvadas' Underground
Feel free to self-moderate. Must have lore of "Alvadas Underground" to play in these locations.

    j The Streets Below
    - The city under the city
    j The Strands
    - The space bending desert
    j The Sealed Grounds
    - Alvadas' once upon a time graveyard
    j The Gibbets
    - Home of the weak, lost, and desperate
    j Ristage Caverns
    – The lost home of the Alvads during the Valterrian

Rainbow Shells- Alvadas' Charbosi
Alvadas' Underwater Paradise. Feel free to use anytime!

    j Caldera of the Rainbow Shells
    - Alvadas' own little Charbosi
    j Y'Uanu's Garden
    - The underwater garden
    j The Surf and Turf
    - Come here to mingle with the fishy folk

Private Residences
PM Fable to get your residence added.

    j Vizyous's Cottage
    j Fela's Hovel
    j Zlakalia's Home
    j Bones' Monoplex
    j Ulric's Shack
    j Veyn's Home
    Aislyn's Abode

Destroyed Locations
Please PM the ST about use of these locations (including flashbacks).

    j Alchemy Alchea- destroyed on the 1st of spring, 515 AV
    j The Akeldama Colosseum – destroyed in the djed storm of 512 AV

*Credit to Cadence for original layout.
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The Characters of Alvadas
The NPCs of Alvadas can all be found listed in their specific shop/location. However, what about those aimless drifters? The ones who don't fit in any particular place? After all, this is Alvadas. These NPCs can be found listed below. If you wish to add an NPC, please submit a request in the Suggestions Box.

NPCs of the City

ImageName: Desmond Kallahan
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 449 AV
Gender: Male
Born in: Lhavit
Resident of: Alvadas

Bio: Desmond is a geologist originally hailing from the city of Lhavit. In his early years he spent most of his time devoted to his studies of geology with his father and reimancy with his mother, but had an obvious affinity for magic at the time. Early on into adulthood Desmond thought he had everything figured out and had it all set in stone. That is until a woman drifted on into the city and turned his entire world for a loop. She spoke to him of travel and adventures and young Desmond was quickly swayed by the thrills of excitement and something a little more as well. The two travelled around Kalea collecting various rocks, minerals, and other trinkets for more than a few years and even dabbled in other regions of Mizahar for a while. Desmond eventually settled down in the city of Alvadas but is now more of a recluse and rarely seen with any kind of company. He actually has a rather large collection of various rocks and minerals in his home and as long as the subject remains on geology he is happy to answer any questions a visitor might have.

Reimancy (Earth/Fire/Air): 56
Geology: 48
Mountaineering: 45
Wilderness Survival: 45 (Mountains, Hills)
Climbing: 35
Archaeology: 27 (Kalea region)

The Archive

Here lies all the NPCs who are lost, missing, dead, or miscellaneous. Alvadas is a dangerous city, despite it's sometimes lulling sense of security. NPCs that are lost or dead but are part of another group will be found listed with that group or location.

NPC information here.

Alvadas' Zith Colony

This colony is small and its residents have no formal home within Alvadas. Largely found in and around the Wolf's Cave, these Zith have become accustomed to Alvadas' strange ways, and make their home here. They scavenge wherever they can outside of the city, after a Speaker warned them not to touch the people of Alvadas. Wild in nature, these Zith have come to embrace the illusions of the city.

These Zith arrived in the city in Winter 515 AV, however most died in the war of the undead that happened in that season. Please PM the storyteller for more information.

Name: Malice
Gender: Male
Race: Zith
DoB: Spring 43, 501 AV
Skills: Unarmed Combat 55, Hunting 30, Leadership 35, Tactics 20, Rhetoric 15
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: Malice is the current leader of the zith colony. He is strong a fight and has a sense of mystery about him amongst his kin. He is ever watchful of his colony and despite his appearance of being aloof, he cares deeply for his family. Malice recently lost his primary mate and has been more detached in his leadership. However, he will rise in full force to any sort of threat that might come to his colony.
Name: Rend
Gender: Male
Race: Zith
DoB: Spring 3, 505 AV
Skills: Hunting 35, Tracking 25, Unarmed Combat 40, Investigation 10
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: Rend is a strong hunter and asset to the zith colony. He is naturally curious like many zith and enjoys exploring the wilds. He cares deeply for Mercy and often brings back herbs for her when he’s out hunting. He is fiercely protective of his love and will stop at nothing to ensure her safety.

Name: Mercy
Gender: Female
Race: Zith
DoB: Summer 84, 505 AV (deceased Fall 15, 515 AV)
Skills: Medicine 30, Herbalism 10, Foraging 5, Hunting 15, Unarmed Combat 15
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: Mercy is loved by many in her colony and has a nurturing personality. She is skilled in medicine and has a basic understanding of herbs. She can often be found foraging for new herbs and learning about the plant life in the mountains near Alvadas. However, despite her gentle nature she is still strong in a fight and helps hunt for the colony.

Miss Vile
Name: Miss Vile
Gender: Female
Race: Zith
DoB: Fall 76, 492 AV
Skills: Medicine 10, Herbalism 10, Childcare 15, Negotiation 30, Unarmed Combat 10, Teaching 20
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: Mother of eleven children, Miss Vile is now past her child rearing years and is considered an elder within the zith colony. Many look to her for wisdom and guidance and she will tend to the injured or sick with her limited medical skills. She is also known for her sense of reason and will break up disputes amongst the zith when they arise.

Name: Poison
Gender: Male
Race: Zith
DoB: Summer 4, 504 AV
Skills: Poison 30, Unarmed Combat 10
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: Poison is the twin of the zith named Venom. Growing up he was always thought of as weak and scrawny and his twin sister tended to get far more attention from the other zith of the colony. However, when he started learning about the natural poisons of the mountainous terrain, he slowly began to garner some respect. Even though he’s not as strong as the others in his colony, with a poisonous strike he can be just as deadly.
Name: Venom
Gender: Female
Race: Zith
DoB: Summer 4, 504 AV
Skills: Unarmed Combat 30, Hunting 10, Leadership 15
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: Strong and loud spoken, Venom took on her name in mockery of her twin brother Poison. She is a daring fighter and rallies her kin with ease. She both protects the colony from outsiders, monsters and zith alike, and hunts to gather food for those of the clan. She can be ruthless, but is fiercely loyal to her family.

Name: Fury (aka Furry Fury)
Gender: Female
Race: Zith
DoB: Spring 89, 511 AV
Skills: Acrobatics 10, Hunting 5, Foraging 5, Unarmed Combat 5, Investigation 10
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: This little rascal can be hard to catch and has an innate sense of trickery. That in combination with her intense curiosity leads her to be forever exploring the lands and getting into trouble. She adores flying and often does tricks in the air. She can be quite naïve, which leads her colony to be rather protective of her, should she come across the wrong crowd. Yet the illusions of Alvadas are always incredibly fascinating to her and she will explore to her heart’s content if she can slip away.

*Original boxcode credits go to Cadence and Fable.
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Alvadas Player's Guide

Postby Fable on September 1st, 2015, 1:46 pm

Player's Guide


Welcome to Alvadas, the City of Illusions!

Before you begin writing here, there are a few things that you, the player, should be aware of. Navigating through the site can be challenging at times, especially when it seems like you're supposed to know everything! In the information below, there is a collection of OOC and IC references, facts, legends, assumptions, presumptions, and whatever else might be useful in your foray into the ever changing city of misdirection and mystery.

As a note, you will be responsible for knowing these things.

Basically, every city is different, and there is a ton of information that players should know, just not every player has quite the tenacity to dig through everything to find it. Hopefully, this will help to clear up common misconceptions as well as provide you players with a strong knowledge base to draw from during your time in Alvadas. If you have questions, feel something should be added or expanded on, or you simply want to chat about the city itself, please do not hesitate to send out a PM.

j Magic
The citizens of Alvadas treat magic much in the same way it is regarded in the majority of Mizahar. They do not trust it. They do not like it. Most of all, they consider magic to be a petty attempt at the wonder of illusionism. To an Alvad, the greater the misdirection, the greater the return of wonder. Magic, in its overt nature, bypasses the natural laws of cause and effect to act as a shortcut between mundane to mystery. This is considered an insult to the city's core beliefs at best to an outright declaration of contempt (whether intended or not) of Alvadas and its people. While the people of Alvadas do not represent the city's deity's views on magic, it is safe to say that a magic user is akin to that of a thief, rapist, or otherwise generally untrustworthy and contemptible human being who is dangerous enough that most will steer clear of them - with the exception of the Alvads' peacekeepers.

This does not mean, however, that magic does not exist within Alvadas. There are no traditional mages, wizards, or casters within the walls, but there are skilled fire dancers, seamstresses that make clothing that always fits, men peddling bread that tastes and feels like roasted chicken, men with horns for noses, women with claws for hands, and fortune tellers who always seem to be able to read people just so. They are people, just like the people of Alvadas, each with their own skills and abilities. While perhaps the wizards of Sahova or the Towers of Lhavit would find Alvad tricksters to be wasting their magical talents, there is finesse in their secrecy, a wily taunt of fate in every spell they cast and each interaction they keep from those who would think them nothing more than experts in sleight of hand. And, perhaps, that's all they are. Perhaps not. That is for you to decide.

What this means:
    t There are no magic based professions in Alvadas, e.g. Reimancer, Shielder, World Mage, etc.
    t Any overt magic performed is considered a threat to the safety of the people of Alvadas.
    t There are no overtly magic shops in Alvadas as of the spring of 515 AV.
    t No NPC in Alvadas will openly share they practice magic without very good reason.
    t No NPC in Alvadas will initiate a PC into or teach a PC magic without even more reason.
    t There are no magic books in the Sunken Conundrum.
    t NPCs will not respond positively to a PC's demonstration of magic without very good reason.
    t Magic is not a topic that is often discussed in Alvadas.
    t Covert use of magic is completely acceptable.
    t Use of magic in Alvadas is much more common than the majority of the population believes.
    t Characters with magic learned from a believable source are perfectly acceptable.

j Housing and Living Expenses
While some cities require a set standard of living, Alvadas does not. Though the city itself is a prosperous, bohemian merchant's town, it possesses a vast array of social and economical representations. There is no minimum living expense in Alvadas; even squalor is allowed. There is no minimum requirement on housing in Alvadas. This does not mean that common+ expenses are not suggested, nor does this mean that one shouldn't opt for a house or an extended stay in the Cubacious Inn or The Wolf's Cave if one has the funds to do so. Please keep in mind, that while lower costs of living and homelessness is allowed in Alvadas, the player is expected to portray them accordingly.

What this means:
    t A PC plays the expense paid, no exceptions barring reasonable IC developments. You pay poor, you play poor.
    t Though uncommon, beggars do exist within Alvadas. They are, for the most part, ignored by the citizenry.
    t Though uncommon, tents can be pitched within the city. Keep in mind, a tent is even less anchored than a house, and it is highly unlikely to be in the same place where it was pitched.
    t Most people living at poor and below will end up in The Streets Below by the end of the second consecutive season of a poor and below expense.
    t Homelessness and poverty are not given exceptional treatment by other Alvads in any way. There is no special negative or positive treatment directed towards the poor.

j Race Relations
The people of Alvadas are as whimsical as the city they live in. Racism, in its traditional forms, are lacking within the scope of Ionu's influence. This is not to say that all Alvads love Zith or find the Symenestra charming, however it is very unlikely for any Alvads to treat another race differently simply by race alone. In a city of illusions, it is difficult - and really, silly - to ever judge anything on appearance alone. Therefore, Alvadas is one of the few cities that has very few issues with allowing the full scope of Miziharian sentience within its walls. Keep in mind, however, that this means Alvads will respond more to how one acts or what one does over what one looks like.

What this means:
    t All races are considered just as trustworthy or untrustworthy as the individual sees fit.
    t Alvads rarely refer to others by race, rather more so by their peculiarities (odd warbling voice, heavy handed dancing, etc.).
    t If one's specific race is verified by another person, it is entirely possible that person may or may not respond with a racist reaction.
    t Typically, Alvads don't care much about race, gender, or status, preferring to focus on their own presentations to society rather than others'.
    t Zith are allowed within the walls and unless they present as hostile, are treated, more or less, as one would treat anyone else.
    t Konti, Akalaks, Eypharians, Jamoura, Symenestra, Charodae, Pycons, Nuit, Ethaefal, Akvatari, Ghosts, and Dhani are considered only as interesting as the individuals present themselves, otherwise they are treated, more or less, as one would treat anyone else.
    t Due to the natural racial pride of the Isur, Isur typically run more traditional in their views in spite of some influences from the city they reside in. Isurian NPCs will always be more friendly towards other Isurs over any other race.

j Professions
There are many different forms of opportunity in the City of Illusions! These range from the common pickpocket to an opulent businessman to fortune telling to conning the populace into purchasing gold painted fecal matter. Though there are a few families of import and a general respect for the lawkeepers of the city, most jobs are not considered any greater or lesser than any others, though those that negatively affect others tend to land one in undesirable situations more often than not. As there are far more jobs available than there are jobs unavailable, below is a list of jobs found on the job list that are not available in the city.

    t Attorney
    t Auristic
    t Reimancer
    t World Mage
    t Voider

Also, keep in mind that there are potentially professions that are not listed on the income list you may want to play. If this is the case, please PM the ST to figure out what will work best for you and your PC.

What this means:
    t A merchant's son and a tanner's daughter marrying and becoming actors is perfectly acceptable.
    t There are few social restrictions on how people of various backgrounds in labor should interact.
    t There is still plenty of competition between businesses. Enemies and friends within the professional world are still very much a thing.
    t It is possible to be hired into a job with little to no experience based on the employer's appreciation of an individual's personality/appearance/peculiarities, etc. Training on jobs is not uncommon.
    t Jobs listed on the job list that have prerequisites still apply.
    t If you can think of a job relevant to Mizahar's continuity, it is possible that it exists in Alvadas. Always make sure to check in with the ST first.

j Illusions
A huge part of the city, even the soul of it if you want to get technical, illusions are as common as water in the ocean or dirt in the ground in Alvadas. They range from simple hallucinations of sight or sound to things so real, it's difficult to tell them apart from what is and isn't. While Alvads have lived with this their whole lives, it can be overwhelming to visitors. In fact, it is overwhelming. Locations are rarely in the same place for longer than a few days, people's clothes and faces shift as often as the passing of a chime, and it isn't uncommon for someone to wander around for days or weeks without knowing where they are. While many illusions are minor or relatively playful and harmless, they do range in scope. If you are ever in doubt regarding the size and severity of illusion, please PM the ST for a quick "yea" or "nay" in regards to what you would like to have happen, though for the most part, illusions are free to moderate as long as they don't affect a sizable portion of the city or the entire city itself.

The illusions of Alvadas are, typically, constrained to the walls of the city. This means unless an illusion is given ST permission or is otherwise stated as such, illusions will no longer exist once outside the city's walls. Within the city, however, illusions are as real as they are unreal, and it is often difficult to tell an illusionary apple from a real one or vice versa. Once under the roof of a house, the city seems to stop its influence. While illusions still exist within buildings, the interior of the buildings tend to be unaffected by the greater illusions of the city outside of them, making anything considered "indoors" separate in terms of illusions from the overarching nature of the city.

What this means:
    t City-wide illusions listed on the calendar (unless otherwise denoted) do not encroach upon the interior of buildings.
    t City-wide illusions listed on the calendar are inclusive of any other smaller, focused illusions e.g. there can still be talking chipmunks even if the calendar doesn't list them.
    t Illusionary items gained through threads that do not explicitly state they can be taken from the city will dissipate once the PC leaves the boundaries of the wall (up to a twenty foot radius).
    t It is uncommon to see Alvads respond to anything with surprise when it comes to the city itself. Panic is rare.
    t Visitors, more often than not, require acclimation time. This can be done in thread or referred to, however please try to at least make note of it.
    t There is very little concept of getting anywhere "on time".
    t Social interactions such as meetings, parties, work related duties, etc. are typically done when and wherever one can manage them. This tends to foster a lack of urgency in most Alvads.
    t For time-sensitive jobs (blacksmithing, fishing, baking, etc.) most employees live within the business or take turns staying over until the other arrives to relieve them.
    t The Patchwork Port is actually located just outside of the city's walls, leaving it illusionless.
    t Couriers deliver packages at variable rates, meaning it is common to see couriers with packages from seasons ago still looking for their recipients.
    t Keys to houses and the inns have slight pulls to them to guide an observant individual back to the respective locks (or perhaps an attentive home towards its respective key).

j Weather
The weather in Alvadas doesn't change with the seasons. It can change by the day, but it can also remain the same for a year. Whether the weather is really what it seems or not, the majority of the time it is warm and pleasant. Cold weather is very mild and doesn't last long.

What this means:
    t Unless otherwise specified, it is generally safe to assume the weather is mild, no matter the season.
    t Winters may be cooler than any other season, but it is unlikely to see most Alvads in traditional winter clothing.
    t Isolated weather fluctuations such as mini, street-wide blizzards or flaming rain in an intersection of streets are not uncommon.

j Navigation
The streets of Alvadas are rarely ever the same, but that doesn't mean that there aren't tricks to getting around the city. The tactics vary, depending on the person, but a general rule is: if you trust the city to take you to where you want to go, there's a good chance that it might. Now, trust presents itself in may different ways. Some follow illusion traits to find their desired location e.g. to get to the Sunken Conundrum, one might follow anything having to do with water or literature or anything related to that. Others simply walk, trusting that, just around the next corner, their desired destination will present itself.

One thing to keep in mind: the streets change at variable rates. There may be a single street with the same shops on it for a week or a month, then in a night everything is different. Think of this in terms of a shifting maze: one is walking down one path while, just around the corner, the rest of the maze is shifting. It should also be noted that if one has a particularly urgent need to get somewhere, it is highly likely that the city will find it amusing to belay them in all manner of ways.

What this means:
    t Generally, you'll get where you need to go.
    t If you really need to get somewhere, chances of you being really early or really late are very high.
    t Some buildings that are more stable than others, such as Kitrean Krafts, are also easier to find.
    t Locations that tend to reveal themselves when they are needed rather than sought, such as Ionu's Mercy, require a person to turn a corner or some other such action to find it. It does not literally move on its own.
    t The only building that never moves and can always be found in under a bell's time is The Sanity Center and, by extension, The Gaping Maw.
    t As long as a PC has a lore allowing them to find the Alvadas Underground, The Streets Below will be accessible through any portals (stairwells, doors, gates, etc.) that give off a feeling of wrongness. These are only visible to those with the proper lore, however they can be seen by anyone in the vicinity during passage.
    tAlvadas does not have set "neighborhoods" as houses congregate together however the city sees fit, however there can be continuity in certain areas during certain times within the city, such as business all starting with "M" in the same place for a week or sandwiching an orphanage between a park and a library.

j Slavery
Slaves do exist in Alvadas, however they are often more of a trade stock than a true fixture within the ever changing walls. Those few people who do have them often tote them under the guise of servants, as in Alvadas, if one has slaves it is because one is too poor to pay for servants. Still, slaves can be found and purchased by those who wish to find them. It is more of a quiet affair, often done in the privacy of people's homes or in the shadow of the blood moon in the Underground.

What this means:
    t Slave owners are looked down upon.
    t Typically, slaves are treated well in Alvadas to maintain the illusion of servitude.
    t Slaves bought in Alvadas that are kept in Alvadas tend to sell for less than market value.
    t Slaves are considered citizens of Alvadas and as such, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Speakers, good or bad.


*Credit to Cadence for original layout.
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Postby Kaleidoscope on May 6th, 2016, 2:28 pm

Note: This was originally posted by Fable and is his work.

The Protectors of Alvadas

There was a time when the people of Alvadas were far less bright and far more dark. In the darkness, though protected from the trials of Valterrian, they were not protected from themselves. Murder and theft were as common as breath beneath the surface of the earth, sheltered by Ionu's capricious graces, and the people began to destroy one another. In chaos, order was found, though it was of a sort that spoke not of justice or redemption, but of necessity. They rose, individuals drawn to a single cause, striking down those who would do harm and protecting those who found the cause worthy. They were not without opposition, and blood was spilled, the crimson mess of life still coloring the Underground's moon to the current day.

These individuals, The Unspoken, were powerful in their dedication to the preservation of Alvadas as a whole. To them, the individual parts were nothing more than branches, some of which needed pruning while others were left to grow. Their greatest opposition were those of individual power, those who possessed the ability to wield magic, those with the strength to subjugate, those who's tongues were cast in silver to turn others against them. Thus, The Unspoken became skilled in moving unseen, unheard, and unknown, removing those who did not belong, those who would see destruction over survival.

When the city shifted from the darkness into the light, so too did The Unspoken. No longer was there a need to defend the city so completely, as the people spread and the city grew, new lives formed and culture shifted. Knowing full well that they could not remain static in a city ever changing, The Unspoken faded. In their place rose The Speakers, those who had a voice where before they had only silence. These Speakers began small, groups of individuals who remembered The Unspoken, the directives of their mission and shared in their desire to protect and to maintain the integrity of Alvadas over those who lived within it. Unlike The Unspoken, however, The Speakers were far more verbose. They turned thievery into a spectacle, murder into masquerade, and their tactics proved effective. The people no longer strove against themselves out of close-quartered desperation, instead their angers, their frustrations and hate, found new targets in those chosen for them by The Speakers.

And so The Speakers grew. They became the Face of Alvadas, the Womiyu, and their name is now known by every man, woman, and child who live comfortably within the safety of the Gaping Maw. They are the keepers of the law, but the law itself is as changing as the illusions that forever cloak the city's nature - or perhaps the nature is the change they embody. Still, the law is felt more than it is known; and if it is forgotten, The Speakers do not balk at reminding everyone what is expected of them. They are the grand performers of Alvadas, celebrated practitioners of song and dance, rhetoric and poetry. Few, if any, Speakers are unknown, each a character recognizable by the very nature in which they exist within the city. They are the chosen defenders, elected by their peers and persist only by the good graces of the city itself.

j The Speakers

"I speak for the city who breaths; a mouth for a mind with no lips."

The Speakers are the single largest organization in Alvadas and by far the best known. It is not uncommon for any given Alvad to have a favorite Speaker, one whom they idolize as either a role model, muse, or inspiration of some sort. They are symbols of order, loved and hated equally. They demand both respect and fear, for one never knows when a noise might be too loud.

As a formal organization, The Speakers have a single, overarching directive: to protect the city of Alvadas. Though vague, this is what The Speakers rally to. Some find that the citizens are just as much a part of the city as the city itself, while others are more inclined to think otherwise. There is no right or wrong within The Speakers. If one feels moved to Speak, it is believed that the city itself has something to say. However, should a Speaker forget for whom they speak, there are no second chances. Once a part of The Speakers, one is bound to Speak; should there be nothing left to say, a mute mouth has no place within their ranks.

To be a Speaker, one must be Spoken For. This can be anywhere from a single Advocate to a host of supportive mouths, but in the end, the city chooses. This is done by leading a would be Speaker into a room within the Temple of Ionu, where it is said that if one listens and city is willing, one can hear the heartbeat of Alvadas. Whether this is true or not, those who leave the chamber never speak of the events that transpired within. If the city deems them worthy, then a new Speaker is born, and there will often been a celebration for the new member of their troupe.

A Speaker is a coveted position, and while it comes with many perks, those perks are earned through work and innovation. Every Speaker is expected to put on at least one grand performance and three minor performances within a season, all four devised by his or her own devices. This does not mean a Speaker is expected to work alone. In fact, many Speakers perform in groups ranging from a pair to dozen or so. Creativity in their deliveries of their verdicts and humiliations is a must, for their guidance is as much entertainment as it is a lesson to be learned. Every Speaker is given a single Listener, an informant with a network of information below them. It is expected that everything the Listener hears, the Speaker knows. Some Speakers, those who have proven themselves through accolades and praise, have many more than a single Listener, many ears for many things to Say; however the expectation that a Speaker hears what has been Whispered never changes. Finally, Speakers have a far darker role than the shades of grey they dance within. Not only are they judge and jury but executioner as well. For those cases that they cannot solve with wit and whip, the Speakers are given a special ring to mark those that they cannot redeem. These marks mean nothing but silence eternal, and they are not given without great gravity. To misuse the Mark is the single worst thing a Speaker can do.

Should a Speaker prove to be unworthy, they are not judged by their peers nor the populace of Alvadas, but the city itself. They are treated like an infection, isolated from the city they once served until they succumb to their own disease, their own pollution. While the Speakers have many things to say, this is something that is not talked about among their ranks. There is a silent understanding that while they perform with levity and searing criticism, their purpose is a weighty one. No Speaker forgets the severity of what it is they do, for those who do do not Speak for long.

j Their Structure

Every Speaker performs the various duties in a myriad of different ways, however, duties are given to them. Rarely, if ever, does a Speaker know where their orders come from, only that they are there to be dealt with as they see fit. This information is exclusively delivered to Speakers by Listeners, though if they are aware of who gave them the orders, they never say.

The undeclared and widely unknown leader of the Speakers retains the title of The Mind. This individual assigns each and every Speaker tasks that range from minor adjustments to a daily regime to delicate matters that may or may not require a Mark. Each Mind has a variable length of time to serve, some ranging from a single day to years depending upon reasons unknown. Once one has finished serving one's term as The Mind, they awaken as if from a dream, uncertain of the specifics of what it was they did for the time they were in power. The most curious thing about The Mind is that while many have held the title, the decisions made and directives given seem entirely independent of the individual chosen.

Below The Mind exist The Tongues, exceptional Speakers who, unlike The Mind, are generally considered to be the more persuasive members of the Speakers. While they possess no formal authority, their positions are elected by popularity among both Speakers and citizens alike, making the station a very variable position indeed. Tongues often sway the opinions of the other Speakers, whether it be through silver tongued politicking or by action alone. They are trend setters, even among the Speakers themselves, and their opinions are highly valued. Of course, should a Tongue fall from favor, a new one will rise up soon enough, making the title of Tongue a very competitive one indeed.

Finally, the only other recognizable position in the Speakers are the Whispers. Technically, they possess no more power than any other Speaker. They are more of a group within the Speakers themselves who are responsible for more than five Listeners, an arbitrary number at first glance. However, to manage that many secrets requires a special sort of person, even among the Speakers, and for that reason they are respectfully referred to as a Whisper. This is an internal title, however, and is used only from Speaker to Speaker or Listener to Speaker.

j Their Purpose

All Speakers are expected to put on at the bare minimum of four total performances, one grand and three of whatever scale of their choosing. They are also expected to uphold the rules that they enforce, for they are to be role models in both behavior and creativity. Speakers never Speak on behalf of their own agendas, however there is plenty of leeway for them to push their own preferences and desires on others as long as it is not done purely in the capacity of their position as a Speaker. Though not nearly as well known, Speakers are also expected to keep an eye out for potential Listeners. It is expected that a Speaker have at least one Listener, be them newly appointed or shared with another Speaker. Speakers are also expected to never kill another person, though this rule is incredibly loose, making anything but death perfectly acceptable in their daily routines.

Grand Performances are spectacles. They are miniature festivals of a wide variety, never quite the same but always something the people of Alvadas look forward to. As the Speakers are quite active, it is not uncommon for there to be several Grand Performances per week. These productions range from a single Speaker parading his dancing chain of mangled wrongdoers on a rope made entirely of the offender's hair while forcing each to sing a song of his authorship regarding the nature of their foolishness to a full blown theatrical performance, whereupon several Speakers puppeteer their beaten and bloody fools to reenact their villainy. All supplies be them costumes, props, or stages are built and bought by the Speakers. A Grand Performance has three specific requirements to be considered grand enough for Grandeur: there must be at least 300 people in total attendance, the crime must be presented in the most creative way possible, and the show cannot be advertised. In this way, the show must draw upon the natural curiosity of not only the people but the city itself, so that it might direct traffic the Speaker's way.

Minor performances are treats in and of themselves. These are not restricted towards the depiction and detestation of crime, though it is very common for them to involve the guilty. Anything from a sprightly song and dance to a macabre monologue while in the presence of the general populace is counted as a worthy enough minor performance. The Speakers are entertainers as well as adjudicators, and they are some of the best. The people thus expect interesting things to happen when a Speaker is about, and it is never wise to not deliver. There are no specific guidelines for minor performances, only that there must be an audience.

All Speakers heed The Words given to them by their respective Listeners. If a Speaker is not told The Words, they are not expected to abide by them until they receive them. In this way, there are times where certain Speakers may focus on specific crimes or punishments while others seem wholly ignorant. As it appears, so it is.

A Speaker Speaks, however it is not something they must do every tick of their lives. Most Speakers live comfortably on the benefits they receive and are able to pursue their interests within their own time. The more influential Speakers will often have a following, a group of people who find them them to be more interesting than the others, and it is not uncommon for Speakers to give private performances for their fans to greater solidify their affections. It is, in a sense, a game of favors. The more influential a Speaker is among the people, the more influential a Speaker is among the Speakers themselves. There is no requirement on how often a Speaker tends to his or her following, though it is suggested that they not ignore those whose attentions are attracted.

The recruitment of Listeners is an important part of what it means to be a Speaker, however it is never spoken of outside of The Womiyu. The Speakers thrive on information, and expanding the capabilities of the Listeners expands, by extension, the power of the Speakers. There is no formal way to choose a Listener, though it typically involves a Speaker taking a certain interest in one of their own followers who offer them advice or secrets. Often, a Speaker will groom the potential Listener with praise and suggestion, until they feel that the potential Listener is ready for the role. There is no naming of a Listener to the Listener herself, however it often becomes a tacitly understood role as the Listener's intelligence network spreads.

When a Speaker passes initiation, he is assigned one of his advocate's Listeners. If there are more than one Listener, the newly appointed Speaker gets to choose. From that point on, however, that Speaker can create new Listeners. It is expected that the Speaker know everything their Listeners know, which often keeps new Speakers from extending their reach until they are more used the Speaker's lifestyle and work. It is not advisable to share too many Listeners with others unless one is a Whisper, for a lack of knowledge will often land a disorganized Speaker with no one to Listen for them.

Finally, Speakers cannot kill. This applies to everything they do, official or not. While it is their duty to Mark those who cannot be reformed, this is not done without great deliberation and consideration. If a Speaker seeks to misuse the Mark, they will know the true meaning of fear. For this reason, if one is to be Marked, it is common for Speakers to consult with others that they trust for guidance in the matter. Humiliation in all forms is celebrated within the city, but death is a grave matter with grave consequences should it be doled out improperly.


Always have there been those who watch, who observe, who Listen. From the child with wide eyes and silent lips to the elderly woman's gentle, mute smile, every person in Alvadas sees and hears, every person knows, and every person whispers. In the times underground, these whispers slowly grew and grew until they could no longer be ignored. The Unspoken rose, and when finally the people of Alvadas did as well, their cries and shouts once more receded into hush and hiss. And it would have remained so had not The Speakers decided otherwise.

The people of Alvadas change as often as the city they live within, making their lives a veritable facade; yet bells and whistles can only conceal a heart for so long before the soul reveals itself through words whispered in the concealment of shadows. The Speakers utilized this inevitability, drawing upon the collective mutterings of the populace to create a network of information. Some were found more worthy than others, and as time passed the Listeners slowly came into existence. No one is quite sure when the first Listener was officially appointed, but then again, no one is even quite sure the Listeners even exist.

Yet, exist they do. An integral key to The Speakers' eminence, the Listeners are many, spread throughout the city like a net to catch any and all of the city's rumors. Though they have grown with the city just as the rest of the people have, they are a widely unknown part of The Speaker's organization. However, it is not uncommon for the phrase "You never know who's Listening" to be muttered after a particularly questionable exchange. They are, in essence, an urban legend, one that people are never quite sure just how "legend" they might be.

j The Listeners

"Do not hear what is being said, rather listen to what is not."

The Listeners are a group of highly specialized information brokers. There is nothing glamorous about what they do, and it is a thankless job among the general populace of Alvadas. They are unknowns, silent observers easily overlooked. Yet, they are still Alvads and many, if not all, tend to possess a job or jobs outside of their more furtive proclivities.

Relatively unstructured, the Listeners operate under an overarching ideology: every word has meaning. Each Listener has a network of informants beneath them. These informants are not considered Listeners, however it is not uncommon for such individuals to break off and further spread the network of information, ascending to the role of Listener in their own time. They are a shadow organization, and the only people to ever refer to them by their station are the Speakers whom they inform.

Listeners are chosen by Speakers, often those seeking to expand their own influence through the avenues of new information. A single Listener can be an informant for several Listeners, however, once they are chosen, should a Listener sell information to anyone aside from The Speakers, that Listener will soon find himself Deafened. While the organization of the Listeners as a whole is loosely woven, there is a tacit understanding that they serve the city as much as The Speakers do, and to betray that duty is to betray the city itself. Those Listeners who find that The Speakers are not enough quickly find themselves out of house and home, often stranded in the Underground with nothing but the clothes on their back to their name. While the Listeners rarely act, they police themselves effectively. A rumor, as they say, is often more effective than any blade.

Due to their close relationships with The Speakers, being a Listener does not come without perks. While it is true the people of Alvadas do not praise them, The Speakers treat their Listeners with the utmost respect, something that, in and of itself, is reward enough. They receive a substantial income, though most spend it wisely, using what they are given to expand their reach ever further. They are keepers of the secrets of the city, and their are given free to reign to do what they see fit with the information they gather, short of anything that may interfere with a Speaker's efforts.

Unlike The Speakers, The Listeners are not bound to their position for life. Should the world grow too dark or secrets too heavy, a Listener can request that they be released from the Speaker's service. This, however, is not done lightly, as once a Listener has been released, their network is either dissolved or transferred to another, leaving them in peace and quiet. Those individuals who have opted to be removed from their position are referred to as the Deaf, and should one of the Deaf seek to regain his Listening, he will find there is nothing for him any longer.

j Their Structure

There is no single leader among the Listeners. Each Listener is the head of their own network, however within those collections of networks, there are two distinct types of Listeners: The Monitors and The Inspectors.

Typically, The Monitors focus on volume of information. They collect everything, sharing anything they find with their respective Speakers under the ideology that one never knows when something might prove useful. They are often heads of larger, more sprawling networks. While they do filter the information, they are often involved in rumors and hearsay far more than facts.

The Inspectors, however, are slightly more specialized in that they sort through and pick out patterns, codes, and intrigue from the whispers they receive. They seek "The Words", specific codes concealing the directives to be given to the Speakers. Never will an Investigator speak anything but fact they have discovered, making them a valuable asset in the quality of their information rather than their quantity.

Both types of Listeners are coveted among the Speakers, and often they are chosen specifically due to their aptitude in either one or the other. Occasionally, Listeners may group together, though never more than three, and they will divide Inspection and Monitoring among themselves to create a more cohesive unit. It should be noted that Listeners are never taught anything. Everything that a Listener discovers is done so of their own ingenuity, which is one of the reasons it is rare for a Listener to ever willingly step down from their position.

j Their Purpose

As keepers of secrets and sorters of rumors, The Listeners are expected to be people adept at either the decryption of codes or the management of the sheer volumes of whispers they hear on a daily basis (or both). Everything that a Listener imparts to a Speaker is taken as fact, whether it is the fact that it was said or the fact that what was said is a fact. They are expected to constantly check in with their sources as often as is possible. For some, this may be daily, while others may only be able to be contacted once a season. Listeners are also expected to take any opportunity they can to expand their own networks whenever they can in whatever capacity. A Listener is also expected to remain as anonymous as possible. This is a vague rule, however it is one that is taken seriously. Listeners are expected to know their information inside and out, any leads or tales suggestive of something greater falls upon them to investigate. The life of a Listener is somewhat more restrictive than that of a Speaker, as they are in constant danger of discovery should they shine to bright or slink too deep into the shadows, however it is common for them to be shopkeepers, street buskers, or even, on the rare occasion, an orphan child.

Whether Monitor or Inspector, Listeners are expected to manage their information into the most effective and streamlined collection of facts and data that they can. This is mostly for ease of communication between Speaker and Listener, however it is not an excuse to retain information that may seem unimportant. All words have meaning, and it is up to the Listener to determine those meanings. While there is no specific format for a Listener's cache of information, it is highly ill advised to write anything down, even in code. The greatest Listeners are those who hear anything, know everything, but say nothing. The quality of their information is constantly evaluated by their respective Speaker or Speakers, thus good Listeners are always checking the validity of what it is they hear.

As is natural for a spider to constantly be tending its web, so too does a Listener constantly check in with those whom she is responsible for. There is no formal way to do this. Some communicate in coded letters. Other pay personal visits, while some may not even know who their actual sources are, only ever hearing whispers in the Bizarre as they do their daily shopping. However it is done, it is the Listener's duty and the Listener's duty alone to make sure that their sources are not only delivering good information but that they will continue to do so.

Like any head of a network, Listeners are constantly on the lookout for further ways to extend their reach. This can be as simple as asking a few questions in the market to gaining the favor of Eywaat. One of the greatest Listeners of all time was a woman favored by Eywaat who extended her reach to the very birds of the sky. Of course, that was an extreme case. However a Listener goes about it, the network should be a constantly changing entity, as alive as the shadowy streets they tread.

Anonymity is the Listener's greatest ally. Thus, it is no surprise that they are rarely if ever seen conversing with a Speaker. Again, how they communicate with their Speakers is dependent on the Listener's preferences. Some send children to speak for them, others letters or even speaking briefly in the Bizarre as one passes another. How their identities are protected is not nearly as important as the fact that they are. Listeners are expected to maintain their anonymity through whatever means they deem necessary.

If a Listener shares faulty information, that Listener is held accountable, not the sources, not chance nor fate; only the Listener. For this reason, information is handled with care, and Listeners do everything within their power to make sure their information is sound. This can range from Listeners employing investigators to sniff out suspicious hearsay to the Listener himself going and doing some snooping. It is not a easy nor safe job, but it is one that is respected by the Speakers and Listeners alike. However, should a Listener be compromised, there is a very good chance he will be Deafened.

All Listeners are constantly on the lookout for "The Words", directives given from The Mind to be spread to the Speakers. They are always given in some form of code, sometimes written, sometimes spoken, and sometimes acted out in what might otherwise be a mundane scene. It is a pattern, one that, as the Listener grows in ability, becomes easier and easier to spot and decipher. It is the Listener's duty to impart The Words if they discover them.

Though not a hard and fast rule, it is uncommon for Listeners to be in roles where they draw attention to themselves. This is not without exception, however it is much easier to move unseen in the guise of a baker than it is a renowned thespian. Their lives, however, are their own, and they are free to do what they see fit in the privacy of their own homes.


They rose with the need of the people, the need of the city, and during their reign, the Underground was kept at bay. They were the protectors of peace, the authors of a unique form of justice, but once they were no longer needed, they faded away. Some do not believe The Unspoken to have ever existed while others think The Speakers their natural path of change. While it is true The Speakers sprouted from the need The Unspoken saw, they are not one and same. They are sides of a coin, never touching but inexplicably linked.

In the darkness of the Valterrian, the Unspoken defended the city. They kept it alive through their efforts, and through their efforts alone the people of Alvadas did not destroy themselves. Unlike The Speakers, The Unspoken were not celebrated. They were not loved. They were feared and hated, an evil necessary to keep true depravity at bay. Yet still, they continued their thankless job, bound by their love for their city. As the years passed, they grew in their martial prowess, honing bodies and minds alike to combat both spells and steel without prejudice. When the time came for them to fade away, they did so without protest, knowing full well that the city would never cease to truly need them. So they drifted from memory, falling back into the shadows.

While not even the Listeners are fully certain whether The Unspoken still exist or not, those Marked still disappear without a trace. They continue to exist, though their numbers have dwindled significantly. They are still masters of their own bodies, deadly weapons to be wielded only against those who have been Marked. The silent defenders of Alvadas' peace, The Unspoken are as strong as they have ever been, as loyal, and as dedicated. They do not serve for what they receive, they serve for the sake of serving. Should even only a pillar remain of the city, so too would The Unspoken continue, the eternal protectors of Ionu's city.

j The Unspoken

"To be capable of anything, one must first lose everything to become nothing, then the journey begins."

The Unspoken are a highly specialized martial group of individuals never numbering higher than 40 and never lower than 20. Their identities are known only to those with whom they train within their organization. Not even the Listeners are aware of who The Unspoken are. They are an exclusive, elusive collection of individuals, ruthless in their singular desire to protect the city above all else.

By far the most structured of the Womiyu, The Unspoken are coordinated by a trio of supervisors, The Still, who are the only three people in Alvadas with the power to override a Speaker's Mark. Each group within the Unspoken consists of three to four individuals. These groups are referred to as Shadows and it is their duty to carry out Marks designated by The Speakers. Like the shadows they take their names from, The Unspoken move through the city unnoticed, treading along paths no other Alvad has ever set foot upon. Though they are often strangers among their own people, they are the city's most beloved.

The Unspoken choose their members, however those they choose do not have a choice in the matter. If one is chosen to become part of The Unspoken, that one is made to disappear. Within the hidden places somewhere between the city's surface and the Underground, candidates are set to overcome a series of trials testing physical aptitude, problem solving, tenacity, and dedication. If those chosen survive, they then begin their training. There is no point in which one can refuse The Unspoken's Call, for once they have revealed themselves, there are only two paths available. There is no room for doubt, for hesitation, and The Unspoken rarely choose those whom they do not believe would join their cause given the choice. When their mentors deem them ready, the initiated are brought to a chamber opposite that which initiate the Speakers and are locked within the room for a week's time. It is then that the chosen truly become a part of The Unspoken, and like their name entails, never as one ever shared any of the events during those seven days with anyone, often including themselves.

While The Unspoken remove those Marked for death, their duties are far more than simple assassinations. They serve the city directly, and The Still guide their actions. A Shadow will often be assigned to any visiting dignitary or foreign merchant, and though they rarely interfere with the affairs of the Underground, it is not unheard of for The Unspoken to exercise their rights within the darkest corners beneath the blood stained moon.

Once one is part of The Unspoken, only death will remove the title. There has never been a member of The Unspoken before who has ever wanted to remove their title, and there never will be. The Unspoken are the embodiment of the city's will, they are loved and they love, there is nothing to them that is more important than the continuation of Alvadas' existence.

j Their Structure

The Unspoken are led by The Still, three of the most powerful and typically the eldest of The Unspoken. These individuals are said to speak directly with the city, and they are privy to secrets that not even the greatest of the Listeners might ever discover. Over the years, The Still have consisted of many different races, ages, sexes, and abilities, but there is always a single constant: their devotion to the city is unmatched. Once one has ascended to one of The Still, he or she remains until their end. Unlike the rest of the Womiyu, when one of The Still passes, they no longer exist in past or present. It is as if they are wiped clean from the world, their purpose served and no legacy left behind.

Beneath The Still stand The Silent, leaders of their respective Shadows. These are often the most skilled among The Unspoken, mentors to those who train and operate under their guidance. They are typically disciplined, often serving as unmovable foundations when the members of their Shadow falter. Each hold a sister to The Speaker's rings to recognize the Marked, and they are directly responsible for the actions of their unit as a whole.

There is a final title to be held within the ranks of The Unspoken, and it is one of mixed desirability. The Mute is the single most powerful of the Unspoken. His or her strength is displayed in a removal of the tongue in a ritual known as The Silencing. It is unclear whether the loss of one's tongue truly serves to make The Mute any stronger than the other Unspoken, however it is only undertaken by a single member, one who is so devoted to city and The Unspoken's cause, he or she is willing to sacrifice the possibility of ever speaking with the city itself, essentially the death of a dream to focus on the present. The Mute is also the only member of The Unspoken who is known to anyone outside of the organization, though Speakers, Listeners, and the Triad consider him or her more a vigilante than one of the fabled unspoken.

j Their Purpose

The Unspoken have a single directive: to protect the city of Alvadas. Their specific duties involve several things, though there are a host of optional tasks and functions they can serve as well. Firstly, all Unspoken are expected to heed the directives of The Still, whatever they may be. Secondly, within each Shadow, all Unspoken are expected to heed the guidance of The Silent. Anyone who as been Marked is a target for elimination at the respective Shadow's digression, however no more than forty-eight bells can pass before the deed is done. Unspoken are expected to never reveal their identities to anyone, unless they are The Mute. Unspoken are expected to train daily, never allowing themselves to fall into sloth. There are optional training sessions that Unspoken can attend to further hone their skills. The life of an Unspoken is one dedicated to the city itself. It is very rare for Unspoken to be anything more than faceless, nameless passersby on the streets or silent watchers in the Underground.

When The Still speak, The Unspoken listen. There is no higher authority within Alvadas as far as they are concerned, and their orders are followed without question, for they speak for the city. Directives can vary from simple shifts in patrols to eliminations of Speakers, Listeners, or even other Unspoken.

The Silent are leaders not only in role but in their very nature. To disobey a direct order from one of The Silent is to disobey the city's own will. It is not done often, and when it is there are very serious repercussions, often ending in death.

The Marked are, essentially, the main focus of the current Unspoken. Those whom the Speakers have Marked as irredeemable are swiftly dispatched of. Every Shadow has their own way of dealing with the marked, but every Unspoken understands the basic rules of taking out a Marked. There can be no evidence of the kill. There can be no witnesses. There can be no mistakes. Outside of that, it varies on how the kill is actually done, especially for targets that are particularly dangerous.

Daily training is taken seriously among the ranks of The Unspoken. This involves not only physical conditioning but intellectual and academic pursuits as well. Each Unspoken is expected to strive for the realization of one's maximum potential to better serve Alvadas. There are no weak among The Unspoken, no cripples or fools or mavericks. They strive for perfection in a way that even the Isur would be loathe to completely disregard them should they ever come to light. If an Unspoken remains static for too long, he will be dismissed in the most humiliating of ways and stripped of his place among their ranks.

Typically, The Unspoken live within the Ristage Caverns, relatively secluded from the rest of the city unless they are traveling in their respective Shadows. They move along paths unseen and when in crowds, they blend as if they belong. They are, essentially, one of Alvadas' greatest farces, hiding just beneath everyone's noses. Unspoken do not lead lives of fame nor of notoriety. They are as plain as they can be, with a secret more fantastic than anyone might imagine.

OOC Information

j Requirements for a Speaker:
tExpert level performance skill (dance, acting, impersonation, ventriloquy, etc.)
tExpert rhetoric
tCompetent interrogation
tCompetent investigation

tAt least four threads involving the development of relationship with a Speaker(s)
tA finished moderated thread detailing initiation

tAt least two seasons of active play
tNo prior serious warnings (e.g. powerplaying, refusal to comply, argumentative behavior, etc.)
tA total of three "job threads", one of which must include a grand performance
tAt least one thread per season checking in with a Listener

Perks for Speakers:
tAccess to Speaker NPCs without moderator assistance or approval
tModifier to the respective performance job chosen (x1.5)
tFree housing within The Womiyu
tGood living expense at the price of Common
tA free set of clothing per season
tComplimentary gifts from shops and business who support them (must be gained through IC threading)

Consequences for Speakers:
tFailing to complete required threads will result in a warning (if threads are not completed within a season, e.g. Winter threads aren't finished by the end of Spring, the PC looses the position and cannot apply for it again)
tFailing to start required threads before the end of a season will result in a loss of Speaker status
tMisusing Speaker NPCs will result in a loss of unmoderated/unassisted use of NPCs
tPowerplaying (in spite of proper warnings) will result in a loss of Speaker status


j Requirements for a Listener:
tMaster Observation (yes really)
tExpert Intelligence (Inspectors) or Investigation (Monitors) or both
tCompetent stealth
tCompetent subterfuge
tCompetent negotiation or organization

tAt least a total of either five PC informants or ten NPC informants or a combination of both
tAll informants must be gained through threading
tAt least two threads developing a relationship with a Speaker
tA finished moderated thread detailing the Speaker choosing his/her Listener

tAt least a season of active play
tNo prior serious warnings (e.g. powerplaying, refusal to comply, argumentative behavior, etc.)
tAt least two job threads detailing either information gathering or processing
tAt least one thread involving sharing information with a Speaker

Perks for Listeners:
tAccess to the respective Speaker NPC (if NPC was involved) without moderation/moderator approval
tFree Common living expense (however cannot live above Common)
tPay modifier (x1.2) to Spymaster job
tSeasonal "decoding" moderated thread for a chance to find The Words

Consequences for Listeners:
tFailing to complete required threads will result in a warning (if threads are not completed within a season, e.g. Winter threads aren't finished by the end of Spring, the PC looses the position and cannot apply for it again)
tFailing to start required threads before the end of the season will result in a loss of Listener status
tMisusing Speaker NPCs will result in a loss of unmoderated/unassisted use of NPCs
tPowerplaying (in spite of proper warnings) will result in a loss of Listener status


j Requirements for an Unspoken:
tExpert level martial skill (excluding brawling)
tExpert acrobatics
tCompetent body building
tCompetent endurance
tCompetent stealth
tCompetent tactics

tA finished moderated thread detailing initiation
tA dedication to Alvadas
tA "native" Alvad - does not affiliate with any other city

tAt least a year of active play
tNo prior serious warnings (e.g. powerplaying, refusal to comply, argumentative behavior, etc.)
tAt least two job threads detailing an Unspoken's work (does not have to be assassinations)
tMust gain at least a combination of ten points in all required skills per season (if master in all, new skill gains are required)

Perks for Unspoken:
tFree Common living expense
tPay modifier (x1.5) to guard wage
tAccess to Unspoken NPC bank, unrestricted for members of Shadow
tFree set of Unspoken gear (custom fit, darkened leather armor, Isurian steel weapon of choice, Symenestra silk under clothes)
tFree housing in the Ristage Caverns
tUnhampered movement through Alvadas (including the Underground)

Consequences for Unspoken:
tFailing to complete required threads will result in a warning (if threads are not completed within a season, e.g. Winter threads aren't finished by the end of Spring, the PC looses the position and cannot apply for it again)
tFailing to start required threads will result in a loss of Unspoken status
tMisusing Unspoken NPCs will result in a loss of unmoderated/unassisted use of NPCs
tPowerplaying (in spite of proper warnings) will result in a loss of Unspoken status
tFailure to meet skill increment requirements for more than a season will result in a loss of Unspoken status
tFailure to kill any Marked within the season it is assigned will result in a loss of Unspoken status
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