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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

Summer 517 Calendar

Postby Kaleidoscope on May 31st, 2017, 9:19 pm

Summer 517 AV Calendar

Summer sees unusual heat, beautiful illusion, drink, drugs, rock and roll, water fights, pretty things... and horrifying illness sweep the city. Be prepared to face all and more, with fire in your belly and a song in your heart (literally).

Spring's calendar.

Quick Glance
2nd: Fraudster's trial.
5th: Mystery vial event. [Moderated]
13th: 'Sunshines' is released on the menu in the Unnamye. [E]
28th: Illusionary flowers begin to bloom and the Garden Of No Return's borders expand.
30th: Geysers begin to pop out of the ground in various places. Wells begin to appear.
35th: The sash craze begins and lasts for about 30 days, during which sashes get bigger and better.
40th: Mother's murder trial.
47th: City-wide water fight, instigated by the Twisted-Streeters.*
54th: The first murals get painted in the ghost town. [E]
61st: An illusion lasting one day gives people a feeling of flames from their stomach and a strange, crooning, wordless song coming from somewhere in their chest. Some people breathe fire.
68th: A flautist puts on a free concert (with free booze) in the ghost town. It is the grand opening of the Floridian Festi Society. Link.[E]
72nd: Slaver's trial.
77th: Concert and ballroom-dancing event at The Call of the Wilderness. [E]
89th: A massive swarm of insects form over Alvadas and spread disease.
90th: Blackmailer's trial.

[E] Event.

The Costume Box
Info: Here you can find some helpful illusions, scenarios, items and ideas for free use in roleplay. The items listed below are not date-specific!
One flame-orange, calf-length boot
An argument between a grumpy Symnestra and a gardener
A raincloud of illusionary rubies
A street performer without a leg
Utter jealousy
A pearl-encrusted eating knife owned by a fat ex-Drykas woman
Two teal budgies that appear to be in love
A heavy sack of flour *[Credit: Karyk]
An inventor brandishing a spork *[Credit: Arisia]
Horse and cart bolt down the street *[Credit: Dove]
A bag of fish-heads and cabbages *[Credit: M'Wanii]
A pretty, silver ring lying on the street that causes reverse thievery *[Credit: Karyk & Xen]

(Lack of) Winter's Hold

The animals that travelled during the Spring as a result of Winter's disruption have died just inland of the coast. As a result, millions of insects are breeding in their rotting bodies, and a part of this hoard has swarmed off to find fresh prey- namely, the people of Alvadas. On the 89th, a massive swarm of insects descends upon the city, and with them they carry illness. It is not a pleasant sight, and almost half the population of the city suffer from illness. For some, it even causes death, to great mourning. The disease has ramifications and effects for the following season. Characteristics of the disease include: vomiting, fever, a rash that causes temporary to permanent paralysis, and haemorrhaging through scratches leading to possible death. As a result, Ionu's Mercy is stretched to its limits and advertises heavily for help of any kind.

OOC: For each PC that registers, I will roll a 6 sided die. '1-2' will give the PC an illness, and '3-6' will not have an effect. The effects of the disease will be again doled out randomly and sent via PM to the respective players.

Sashays and Sunshines


A prominent actress from the Crooked Playhouse, Mela Ai'lanara, wears a beautiful, feathered sash for a play on the 35th, and the clothing item becomes an overnight hit amongst Alvads. Sashes are worn around heads, around shoulders, around waists, etc, with varying degrees of absurdity and grace. Vendors, including the Tattered Thread, capitalise on the craze and begin selling sashes of all colours and designs.

As a result of the potato-heavy diet last season and the hot temperatures, most cooks and markets sell as much variation of food and drink as they can, with particular emphasis on colourful salads and meringues. A chef accidentally creates a meringue in the shape of Tower's Idol Slanderer, and is subsequently disappointed when the statue mocks his creation. (21st)

A new alcoholic beverage surfaces from the Unnamye, and is the only drug available to be taken from the shop-lounge. Called 'Sunshines', the drink is fruity, sparkling, and gives the imbiber uncontrollable mirth. The drinks comes in little shot-sized bottles and cost 1 GM a piece. Sold blind, the lucky purchaser who finds the flower of the fruit the drink is made from in his/her bottle receives a crateful!

Weather and Illusions


The weather is unusually hot for Alvadas, and the ground becomes hard and cracked as little rain falls and Syna's light bakes the earth. Without much water, plants wither and some die, causing some degree of panic amongst herbalists. A third of the way through the season, incredible plants and unbelievable flowers start blooming across Alvadas, from walls, rooftops, doorways, floorboards. The Garden expands in places, as thickets of flowers and hedgemaze twist into streets and block housekeys from working. As such, many people find they are unable to get home at all, and sleep on the streets. In true Alvad fashion, many citizens take this opportunity to get drunk and tell crazy stories with complete strangers. Ionu's Stand puts on shows for some who are lost.

In some places, illusionary water springs from the ground like massive geysers, and some intrepid citizens take to standing on tea trays and surfing these jets of water. Fabel sets up a competition, where the winner receives 50 GM and a handcrafted pair of bespoke 'surfing' boots crafted by Voren Skyglow of the Tattered Thread. At the same time as a kind of reflection of the water coming out of the ground, several deep, waterless wells appear suddenly. Some seem to be filled with a oozing, almost solid mist. Some are full of other things, like silk, or oranges, or candles. Some are completely empty, and all the wells are about fifteen feet deep.

Speakers and Law

A Speaker's event takes place with the Seamstress, the Silver Serpent, and the Lady of Swords, who put a mother on trial for murdering all five of her children by burying them alive to make her feel 'young again'. She is mildly tortured by the Seamstress, where the lines on her face are elongated with scratches and her hair is made grey . She is forced to bend over like an old crone, and then covered with a beautifully macabre cloth and sewn in, before being cast into a well in the ground never to be seen again. The Speakers also give three separate events punishing a slaver, a fraudster, and a blackmailer. The slaver is denied the use of his own legs and hands, and is made to walk around against his will by another. The fraudster has his wealth redistributed to those he tricked, leaving him destitute, and the blackmailer has all his private desires and fantasies coaxed out of him and told to the laughing crowd.

The Ghost Town Lives Again


Last season, a group of abandoned houses collected themselves together and some became inhabited by ghostly occupants. In Summer, the abandoned houses remain bunched together, although some appear to have wandered off, and a few ghosts still haunt it as Cravens work slowly to evict them from this world. As the days roll by some Alvads, fed up of the drab, dilapidated houses, decide to take to the ghostly streets and paint impressive murals across the walls. A flautist sets up camp inside one abandoned house, making a small concert venue which he calls the 'Floridian Festi Society'. Several bards organise lively parties, with entrance costing 10 GM a person only. Despite the aura of disquiet and undeath, the ghost town takes on a lively veneer and a deliciously hedonistic atmosphere.

A Plaything Of The Gods

An artefact surfaces causing alarm amongst the population. After briefly being in the possession of a Speaker, the artefact is lost once more and seems to leave the city. This causes uproar! More details to follow.

End of Season

At the turnover of the season, Aysu the Sea announces that a project to extend the city walls will be underway next season. This involves making a green area of the city to build a farm, as well as other development projects. Despite the hardships that sickness brings, the citizens of the city put on a brave face and have a half-hearted party for Ionu at the Crooked Playhouse. To their surprise, Ionu him/herself turns up with a surprise guest.

OOC: The project will be fully announced next season. The party will be ST moderated, and is open. Please state your interest as soon as possible in the OOC.


Seasonal Challenges Summer 517

Note: Completing these challenges will allow you to receive the Alvadas Seasonal Challenge Badge. Those who currently hold the badge are: Sayana & Aislyn Leavold. This season, there are three categories. Out of these three categories, you need to pick two challenges. Each must be covered in individual threads, but there is no minimum word count. Once completed, post a list complete with links in my office.

Multiplayer-character challenges: Must be completed with another PC).
  • Have a bizarre encounter on the streets of Alvadas whilst being unable to get home.
  • Attend any kind of cultural event in the city. [E]
  • Become intoxicated and suffer a consequence [1. Fall down a well] [2. Lose an item of clothing] [3. Make a promise you can't keep]*
  • Tell a secret.

Skill-based challenges:
  • Use a skill beginning with 'R'.
  • Lose the use of your character's highest statted skill for one day.
  • Set a skill goal level for your character, post it in the OOC, and complete it by the end of the season.**Can exclude observation or socialisation if desired
  • Complete a job thread at one of three locations. [1. The Crooked Playhouse] [2. The Withered Rose] [3. Kalea's Kiln]*

PC-development challenges:
  • Discover, or experience, your character's biggest fear.
  • Make an offering to Ionu, or your character's favoured deity.
  • Reminisce about a pivotal point in your character's history.
  • Strengthen a bond of friendship or deepen an animosity after one of three events. [1. Stealing something belonging to a PC] [2. Beating a PC at a competition] [3. Giving a present to a PC]*
*(Roll a 3-sided die in chat if you want a random selection)
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