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Just when she thought she was safe, Aladari learns she's being hunted

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All Comes Crashing Down

Postby Aladari Coolwater on April 13th, 2017, 1:08 am

2nd of Winter 516

The doubt and hesitation in his voice hurt initially, but Aladari couldn't blame him. Why shouldn't Morwen have told her what was happening? Why wouldn't a mother warn her children? It seemed an obvious answer, and yet, here Aladari was in the dark.

"No." She answered softly. "She jus' left. She left us with nothin' an' I still cain't leave Her."

Aladari set her tea down beside her with a sigh. Although she was thankful for the comfort, the sudden and unexpected fullness of her belly did nothing to ease the homesickness that settled there. In an attempt to combat the ill feeling, Aladari turned her thoughts elsewhere. As the emotion successfully took a backseat, practical concerns began to slosh forward.

She couldn't stay out here forever. All of her belongings, her fishing materials, Tar and Mikkie, they were all back at the inn. Not only did she need those thing, but she needed other foods besides fish. Even without trying she knew she would kill a garden. She would need to learn how to build a fire, and set up her own tent. Hai, she would still need to buy a tent of her own. Once again, homesickness began to wash over her, and Aladari closed her eyes to quell the dizziness that came with it.

"Lis'en." She started, reopening her eyes. "I'm glad for tha help, believe me. I am. But I cain't stay 'ere forever. I've personal stuff at home, an' all kin's of other stuff I need to get a'fore I'm ready to stay out 'ere.

"I don' know if I kin really ask you anythin' else, there a way you kin help me git my things? Maybe we could go tonigh'? When is dark, there's nah as many guards, right?"

In truth, she had no idea how the city guard worked, but her voice was as hopeful as she could make it. She had to have something to hold on to, and for now, that was Beodan.
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"The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure."
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All Comes Crashing Down

Postby Beodan Clathony on April 15th, 2017, 8:05 pm

The Kelvic nodded at her response mutely; it seemed Aladari was just as lost as he was. Even worse in her case as she had had somewhere to fall from, an existing connection that he could only imagine the depth of. He nodded again after a moment, letting the silence stretch on as they both got lost in thought. The bottom of his cup aimed towards the thick canvas roof as he drained the dregs of his tea, setting next to the pods he had been splitting. He was cleaning up his work station when she made her inquiry, causing him to start and spill a palm full of seeds. She wanted to go back? By the divine…

“Not trying to be pessimistic,” Dan started uncertainly, “But every time you go to the city now is a risk of your death. There are plenty of good folk, that is true, but there are a good deal that would as soon sell you for the gold without losing a wink of sleep over it.” He turned to her with imploring chocolate eyes and asked, “Is what you have in the city really worth that?”

Her answer should have been obvious to him, as she would not have seemed so earnest in her request otherwise. Scratching the back of his head and sighing, he relented, “Alright, I’ll take you. But this time I want you to saddle me up, so I can carry your things and you will have an easier time of staying on in relative comfort.” He walked beside the couch and picked up the only lightly worn saddle, metal buckles clinking as he did so. It was nearly brand new, after all, when would he use it, save for situations like this? The Horse instructed, gesturing at various parts, “Basically, all you have to do is tighten the straps by tugging on ‘em like this. I can get into it pretty well on my own.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully, “We should actually leave soon, if we go too late then the gates will be under tighter watch. And perhaps a priest will be their, looking for your kind.”

After getting her confirmation, the Kelvic stepped outside the tent and shifted in a flash of light. The saddle sat loosely on his glossy coat, shimmering in the light of the dying sun.
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