Solo [Training Grounds] Grinding The Axe

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[Training Grounds] Grinding The Axe

Postby Baelin Holt on May 31st, 2017, 2:54 am

Garland :
4 Weapon (Hand Crossbow)
3 Weapon (War Axe)
2 Acrobatics
2 Weapon (Shield)
1 Endurance
1 Tactics

Sera Catherine: No such thing as a fair fight
Shield: Hiding your next move from your opponent
Self: Keeping Reimancy a secret
Self: Hates ranged training
Crossbow: Steadier than a bow

Shield Points:
3 Training
1 Patron

Please note that “Winter 60” is not an adequate timestamp, you need the year as well. Your thread list and ledger also look like they could use some tending too, although nothing seems problematically out of date. Overall, this was a good training thread. I enjoyed the dynamic between Garland and Catherine, and I like how you worked on both close and ranged combat. About half of your posts are sub-300 words, which is wicked short. Especially for a solo like this, they can definitely be beefed up a bit.

Please edit your grade request to show that this has been graded. If you have any questions or concerns, or believe that I’ve missed something or made a mistake, please do PM me.
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