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Postby Raoul on January 18th, 2017, 1:46 am



Race: Ghost
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty three
Birthday: 44 Fall 493 AV
Birthplace: Sunberth
Weight: 195 lbs.
Height: 6' 1"
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Fluent: Common
Basic: Fratava
Poor: Shiber

Died: 72 Winter 516 AV


Growing up in Sunberth meant Raoul was no stranger to chaos. He knew how to carve out a life of routine and structure despite the daily debaucheries of the city. It helped to have a keen ear; the man could make enemies as quickly as he could make allies, simply by knowing how to listen for the illusive details.

Secrets, rumours, and gossip were always worth their weight in gold, but Raoul was frugal. He never really cared to climb the ranks. He knew his place and knew how to defend it, but he had no desire to challenge those above him. The man preferred to be alone and seek knowledge and expand the breadth of his mind in any way he could. He liked to read, occasionally write, but he longed for some substance, some insight into something he felt was far more mysterious than physical reality.

Such thoughts were almost an escape, a way for him to seek a connection that he had lacked since birth. Being born to a Svefran mother should have assured that he too would be a child of Laviku, but despite his father's blue-eyes, Raoul was born without the ocean in his gaze. The blame was put onto his father's lack of Laviku's mark, causing a rift between the two pods and a fight between the new parents, knowing that they'd have to give up their child. Wade was a proud man who refused to offer his child to a god that never loved him, whereas Coral was ashamed and repentant. Following a long and difficult discussion, the decision was made to cast the child adrift the next morning.

Wade was adamant. He hated the idea of letting go of his first-born child but he couldn't defy the Lia's final word. It didn't take long for the Svefra to choose losing his family over losing his son - he wrapped the baby up tight to his chest and whistled to his tavan. Wade jumped off the ship that night and swam on his back towards a new life with his precious boy.

Raoul looked up to his father and considered Wade his hero for more reasons than he could count. Wade made sure that his son never took anything for granted and always remembered that the Svefra were still good, supportive, loving people. Yet it wasn't easy for Raoul to shake off the need for something more. Something deeper than what he had now, with what he considered to be tenuous, surface-level connections...

His thoughts were preoccupied with whispers of seemingly impossible happenings: the ability to merge and transform and control that which is ordinary - the shape of the body, the movement of the earth, the feelings of the heart... into something extraordinary. It was all so strange yet fascinating, so suspicious yet intriguing... he craved to find out how to do it: How to do magic.

But alas, life in the city of opportunity was unsurprisingly hostile to the freedom of sorcery. He knew this, so he continued to keep his curiosities in the shadows while he worked simple jobs as a guard, an occasional spy, and an assistant innkeeper near the Baroque Bay.

One day, in the Fall of 515 AV, Raoul met a Benshiran sailor who needed extra hands on deck. He learned that the sailor was taking cargo over to Zeltiva, and then to Syliras, and then planned to return within a year's time. The two men bonded over chocolate milk and before he knew it, Raoul was setting up for an adventure...
[A Work in Progress]

Death occurred on the journey back from Zeltiva, heading to Sunberth. Raoul died on command for his lover, Zara, a woman who used him for his protection and support. She couldn't bear to live her life knowing that once she left him, Raoul would be free to be with someone else. Zara was ambitious, she knew she could do better, have better, make everything better - Raoul wasn't enough. She was convinced that he couldn't satisfy her in the way she needed to be loved. But Raoul was a good man, better than most; she was giving up a man she could not love.

So Zara bribed another woman on deck to lie, to help her tell the crew that Raoul had raped her in her sleep. Zara demanded retribution and was about to succeed in getting a crew member to kill him and throw him off the boat when Raoul suddenly took a knife to his heart. As he bled, he told Zara to keep his body on board and sell his corpse to Sahova.

The woman was stricken. Even in his death, Raoul sought to support her aspirations. She begrudgingly followed through.
[A Work in Progress]

Raoul kept up a relaxed appearance during his day-to-day routines. He liked to wear items that defined how he was feeling that day; grey shirts for serious business days or blue shirts for calm days by the bay. His dark brown hair usually stayed the same, slightly above his broad shoulders in a loose, half ponytail. He liked to braid the top on special occasions.


Raoul is dead. Or at least he knows that he's not the same as he was before, so he has concluded that he died. That conclusion took him a while. He remembers his life in Sunberth, he remembers a beautiful girl from another city, he remembers getting on a ship. He remembers other things that he doesn't like remembering. None of it has helped him gain enough will to break out of feeling stuck.

He found out that he's on an island called Sahova. He listened to visitors talk about 'djed'. He seeks more info.


Skill XP Level
Materialization 10 RB Novice
Possession 15 Novice
Soulmist Projection 5 Novice
Intelligence 15 Novice
Intimidation 15 Novice
Sahova: Magical Research Facility
Magic: Djed is in everything
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