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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Packages and Presents

Postby Xira Hezmek on January 31st, 2017, 11:32 am

28th of Winter 516

Perhaps it was a prank. Perhaps under the circumstances, he aught not do the task outlined for him. After all, the courier had not tacitly agreed to the task. But... he had been paid in a fashion. Xira shifted the sack over his shoulder to a more comfortable position and continued on, hunched over, less from the weight and more out of embarrassment and indignity. Though maybe it was for a good cause?

That morning he had arrived to his shop, a courier shop, and found a wooden crate at the door of his stables. Puzzled, he brought the crate inside and opened it up. Thus, the beginning of his current predicament. The contents of the crates had him nonplussed. Inside he found a series of packages wrapped in brightly colored knitted wool satchels with the draw strings pulled tight and tied in elaborate bows. On the side of the crate a note was affixed. It read in a beautiful looping script:

Greeting Courier,
I have a task for you today, a task that you will see has been paid for in advanced. Please take these gifts in the provided sack to a few locations and pass them out to whoever passes by. Pay special attention and kindness to children. Let anyone who asks know that these gifts are free out of the generosity of Riverfall itself.


On the back of the note were some scrawled locations in a far less beautiful hand, hinting that the note had two or so authors. The locations turned out to be The Valkalah Academy, The Gilia Medical Center and the street corner it sits on, The Fresh Start Resort and Wellness Center, and Godiva's Refuge. With a post script advising that Xira aught to stay where he is permitted to go, but to entreat those that he can to take a gifts to where he might not be able to go.

Inside was indeed a brightly colored sack and a purse of Mizas, all of which gold. He didn't need to count them to know that they corresponded to his rates for packages and the amount of packages involved. With a growing sense of dread, he knew that he would have to do as he was asked, his ethics would demand no less. After all, what was he supposed to do? Leave the crate out for others to steal. Actually... a sign with the words "free" might- No. He would have to go and pass out these gifts.

And so he made his way first to the Gilia Medical Center. His back was aching from the odd posture of carrying his burden about. As Xira scuttled into the main hall of the medical center an indigo tinted fellow with the most puzzled expression sauntered up. "Uh, greetings human. Welcome to the Gilia Medical Center, I am Karvin Gilia. How may I, uh, help you?" He turned the last bit into a question as he bent with his head tilted to get a look at the courier's face. "Oh, greetings. My apologies, my name is Xira Hezmek, and I am a courier. I have been paid to, uh, pass out gifts. Presumably to your patients, and I suppose to your staff." Xira looked about for a second, not seeing any other staff or sick people in this portion of the building. "How about you go first?" He unslung his sack and offered the mouth to the gentleman.

Nonplussed, and with a bit of a skeptical look on his face, the healer pulled out a violet package with knitted stars and pulled the draw strings. The man emptied the contents into his other hand and received... a carved wooden horse, suitable material for any toddler or child to play with, though the carving detail was particularly exquisite. With a tense, heavy pause the akalak looked up at the Xira and said, "Well then. I suppose I should thank you. Go on ahead and deliver your presents. It should be of no issue. Please stay off the third floor and try not to distress or bother any of our patients. I will have one of the younger healers escort you at a discreet distance. " With that and a crooked grin, the healer departed, pocketing the wooden horse.

It didn't take long to pass out presents to those taken ill or heavy with child. Truthfully, there weren't many there at this time of year. But each got a package which turned out to be a doll, or a small inexpensive piece of jewelry, or some child's play thing. Nothing expensive, but always of decent quality. And this had Xira wondering at his patron's generosity. As he went, he spread his story, how a mysterious benefactor paid him to distribute gifts for any he came across.

When he was done, he stood in the busy streets, the sack at his side occasionally calling in his best sylirain bazaar voice, "Free gifts for and from Riverfall, get your free gift here!" or "You there, young one, have a free gift! Surely your father wouldn't mind? Of course not, see the man approves."

He smiled at any who would step up to him and with a prompt, he would hand over a small knitted parcel.

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