[Syliras]PC Knight looking for Squire

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[Syliras]PC Knight looking for Squire

Postby Samuel Longwell on March 2nd, 2017, 3:21 pm

Squires Wanted

At some point over the next two seasons, I would really like Samuel to take on a PC squire. It's quite a big plot point for him so I want to do it right. Therefore I have a few conditions before getting into this with another PC. They are mostly to avoid me being let down, I don't want to become a patron to a PC then have them disappear after a month. But more about that after my sales pitch.

So why become a squire? Well if you haven't seen it already you should check out the lore on Syliran Knights. If you like adventure, combat, and training with some awesome people then the knighthood is the place for you! We have a group of about 7 or 8 PCs active in the knighthood at the moment, so there's never a lack of other squires/knights to write with. As a squire you have your seasonal expenses paid for you, so you can focus on all the training. Even if you don't want to become my squire, I would encourage you to join the order :)

So what will I do for you if you become my squire? Firstly, you get priority in a season if I'm strapped for time. I'll make time to do at least one thread with you every season, probably more than that if you're up for it. I generally post within a few days, and it's rare for me to take longer than a week. I've found doing training threads with someone else is much easier than threading alone. So in that regard I'm an improvement over an NPC patron. I'm at Competent skill level for all the (non-mage) skills required to become a knight. So you get frequent training in the skills you want. I'm also willing to give advice about starting skills. I wish I'd started with a slightly different spread as I've found some skills easier to train than others. I think that building a strong relationship between the two PCs will be really interesting to write about and I would love to do it with someone who is also excited about it.

If you're interested in becoming my squire, then read on. There are three main groups of people that I think would be possibly interested in this offer. I'm going to lay out what I would like to see from each before I commit to such a huge PC relationship. I'm looking for a player who is willing to thread with me at least once per season, can reply at least once every two weeks and is going to stick around for a while. I do understand if things get in the way sometimes, just send me a PM if you're not going to be able to reply in a while. Here are the three groups and what you should do if you're in each:

  1. You have a well established (at least 50 posts and have been on the site for longer than 60 days, preferably 100+ posts and have role-played for a whole season.) PC that has an interest in becoming a squire. That's great, send me a PM and we can start discussing what's next straight away. I will want to do a thread with you first, just to see how you write!
  2. You have a well established PC that has no interest in becoming a squire but you'd like to create an alt to become a squire or you have an alt that wants to be a squire. This is also great, send me a PM as your established PC and let me know what you're thinking. Again, I'll want to do a thread with you first. Also, getting your character sheet approved before becoming my squire will be necessary.
  3. You are a new player who wants to create a squire. Still great, but I'll want to see that you're serious about sticking around before we rush into anything. Send me a PM and if you want I'll help with your character concept. We can have a thread as soon as your character is ready. You should create a PC that is not a squire (which I recommend anyway as you can cash in your housing that way) and spend a season threading with people. If you've stuck around and are still interested in becoming a squire then we can make that happen.

I'm sorry if this seems like an excessive number of hoops to jump through, but I would love to make this a serious long-term thing. If you have any questions or just want to complain about how unreasonable I'm being then feel free to reply to the thread or send me a PM. I'm friendly really :P

Many thanks to Prophet for the box code.
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