RustyEyron Talks to the Void

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RustyEyron Talks to the Void

Postby Jez Firetongue on March 16th, 2017, 3:20 am

Well, since I'm back on Mizahar for the long haul I figured I may as well make one of these. I'd love for conversation to go on here but I am aware this is mostly going to be me talking to the void (hence the title). I'll probably pretty this up at some point but it's currently 3am and I have lectures tomorrow. Anyway, some basic information about me to start with...

Name: Wouldn't you like to know ;) Online I go by Rusty
Age: 20 years old
Sex: Female
Nationality: English
Career: About to graduate as a zoologist, already lined up to do a Masters in badger population genetics 2017-18. After that I plan to work as an ecological consultant to save some money before returning to South Africa to train as a field guide. Maybe I'll get a PhD along the way too...
Animals: I am currently the owner of two gorgeous bearded dragons and a little roborovski hamster (thanks to my housemates opening their cage one day and finding a litter of tiny hamsters -_-)
Likes: Travelling, anime, writing, food, horse riding, sleep
Dislikes: People unable to discuss something without arguing, being asked 'oh, so you want to be a zookeeper?', mornings

I'm going to use this opportunity to quickly explain my absence from Mizahar. So in 2012 I was introduced to this site by a friend (now inactive) and joined with two characters (including Jez) for a few months. I loved the lore and am so happy to see how much it's expanded in my absence. Unfortunately 2012 was not a great time for me out in the real world. I was finally diagnosed with a couple of mental health disorders related to an illness I've had my whole life and also my home situation wasn't great. I'm not going to go into these things because I don't want too much private information out here, and I didn't make a scrapbook for talking about that stuff. At the same time as it was happening studying was getting more intensive and I couldn't get on top of things. Something had to break and it was my ability to keep up with online activities, including roleplaying sites.

I eventually forgot about Mizahar until I saw it mentioned a month or so ago. I came back expecting it to have died but was pleasantly surprised to see it still thriving! I am so happy to be roleplaying Jez again, in a community of such well written people (I have spent too much time in fast moving, one liner forum rps D:). Now, having moved away from home and gotten a handle of my mental illness, I am in a much better position that five years ago. I am looking forward to being part of this community for the foreseeable future ^^
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