Syka petitioning!

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Syka petitioning!

Postby Karin on March 17th, 2017, 12:25 am


I'm Syked... are you?

I'm looking for any and all rp-ers who might be interested in playing in Syka this season! We have an awesome calendar (here), with plenty to discover. Elephants, memory loss, seeing the future in a giant mirror, earthquakes, lava, and the unknown... *makes spooky noises*

I'm looking for roleplayers who might want to stretch their creative imagination, and also their character's comfort zone. Syka is absolutely full of mystery, and this season seems the perfect opportunity to get embroiled in it. There are numerous events that I would like a thread partner for, just take your pick from the calendar! But one of my focusses is on ocean exploration. Karin will provide the boat, all she needs is someone to interact with and make friends with through crazy adventures. I'll challenge you if you challenge me. :)

If you're interested, just hit this thread up.

10/7/17- All my threads are marked [open] and as such are open to all. :)
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