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Baylin hires someone to help him with the monkey menace!

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Attack of the Monkeys. (Xen)

Postby Bay'Lin La on April 3rd, 2017, 4:10 am


6th Day of Spring, 517 A.V.

There was a hidden legend or better yet, a myth. A myth that other people could physically feel the sensation of a passive aggressive silence. “...” Bay'lin stood with his arms crossed in front of his chest, simply casting his gaze over the two humans who rolled along the sands of the beach right next to the tent that he sold fresh fish out of. However, the strife the two men had with each other served to prove as a barrier against his agitated state.

He stood there listening to their squabbling , half annoyed, but half interested in as to why the men were fighting so close to his business on such an empty open expanse of shoreline.

“Sss your turn!”

“No, iss'yours.”

“I bought your meal lass'time!”

The more Bay'lin listened, the more he'd come to learn about the two brothers fighting over who would buy their siblings meal for the day. The argument had started to run his nerves raw, so he drew his trident from the harness on his back and held it just above one of the mens feet. He took the moment to aim it as the men were distracted, then stabbed at one of their ankles. He didn't hit them with the sharp prongs, he aimed to pin one of the men's ankles to the sand by trapping it within the empty space between the spikes of his trident.

The action immediately caused one of the men to stare up at the hooded Charodae, clad in green armor that had living creatures crawling across it. In his free hand, he plucked a mollusk from his kelp armor and tossed it at the back of the brother who appeared to be straddling atop the other, ready to punch the younger in the face. It quickly gained his attention as well.

"If neither of you wish to procure my produce, please be on your way. You are disturbing my business. Otherwise, I will drown both of you and use your flesh as bait for the sharks." He opened his mouth to expose the razor sharp rows of teeth within his maw. Once the last word was spoken, his dislodged his spike from the sand to let the man's ankle go.

"Wasn't that hungry any ways...” One human said as he let the other stand up to check if their ankle was damaged. "Yeah, what eee said." The young man said before they started walking away.

Bay'lin shook his head as he stood their with his trident in hand. It was times like these when Bay'lin wasn't sure if dry land just liked to petch with him, or if everything above water was cursed. But today it seemed as if the city knew that he wanted to simply be alone, but cause him to seek out drama.

His head canted inland towards the city at the familiar sound of a high pitched scream. "May?" The Voider spoke out, calling out to her. After her scream, several others started to ring out across the city. "May'lin!" He shouted, this time running along the cities cobbled pathway to where he'd heard her scream. THe further he ran, the more he saw people swinging brooms, weapons, and tossing items at a small horde of beasts terrorizing the city.

He took in a deep breath, using it as a means to increase his pace as he listened for his sisters screams. He found her hiding behind a tree near Uta's Place, then running in a zig zag pattern around several other trees in attempt to escape from three monkeys chasing her. "May'lin! Run towards me!" He spoke while lowering the hood of his cloak. Waiting to cast a spell until his sister was close enough for his trap to work.

As soon as he finished speaking, Bay'lin lifted the trident in his hand. He had no interest in using the weapon, but used it as a gesture of focus in his arcane casting.

"Absent shadows of the sun, the lost. The prison we do not want to leave..."

It was a mantra-like incantation that defined nothing but emptiness. The Charodae could feel his djed flow forth through his ever nerve, surging out from his body through his arm and accumulate on the space that he pointed at with his trident. As if his djed were a key; or shovel, he started to removing all matter until only the void remained. He continued to feed his djed into the portal until it was the size of a one of the monkey, placing the void portal on the ground right behind his sister act as a barrier. "Pull."

He spoken, willing his djed to cause its far side to start sucking in whatever it could. Hoping it would pull the monkeys into the void as May'lin quickly pulled him into a hug. The monkeys tried their best to stop, and only two of them had managed to get out of the pulls way; circling around the portal. But one at the head of the charge screeched wildly as it floated into darkness. Baylin stopped using his djed to fuel the void portal since it no longer had a purpose, halting is pulling suction, and leaving a black void to hover in the air to eventually close on itself at some point in time.

"Help!" He called out to anyone in the area who could hear him. His head tendrils curled against his armor as he pushed May'lin to stand behind him.

"You! Help me protect my sister and I shall pay you!" It was a phrase he yelled out multiple times to anybody who would listen.

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Attack of the Monkeys. (Xen)

Postby Xen on April 6th, 2017, 5:59 pm

It was supposed to be a quiet day.

Xen walked the jungle, lurking and hunting for what could not outpace or slay him. Naturally, he found nothing since it wasn't a good day. Just another failed day to add onto a list of days he suffered hunger pains and the ensuing fatigue. Xen dragged his feet as he traversed the jungle; brown and green moved to and fro in his sight; nothing stirred so as long as he remained present.

The birds had become wary of him and stayed away which was not entirely unwise. Earlier, Xen attempted to devour one of them while he was in his serpent form but the lucky, avian fiend escaped certain death. For another day it would eat copious fruit, court females, and vocalize with other members of its kind. Until some serpent put an end to its wild, tropical life. Xen eyed the bird of paradise and its flock, vowing wordlessly that such a day was nigh. He gazed upon their fine, black feathers and long, colorful hooked beaks.

Then he imagined plucking off their feathers and impaling them on a stick. The image of a fire burning and the smell of freshly roasted toucan caressed his starved mind like a professional masseuse at work. Xen drooled and stared blankly as his daydream played out in his mind. Surely—if one could eat their imagination—Xen would have done so.

The hour was early and bright, yet Xen knew he did not have all day. He needed to find food quickly before the night approached and ushered in stronger and more efficient predators into the hunting grounds. So, Xen abandoned the toucans, leaving them to do what birds and their ilk did within the canopy. Then he made his way to an area of the beach he hadn't explored yet. Uta's humble abode.

There was a beach to his left and jungle to his right, yet Xen saw no creatures worth hunting.
“ This is giving me some serious conniptions, ”
Xen despaired. He feared the wrath of an empty stomach. Then he stopped: he swore he heard a high pitched and strikingly irritating screech of a familiar animal nearby. But Xen continued walking again. He assumed the animal was deep in the canopy and far from his reach. A thing not worth his time. However, the sounds persisted and became increasingly louder the more he walked forward, making Xen's right eye twitch. He knew what was further ahead now.

“ Prey, ” Xen grinned as he unsheathed his katana.

Now he was running through the jungle! Xen weaved through trees and ducked beneath branches, his feet pounding against the damp soil as he accelerated. The way he ran it was like he was trying to outrun his building excitement and anticipation. In time, Xen reached the chaotic scene which confused him greatly. Because not only were there money's attacking people and ruining their days. There was a fish, man, amphibian... thing... willing to pay for his sisters protection.

Xen could see the bikka and miza's already.

“ Sir, I will protect your sister, ” Xen vowed.

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