[Cyphrus] Skilling! Adventure! Factions!

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[Cyphrus] Skilling! Adventure! Factions!

Postby Makah'a on April 4th, 2017, 1:32 am


I'm looking to start Makah'a on some threads and thought matchmaking would be best! I'm pretty open to any sort of plotting including finding relatives, a travel group or anything. The sky's the limit :3 Some notes that could help you think of any possible interactions with Mak:

    He is an escaped slave
    He is currently alone (likely in Riverfall, but any other major city in Cyphrus would do)
    In search for his family south to Ekytol (though obviously not necessary since its closed, we can go anywhere!)
    Is a blacksmith (competent)
    Currently not part of any faction or institution
    Has immediate relatives and distant relatives all from Ekytol (Benshira/Chaktawe)

Any other notes that you may need can be looked up in his CS or you can PM if you need more details about him! As for myself, I am looking to start an adventure for him, preferably in a group, but duos are fine as well. Maybe trying to get him to learn more philosophy or improving his survival and combat skills. Also interested in a possibility of him being recruited by a faction or institution, or be part of a major conflict. I have a couple ideas pertaining to the latter. :3 Feel free to throw out any more ideas!

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