G'day Mizhar!

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G'day Mizhar!

Postby Alouette adelaar paloma on April 4th, 2017, 8:28 am

    Greetings people of Mizahar c: As you can probably tell I'm a newbie just wanting to introduce myself and apologise in advance for any rooky errors I am bound to make in the near future cx Anywho I'm Alouette, or at least my character will be when she is eventually created (still trying to rack my brain for a unique concept haha). I usually go by jay :) I have done a bit of rp'ing before in the past but nothing too serious, and was feeling like picking it up again when I stumbled across this fabulous place. I haven't even begun and already I'm loving this atmosphere, especially how complex the Mizahar world is, and I simply cannot wait to just jump right in and join you all :D I am a researcher at heart so it may take a bit for me to do some general reading and such and develop Alouette but hopefully that won't take too long.

    Anywho, nice to meet you all. Also, if you have any handy hints that would help me get started, or even any character ideas for an Inarta gal you may have had bottled up in or something (its a long shot I know aha) I would very much appreciate them! Doesn't even have to be that actually. Anyone speaking to me in general would make me super stoked (is it just me or does that sound kind of desperate?)

    Ok well I think that's enough rambling for one day. Alouette out!
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    G'day Mizhar!

    Postby Kaleidoscope on April 11th, 2017, 6:29 pm

    Hi there Alouette! Seems a shame that no-one's welcomed you 'til now. So, welcome to Mizahar! I hope you enjoy your time here. :) As for Inartan ideas, I'm afraid I'm out of ideas there, but take your time and I'm sure you'll come up with something. In the meantime, it might help to think about your favourite types of story to tell, and craft a character based off that. :)
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    G'day Mizhar!

    Postby Salara Kel'Halavath on April 11th, 2017, 7:03 pm

    Heyas Alouette,
    Welcome to Mizahar! Once you get your PC developed, the best advice I have is to wade right in. Pop in to an open thread or private message someone from your chosen realm to start planning a story line. Don't be shy and don't worry about being a newbie....many came before and many will come after so you won't be 'the new guy' for long! I like researching too and the more you know about Mizahar's lore the better. Sounds like you are already on the right track.
    Happy writing!
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    G'day Mizhar!

    Postby Rhyson Halfhame on April 13th, 2017, 1:29 pm

    Welcome welcome welcome!

    Where're you planning on RPing? Maybe we could plot together and get some threads in! Rhyson's in Ravok, and I have another PC in Syliras, and another in Alvadas. PM me if you want a buddy to write with!

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