Closed What Men Do to Trees (Loken)

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What Men Do to Trees (Loken)

Postby Karyk on April 13th, 2017, 8:22 pm

Timestamp: Spring 33 517 AV

Karyk's morning routine was already finished. He'd already eaten, washed and dressed. And as he strolled through the Mithryn Pass to the wilds, he whistled a light tune, ignoring the High Guard that stood by. He had the day off, and wanted to get some lumber for himself. Maybe to build some furniture or toys for Natya's kids. Maybe both. He'd wanted to improve on picking out trees for differing types of lumber, and that simply took practice.

He had his bundle of axes slung over his shoulder along with his pack full of carving gear and other supplies, his hand axe hanging loosely from his belt. This was the first time he'd returned to the wilds in two tendays, ever since he and others were sent out to fetch some lumber for the shipyard. What a fiasco that turned out to be. But one had to get back in the surf or always drown.

He knew he needed to get better than he was with that hand axe of his. He was practically useless with it, possibly even more of a danger to himself or others. It was dumb to be out here without being able to defend himself confidently. But how did one go about learning to fight without running foul of the law or joining the law? He couldn't really afford a combat instructor, and couldn't just go about asking people to fight. He had no idea how or where to begin.

Karyk continued on through the pass, enjoying the unique scent of forest air mixed with salt water. He loved this town, and found himself often conflicted. Were there other places in the world as nice as this one? Or was this the best there was? He wanted to explore the seas without leaving his family behind. But he wasn't a sailor, just a shipbuilder. He'd never see the world like those people did. He'd never build his own town, one just as nice as this, from the wilds.

He plodded along next to a creek, looking into its waters, seeing small fish come to and fro. He'd always fished on the coast from the safety of the city, but maybe he should try to branch out and come here. Learn the wilds better, learn to defend himself, learn the trees better. His job was combining the forest and ocean for others' benefits.

He changed tunes that he was whistling as he made his way westward. He was looking for any mature cedar, fir, or oak trees, not too big. Karyk didn't believe in being wasteful, so he wanted one he could make the most of. He took out his hand axe as he walked, and began swinging it in front of him. He remembered those wolves from earlier in the season. He stopped walking, remembering how that first wolf leapt at him. He'd flinched, getting an arm up instead of attacking. What would have been the better option. He swung the axe in a sloppy downward arc. Cleaving it in the skull? He tried a sideways swing to catch it in the ribs. That had worked, albeit later in the struggle. He continued practicing swings at the fictional wolf, until finally his grip slipped and the axe flew several feet away and lodged itself into a maple.

Karyk sighed and started making his way over to retrieve it. He'd never have let that happen with one of his work axes. He needed to take this more seriously. Somehow.
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