Closed [Fighter's Pit] Five Fingers Make A Fist (Dajiana)

Garland teaches Jia how to defend herself with her fists

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[Fighter's Pit] Five Fingers Make A Fist (Dajiana)

Postby Garland on May 7th, 2017, 4:02 pm

Spring 65 517AV

Garland felt the heat as it shined down from Syna's sun, and right now, Garland could very much do without it right now. The entire training grounds for the squires was so hot that you could fry an egg on your plate mail.

The pits were not much better, but at least there was some shade from the sun. Garland was down in the pits proper, a large circular arena where people would train or spar, but today it was deserted, except for a few fighters.

No one seemed to want to do anything but sit in the shade. Garland on the other hand was bored with sitting around and decided to practice his forms and punches.

Garland was shirtless, and wearing only his loose pants as he walked out into the ray of the sun and towards the straw training dummy.

Garland was well-muscled and very good at what he does, some would he say he was an expert in hand-to-hand combat. They wouldn't be wrong but he had a long way to go before he would be considered a master like Ball.

Garland couldn't hold a candle to Ball even if he wanted to. Ball was quick, strong, and could slip through any defense as easily as he could break through them. That clay thing could dent plate armor with one punch for Sylir's sake!

Garland stood there, his fists raised in a defensive stance, he bounced on his feet, to help with keeping agile and quick on his feet, but with a quick punch, it could be seen that there was force in the punch and he quickly followed up with another punch with his other hand at the dummy's side.

And Garland backed off and took on another stance. He planted his feet on the ground, digging in deep, any blow that would strike him would not knock him down, he was at that moment, an immovable object. Garland was much slower in his strikes but the force was there, a strong punch rocked the dummy back, but the straw training dummy did not break, not yet anyway.

Despite Garland's skill, he did not have a teacher, he was self-taught, watching the fighters in the the Pits when he was a lad and learning from them, then he would practice on his own, and train. It took years but he finally surpassed the people he watched in the pits.

And in a short amount of time he was a squire, he had accelerated exponentially. Real combat with real danger had triggered Garland's growth and he was, at that moment, the strongest melee fighter in the pits.
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[Fighter's Pit] Five Fingers Make A Fist (Dajiana)

Postby Dajiana on May 18th, 2017, 2:01 pm

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