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84th, Kamilla and Turrin bond over an odd purchase...

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[The Knirin Gardens] Growing Pains

Postby Kamilla on May 10th, 2017, 10:46 am


Kamilla Circe Gordon

84th of Spring, 517AV

Kamilla couldn't help but feel cheated as she began her hike up one of the city's many steep winding trails in search of one of the parks she passed on a daily basis, though her attention remained on her expensive and unintentional purchase, having no idea what she would do with such a thing. The purchase in question was held delicately between her fingers as it swayed slightly from side to side without her assistance, a small beautiful lavender coloured flower though it may have been more accurate to describe it as a flower who's petals were actually a cluster of smaller flowers.

The sorceress had been in search of the town library when she'd noticed a large crowd, something which seemed to occur quite often in the beautiful city, often with interesting results. Curious, she had decided to investigate the source of the gathering and found an array of plants emerging from what looked like a magical window on the ground. Her first thoughts were on the window itself, it was clearly of magical origin though she was uncertain of which discipline in particular.

Ruling out her own disciplines, which she knew weren't capable of creating any sort of window, let alone bringing something else through it, Kamilla was forced to turn to the basic summaries of disciplines she'd learned from her copy of The Treval Codex. Given the information provided, most notably the inscriptions and circle drawn on the floor surrounding the window Kamilla drew the conclusion that it was a world magic known as summoning, though that was about as far as her knowledge of the discipline went.

Satisfied with her assessment of the magic, Kamilla turned her attention to the mass of plant life that seemed to have grown out of the window since its opening. There were all sorts, almost all of which she was unfamiliar with, having little knowledge of botany further than the difference between a tree, flower and bush. Of her limited plant knowledge there was one thing the sorceress was certain of, normal plants didn't move, yet these did, branches, stems and vines all swayed and twisted before her eyes making the plants seem far more alien than she'd initially assumed.

Filled with questions about both summoning and the plants themselves Kamilla glanced around in search of the mage responsible, he was not difficult to find, although he was surrounded by a bunch of people who were basically waving their coin purses in his direction, intent on purchasing one of the oddities, she assumed. Since she'd clearly not get much chance at a conversation with the busy mage Kamilla decided to instead see what else she could deduce from the intriguing moving plants, kneeling down to investigate a particularly beautiful flower, it's lavender coloring having caught the sorceress' eye.

The flower in question was small, only two feet of its stem protruding from the window in the ground, two short offshoots on either side inches below its flower head, ending in a single pointed leaf on each side. Kamilla brought her face nearer for a moment about to test the flower's scent before thinking twice as she recalled an incident on Sahova a few years back wherein she'd been found unconscious amongst a field of unknown flowers with no memory of how she'd gotten there, best not to risk a repeat.

Throughout her inspection of the flower the sorceress found one thing most interesting of all, it seemed as if the flower was watching her, its center following her when she'd knelt down, leaning in when she'd been about to smell it and then mirroring her once again when she slowly pulled away. Although beautiful, the plant life escaping the portal seemed more fitting of Sahova, seeming like the result of one of the islands many odd experiments, though a glance at the mage responsible made it seem unlikely, he was far too lively for a Sahovan mage, or at least he seemed so.

Shrugging her shoulders, Kamilla gave in to her curiosity about the flower's scent and leaned in, all around her people were touching and sniffing the plants so it seemed unlikely that they were of any immediate danger. Once again the flower followed her movement, bending forwards to bring its face to her own, Kamilla's left hand reaching forward so that her fingers could gently hold the stem in place as she inhaled its hypnotically sweet aroma.


Kamilla's eyes shot open in shock to find the plant within her grip, most of its stem no longer attached to the few inches that held the flower upright. The sorceress hardly had time to think when she heard a voice that sounded far too amused with the situation, "You pick it you buy it..." she turned to face the mage as she began to protest but was cut off, "But..." "Nope, once it's plucked it's yours... That'll be fifty gold mizas." Kamilla almost gasped at the price alone, but managed to stop herself as she reduced to a mere sigh of defeat. "Fine." she grumbled at the smirking mage as she begrudgingly emptied her entire coin purse into his hands, glaring at him the entire time.

"Thank you. Be sure to water it and treat it well."

With that and a wave the smug mage turned his attention to the large amount of other customers, all of them holding far larger and more impressive specimens for purchase. A small groan escaped Kamilla's lips as she stood and walked off in search of the nearest park with the six inches of stem topped by a single large lavender flower between her fingers.

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