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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on November 16th, 2014, 7:02 pm


Kamilla Circe Gordon


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthday: 6th Winter, 492AV
Birthplace: Sunberth
Hair:Dark Brown
Eyes:Deep Brown

Occupation: Seamstress
Location: Syka, Falyndar
Wage: 6GM/day

Occupation: Seamstress
Location: Red Diamond Fashion
Wage: 4GM/day

Location: Laboratory of Erikus & Erikur
Wage: 11GM/day

Location:Yvette's Dresses For All Occasions
Wage: 4GM/day


With deep brown eyes, warm olive skin and wavy thick brown hair that cascades down to her waist while somehow managing to look wild and tame at the same time, Kamilla is what most would call beautiful, though her features are amplified when illuminated, all parts of her body catching the light in a sort of subtle glow.

She is of average height for a woman of her race and while not quite fit, her slender form is well developed and desirable. She can almost always be seen wearing dark eye-liner and deep red painted lips(unless for some reason she hasn't been able to carry out her daily procedures) and has a penchant for lightweight dresses that dance in the breeze.

Scars&Injuries: She has two scars on her palms, a result of her reimancy initiation, along with a large burn scar on her left leg that runs from her ankle to her knee. For this reason she can always be found wearing stockings or thigh-high boots.

Konti Form: Fall 519AV :
Following the miraculous race change of Fall 519AV, Kamilla is now able to switch between human and Konti form…

Her hair, once a mass of long dark thick waves cascading down her back has become a a veil of straight pale blonde, ending just below her backside her skin white as snow, almost porcelain like. Her hands and feet are slightly webbed, though her height and build haven't changed much, pale opalescent scales can be found sparsely scattered along her sides as well as around the edges of her face. A set of barely visible gills can be found on her neck and her eyes have lightened into a very soft lavender hue.

Along with all these changes, the scars on her palms as well as the giant burn scar running along her left leg have vanished.


Character Concept

"The only person who will have your back is you."

Likes:Beauty, Magic, Bravery, Learning, Exotic Creatures, Bluebonnets
Dislikes: Poverty, Authority, Cowards, Fire, Sunberth, Monkeys
Aspirations: To be wealthy and powerful enough to explore and discover without restraint and more importantly, to never be feeble, poor or controlled.

feminine. self-serving. seductive. sentimental. selfish. strong, cynical, suspicious, rebellious, proud. playful. blunt. sarcastic. mysterious.

These are words that describe Kamilla, though whether they are gifts or flaws seems to change with the circumstances.

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Nader-Canoch
Poor Language: None

Lasting Effects:
Secret :
21st to 27th Spring 515AV: For the next six days, due to her extensive experimentation with air, Kamilla will have regular sneezing fits. These are more of a nuisance than a violent disruption.
6-16th Spring, 515AV: For the next ten days Kamilla will feel severe muscle aches in her arms as a result of her overgiving.
8th-16th Spring 515AV: Overgiving: For the next eight days Kamilla will be hyper aware‎ of every passing breeze.
40th Spring 515AV: Cat-like behaviors will not be uncommon for Kamilla. She will have a fondness for milk, fish, and sunshine, be more preoccupied with grooming herself than previously, and will be able to understand feline body language relatively well, though she will be unable to actually communicate. She may learn to repress these behaviors over time; until then or otherwise, they will remain.

The Vanishing Curse:

Secret :
Kamilla - Granted - As a Curse

Once, each season at a time of your choosing, you will portal to a new location. You will portal there without a single possesion or coin to your name. You will arrive to the new location in the manner which you arrived in this world at birth. The location will be determined by a random request of MizBot in a command Mayhem has promised to code in called ~random location. This might be a city, a wilderness, or an ocean. Every location in the game will be included as much as possible. If the location is closed, you can request again repeatedly until you hit an open location.

This is a curse every member of your djedline - be they family or just inducted in without blood ties - deals with after their 27th birthday. Since your 27th birthday is on the 6th of Winter, this curse will not affect you until after that date. However, after that point and sometime this season, you must teleport.

There is a chance the curse can be investigated and broken. You will have to figure out the origin of the curse and do heavy rp to figure out why it's happening and how to break it.

Caution: If you happen to land in Wilderness areas where you have no survival skill equating your ability to survive there, you have just a short day to find help or risk perishing.

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on November 16th, 2014, 7:03 pm



"Ignorance and inconsideration may be greater causes of ruin, but they are slow and lacking in spectacle."

MASTER EXP Total Proficiency
Observation #100 XP #100 MASTER
Socialization #85 XP #85 MASTER
Reimancy #15 RB #5 SP #58 XP #78 MASTER

Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Ice

Expert EXP Total Proficiency

Competent EXP Total Proficiency
Animation #15 SP #21 XP #36 Competent
Glyphing #10 SP #20 XP #30 Competent
Planning #40 XP #40 Competent
Sewing #15 SP #20 XP #35 Competent

Novice EXP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics #3 XP #3 Novice
Acting #11 XP #11 Novice
Animal Husbandry #3 XP #3 Novice
Arcaneology #2 XP #2 Novice
Botany #7 XP #7 Novice
Body Building #1 XP #1 Novice
Carving #1 XP #1 Novice
Construction #1 XP #1 Novice
Cosmetology #1 XP #1 Novice
Digging #2 XP #2 Novice
Drawing #5 SP #17XP #22 Novice
Endurance #20 XP #20 Novice
Gadgeteering #5 XP #5 Novice
Gardening #2 XP #2 Novice
Intelligence #10 XP #10 Novice
Interrogation #16 XP #16 Novice
Intimidation #8 XP #8 Novice
Investigation #17 XP #17 Novice
Hunting #3 XP #3 Novice
Land Navigation #16 XP #16 Novice
Leadership #6 XP #6 Novice
Logic #20 XP #20 Novice
Meditation #19 XP #19 Novice
Musical Instrument: Drum #1 XP #1 Novice
Negotiation #8 XP #8 Novice
Organization #11 XP #11 Novice
Persuasion #8 XP #8 Novice
Philosophy #9 XP #9 Novice
Physics #1 XP #1 Novice
Politics #2 XP #2 Novice
Psychology #4 XP #4 Novice
Sailing #3 XP #3 Novice
Salvaging #4 XP #4 Novice
Seduction #1 XP #1 Novice
Stealth #5 XP #5 Novice
Swimming #1 XP #1 Novice
Research #9 XP #9 Novice
Rhetoric #9 XP #9 Novice
Tactics #22 XP #22 Novice
Teaching #15 XP #15 Novice
Tracking #3 XP #3 Novice
Trapping #2 XP #2 Novice
Unarmed Combat #1 XP #1 Novice
Weapon - Iron Fan #3 XP #3 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Prairie #2 XP #2 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Jungle #12 XP #12 Novice

Resolve: 32pts

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on November 16th, 2014, 7:04 pm


The Dangers of Overgiving
The Shape of Res: Anything One Can Imagine
Magic: Requires more discipline
The Forms of Res: Gas, Solid, Liquid
Animation: Circles
Animation Principle: The Concept of a Soulcore
Animation Principle: Shaping The Astral Body
Animation: Creating a Soulcore
Animation: Creating a Persona
Animation: Instilling Directives
Animation: Loyalty Directive
Animation: Authentication Directive
Animation: Using a Prop to Shape Demands
Animation: How Creations might Hear
Animation: the consequences of creating a soulcore from oneself
Animation: the most important attributes of a persona
Endurance: taking the chance to rest
Animation: the nature of a soulcore
Animation: plans for an obedient pet
Animation: teaching sight to a golem
Reimantic Element: Air
Reimancy: Isolated Elemental Attraction
Reimancy: Elemental Attraction Release
Reimancy: The Value of Pre-Existing Elements
Reimancy: Earth Chakram
Reimancy: Dust Devil
Reimancy Tactic: Res Coating
Reimancy Theory: Reduced Weight When Lifting With Res
Reimancy Theory: Requires Trial And Error
Reimancy Principle: The Law of Attraction Djed
Reimancy: Stone Dart
Remiancy: Para-element Theory
Reimancy: Can Manipulate Ice and Lightning
Reimancy: Boulder Toss
Reimancy: Whirlwind
Reimancy: Stone Columns
Reimancy: Wind Chakram Theory
Reimancy: Grinding Down Stone with Wind
Reimancy: Creating a Protective Barrier
Reimancy: The Use of Visualization
Reimancy: Learning Control
Reimancy: Theory of Para-elements
Reimancy: Creating Ice
Reimancy: Some Practical Uses of Ice
Reimancy: raising a wind
Reimancy: The 'spirit' of The Stone
Reimancy: Using Reimancy In Offensive Combat
Reimancy: Small water vortex
Reimancy: Reabsorbing djed
Reimancy: Ice Claws
Shielding: Protective Magic
Glyphing: The Focus
Glyphing: Universality of Meaning
Glyphing: Res Production Focus
Glyphing: Focusing Animation Circles
Glyphing: Augmenting Res Production‎
Glyphing: Palm Drawing Makes Res Production Fluid
Glyphing: Transfer of Information
Glyphing: Focus
Glyphing: Barrier
Glyphing: Triggers
Glyphing: Practice makes perfect
Glyphing: Paths are made out of two barriers
Glyphing: Paths
Glyphing: Switches
Glyphing: a more personal design
Glyphing: Using Existing Sigils As Templates
Glyphing: Test Sigils Don’t Require Complex Components
Glyphing: Hard Lessons In Not Choosing Common Trigger Words
Malediction: Talismans May Have Lasting Affects
Malediction: Activated with Life Essence
Morphing: The Potential to Change
Morphing: A chance to have wings?
Dijed: Capable of 'Muscle Memory'
Overgiving: Limbs feeling heavy and light

Meditation: Touching One's Inner Djed
Meditation: getting into the headspace
Meditation: accessing the 'mental workspace'
Acting: Smile and Nod
Acting: Conceal Don't Feel
Acting: Faking A Smile
Sewing: Seamless Stitch
Sewing: Straight Stitch
Sewing: The Use of Thimbles
Sewing: Stitching on labels is tedious
Sewing: Simple Two-Component Dress Layout
Sewing: Attaching A Belt
Sewing: Hemming
Sewing: Cross Stitching For Durability
Sewing: taking environmental factors into design
Physics: Mass Affects Distance Traveled
Digging: Removing Excess Dirt from the Hole
Medicine: Sucking On A Wound
Land Navigation: Trail Markers
Land Navigation: Leaving Inukshuk To Find Ones Way
Land Navigation: Working With Oral Directions
Land Navigation: Follow a river downstream to reach the coast
Persuasion: Guiding A Customer To Complimentary Tastes
Drawing: Roughly Sketching A Wolf
Drawing: Creating A Blueprint
Research: Trial and Error
Philosophy: The Nature of Air
Cleaning: Magical Dusting
Planning - Enhancing Quality of Life by moving to a bigger room
Planning: Knowing your odds
Gadgeteering: Lever
Planning: Wheelbarrow Animation
Gadgeteering: Wheel and Axle
Gadgeteering: Pulley
Gadgeteering: Inclined Plane
Gadgeteering: Wedge
Gadgeteering: Screw
Gadgeteering: weighing quality vs affordability
Gadgeteering: wheel and axle
Physics: an introduction to aerodynamics
Blacksmithing: Hamon
Socialization: Detecting Sarcasm In Pets
Socialization: fFilling The Awkward Silence
Socialization: asking for directions
Socialization: Surviving Buraga’s Interrogation
Socialization: Noticing tricky subjects of conversation
Socialization: Reading the intentions of a someone from a foreign culture
Socialization: Knowing when to press no further
Negotiation: considering offers
Negotiation: Reminding Pets Of A Deal
Interrogation: Asking Good Questions
Botany: Handling Magical Plants With An Attitude
Botany: Recognizing Its Time To Repot A Plant
Botany: Aloe Vera grows on the beach
Botany: Plants require nutrients
WS: Don’t Go Into The Jungle
WS: What To Do If Lost In The Jungle
WS: Assume Most Wildlife Is Dangerous
WS: Stay Calm
WS: Easy To Get Disorientated So Remain Where You Are
WS: Anything Bright And Pretty Means Dangerous
WS: Threats Near & In Syka (Whiptails, Panthers, Tigers, Crocodiles, Monkeys)
WS: Preprations For A Hike For A Hike
WS: Dealing With Aggressive, Agitated Wildlife
WS: Field Cleaning A Wound
WS: Pretty=Poisonous
WS: dressing for the heat/ covering from the sun
WS: Wear long clothing in the jungle to protect skin
WS: Hiding one's scent
WS: Being prepared for bad weather
Sailing: The Route From Riverfall To Syka
Sailing: steering a ship
Sailing: the necessity of wind
Sailing: Basic preparations for bad weather
Sailing: Tying self with rope to avoid being swept overboard
Unarmed Combat: Wild Kicks
Leadership: Commands In A Crisis
Tactics: Waiting For The Moment To Strike
Tactics: the most risk-free way of stealing from a monkey
Tactics: Looking for weaknesses in your enemy
Tactics: The element of surprise
Tactics: Disorient an enemy to delay their retreat
Tactics: block and confuse the enemy
Tactics: luring
Endurance: Through Sand And Sun And Injury
Endurance: Resisting Overgiving
Endurance: Withstanding Unbearable Heat
Endurance: Attempts to deal with feeling cold
Endurance: Pushing through tiredness
Endurance: the motivation of peril
Persuasion: Influencing Another's Decision
Politics: Corning The Market
Arcanology: practical effects of reimancy
Arcanology: observations on the nature of djed
Psychology: the need to run away from emotional distress
Philosophy: lack of direction
Philosophy: the privilege of a name
Philosophy: Discussions on creation
Trapping: baiting
Investigation: how does this work?
Investigation: Discovering Magic Items In Unusual Places
Intimidation: Projecting confidence
Intimidation: Don't betray your own fear
Intimidation: Standing your ground
Organization: to-do list
Tracking: Disturbed Ground Indicates An Animals Passage
Combat: Causing a distraction to aid an ally
Observation: Using sound to observe
Observation: Noticing changes by remembering previous appearances
Intimidation: Using magic to cause alarm
Teaching: Basic explanation of what Reimancy and Glyphing is
Teaching; describing Zelvita
Animal Husbandry: Keep pets close to prevent their escape
Stealth: Watch your step
Stealth: minimizing noise
Stealth: tailing
Hunting: The need to harvest a kill
Construction: Bracing pieces so another can work on them
Cosmetology: A quick, messy bun
Research: the proper method of handling unknown magical substances
Logic: making the connection
Logic: coming to a reasonable conclusion

Yvette: My Rude Boss
Natalie: Coworker
Yvette: Tenacious At All Times
Alija: Blacksmith
Faolan: Wolf Kelvic
Keene: Warden Initiate
Keene: Not Very Talkative
Keene: Prefers Sahova to Zeltiva
Keene: Shielder, Glypher and Reimancer
Keene: Master of Ice
Keene: Highly Skilled Mage
Keene: Martial Combat Proficiency
Keene: Can't Dance Very Well
Chrysanthemum: Cheerful Bard
Chrysanthemum: Both Nuisance and Entertainment
Master Erikus: Maledicting Ghost
Erikus and Erikur: Do Not Mix Them Up!
Felius: Mage from Riverfall
Felius: Apprentitce to Erikus and Erikur
Felius: Wants to Be a Cat
Kinapak: Gorgeous Morpher
Nystir: NPC, Akalak as helpful and friendly as them all
Yennefer: Yowlwing, companion pet
Roo: needs a new pot
Roo: likes puns
Roo: A chatterbox
Roo: Usual behaviours
Finn: Appearance & Mannerism
Finn: Marked By Laviku
Finn: Member of Reefdiver Pod/Appearance Of His Tattoo Denoting This
Finn: Has A Pet Gull
Finn: At Home Anywhere On The Sea and A Breeze On His Neck
Finn: Enjoys Learning – From Elders Too
Finn: Not Shy About Personal Questions
Finn: Genuinely Kind
Finn: Intends to keep the ferret once named Pompadour
Finn: Simultaneously strong and gentle
Finn: Knows about Kamilla’s Reimancy and Glyphing
Kamilla: Mage
Kamilla: All Business
Kamilla: Thoughts on drowning
Self: Hates owing anyone anything
Buraga: Appearance & Mannerism
Tony Swiftwater: owner of the isuas plantation
Sophia: Svefra
Sophia: Uta's Assistant
Sophia: Also Lived in Riverfall
Sophia: Pleasant and Useful
Sophia: Has a grassland mark of Caiyha on her arm
Sophia: Knows about Roo
Lars: Syka Carpenter
Nesra: Annoyingly Nosey
Duncan Maelstrom: Talented Reimancer
Duncan Maelstrom: Blind
Randall Zor: one of Syka's founders
Ken Chi – Appearance & Mannerism
Ken Chi– Has Some Hatred Of Dhani
Quzon: A "savage" reimancer
Quzon: A hunter or warrior
Jehu: An exotic newcomer
Jehu: A Chaktawe from the Burning Lands in Eyktol
Jehu: Still searching for his Guardian
Jehu: life saver
Jehu: recognized reimancy scars
Ines, of the Ivory Tusk
Ines: no concept of urgency
Kamilla: could potentially pass for Myrian

Location: Yvette's Dresses For All Occasions
Layout: Kamilla's Clearing
Sahova: The Citadel of Death and Magic
Sahova: Port Silence
Sahova: The Quarters
Sahova: The Gug Andjak
The Sahovan Judgement
Sahovan Rings: Apprentice
Pulser: One With a Pulse
Nuit: Basic Physical Characteristics
Metaphor: Water Behind a Dam
Sahova: Information Exchanges
Sahova: Wardens Protect the Island
Location: Bohrnn and GoldWoerth's
Location: Gug Andjak
Judgement: Show Off Your Best
An Eye-opening Experience
Dressing for Success Submitting to Sahova's Judgement
Kelvics: Magic of Transformation?
Not Okay with Nudity
Location: Keene's Testing Ground
Command: Ala, Neutral Stance
Command: Attack, Aggressive Stance
Command: Ruwe, Finish
Golem: Sil
The Golem is Complete
Self: Night Bird
Possession: Becoming a Passenger in Your Body
Possession: Resisting Makes it Worse
Possession: A Terrible Sensation
Materialization: Ethereal Appearances
Location: Laboratory of Erikus and Erikur
Golems: TAR, Stationary Sahovan Guide
Golems: Can be Glyphed for Storage
Sahova: The Prairie
Glassbeaks: Predatory Bird
Testing Grounds: No Place for Weaklings
Gibbat Dogs: Part-Rabbit, Part-Dog
Location: The Kulkukan Tavern and Inn
Location: Red Diamond Fashion
Location: Isurian Bladeworks
Location: Estuary Cave
Location: Syka Bungalows
Location: Syka Sawmill
Location: Treasure Point
Location: the Fallen Tower
Syka Location: Uta’s Place
Misc: The Kulk was more comfortable but still oppressive as The Quarters
Misc: Yowlwings are known as intelligent winged cats 'easy to care for'
Lore of the burdens of pet ownership
Lore of reading Yowlwing body language
Lore of personal casting methods
Lore of the appearance of the poisonous spiked shell creature
Bladed Fan: Lethal and Stylish In The Equal Amounts
Self: A Lover of Animals
Suvan Ocean: Pods Of Porpoises
Wanolo Baboon: General Appearance
Monkeys: Truly Awful Beasts
Syka: More Trouble Than It's Worth
Syka: Uncomfortably Close Knit
Lore of Creative Inspiration
Lore of Wanolo Baboons
Lore of The Fundamental Differences Between Syka And Sahova
Lore of The Medicinal Properties of Alo Vera
Lore of How To Identify Alo Vera
Lore of Isuas Fabric
Lore of Syka shark, Big Momma
Communal Pools: Created With Reimancy
Ashta: Native Syka Beasts
Sailor Terminology: heading
Lore of the threat of pirates on the open ocean
Lore of faith in Finn
Gordon Women Philosophy: hard work beats luck
Lore of the Opaque Spectacles
Revelation: Kamilla is part Chaktawe
Lore of Kamilla’s fathers identity
Lore of the Scrying Orb
Lore of learning from past success
Lore of the mysterious sunken ruins
Lore of the Sunken City fish creatures
Lore of a near death experience
Syka: the realities of tropical weather
Syka: pull your weight
Syka: the jungle will kill you
Syka: a close knit community
Syka Location: Uta’s Place
Syka: Bordered by dangerous jungle
Sunken City: has architecture similar to Riverfall
Dhani- what their dens look like in the wilds
Dhani – Snake and Combo Form Appearance
Svefra: An impressive people
Caiyha: Goddess and caretaker of living things
Gnosis of Caiyha: Allows communication with living things
Nandhai: A Falyndar insectivore
The results of a hunt: An unpleasant shame
Myrians eat the heart of a kill
Event: Syka windstorm of Summer 519 AV
Chaktawe: A black-eyed desert people
Chaktawe: Tribal nomads
Makutsi: A god or goddess worshipped by Chaktawe
Chaktawe: Have a second pair of protective eyelids
Chaktawe: Have a water-storing organ
Guardians: Spirits that guide the Chaktawe
Lore: Description
Lore of retaliation against a pervert
Taloba: home of Myri and the Myrians
Myri: goddess of war
The annoyance of a rodent infestation
Grandmotherly wisdom: don't rely on the power of something you can't control
Observation: poking dead things like a crazy person
Circe Gordon: a big influence in Kamilla's life
Acrobatics: dodging
Logic: making deductions
Meditation: focusing inward
Lore of the comfort of rain
Snake Golem: malfunctioning
Remembrance: giving a long overdue eulogy

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on November 16th, 2014, 7:06 pm



"I always get what I want...unless I don't, in which case I don't want it anymore."


War Fan(made by Aliana Hilt Terras)


Secret :
Dress with Lace Tail(black&purpleImage)
Wool Dress (blackImage)
Silk Dress(Red)
Boots, high(blackImage)
Boots, low(black)
Blouse(black, purple, white)
Leather Corset
Fur-Lined Cloak with Hood(black)
2 Isuas Shirts
1 Isuas Pants
2 Socks


Secret :
Armband, copper
Necklace, copper
Earrings, copper
Ring, copper
Bronze Apprentice Ring


Secret :
20 Quill
5oz Ink
10 Candle
1 Charcoal(10sticks)
1 Dagger
1 Sewing Kit
2 Thread,Spool(Black&White)
1 Inscribing Paint
1 Blanket, Winter
1 Bedroll
1 Lantern, Hooded
1 Leash(Medium)


Secret :
1 Journal
1 Blank Book
1 Treval Codex(Common)


Secret :
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
1 Toothbrush
1 Hair Brush
1oz Kohl
1oz Lip Pomade(red)
1oz Perfume
4oz Toothpaste
Rough bird-shaped stone
1 Insect Repellent
1 Hammock

1 Survival Kit containing:
-First Aid Kit(Simple)
-Flint and Steel
-2 Simple Snares
-1 Waterskin
-Simple Tent
-Small Compass
-Fishing Line
-6 Fishhooks(basic)
-needle and thread
-simple knife, small

Secret :
5sq/yd Whole Cloth(Green)

Magic Items:

Scrying Orb :

This glass orb is the size of a human skull seems to be illuminated from within. When a person gazes into its depths, concentrates, and speaks the name of a person, place or thing, the scrying orb will give them a glance of the named person place or thing in a singular non-moving view. This item can be used once per day and is not limited to the person, place or thing to be existing in the present. It can look forward or backwards in time, though the viewer has no control over what the orb shows nor when the orb shows it.

Earned in:A Revealing Glimpse
(Spring Calendar Challenge Reward)

Opaque Spectacles :

These small spectacles have opaque lenses that resembles a Druvin’s eyes. When the wearer slips the glasses over their eyes, they become blind to everything around them except for things of a magical nature. For example, the wearer would not see a person who is wearing a magical necklace, but would clearly see the magical necklace as if its floating in thin air. The wearer would not be able to determine the nature of the magic in the item they can view without additional magics (such as studying the item with auristics) but they will know an item is magical. Items, creatures, even structures can be revealed by these spectacles.

Earned in:A Revealing Glimpse
(Spring Calendar Challenge Reward)

Explorer's Globe :

This magical lantern looks like an ordinary vented lantern save for its shape. Designed like a geometric globe made of glass the size of a grapefruit, it has a candle inside that when lit activates the device. One of the glass panels lifts up and out of the way, allowing someone holding it to light the globe. The globe will then levitate and act as a steady light source for the owner until such a time as they pluck the floating globe out of the air and snuff out the candle inside. The candle will not burn out or show signs of melting down.

Earned in:This Is A Revival
(Challenge Reward: Fake NaNo April)

Leave No Trace Boots :

These thigh-high boots, when slipped on, will automatically be the correct size and fit for the wearer. They will leave no trace of their passage through any sort of substrate including mud and snow so long as the substrate isn’t over the top of the boots. They will remain clean and dry and not ever show signs of wear. Their coloring is the owner’s choice and will change based on the owner’s outfit. The tops can be rolled down or up depending upon the owner’s activity

Earned in:This Is A Revival
(Challenge Reward: Fake NaNo April)

The Restorer’s Wand :

This elegant wand looks like it has been made of woven spiderweb, though the feel of it is metallic. When grasped and passed over ripped, faded, worn, or deliberately destroyed organic material (such as wood, cloth, paint, ceramic etc) it will magically restore the damaged item to its former ‘new’ state. Thus, paintings can be brightened to the day they were painted, old worn clothing can be restored into their ‘new’ state, and even things like rope or leather can be fixed. It will not work on inorganic items such as metal.

Earned in:This Is A Revival
(Challenge Reward: Fake NaNo April)

Magic Pie Cozy :

Once per day, if left clean and empty, a pie will manifest in this pie cozy. The pies will be edible for as long as they are kept in the cozy without decay or rot. The pies might be cream, fruit, or even nut. A rare chocolate pie might occur. Pies appear once a day once the cozy is empty. If pie is left in the cozy, it will simply keep it in a preserved state until it is consumed.

Earned in:A Glimpse Below
(Challenge Reward: Weekend Challenge June/July)

Tabletop Brazier :

This room warmer never needs fuel and lights with the single word 'ignite' and can be extinguished by the word 'extinguish'. It will never start a fire outside of its own bowl because of its magical nature. It can be left unattended safely. This warmth will heat a thousand square feet (regardless of the outside temps) to a comfortable stable 70 degree in just a few short chimes. The area it heats must be all on the same floor. The same coal-like gems remain in its bowl unconsumed use after use.

Earned in:A Glimpse Below
(Challenge Reward: Weekend Challenge June/July)

Bala's Cauldron :

This lovely cauldron will produce one elaborate stew or soup once a day with someone simply inserting a spoon into its depths of the appropriate size and pretending to stir while reciting the words 'I am grateful for Bala's Bounty.' The soups or stews are always vegetarian, but very nutritious. The cauldron is big enough to feed 20 people hearty helpings and it will self clean if its contents have been emptied. Excess food saved from the cauldron will vanish the following day as long as the cauldron is reactivated

Earned in:A Glimpse Below
(Challenge Reward: Weekend Challenge June/July)

Desirable Fish Trap :

The fish trap is wonderful for streams, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. It never needs baited and can be tossed into the water attached to a rock or staked to a pole. It never needs baited and must be checked once a day. The trap can and usually does hold multiple fish if left in the water long enough. Fish of all desirable edible types find it irresistible, while poisonous or bony or even unpalatable fish avoid it at all cost so its harvest is indeed selectively efficient.

Earned in:A Glimpse Below
(Challenge Reward: Weekend Challenge June/July)

Vermin Trap :

This three slot magical rodent trap gets the vermin EVERY time. It doesn't need baiting and has an incredible lure that mice and rats can't resist. The holes fit the size of the rodent magically every time a rodent approaches. And when it sticks its head in the hole to see what smells so delicious, a snare slips around its neck and as it jerks back to escape, the little critter's life ends. This device can single handedly keep a building free of vermin. Multiple devices like this can make castle living a breeze. These traps need cleaned out daily.

Earned in:A Glimpse Below
(Challenge Reward: Weekend Challenge June/July)

Shimmering Veil :

This length of cloth, when hung at a threshold, will expand to enclose the entire threshold. Even odd shapes, such as tent doorways or large gaping maws of caverns are no problem to this item as it will expand to accommodate. Once hung and the word ‘expand’ uttered by the owner – expanding takes one chime after hanging to complete – this veil provides a shimmering barrier that is impenetrable by anything other than the divine. Air currents will pass through as normal, but otherwise nothing living or dead will be able to cross this magical item’s boarder. To remove, this item simply needs to be tapped by the owner and the word ‘release’ used.

Earned in:Wind of Discovery
(Challenge Reward: Weekend Challenge June)

Feathered Serpent Egg :

This small chicken sized stone egg has stylized feathers etched across its surface. It maybe be found in a multitude of colors. If held in one’s hand, the egg can do a level 1 Healing Gnosis worth of detection and healing of injuries as if it itself is a Mark 1 Healer. Upon receipt of this item, one must do a 1d100 roll with Gossamer witnessing it. If one rolls a 90 or higher, this stone will eventually hatch into a Rakanivas which will be loyal to its owner and have the properties of Rak’keli’s own Rakanivas

Earned in:Wind of Discovery
(Challenge Reward: Weekend Challenge June)

Raven Feather War Fan :

At the bottom of the cauldron, once the bubbling brew receded, the war fan remained. It lay transformed, however. Folded up, it was as light as a feather and no thicker than one. Rather than its original shape and style, the war fan now resembled a stylized raven’s black metal feather. When fanned out, one feather became many – as many blades as the war fan had before. And though it was still as light as a feather, it was incredibly sharp – razor sharp – and still as strong as iron.

Earned in:Blood In The Water
(Challenge Reward: Halloween Challenge 2019)

Ethereal Armband :

At the bottom of the cauldron, once the bubbling brew receded, the copper armband remained. Its shape was the same, though its appearance had drastically altered. No longer appearing to be formed of copper, it had an ethereal quality - as if it did not quite dwell in this plane of existence. If worn, the wearer will immediately discover they have the ability to see ghosts clearly when the ghosts are about. And beyond that, they can sense the presence of ghosts if there are any in the vicinity.

Earned in:Blood In The Water
(Challenge Reward: Halloween Challenge 2019)

Moonstone Ring :

At the bottom of the cauldron, once the bubbling brew receded, a single band of moonstone lay in a small puddle of the leftover potion. It looked like a ring carved of the semiprecious stone that would fit the wearer’s finger perfectly – no matter which she slipped it on. Once on the finger, the wearer would realize the ring had an incredibly calming presence about it. If she were angry, happy, sad, scared… it didn’t matter… any strong emotion would be soothed away and calmed. Likewise, she’d also notice that when wearing the ring, she only had to look at another sentient being to understand exactly what storm of emotion was swirling around within them. If someone was angry, she could tell immediately. If someone was sad… no number of smiles could hide this fact. This was always true of the wearer, though she would learn if she wore the ring in a crowd, the overload of information coming in from the ring would often lead to severe trauma and potentially madness.

Earned in:Blood In The Water
(Challenge Reward: Halloween Challenge 2019)


Scarlet :
Name: Scarlet
Item: Red Scarf
Commands: Scarlet - Neck/Bust/Wrap
Source: Kamilla
Description: The scarf is loyal to Kamilla alone and is able to tie itself and maintain one of three different positions on command, as long as it is spoken in a very low manly voice.

Sil :
Name: Sil
Item: Sheet of Cloth
Commands: Sil - Ala/Attack/Ruwe
Source: Keene
Description: A simple 4x4 meter black sheet with a leather membrane at its center. It is loyal to both Kamilla and Keene. Upon command it will twist and twist itself into a rough shape of a man and throw soft punches at the air. Quite Pointless really.

Wally :
Name: Wally
Item: Small Wooden Wagon
Commands: Numerous Hand Signs
Source: Kamilla
Description: Wally is a wheelbarrow sized wooden wagon, animated to follow Kamilla, or anyone she gives temporary loyalty to, along the cobbled road in order to transport her work supplies with ease. It perceives the world through a reflective stone on its front and responds only to specific hand signs.

Heirloom: A beautiful long flowing white lace dressImage left behind by her mother and grandmother, it is incredibly light and very transparent. Attached to the dress was a piece of paper with a small rough sketchImage of an unusual fish.


Location: Zeltiva, North-West Half, near The Denvali Quarter
House: 20x20 Cottage


Secret :
1 SP Hearth, Av
1 SP Chest, Av
1 Bed,Average
1 Chamber Pot
1 Cupboard, Average
1 Desk, Average
1 Dresser, Av
1 End Table, Av
1 Shelf Set, Av
1 Table, Av
1 Wardrobe, Av
1 Wash Basin, Av
1 Arm Chair, Av
4 Chair, Av
1 Mannequin, Simple

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on November 16th, 2014, 7:07 pm


Creation :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
X2 Dress -4.4GM 95.6 GM
Boots -1.75 GM 93.85 GM
Gloves -1.75 GM 92.1 GM
Stockings -0.6 GM 91.5 GM
X3 Undergarments 0.45 GM 91.05 GM
Pants 1.2 GM 89.85 GM
Blouse 1.2 GM 88.65 GM
Scarf 0.15 GM 88.5 GM
Fur-lined cloak+hood 6.33 GM 82.17 GM
Skirt 1.1 GM 81.07 GM
Vest 0.45 GM 80.62 GM
Armband, copper 0.15 GM 80.47 GM
Necklace, copper 0.5 GM 79.97 GM
Earrings, copper 0.2 GM 79.77 GM
Ring, copper 0.03 GM 79.47 GM
Hair Brush 3 GM 76.47 GM
oz Kohl 0.1 GM 76.37 GM
oz Lip Pomade 0.1 GM 76.27 GM
oz Perfume 0.1 GM 76. 17 GM
4oz Toothpast 1 GM 75.17 GM
Toothbrush 3 GM 72.17 GM
Blank Book 3 GM 69.17 GM
X2 Quill 0.1 GM 69.07 GM
2oz ink 2 GM 67.07 GM
X10 Candle 0.1 GM 66.97 GM
Charcoal(10sticks) 0.05 GM 66.92 GM
Dagger 2 GM 64.92 GM
Sewing Kit 18 GM 46.92 GM
X2 Thread,Spool 0.1 GM 46.82 GM
Practice Dummy, Simple 10 GM 36.82 GM
Bed, Average 10 GM 26.82 GM
Chamber Pot 0.2 GM 26.62 GM
Cupboard, Average 2 GM 24.62 GM
Desk, Average 2 GM 22.62 GM
Dresser, Average 2 GM 20.62 GM
End Table, Average 0.3 GM 20.32 GM
Shelf Set, Average 0.5 GM 19.82 GM
Table, Average 1 GM 18.82 GM
Wardrobe, Average 2 GM 16.82 GM
Wash Basin, Average 2 GM 14.82 GM
Arm Chair, Average 4 GM 10.82 GM
X4 Chair, Average 2.8 GM 8.02 GM

Fall 514 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting +8.02 GM 8.02 GM
Wages +364 GM 372.02 GM
Expenses -135 GM 237.02 GM

Winter 514 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting +237.02 GM 237.02 GM
Wool Dress -10.4 GM 226.62 GM
Blouse -1.20 GM 225.42 GM
X2 Scarf -0.30 GM 225.12 GM
Inscribing Paint -3 GM 222.12 GM
Wages +368 GM 590.12 GM
Expenses -135 GM 455 GM

Spring 515 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting 455 GM 455 GM
Traveling -10 GM 445 GM
Expenses -135 GM 310 GM
Wages +561 GM 871 GM

Spring 517 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting 871 GM 871 GM
Book, Treval Codex -50 GM 831 GM
Blank Book -3 GM 828 GM
X20 Quill -1 GM 827 GM
5oz Ink -5 GM 823 GM
Blanket, Winter -0.5 GM 822.5 GM
Bedroll -1 GM 821.5 GM
Lantern, Hooded -7 GM 814.5 GM
Cash In Housing +500 GM 1314.5 GM
Traveling, Caravan(148 Days)* -148 GM 1166.5 GM
White Blouse -0.8 GM 1165.7 GM
Leather Corset -0.4 GM 1165.3 GM
Yowling(Yen) -2 GM 1163.3 GM
Talking plant(Roo) -50 GM 1113.3 GM
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 978.3 GM
30days Small Room(Decent) Kulkukan Inn -6 GM 972.3 GM
20days Large Room(Decent) Kulkukan Inn -20 GM 952.3 GM

Summer 517 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting 952.3 GM 952.3 GM
Silk Dress, Red -25.2 GM 927.1 GM
Boots, Low -0.3 GM 926.8 GM
War Fan -35 GM 891.8 GM
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 756.8 GM

Fall 517 :

Winter 517 :

Spring 518 :

Summer 518 :

Fall 518 :

Winter 518 :

Spring 519 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting 756.8 GM 756.8 GM
Traveling Expenses paid to Finn Reefdiver(RF - Syka) -10GM 746.8 GM link
10sq/yd Whole Cloth(Green) -7.5 GM 737.3 GM link
Leash(Medium) -1 GM 736.3 GM link
Cart(built by Lars) -20 GM 716.3 GM link
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 581.3 GM
Wages +546 1 127.3 GM

Summer 519 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting 1 127.3 GM 1 127.3 GM
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 992.3 GM

Fall 519 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting 992.3 GM 992.3 GM
Insect Repellent -1 GM 991.3 GM
1 Isuas Pants -1.6 GM 989.7 GM
2 Isuas Shirts -0.4 GM 989.3 GM
2 Undergarments -0.2 GM 989.1 GM
2 Socks -0.2 GM 988.9 GM
Hammock -5 GM 983.9 GM
Survival Kit -25 GM 958.9 GM
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 823,9 GM

Fall 522 :
Purchase Cost Total Thread
Starting 823,9 GM 823,9 GM
Loan -1 500 GM 2 323,9 GM Here
Jehu Expenses -1 350 GM 973,9 GM
Land Purchase -900 GM 73,9 GM Here
Survival Kit(Sell) +25 GM 98,9
Bed, Good -20 GM 78,9
5xChair, Good -5 GM 73,9
Table, Good -3 GM 70,9
Wardrobe, Good -5 GM 65,9
Desk, Good -5 GM 60,9
Cupboard. Good -4 GM 66,9
End Table, Good -7 SM 66,2 GM
Chamber Pot -2 SM 66 GM
4xTable Set -4 GM 62 GM Here

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on November 16th, 2014, 7:07 pm


Thread List

Flashbacks :
68th of Spring, 512AV
The Apprenticeship: Day 1Kamilla's first day at Borhnn & GoldWeorth's

3rd, Fall 512AV
Kamilla's unremarkable return to reimancy

15th, Fall 512AV
Kamilla practices her earth reimancy

28th, Fall 512AV
Kamilla improves her earth reimancy

57th, Summer 513AV
First Attempt
Kamilla's first attempt at animation

18th, Fall 513AV
The Mage Meets The Wolf
Kamilla meets the wolf kelvic Faolan

Fall, 514AV :
15th, [Job Thread #1] Yvette's Dresses For All Occasions
Kamilla is saddled with the mundane task of sewing

85th, [Job Thread #2] Unwanted Attention
Kamilla catches the eye of a man and the glares of three women

Winter, 514AV :
25th, Dress To Impress
Kamilla meets Alijah the blacksmith and sells her a dress

34th, Golden Retriever
Kamilla is sent on a minor errand, on which she learns something interesting

Spring, 515AV :
4th, Magic On The Wind
Kamilla gains control of the reimantic element of air

5th, New Horizons
Kamilla arrives on Sahova and does some exploring.

6th, A Kindred Soul
Kamilla challenges the Warden Initiate Keene to a game of reimancy.

8th,A Scarlet Wrap
Kamilla practices Animation on a scarf.

18th, Grinding Stone
Kamilla attempts to recreate Keene's air cutter technique

21st, Solitary Confinement
Kamilla spends some time working on her air reimancy

37th, Sheet Magic
Kamilla uses Keene as a source to create her golem for The Judgement

40th, To Bare One's Soulcore
Kamilla takes part in a Judgment in order to become an apprentice.

40th, The Unexpected Specters
Kamilla meets Masters Erikus and Erikur and gets her first 'assignment'

71st, Twin Troubles
Kamilla heads to The Testing Grounds and encounters a glassbeak which she manages to survive thanks to the warden initiate Kinapak

Spring, 517AV :
25th, Books and Bards
Kamilla chats with Chrysanthemum during their trip to Riverfall

41st, Revision By Candlelight
Kamilla does some glyphing in the comfort of her room at The Kulkukan Inn

70th, Impulsive Purchases
Kamilla attempts to improve her life with some retail therapy and gets a pet.

Summer, 517AV :
2nd, Out of Shape Kamilla spends a day on the beach with her 'pets' and practices some reimancy.

10th, Fan Service
Kamilla heads to Isurian Bladeworks and contracts Aliana for a unique weapon.

Spring, 519AV :
3rd, I Dive Into The Future // But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been
Kamilla and Finn get to know eachother while they sail for Syka...

4th, I Dive Into The Future // But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been Pt.2
Kamilla and Finn have some trouble on the high seas...

4th, I Dive Into The Future // But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been Pt.3
Kamilla and Finn have their final encounter with the persistent pirates...

9th, [url=http://www.mizahar.com/forums/topic75875.html]
More Than Just Survival // In The Shadow of The Wizard[/url]
Kamilla and Quzon meet for an untintended hunt...

12th, So We Wander // So Who Knows
Kamilla meets Sophia Sunshore, who helps her find some aloe for her bruises

13th, What I’ve Learned
Kamilla gets some tips on surviving the jungle while working...

37th, Because I'm Happy// I'm Grateful
Kamilla and Roulette get attacked by a troupe of Wanolo Baboons...

38th, Showing Up
Kamilla tries her hand at dressmaking for the first time...

40th, Becoming My Own Salvation
Kamilla designs a cart golem and meets a blind reimancer along the way...

60th, A Revealing Glimpse
Kamilla learns something surprising about herself...

61st, Becoming My Own Salvation Pt.2
Kamilla gets to animating her helpful new golem...

72nd, This Is A Revival
Kamilla practices some magic, meets Ken Chi and faces off against a terrifying Dhani

Summer, 519AV :
18th, Looking For The Antswer
Kamilla meets Ines and scares off a perv...

34th, Helping Hands
Kamilla meets a man from the desert, Jehu...

49th, So We Wander // So Who Knows Pt.2
Kamilla takes a sick Roo to Sophia for help...

-th, A Glimpse Below
Kamilla and Jehu explore the Sunken Ruins and discover something... fishy

Fall, 519AV :
-th, Blood In The Water
Kamilla goes swimming and bites off more than she can chew...

-th, Toil And Trouble
Kamilla has an oddly vivid dream and wakes up to a lot of gifts...

50th, The First Wind
Kamilla is haunted by thoughts of the two winds that pushed her along...

52nd, The Second Wind
Kamilla tries to use animation to solve a problem, stirring up more nostalgia in the process...

52nd, The Two Winds
Kamilla enjoys a, mostly, peaceful day with the memories of her old family and the company of her new one...

52nd, Thanking The Winds
Kamilla creates two standing stones as memorials for her mother and gran...

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on November 16th, 2014, 7:08 pm


Character History


Secret :
Born in the lawless city of Sunberth into the Gordon family, a family seemingly cursed to have no luck with men, Kamilla was raised by her mother and grandmother, the only family she'd ever know. Like most of Sunberth, they were poor and everyday was a struggle, though they did their best to give her a happy childhood and were mostly successful.

As a child her mother was her hero, beautiful, kind and a talented tailor, she was everything Kamilla wanted to be when she grew up, or at least she thought so. From a young age she began learning to sew, happily following in her mother's footsteps for most of her childhood and dreaming of becoming a famous dressmaker.

It wasn't until her early teenage years that Kamilla's childhood naivety started to fade and she began to see her mother for what she really was, weak. She'd never noticed it before, but her mother was a weak willed woman, letting people push her around and constantly being cheated out of her hard earned coin, she was a coward and it was only then that Kamilla began to realise that her grandmother was the real rock in the household.

Her grandmother may have been frail but unlike her mother, she was strong-willed, never afraid to voice her opinion or tell someone off. With her rolemodel now switched, Kamilla started giving the old lady more and more of her attention, trying to learn everything she could about how to be a strong and confident woman.

It wasn't till the age of fifteen that Kamilla discovered that her grandmother was once a skilled mage. Her family had kept it from her, for obvious reasons, not wanting to risk their secret being revealed by the loose tongue of a child. Even the mention of magic in Sunberth was a dangerous offence and one that brought with it suspicion, which could easily turn to paranoia and paranoia into a mob.

With this new revelation, Kamilla's curiosity and eagerness to learn magic was peaked, the young woman quickly decided that it must have been the reason for her grandmother's strong-will. It took almost a year of whispered pleading before the old woman finally gave in and agreed to teach her granddaughter the ways of magic, but the pace was hindered by the need for secrecy. The two of them began making more and more trips to the wilderness where Kamilla could learn without fear of being caught.

Her grandmother insisted on drilling the dangers of magic into her for an entire season before beginning anything else, earning plenty of frustration from Kamilla. Afterwards, she spent an entire year teaching her about Animation, whilst never actually allowing her to see or try it. Eventually Kamilla realised that her grandmother was really just stalling and confronted her until finally she, reluctantly, agreed to initiate her into reimancy. The initiation took place in the wilderness outside of town, it was long and painful, but eventually Kamilla emerged a newborn reimancer, her first element being earth. After that her grandmother's lesson's grew less and less frequent until finally they stopped altogether and with no teacher or safe company to venture out of the town's 'borders' with, Kamilla didn't have much choice but to stop her magical studies against her will.

With this new taste of power, Kamilla grew more confident and eager to learn but at the same time angry and filled with resentment. By now she had grown into a beautiful young woman, quickly learning to sweet talk her way out of sticky situations and life seemed as if it would only improve from there on, but Kamilla was frustrated, she had this new found power and no where to use it, forced to keep her abilities a secret. She felt trapped, longing for the freedom to learn and practice magic without fear of persecution.

The Djed Storm of 512(to be done in a flashback, will link upon completion)

After the events of The Djed Storm on 512, Kamilla found herself fleeing Sunberth alone with no desire or reason to ever return. With her old life over she decided that never again would she live in fear and poverty, she would start a new life where she was the only one in control, a life where she'd get everything she desired and no one was going to stop her.

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on March 29th, 2015, 9:44 pm


Yen :

Name: Yennefer 'Yen'
Species: Yowlwing
DoB: Mid Fall 516 AV
Description: A slender solid gray yowlwing Kamilla purchased near the end of Spring 517 AV. She possesses no defining features other than her pointy almost predatory face and large bright green eyes, her wings being the exact color of her fur and blending in seamlessly. Yen prefers to spend most of her time napping with short bouts of stalking about or bothering Kamilla in between, she is the mage's first pet and attempt at caring for something other than herself.
Thread:Impulsive Purrchases

Roo :
Name: Roo
Species resembled:Flower
Description:An androgynous talking plant Kamilla purchased from a summoner. It has a single large flower made up of several smaller flowers as its head and two leafy offshoots which it uses to gesticulate. Its demeanor depends entirely on the current conditions.
Thirsty: Cranky, argumentative
Overwatered: Drunk, incoherent
Dark: Sleepy, disinterested
Cold: Quiet, timid
Warm/Humid: Energetic, boisterous.
Thread:Growing Pains

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Kamilla Circe Gordon

Postby Kamilla on June 5th, 2017, 7:28 pm


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