Open Songs, Fires, and Navigating Illusions

Elin attempts to navigate Alvadas with a feeling of fire in her stomach and an unfamiliar song in her chest

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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

Songs, Fires, and Navigating Illusions

Postby Sorla on June 14th, 2017, 12:22 am


"Nari" "Common"

'Oh, I'm pretty sure Ionu doesn't favour me,' Sorla laughed, fire sparking from her mouth as she spoke. 'To tell you the truth Ionu and I aren't really acquainted. It's not that I know how to get around, just that I've learnt from hard experience not to trust anything in this city except myself.' Nevertheless, the decision seemed to have been made collectively that they were going to try and find somewhere to swim, and they wouldn't get there just standing around and talking about it while the fire in their bellies got hotter and the song in their heads grew more insistent.

Elin had offered to give the misshapen little man - she realised she still didn't know his name - a lift, which would certainly make things quicker. He seemed to be quite accident-prone and did not look as if he could walk very fast. She had to agree with his own judgement that he was probably not favoured by Ionu, and Elin didn't seem to think she was either... all in all they were not a very promising group as far as navigating Alvadas went.

'I have an idea,' she said. 'Why don't we let the god of chance decide what direction we should go in.' She took out a copper miza and held both hands behind her back, switching the coin from palm to palm until she was sure nobody else would know where it was. She held out both hands in front of her, fists clenched tightly. 'Guess which hand the coin is in,' she announced to whoever would want to choose. 'If you guess right, we'll go right. If you guess wrong, we'll go left. We'll do that at each crossroads we reach, and as we walk, let's all try and picture a cool, refreshing pool of water. If we don't find anywhere to swim before too long, we'll know for certain that Ionu doesn't favour any of us! Now would be a good time to pray, I suppose.'

She had deliberately avoided getting involved with Ionu before now - hopefully not so much that the god would be angered - but she simply didn't feel the need to worship such a fickle being. She preferred her gods to be a bit more straightforward. But she supposed that if she stayed in Alvadas, eventually she would have to acknowledge Ionu's dominance over the city, and now was as good a time as any. She wouldn't have dared trouble another god with as trivial a matter as finding somewhere to swim, but she thought the trickster god might at least enjoy sending them on a wild goose chase, and if they were lucky there might be a pond at the end of it.

'Ionu,' she began, switching back to her native tongue as she always did when praying. 'Sorry to bother you. This is more of an experiment than a request, really. Could you help us find somewhere to swim? I promise to worship in your temple tonight, if you do.' She waited, feeling awkward as she always did when finishing a prayer, as if half expecting an answer, and then turned to the group. 'Ready? She headed off in the direction indicated by the coin game, followed by whoever wanted to follow her.
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Songs, Fires, and Navigating Illusions

Postby Nephti on August 6th, 2017, 6:46 pm

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Elin spoke of the song getting on her nerves. That was true - the tune rang through her head repeatedly, refusing to move. At the beginning it had been sweet, beautiful, catchy, but now it was starting to verge on the annoying side. "We sing, maybe?" she spoke up, deciding it was worth a try. After all, when she had other tunes stuck in her head, it helped to sing or hum them aloud to clear them from inside. "If we sing, maybe it goes? Helps me, sometimes, with other songs."

Then again, this wasn't just any song, and Nephti wasn't certain that what normally worked would work. After all, this was Alvadas, and it was crazy here. Just Cabachon explained - normal things like maps and compasses and even your memory were useless here. So useless Nephti had almost stopped to consider them as normal things to help her get around.

Following her own advice, she hummed the tune lightly. Her eyes flickered at little girl, smiling at her in a hope that she'd join in. It didn't seem to be working properly. At least, not yet, but Nephti stuck to it, staying fairly quiet in an attempt to not annoy anyone either.

So they started on their journey, with the tiny little man in Elin's arms, Nephti and Ilia humming the song, and Sorla leaving it to chance.

She glanced down at the two hands. It didn't really matter which one she picked - it was luck, and nothing more, she knew that. Luck, and that added bit of chance that Ionu was sure to play with. But the girl still hesitated for a moment, trying to decide which one to pick.

Finally, she settled on her left hand, tapping it quickly with a middle left hand of her own. "That one!" As Sorla flipped her hand open, revealed nothing, Nephti nodded almost expectantly. "We go left?"

The girl looked to her right, took a step, then giggled at her mistake. "Left!" she called out, before returning to her humming, following the others in the correct direction. As Sorla had suggested, she held the thought of a clear, cold pool in her mind, like that emerald pool. Picturing it, she could almost feel the cold sweep of the water across her body, wiping away the flames from within.

As they walked, she moved closer to the redhead, curious about the prayer - who else would she be talking to in her own language than a god - that Sorla had muttered. "What language is that? What you say?" It had sounded so pretty, like birds talking, almost. With the clicks and chirps, she couldn't think of anything else that it reminded her of. How did she make sounds like that?
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