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Nephti re Bisret

Postby Nephti on June 7th, 2015, 3:43 pm

Nephti re Bisret

"It is the mark of my goddess," she said in Common, before shifting to Arumenic, "Priskil, goddess of hope and light, and my friend, marked me, blessing me with hope and strength. A gnosis mark, it is called, and she gave it to me for having hope even when the light was weakest."

*Appearance and Personality
*History and Threads
*Knowledge and Beliefs
*Possessions and Relationships
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Nephti re Bisret

Postby Nephti on June 7th, 2015, 3:49 pm


Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Race Eypharian
Gender Female
Hair Caramel Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5"5 (165cm)
Weight 110lbs (50kg)

The most striking thing about Nephti's appearance, naturally, is that she had six long elegant arms. They are her pride and joy, because they mark her as Eypharian. The girl wears them proudly and naturally, and in them, a pack of cards can often be found, being shuffled and cut while she talks and waits.

Her skin is lightly gilded, soft and smooth but for marks of being beaten. Her hair is also silky soft, brown and caramel. Her eyes are filled with hope, large and proud. Through them people can see the strength that has only grown with her time as a slave.

Nephti used to hold her head high with defiance and pride, believing herself the centre of the universe. Then, after losing hope, it fell, her posture one of submission. Now, it sits in the middle, Nephti not being openly rebellious, but also not giving in. When speaking about Priskil and hope and what she believes in, she takes the posture of someone who is much stronger than they look, and her whole body lights up with emotion. Normally, however, she relaxes and can almost be mistaken for any normal teenager.

As a slave for a decent time of her life, she hasn't always had access to fine clothes and makeup, but Nephti still tries to dress well, the Eypharian culture of makeup integrated into her blood. Her clothes are very simple and the makeup she does wear is minimal, at least through an Eypharian's eyes, but it is enough to accent her eyes and create an appearance of even more beauty.

Her gnosis mark lies on her right, upper hand. She makes no move to hide it, and can be spotted as a glowing light as she talks, on view for anyone to see. The mark is Nephti’s proudest possession and she wants people to see it.


Personality begins where comparison ends

Likes Hope, freedom, heat, tarot cards, candles (sweet smelling ones especially), magic tricks
Dislikes Slavery, whips, chains, branding, climbing mountains
Aspirations Bring hope and light to the world
Fears That darkness and evil will destroy her

Nephi's personality has ranged from both extremes : First a spoilt, stuck up and proud child, then a weak and vulnerable young girl and now it falls in the middle. She is not overly loud or rebellious, knowing that her actions will have consequences, yet is not submissive, having hope and strength.

Those two traits are her most powerful. Nephti is filled with hope, and wants to spread it, trying to get others to feel it too. She is an optimist, knowing that things will get better and a firm believer in the goddess Priskil.

Nephti likes to have a plan and to be organised, with her room very clean and everything in its place. Despite this, she knows that in life she never gets a chance to plan because things come too suddenly, so when she has to just act, she acts on her pure emotions and lets them guide her.

She is a very bright, happy girl and enjoys the company of others. She sees light in everyone and isn’t scared to approach a stranger that looks like they would enjoy a conversation. Most of the time, she appears young, innocent and playful, but will sometimes zone out with deep thoughts that reveal her true past.
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Nephti re Bisret

Postby Nephti on June 7th, 2015, 3:53 pm


History is not the burden of the mind but the illumination of the soul.

Date of birth 21st Spring 501
Place of birth Ahnatep

Pre-creation history :
Nephti's early life was peaceful and luxurious. Her parents were talented craftspeople, and tried to raise her in the lap of luxury. Nephti was taught that Eypharians were the descendants of gods, and how the rest of the world was undeserving scum. The family owned several slaves, Benshiran and Kelvic slaves to serve them and provide for their every need. Nephti was used to this treatment, always getting what she wanted.

By eight, the girl was extremely spoiled. Her parents couldn't say no to her, and she just took whatever caught her eye. She had jewellery, slaves, rich cloths and horses. The Eypharian was taught by the finest instructors, and cared for by the finest slaves available. The girl was taught arts such as hypnotism and to use a scimitar, forgetting most however. Nephti was treated like a little princess,and acted just as spoilt. What she had was never good enough, not that she ever appreciated it. Her constant demands slowly drained her parent's income.

The couple became worried about money. At the rate their daughter was demanding things, they would be broke by the end of the season. Nephti's father's gambling habit made things worse as he went out and lost money everynight. One by one, they slowly started selling possessions, blaming the missing items on missing slaves and claiming that those slaves had stolen the things and run off. They hoped Nephti would realise she didn't need those things and would be content. Nephti, of course, wasn't.

She saw her parents ordering slaves to sell her horses and her jewellery and her clothing. Nephti told this to her parents one evening, ordering them to buy everything back. When they tried to refuse, Nephti locked herself up in her bedroom, not leaving even for food or water.

Eventually they caved, and went hunting for everything sold. Her father claimed that he was using money won from gambling. In fact, he had recently been losing more. Nephti wasn't satisfied with the possessions back, and demanded that they gave her more as an apology. Nephti's mother started worrying about her family’s ways, knowing that they would collapse immediately.

It finally broke down one night when her father went out to gamble. He bet everything, and more. It was the heat of the moment, and if you had asked him, he would have said that he was certain that he would win.

But he didn't.

The man who had won instead was a sly, cunning dhani, who refused to take
anything less than what was promised. He told Nephti's father that the debt would be paid off, and he didn't have to worry about it. Nephti's father, however, did worry, unsure about the man's meanings, but left it, hoping that he had got away with it.

What the dhani had meant was that late one night, when Nephti was out riding, he would send a gang of men to enslave her. Nephti fought hard, but four fully grown men easily overpowered a ten year old girl. She was blindfolded and dragged into a battered cart, thrown amongst the rest of the slaves. Nepthi was furious, demanding to be allowed out of the dirty cart filled with those that were like animals. The dhani just laughed, and told her to shut up. When she didn't, Nephti was knocked out.

When the Eypharian awoke, she was in Riverfall, a strange place with tall men with weird skin. Everyone stared, everyone looked down upon her, everyone treated her like a slave. And the reality finally kicked in.

Nephti, at first, resisted as much as possible. When she was sold to another slaver, she kicked and fought and tried to run. Her parents would come, she assured herself, and she would be saved. She was almost immediately recaptured and barrelled onto a slave ship, thrown amongst those she used to look down on. Now, they were at an equal level.

Nephti was taken from city to city, displayed as a horse would be, ready to be
bought and sold in an instance. With every harbour her spirit faded, knowing she was further from ever getting home. Her spoiledness slowly diminished into only slight pride as she was beaten and whipped, punished for disobeying.

Not long after her capture, Nepthi was bought by a young couple, rich and prosperous. There, she was treated well, better than before. She was taught skills by the other slaves, who wanted the young girl to do well for her new masters. Nephti reluctantly followed their instructions, seeing that the better behaved she was, the better she would be treated.

It was there she met a fortune teller, who she saw occasionally at the market. This old and wizened old woman took a particular liking to her, despite the irony. After all, this woman was a Benshira who had marks of slavery upon her. She should have hated the Eypharian, but she didn't, living with hope.

Nephti, at first, let her previous teachings rule upon her prejudices,
believing this woman to be nothing more than an undeserving slave. However, the woman mystified her with her art and her hope, and Nephti was drawn by curiosity. Eventually, she let her pride go, seeking hope in her new companion. The woman taught her fortune telling, glad that the girl changed, and spoke of better times, urging her to hope, as it all would return to as she wanted.

The Eypharian slowly grew more confident with fortune telling, presenting the masters with a fear. The old woman had taught her hope and now the girl was confident and challenging again. She fought against them and regularly consulted both the woman and herself for the future. The result, whether truthful or not, was always the same: she would leave the masters within the season. To Nephti, this brought new strength but to the masters it didn’t. If the slave girl ran away, she would be successful, giving hope to the other slaves too. The girl would have to leave. And the only other way was by selling her.

Post-creation history :
Nephti found herself sold to another Eypharian, Sayana. She was first hired to look after the baby the woman called her son as well as Timothy, but soon her position changed as Sayana left them when she was being hunted by the Zith.

That Winter, Nephti took to her role as being blessed by Priskil and began to shine through the darkness that had come to Alvadas. Her view on Zith changed sharply that season, giving hope to them along with Sayana. At the end of the season, she entered the door created in Alvadas to join the war scene behind it, attempting to become a beacon of hope for the warriors who fought for their city.

It was this season that she also met Mr Illusion, a boy from the streets who taught her how to use her cards to make magic and the secrets of sleight of hand. Although she did not see him until later that year, he left a mark on her soul that she did not yet understand.

In Spring, Nephti gained her freedom with Sayana’s disappearance, and started to sell her tricks on the street. She met a young man who told fortunes, something she was struggling to do in her confusion, and with his reading, decided it was best to keep hope and wait for Sayana’s return rather than follow. Instead, she met a woman who was even more fragile than herself, who asked the city to choose her fate: to jump or not to jump. Nephti fought hard to show her hope, and through it started the Order of Radiance, as she gained a friend and ally who would work with her to bring hope.

By the end of the season, the Eypharian had gathered enough money and decided it was time she returned home. However, once she got there, she started seeing the darkness in the city everywhere, including in her parent’s lives, which had been low every since her kidnapping. Although they tried to hide it, she realised the strain she was putting on them staying, and decided that her place was now in Alvadas. She fled, hoping to keep the images of a bright city in her mind and not replace them with what she saw.

Back in Alvadas, she returned to what she knew, selling fortunes, and gained a set of runes which she hoped to learn more about so she could improve her skill. She also sent a message to Rosca, not knowing whether the Benshira who had taught her everything she knew received it, in a wild leap of faith. Mr Illusion also reappeared in her life and the two grew closer, spending a lot of time together.

*21 Spring 501 Nephti is born and instantly showered with gifts of the most expensive sort.
*8 Summer 509 Nephti begins formal instruction in the scimitar, riding and her parents even hire a teacher to instruct her in hypnotism, understanding the power of the magic.
*47 Winter 509 Nephti’s father makes his first huge loss and sells a slave and one of Nephti’s finest necklaces.
*23 Spring 510 After a disappointing birthday for her standards, the girl finds out her parents’ sales behind her back.
*26 Spring 510 Her parents cave and begin to buy everything they can back, falling deeper into debt.
*79 Winter 510 Nephti’s father loses everything.
*3 Summer 511 Nephti is kidnapped and taken as a slave.
*48 Summer 511 Nephti arrives in Riverfall.
*62 Winter 511 Nephti is bought by the couple in Alvadas
*1 Spring 512 Rosca introduces herself to Nephti and begins to teach her about Priskil and fortune telling.
*50 Summer 513 Nephti is blessed with a mark from Priskil.
*2 Autumn 515Nephti reads from the cards that she will leave within the season.
*25 Autumn 515 Sayana purchases Nephti.

other :
*Sayana and Nephti will no longer find themselves very welcome at Kitrean Krafts. Any interactions will be short and clipped, and they will need to pay 1.2x the price of anything bought from the shop.
*Overgiving with hypnotism is now more likely to cause bleeding from the mouth and nose at medium overgiving and beyond.
*As no gloves were used, Nepthi's hands will be stained a burnished red for the remainder of the season.(Winter 515)


Through freedom and chains.

Autumn 515
25th New Beginnings Graded
25th A Family Makes Home Graded
26th Healing Old Wounds Graded
30th? Building a Bed Graded
45th Branding Graded
82nd Lost Love Graded
91st A Grande Ole Party Graded

Winter 515
2nd A Future Stained In Red Graded
12th Sleight of Hand Graded
23rd Sleeping Stranger Graded
25th The Wolf's Cave Graded
42nd Hold On, Pain Ends Ongoing
45th Missing Persons Graded
57th Behind Red Eyes Graded
82nd Call to Arms Graded

Spring 516
6th Nephti's Fortune Graded
29th There's Art In the Cards Graded
39th The Nuances of Noon Ongoing
50th Cards Gone Wrong Graded
73rd Breaking the Ice Ongoing

Autumn 516
5th Card Tricks and Mischief Ongoing
6th Hands of Fate Ongoing
7th Stammer and Blush Graded
8th Mr Illusion and a More Fun Card Game Graded
9th Telegram! Ongoing
10th Epistolary Ongoing
70th The Bone Fortune Graded

Winter 516
1st Around the World In... One Day Ongoing
2nd Terrible, Terrible News Graded
10th The Sands of Home Graded
17th Party Tricks Completed
21st Reflections of Truth Graded
23rd A Goal Without A Plan Graded
25th Waves of Hope Graded
28th Having a Hard Time Ongoing
55th A Million Cards Completed
58th The Fool Ongoing
90th Every Action, a Consequence Halted

Spring 517
30th The kindness of strangers Abandoned

Summer 517
3rd The Heathen and the Hopeful Abandoned

64th | Childish Nights | Abandoned
Autumn 517
25th Star Light, Star Bright Graded
61st Songs, Fires and Navigating Illusions Abandoned
61st Stabbing With Sickness Ongoing
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Nephti re Bisret

Postby Nephti on June 12th, 2015, 9:16 pm


I must work hard at what I know.

Fluent Arumenic
Basic Common
Poor Shiber

Observation 1EP 3EP 3EP 4EP 3EP 4EP 3EP 4EP 2EP 2EP 4EP 4EP 3EP 5EP 5EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 55 Expert

Fortune Telling 20SP 2EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 35 Competent
Socialisation 1EP 3EP 1EP 4EP 1EP 5EP 3EP 1EP 3EP 5EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 39 Competent

Acrobatics 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Acting 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 9 Novice
Busking 2EP 3EP 1EP 6 Novice
Camouflage 1EP 1 Novice
Child Care 5SP 1EP 6 Novice
Cleaning 2EP 1EP 3 Novice
Cooking 1EP 1 Novice
Cosmetology 15SP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 21 Novice
Dance 1EP 1 Novice
Deduction 1EP 1 Novice
Disguise 1EP 1 Novice
Endurance 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 4 Novice
Escape Artist 1EP 1 Novice
Intelligence 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 5 Novice
Gambling 3EP 4EP 3EP 1EP 5EP 16 Novice
Herbalism 1EP 1 Novice
Hosting 2EP 1EP 3 Novice
Hypnotism 5SP 1EP 2EP 1EP 9 Novice
Interrogation 2EP 2 Novice
Intimidation 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Investigation 3EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 12 Novice
Land Navigation 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 5 Novice
Leadership 1EP 1 Novice
Linguistics 3EP 3 Novice
Logic 1EP 1 Novice
Mathematics 1EP 1 Novice
Medicine 2EP 2 Novice
Meditation 1EP 1 Novice
Negotiation 3EP 3 Novice
Organisation 1EP 1 Novice
Persuasion 5EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 13 Novice
Philosophy 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Planning 1EP 1EP 3EP 4EP 9 Novice
Prayer 1EP 1 Novice
Rhetoric 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 4EP 2EP13 Novice
Running 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Stealth 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 4 Novice
Storytelling 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 6 Novice
Subterfuge 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3 Novice
Tactics 1EP 2EP 3EP 6 Novice
Teaching 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Tracking 1EP 1 Novice
Weapon: Scimitar 10RB 1EP 11 Novice

*Sayana: Eypharian Mistress
*Subterfuge: Lying in Common
*Promise to Sayana: No Hypnotism
*Teaching: Repetition of Explanation
*Sayana: Has the appearance of a Zith (Winter 21 515 AV)
*Sayana: Needs help and hope
*'Mr Illusion’: Boy with dark eyes
*Lucas: An assistant fortune teller at Okana’s Tent
*Lucas: Taught by a “male Konti”
*Karash Divine: Haughty Eypharian
*Menna Moresly: A shy girl associated with Karash
*The stranger at the Temple
*Storytelling: Magician, Emperor, Heirophant, and Fool
*Storytelling: Using Improvisation to Fill in the Blanks
*Nephti: Girl of Little Illusions
*Arisia: Another Fortune Teller
*Arisia: Two Year Old Cat Kelvic
*Bonded to Arisia
*Arisia: Wishes to Help the Vantha and Has a Vantha Mother
*Arisia: Has Travelled Martial Arts: Fighting Without Weapons
*Alex: Staying at the Cubacious Inn
*Alex's Words of Advice
*Emotion Equals Power
*Alex: Armoured Vantha Sympathiser
*Alex: Prepared to Help
*Marina and Kraityn: Svefra couple

*Ahnatep: street plan
*The Alvadas Underground
*Alvadas Location: The Wolf’s Cave
*Alvadas location: Okana’s Tent
*Alvadas Location: The Sealed Grounds
*Alvadas location: The Temple of Ionu
*Alvadas Event: The Festival of Illusion
*The Crooked Playhouse: Reminds you of Sayana
*The Crooked Playhouse: Has a Atmosphere of order
*Ahnatep: No longer feels like home
*Lore: Alvadas Winter 516 Mizahar Map
*Syliras: Busy and Full of Knights
*Alvadas Location: Alvadas-Nyka
*Alvadas Location: The Patchwork Port

*Ionu, God of Illusions
*Navigating using Priskil’s gift
*It’s faith, not race that matters to Priskil
*Ionu’s gnosis: Illusionism
*Belief in Priskil
*Kelwyn: A twin god and goddess
*Kelwyn: God/goddess of lost causes
*Ionu: Fond of Pranks
*Priskil: Basic Religion
*Watchtowers: Linked to Priskil and Love
*Morwen: Goddess of Winter
*Dira: Goddess of Death
*Kihala: Goddess of Life
*Yahal: God of the Benshira
*Sylir: God of the Knights
*Sylir: Symbol of the Windoak
*Yahal: Represented by Wings

*Cosmetology: Applying Kohl
*Cosmetology: Contouring
*Cosmetology: Proper Layering
*Cosmetology: Dying Hair
*Medicine: Changing Bandages
*Medicine: Washing Wounds
*Medicine: Keep Clean
*Vyfox: For Cleaning and Purifying
*Kroler: For Speeding Healing
*Hypnotism: Recognising it in others
*Cosmetology: Applying eyeshadow
*Philosophy: Side effects of slavery
*Investigation: Asking questions to find answers
*Running: Stopping suddenly

*Fortune telling: Using bones
*Fortune telling: ‘The Star’ card as a representation of Priskil
*Fortune telling: Are bones more precise?
*Card tricks: The three card trick
*Card tricks: Find the card within the pack
*Card tricks: Using misdirection
*Card Tricks: Hiding Cards Using Misdirection
*Card Tricks: Being Sleight of Hand(s)
*Using Stories to Stall for Time
*Card Tricks: Using Stories with Tarot Cards
*Gambling: Stammer and Blush
*Stammer and Blush card hands
*Card Hand: Full house
*Gambling: Bluffing
*Card Hand: Straight Flush
*Card games bring crowds together
*Card Game: Bullshyke
*Finding tells in other players
*Improvising new rules for bullshyke
*Always card games around the docks
*Busking: Picking Oneself Up (Mentally) From Mistakes
*Gambling: Card Fold Trick
*The Power That Fortune Telling Can Hold
*Fortune Telling: Spreading hope

*Rhetoric: Promises of hope

*Paralysis of fear
*Injuries: Negating the threat of a person
*Konti: Presumed blessed
*The unlikelihood of a male Konti
*The dangers of travel
*Zeltiva: In the Sylira region
*Zeltiva: A port city of learning
*Complexities of understanding fortune telling
*Voiding: A magic of opening portals to another dimension
*Acting: Suppressing a Smile To Fool an Audience
*Patience: Sometimes Difficult
*Double-Coloured Eyes: A Condition From Birth, Common In Cats
*Kelvics: Animal-like Race
*Kelvics: Bonding At Different Ages Means Different Results

• Planning: The stakes are high
• Planning: Looking to others for help
• Alex: A sun-shaped scar
• Alex: Uses many weapons
• Planning: Weighing the options
• Planning: Trust and secrecy
• Stealth: Whispered words
• Nothing is nothing
• Socialization: Language barrier
• Nephti: Is light, not darkness
• Speaking up is dangerous
• Alex: A careful ally
A Note Under the Door: An unpleasant surprise
-Vantha: Hunted in the Winter of 516 AV
-The Question: How many deities truly support hunting the Vantha?
-Alvadas' Streets: Trust Ionu to guide you
-Everyone needs hope, not just the persecuted
-A speech can draw attention at any moment
-Being Eypherian draws people's interest

Language: Silently repeating words to get full meaning
Nephti: Poor in Fall 516
Ssanya: Dhani carver from Eyktol
Dhani: Are scary and remind Nephti of bad times
Fortune-telling: 'V' spread
Fortune-telling: Ssanya's fortune
Fortune-telling: Explaining cards not well understood

Alvadas location: Alvahnatep illusion Winter 516
Dhani: Difficult to trust


Marked by my goddess

Priskil Nephti holds Priskil in the highest regards and actively worships her, having created an Order of Radiance in Alvadas and striving to bring hope and light to the city in the places it is lacking. She has been marked with one gnosis of Luminance from this goddess. Although she does not use the gift she has been given lightly, Nephti isn’t scared to use it when she feels that it is needed.

Gnosis story :
The young girl rose on her tiptoes, the washing line just out of reach. She frowned, looking for something to step on to raise her up a little. Spying a basket back towards the house, she brought it over, placing it firmly on the ground and testing its weight, before stepping on it, now level with the rope that hung between two trees. One pair of arms pulled the large sheet in the washing basket next to her over, while the second held it in place and pegged it down. The third pair hung loosely, still too low to be of any use.

Slavery had taken its toll on her. Across her arms lay bruises and cuts, fresh from whenever the master found that she had not done her work to the best of her ability. Her back ached from the physical labor required of her, and her soul ached from the mental strength it took her to keep going. She was more obedient now, scared of her new master, but she felt strong inside, and that was what kept her going.

A light humming came from over bushes on one side of her, a soft, lilting tune that sounded familiar, but was unknown to her. The humming changed to song, a gentle peaceful voice full of happiness.
"Love gives me hope,
Hope gives me strength,
Strength gives me enough
To help me along."

Nephti searched for the origin of the voice, curious as to its owner. More curious, however, as to why they knew Arumenic. Was there another Eypharian near? A sudden burst of strength rushed through her, the thought of another of her race in close proximity. Someone who was as close to the gods as her. Someone who would understand.

A cry distracted her from the song, and she turned to find the young boy, the one she helped another slave care for, on the flaw, face dirty with mud. The other slave stood behind him, a smile curved in her devilish face. "You can have the little brat. Little devil," she snarled at him, "I'll kill him one day, when they aren't looking."

Nephti ran to scoop him up, hugging him tightly. The noise ceased until the singing could be heard again, crystal clear. "Silence! That brat makes some noise," the older girl scoffed, turning away. Nephti frowned a little, unsure whether she was referring to actual silence, or just the lack of the toddler's cries. The singing definitely removed any silence from the scene.

The young girl looked at the small child in her arms. He was rich and spoiled, and had everything he wanted, even at the age he was at. She understood why the other slave would hate him, as she had to serve his every command, even though he couldn't speak. Most the slaves had either fear or hatred towards their masters. Some even had both.

However, Nephti never found herself hating the boy. It wasn't his fault that he was born into this life. Perhaps when he started abusing his power, started hurting her, her feelings would change, but she was hopeful he wouldn't. It was like seeing a mirror of her younger self in this child she was to care for, and as much as that scared her and filled her with guilt, it made her kindness to him grow.

Nephti turned to return to the wet clothes, hoping to continue with the job. Unlike other slaves, the little boy would be no problem, having three sets of arms to hold him and do her work. She almost felt sorry for those who had less. Almost.

What shocked her when she turned was the older girl, golden locks falling down past striking blue eyes, standing there patiently and waiting for Nephti to notice her.

"Who are... I mean, how can I help you?" she asked, remembering her position a little to late. The girl, however, didn't seemed to mind, and began to speak in that same lilting, soft, gentle voice, the warming Arumenic.

"I just wanted to see if you needed any help, that's all."

"Thank you, but I don't think my master would be happy if some strange, unknown woman started to help with my work," Nephti replied honestly, beginning to hang up another large white blanket, "And I would hate to impede anything you needed to do."

The older girl smiled, "It is no problem. And if your master does find out, I will explain. Tell me, where do you come from? A race like yours isn't common around here."

Nephti looked at her curiously. It wasn't often that anyone spoke to her, apart from giving her orders, especially not in a simple conversation like this one. Perhaps the girl was a test, or a trick. Looking in her companions eyes, however, it appeared that it wasn't.

"I come from Ahnatep." Her eyes closed, visioning her home, "It is beautiful there. Eypharians everywhere, hustling with trade and workers and... slaves. It's warm there, the sun beats down on you hard, but pleasantly, and there is sand for miles..."

"Do you wish to return there?"

"I know I will. I have hope and faith in it."

"You seem like a hopeful young girl."

"It is all I have. Without hope, how will I have the strength to carry on? Without hope I will be nothing but an empty shell."

Nephti switched the young boy to her right side, shifting her weight so she faced her companion more. The older girl was in the process of hanging up large silk shirt, the material slightly transparent in the wind. Talking to her, everything seemed natural, even though it should have been spiking up warning signs. Hopefully, the trust she placed in the gut feeling that this girl meant no harm would pay off.

"And this child? I assume you work as his nanny, or similar?"

"That's what I was bought to do. There is another girl, too, only slightly younger than you look, but she does a bad job, and is rude to the master and mistress. She hates him, so much. But I could never do that. He's young and innocent and... I can't hate him," Nephti tickled the child under the chin, causing a small giggle to trickle out of his mouth. This cause her to smile, "And I suppose that I hope that if I treat him well and raise him to respect others, he'll do it to me. At the moment, he feels like a younger brother, but in the future, he could be my worst nightmare."

The girl nodded, adding a final peg. "Well, you are all finished here. I must go, but I'll be back here tomorrow, at the same time. Will you?" Nephti quickly nodded her head, before wishing her companion farewell.

The next day, they met again, and talked more. The day after that too, and the one after that. Nephti found herself telling the older girl everything, her history and her present, her fears and dreams, her hopes. Being with her felt right, as she finally had someone who listened and saw her as a person, not a possession. She finally had someone to call a friend.

Then, a few weeks later, the older girl decided that she had something to tell Nephti, after revealing nothing about herself the previous visits. They were once again hanging up the washing, and the little boy Nephti cared for was fast asleep among the sheets of a basket she had put to one side. The girl had taken her hand, and led her further, away from the washing, and towards the sun.

"Have you heard of the goddess of hope?" she asked gently, pulling Nephti to sit on the grass beside her.

"I... yes, I have. Priskil."

"We never exchanged names, did we?"

Nephti frowned. It was true - she couldn't remember ever giving her companion her name, and she certainly never remembered being given it. "I'm Nephti."

"I'm Priskil."

Nephti laughed gently, "So you are named after the goddess?"

Priskil joined with the laugh. "No, Nephti. I am the goddess. I am the goddess of hope."

Nephti froze, unable to believe her. Was it really true that she was in the presence of a Goddess?

"You know, for one in your position, there is much kindness and hope. Nephti, you are so young, but are so old. You have discovered hope and wish to spread it. I wish to help you," the goddess said and took Nephti's hand tenderly, holding it tight.

A deep, warm light appeared, soothing all negative feelings. It erupted from where Priskil held her hand, yet stretched far, forming a ball of light around them. Nephti felt her strength renew, and her hope. Her hand tickled where it was being held, glowing with light.

Then it died down, leaving Nephti alone. Upon her hand was a vortex, glowing and swirling. It was beautiful. She smiled, looking up to the sky. "Thank you, Priskil, for this beautiful gift."

Ionu Before the Vantha killing started, Nephti believed Ionu to be a good god and loved the illusions, most of the time. In her mind, he is always male, but she knows that the deity can be both. However, at present, Nephti is more unsure about what to think of him.
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Nephti re Bisret

Postby Nephti on December 27th, 2016, 3:46 pm


What a slave has is treasured

Housing Moderate room in the Cubacious Inn (bed with softer mattress, desk, chair, chest, shelf; pastel yellow)

linen sleeveless robes
linen sheath dress
linen undergarments
linen cloak
leather sandles
6 silver bangles
silver earrings
silver armband
black cloak
black dress
clear quartz necklace in the shape of a shooting star

cold cream
skin cream
lip pomade
scented vinegar
common scented oil
cosmetic kit

eating knife
flint and steel

week rations
tarot cards - old, simply designed
tarot cards - new, elaborate
tarot cards - missing a few cards, good, belonging to Okana, to be returned once Okana returns (can also keep), Syliras theme.
letter explaining Sayana's departure

Nephti's heirloom is a beautiful glass necklace, given to her by her mother.


starting pack 100gm 0 100gm
silver bangles 0 12gm 88gm
silver earrings 0 2gm 86gm
silver armband 0 1gm 5sm 84gm 5sm
kohl 0 1sm 84gm 4sm
lip pomade 0 1sm 84gm 3sm
skin cream 0 1gm 83gm 3sm
scented vinegar 0 8sm 82gm 5sm
common scented oils 0 5sm 82gm
cold cream 0 1gm 81gm
steel collar 0 10gm 71gm
three manacles 0 45gm 26gm
scimitar 0 15gm 11gm
tarot cards 0 5gm 6gm
fall seasonal expenses (paid by Sayana) 0 0 6gm
winter seasonal expenses (paid by Sayana) 0 0 6gm
money 5gm 0 11gm
spring 516 wages 364gm 0 375gm
spring 516 living expenses common 0 135gm 240gm
spring 516 boarding, simple room, wolf's cave 0 9gm 1sm 230gm 9sm
Gambling 0 1sm 6cm 230gm 7sm 4cm
autumn 516 living expenses common 0 135gm 95gm 7sm 4cm
autumn 516 boarding, simple room, cubacious inn 0 9gm 86gm 7sm 4cm
winter 516 wages 368gm 0 454gm 7sm 4cm
winter 516 living expenses common 0 135gm 319gm 7sm 4cm
winter 516 boarding, simple room, cubacious inn 0 9gm 310gm 7sm 4cm
spring 517 living expenses common 0 135gm 175gm 7sm 4cm
spring 517 boarding, simple room, cubacious inn 0 9gm 166gm 7sm 4cm
summer 517 living expenses common 0 135gm 31gm 7sm 4cm
summer 517 boarding, simple room, cubacious inn 0 9gm 22gm 7sm 4cm


And the people you’ll meet!

Order of Radiance

ImageName: Claudia Windrun
Race: Human, Drykas
DoB: 84th Winter, 487 AV
PoB: Endrykas
Title: N/A
Skills: Medicine 52 XP, Hunting 37 XP, Tracking 31 XP, Massage 23 XP, Herbalism 48 XP, Philtering 36 XP, Cooking 16 XP, Weapon (Dagger) 36 XP, Weapon (Shortbow) 40 XP, Teaching: 20 XP.
Lores: Alvadas Underground, various lores of Ionu, lores on medicine and other skills, lores on the city of Alvadas
Location: Claudia lives in a yellow-bricked house with a dark brown front door. She also frequents the Bizarre regularly, and has a small healer's stall there named 'Happiness Healer'.
Gnosis: N/A
Connection: NPC Member of Order of Radiance (PM to use)
Additional Info:

Claudia was born in Endrykas, to kind, loving parents and an active pavilion. As part of the Opal clan, Claudia learnt how to heal from an early age, looking over her mother's shoulder. During her late teens and early twenties however, the woman soon realised that she was barren, and unable to have a child. Due to the nature of the Drykas, she was bitterly disappointed with her own body, and felt a great deal of shame. To escape what would surely be a life of disappointment for those around her, she fled the Grasslands, moving through Riverfall until she found a merchant ship willing to take her to Alvadas, a city she'd heard rumors of. To date, the woman lives in the city, making a life as a healer.

OOCClaudia would be happy to teach Nephti skills up to the level she knows.

(not yet approved)

ImageName: Rosca
Race: Human, Benshira
DoB: 26th Summer, 452 AV
PoB: Eykotl
Title: N/A
Gnosis: N/A
Connection: NPC Member of Order of Radiance (PM to use)
Additional Info:
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