Location Scarred Wolf Investigations

A private investigation service for hire to all members of Riverfall.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Scarred Wolf Investigations

Postby Fallon on June 25th, 2017, 9:17 pm

Scarred Wolf Investigations Service
For all your sleuthing needs...


Located in Riverfall's second tier, the Scarred Wolf Investigations Office can be found in among the narrow, winding roads within the cliff face. Carved from the stone itself, the seemingly unobtrusive office front door would have been missed if it was not for the brass, canine-headed door knocker and the brass plaque denoting the business. Flanking the door, two wall slits sit fitted with warbled tinted glass - letting the light from within pool out onto the street.

Within the large office the walls have been washed and smoothed down - plain if it was not for the framed map of Riverfall upon the eastern wall-, with polished stone flooring made from the local rock greeting any visitors. Natural light permeates through from a pair of latticed casement windows opposite the door, the sound of the waterfall echoing but far from intrusive beyond it. Sconces sit within the walls, setting the room aglow and giving it a warmer feeling. Most would next turn their attention to the two padded arm chairs, a small tiled coffee table nestled between the pair of them. A rug sits between them and the desk - creating a sense of space on where business between inspector and client occurred.

The desk itself is large, built of iron and in the typical Riverfall fashion with its ornate carvings leading the legs down into ball-and-claw feet. Draws line its inside, storing various writing equipment and a sturdy wooden chair slid neatly beneath. Pushed into the opposite corners is a small collection of shelves to the left and then a small cupboard to the right. Finally, at the base of the window itself is a small trunk holding various and equipment tools the owner deems necessary for investigation.

Commonly Fallon works a eight to twenty shift, however she is not always in the office. When not in use, Fallon tends to leave room locked and leaves a small basket out for any potential written requests to be left there. Otherwise she ushers out those who have not booked appointments upon the last chime of the eighteenth, allowing her time for those last few requesters to be finished up potential service contracts with her if need be. It allows the opportunity for more private, pre-booked meetings for those seeking confidentiality to occur during this small time period. Otherwise, those who are still left waiting would have simply to leave and return at a later date, be this willingly or by force.

ImageName: Fallon
Title: Inspector

It is normally the rolling lilt that is heard first before the actual woman is seen. To those who knock upon the door, the inspector will call for them to enter on her terms. Papers before her, her desk is primed and ready for making notes, a small wolfish curl of the lips before she would gesture for the visitor to sit. Immediately to the point, she adopts the straight lace form of business and professionalism with all who enter, but will far from sugar-coat any situation. Investigation calls for cold, hard efficiency - and that is something she will always seek to achieve. Work and sentiment must not mix. As an expert in her chosen field, she is capable of prying information out of a variety of sources. Be it through clever questioning or brute intimidation, Fallon will get what her client needs - for a price of course.

Private Investigator, Information Acquisition and Threat Assessor. Services offered can vary from the simple forms of Investigating suspicious activity/claims through a variety of ways; from snooping and trailing, stealth and integration, to hard line questioning and the more physically demanding methods. Other service can include the standard ground work for an employer or consultation in cases and assessment of threat areas. Article study provides a more unique aspect of services rendered (with the aid of Lykata). Fallon is also not beyond providing more customisable services depending on what is needed by the client in question.

Article Study: With use of the Lykata, some basic investigation and research, a description of the presented article will be produced, along with what other pieces of information can be gathered from it. Most commonly offered to frequent customers of other services – 5 gm per article. (Special offer, have 2 studied get the 3rd for free.)

Standard Ground work: Shallow overview of a set location, situation or individual at employer’s direction. Can incorporate more physical and brutal methods if need be, but most commonly uses more subtle methods with room to be tailored to the needs of the prospective employer. Commonly used by the less wealthy to gain a sound review and increased understanding of their chosen subject matter. – 6gm/day.

Deep Study: Starting off on the same base as Standard Ground work, the target in question is looked into much more deeply. Patterns and methods are recorded, with a deep review created on various subject matters around them - from past employment and history, to various habits or traits that seemed to reoccurring. - 10gm/day.
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Fallon is a Master of Intimidation, "At this level, a Master intimidator often unconsciously intimidates their target unless the intimidator monitors their stance, tone, and actions to prevent this. Master intimidators will nearly always have a reputation that precedes them unless they have taken special care to prevent it."
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