Solo Pottery 101

Jade begins working on pottery

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Pottery 101

Postby Jade Laken on August 23rd, 2017, 4:36 pm

13th of Summer 517 A.V.

Jade sat up stretching out as her new life was beginning. She had very little to no training about how to make pottery, but it was all the woman had to fall back on. Taking a deep breath, the woman slipped out of bed and got dressed quietly so that Dina would not awaken. The young drykas needed time to get back into the swing of using her whole body to move the clay. She was not looking forward to using those muscles because it had been so long since they were last exercised. Walking into the main portion of the bungalow, she looked around trying to decide what would soot her needs. After forming the clay into the appropriate shape, the woman would need a place to fire the bowls. Most people she had talked to about making pottery called the firing area a 'kiln'. But that information meant very little to her because she did not know how to use one.

“Perhaps when that time comes I can use the same technique my mother used,” Jade stated quietly.

The mother would have a very interesting time trying to work while tending to Dina. Thankfully the child could entertain herself for the most part. She could not imagine having new born children while trying to work with clay. From what the girl could recall getting all the clay off her hands was going to be a challenge the wetter the clay gets. She walked outside and stretched before going down the steps and popping her neck some. The young drykas grabbed the bag from the top step and found a spot to get comfortable. Jade was having to pull back some old memories of her mother showing her how to work the clay when there was no wheel to use. The girl found a rather large flat rock and moved it over to where she wanted to sit under the shade of some trees.

With a grunt, the woman got it put in place and sighed gently. She wiped her face some already feeling the heat. The girl went inside and changed out of her shirt and into a chest wrap hoping that would help the sweat already forming. She walked over to her spot and sat down while popping her neck; the woman got comfortable on her knees and took out a handful of clay. Putting it down on the rock, she wet her hands and began rolling the clay forcing extra air out of it. It almost looked like the young mother was rolling dough to make bread with. After nearly a bell, she sat back and rubbed her upper arms wincing some. It had been a long time since Jade had ever done something like that. A sound of the door opening caused the woman to look over. Dina stepped out and looked around for her mother while rubbing her eyes some. With a smile, Jade wiped off her hands and tended to Dina before stepping back out again.

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