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Postby Wymez on October 16th, 2017, 3:46 am


basic information

--------------------------Alias Brokenspear / Wymez Brokenspear
--------------------------Name Toraq Proudspear of the Ruby Clan
--------------------------Age & Sex 34 & Male
--------------------------Race Human, Drykas
--------------------------Height & Weight 1.88m (6'2") & 79kg (176lbs)
--------------------------Origin Sea of Grass
--------------------------Date of Birth  Fall 89, 483 AV
--------------------------Current Residence The fringes of Endrykas
--------------------------Trade Tanner & Leathersmith (future Armorer)
--------------------------Alignment Lawful Neutral
--------------------------Faith Zulrav, Izurdin, Cheva, Caiyha, & Semele

character concept

'Hope’s thin', he said. 'Despair’s thick. Like blood. '
― Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer 

We are not made to live in the past.” The words of his uncle, spoken after the death of his daughter, were true then and remain so today. And, yet, Wymez clings to what was with a white-hot grip. The Drykas are people not made to dwell on the past – as the present is too dangerous to neglect - but celebrate life and honour those lost to them. Wymez has suffered so much so rapidly that he cannot seem to shake his grief. He is a broken man - spiritually, mentally and emotionally, reeling from loss and being ripped from the only life he knew and finds himself questioning the God he once so faithfully followed. He is bitter, moody and tired, prone to turning in on himself and shutting the world out, his self-loathing and melancholia only serving to fuel his misery. He's a man withdrawn from the pavillion he once so strongly identified with, instead choosing to exist on the fringes, feeling adrift and lost in his self-imposed exile. It is shame that clings to him ― and shame that may one day drive him to seek redemption.

merits and flaws

+ Loyal - Those that count Wymez as a friend know the man is as loyal and devoted as they come. He's not one to forget debts owed or acts of kindness and will always reciprocate in kind as best he is able. He is a steadfast comrade, ready to have his fellow Drykas' backs whenever the need arises, and a nurturing caregiver - although he's more begrudging about it these days.

+ Honest - Wymez is artless as they come. There is no pretense with him and it is something he expects in return. This extends to his body language, which is equally as open as he is, and often gives away his thoughts and feelings without him even needing to open his mouth. Acts of deception and liars, however, make him very uncomfortable as he is prone to being taken advantage of.

+/-Left-handed - Neither quite a merit or a flaw, Wymez has learned to adapt to handling things with both hands although he has a preference for sticking to his natural - left - hand. Needless to say, it has made some things more challenging while also forcing him to find different ways of doing things.

- Obsessive - Wymez has a way of becoming too fixated on specific things to a point that it hinders his everyday life. He is a pedantic individual, prone to over-organisation and loosing track of time once he latches on to a task. This extends to memories and causes, as it seems Wymez is either fully in or not interested at all.

- Purist - Some, like Wymez, believe this thought process to be anything but negative and yet it keeps him withdrawn as ever. He is wary of outsiders and walahks - non-Drykas - and can be quite cold and unwelcoming to any he encounters. He's grown gruff and stubborn in his older years and his capture and time away has only deepend this belief.

physical description

Wymez has always been a simple man, something his appearance regularly reflects. He's never been one for ornamentation, preferring functionality above all, and has always favoured light, undyed clothing and items that have universal uses.

In the warmer seasons, he's the sort to roll up the sleeves of his shirt and pants or forgo shirt and boots entirely, often winding the former around his head as if it were a scarf. As the mercury dips, he layers his clothing with his zibri skin coat and whatever crude bits of hide and fur he can cobble together to wrap around his frame.

He's slightly taller than average - long-limbed and broad shouldered - and cut a solid figure back when he was fit and healthy. His skin tans easily, growing rich and deep when the days are long and filled with Syna's light, and boasts a smattering a freckles along his crooked nose, high, broad cheeks and shoulders. His forehead also holds a dusty of lighter spots with the darkest freckling found along his forearms and large, calloused hands.

His capture and time as a runaway have had a significant effect on his appearance, his frame markedly leaner, cheeks sunken and hollowed and it's obvious the ordeal has aged him. White and grey hairs now pepper his trim beard and spot the temples of his now much shorter hair and his eyes mirror the hollowness of his face - crows feet permanently imprinted at their corners.

The left side of his face is now quick to draw the eye, especially to his own. Possessing a permanent droop to the upper lid, his left eye is no longer able to open as fully as the right, affording him a somewhat myopic look. The left side of his lip and mouth are no better, the bashing he took before his capture leaving his canine and first premolars jagged, cracked and broken.

scars and markings


Scars Wymez, as a man who grew up in the Sea of Grass, has his fair share of scars. At first glance, the most prominent would be the long, thick and ragged one that runs from the left side of his upper lip to the side of his left eye, a token of the night he lost his wife (and nearly lost his own life). Its companion is an equally deep and ugly mark on the left side of his abdomen, cutting from his side and down to his navel.
Among others are a matching - although much shorter and fainter - scar above his lip, one across the bridge of his visibly crooked nose and a multitude of various, mostly small scars on his forearms and hands.

Windmarks His first set was obtained late in the Summer of 498 AV after successfully bonding with a yearling Strider known as Varras. Comprised of a series of markings covering his entire right arm, the styling is done in honour of Zulrav and features a thick black band spiralling down the length of his arm interspersed with intricate geometric work – done as a representation of tallgrass bending under the power of Zulrav's touch.

He added another set to his left calve shortly after his return to Endrykas in the early Fall of 517 AV. He sought a more simple style this time to honour what was his family, with three thin bars wrapping around his upper calf to represent the wife, daughter and son he had. Below that, and just above his ankle, rest one thick and one thin band to represent his Strider and himself, respectively.

Lacun Mark* This faded, silvery mark appeared shortly after the death of his wife, Runa, showing up on his left pec just as the Chevas mark on his neck faded away. Where his and Runa's Chevas had been small, simple, delicate and neat, his Lacun mark is messy and broad and busy, accurately representing the chaos that still lingers in his soul and heart.

*ooc: lore unclear as to whether lacuns are below the sternum or over the heart

the story

Toraq - as he had been known - was born a bastard, a product of a short-lived tryst his mother, Tanren, had with a cocky Ra'athi of the Watch. He was never told and none seemed the wiser, especially when Tanren's husband, Sa'aras, was lost during a hunt before the boy was even born. She would take this secret to the grave, following in the steps of her husband and failing to return home after going out hunting when Toraq was just shy of three. His uncle, Temur, took him in and proceeded to raise the boy as his own.

Temur was a renowned leathersmith and armorer, so dedicated to his craft and his personal god, Izurdin, that he never married or had children of his own. It was an auspicious arrangement for both, Toraq filling a void his uncle never knew he possessed and, in turn, the old man passed on all he knew of his craft and his beliefs as man bearing the mark of Izentor.

In time, Toraq became his uncle's apprentice, working alongside Temur and helping prep skins and leather for the man to craft into armor for warrior, hnter and Watchmen, alike. He took to the trade with great ease and zeal, loosing himself in it and seeming all too like his reclusive uncle. That was, until Runa entered his life.

Shy and introverted, Toraq had never been a sociable sort and yet the ginger-headed Duskstep managed to pull him out of his shell. She was a plucky woman, fearless with a deep, throaty laugh and smile that rivalled Syna's own brightness and Toraq fell hopelessly in love with her.

Despite her family not favouring the match, Runa was equally smitten and they were married in the Fall of 507AV. Their first child, a daughter named Nayan, was born three years later and completed Toraq's life in a way he never thought was imaginable and he fully invested himself in his fatherhood and the adventures it brought.

Tragedy struck when Nayan was five and an illness swept the horseclans, taking her with it. Runa had been pregnant at the time and, whether due to her own grief or Lhex's own twisted hand in things, went in to labour prematurely the following season, losing the son she was carrying. Both Toraq and Runa were deeply devastated by such heavy blows in such quick succession and both struggled to overcome their losses.

They would not have long to mourn.

A pirate raid came unexpectedly in the predawn bell shortly after, resulting in
both being caught in the fray. Runa fought with everything she had yet died in the struggle; Toraq was taken, overwhelmed by sheer numbers and carted off to their black ships along with countless others.

The following two years were a blur of misery and despair. Sold to the Myrians, he lived as a slave for nearly four seasons and, broken and downtrodden, he found himself willing Dira to take him. If not for the nagging anxiety of dying outside the web, he might have never tried to escape. But escape he did, following others who hatched a plan to break away.

It was no easy feat and took him close on another four seasons to make his way back, but Toraq finally found himself back in Cyphrus. It was not how he remembered it but, then again, he was not the same man that he was when he left so he changed his name, referring to himself as 'Wymez' once members of the Watch found him. Now, back in Endrykas, he's trying to find a sense of normalcy, a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose but it's proving harder than expected.


Fluent Pavi & Grassland Sign Poor Tukant & Common*
*picked up bits of Tukant and Common from walahk around Riverfall and Kenash

Lore of Sea of Grass Geography
Wilderness Survival: Harvesting rainwater


Skill Racial Starting XP Total Proficiency
Riding: Horse 10 10 / 100 Novice
Leatherworking   20   20 / 100 Novice
Trapping   5   5 / 100 Novice
Weapon: Spear, Two-headed   10 10 / 100 Novice
Webbing 5 5 / 100 Novice
Wilderness Survival* 10 10 / 100 Novice

*Biome: Grassland/Plains; point breakdown found here


Short linen tunic
Simple linen pants
Worn Zibri coat (fur on)
Worn leather boots
Leather tool belt
Leather apron
Two-headed Spear
Scabbard, Hatchet

Large tent, 4 person
Large tarp
Rope, 100ft
Torches, x2
Fishing tackle & hooks
Leatherworker's toolkit

Leather pack containing:
--♦ Bone comb
--♦ Soap
--♦ Razor
--♦ Rations, one week
--♦ Game knife
--♦ Compass
--♦ Flint and steel
--♦ Water Additive^
Yvas & large yvas bags
Contents of Leatherworker's Toolkit :
This includes all the tools necessary for a character to soak, tan, boil, wax and sew leather armor, essential to both construct and repair such armor.
----------------Wood mallet
----------------Hemp cord, 50ft
----------------Sewing chisel
----------------Round knife

----------Two-handed flesher
----------Wooden ruler
----------Leather slicker
----------Small stone slab
----------Fleshing board
----------Rubbing stone
----------Wooden barrell x 3
----------Wooden pail x 2
----------Glass jar, pint x 4
----------Salt, 10lbs
----------Lye soap, 1lb
----------Bar of beeswax

Heirloom: Carved bone pendant
Crafted by his late wife, he's since added a goat and wolf tooth in honour of his children


Bonded Strider: Varras 16hh, 20 y/o sun-bleached Grulla-coloured stallion.
Possessive and moody but still quick on his feet. Bonded in the Summer of 498AV


Location Endrykas - Outer fringes of the Ruby Clan
Lifestyle Common
Housing His tent


Purchase Cost Total
Starting package   100gm
Leatherworker's toolkit -70gm 30gm
Two-headed spear -10gm 20gm
Zibri CoatUpgrade SP coat to coat with fur on -5gm 15gm
Scabbard -2gm 13gm
Hatchet -6sm 12gm 4sm
Leather apron -6sm 11gm 8sm
Leather tool belt -4sm 11gm 4sm
Game knifeUpgrade SP eating knife to game knife -2cm 11gm 3sm 8cm
Water Additive -3gm 8gm 3sm 8cm
Traveller's Stock -3gm 5gm 3sm 8cm
Fortune -3gm 2gm 3sm 8cm
Fall 517 wages *Leatherworker: $5 x 91 = $455 +
Fall 517 expenses *Common = $135 -


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