Closed Glazing Troubles

Jade tries to glaze some pots, but finds it more difficult than thought

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Glazing Troubles

Postby Jade Laken on November 10th, 2017, 4:00 am

15th of Fall 517 A.V.

Jade walked over to the pottery wheel. She had several orderes to fill and had been putting it off for some time. Everything with her business had taken over her mind. Shaking, her head the woman focused on the task at hand. She looked at the cooled off pottery that the woman had fired the night before. The blond picked up the smallest bowl and looked it over out in the sun's light. The woman wanted to make sure there was no grooves before putting a light salt glaze on it. She had seen several pieces that were colored and had what appeared to be a liquid glaze of some kind back in Riverfall. But she thought better than to try it without the proper knowledge.

“Last thing I need to do is mess up such an important order,” Jade said to herself quietly, “no messed up grooves perfect.”

She opened the different flaps that worked as winds to let in some light and air. It was nice to live on the beach and have fresh air coming in. During the molding process it was a bit difficult to keep the same in the air out of the fresh, wet clay; but she managed to do it somehow. Popping her neck the woman walked over to her fire pit that she dug out the day before. It was so much easier than trying to get the hearth going within the house and waking up Dina. The little one had been sleeping well since Garland and his kids moved in with them.

“This will be easier to use rather than making the whole bungalow hot and having to watch for Aneka,” Jade stated.

She walked over the jungles edge and browsed around calmly looking for some branches that could be used for firewood. If it came down to it the woman may have to it the woman may have to step inside of the jungle and get some wood. She hoped it would not come to that seeing as how the woman had no real jungle survival skills to speak of. Grabbing a few stray limbs, the girl returned and set them up in a triangle that way the pottery would fit under them. She had to be very careful that the pottery did not deform while in the fire. It was not an ideal set up, but there was nothing more that the girl could do.

“This should be enough to start,” Jade commented and walked back to the bungalow.

The girl needed to make a bigger pit in order to put more pots in the fire. Making a face, she placed the wood beside her smaller hole and walked out front. She had to find a spot that was big enough but also out of the way. Her mother had always cleared a large area close to a water source; that way the elder woman could control the heat of the blaze and the size of the fire itself. Starting fires the way potters had to could be dangerous in very dry seasons since the grass would catch very easily.
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