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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Old Friends, New Adventures(Jade)

Postby Garland on February 11th, 2018, 9:19 am

Garland looked on to the kids playing, Ilia was trying to be a bit like her old self, fun and energetic, but she was a bit more reserved than before, she kept glancing back to Garland and Garland waved back at her to try and reassure her.

Garland was no cook but he didn't just want to sit around and wait for Jade to cook. "Anything I can do to help?" He asked and looked on as she started heating up the water, before she went up to get what they actually needed to cook.

Garland smiled a bit, she could have asked him to bring down the food before, but he guessed that since he was a guest, she wanted to do everything herself. He shook his head and met her half way down and took some of what she was carrying.

"Ilu? She's not sick... but she's not exactly the healthiest baby girl... You know I've said that her mother went a bit... mental and sorta just gave her to me, well she didn't get much breast feeding and I had to get a lot of formula for a good while, not the best but better than nothing. While I was moving away from Alvadas to Syka, I met a Sverfa on the boat that had lost her child to the waves, she said, but she had plenty of spare milk and offered to let Ilu feed until we reached Syka." Garland said and sat down next to Jade and watched her work.

He never really noticed, but the way the sun catches her hair makes it glow somewhat, she was very pretty. He knew she was pretty before but now he was the first time he actually gets to appreciate it.

Then Dina came back holding some sort of husky brown rock, Garland has never seen anything like this before and looked over to Phobos, who was busy making a pile of sand and placing a little leaf on it for a flag, he things he might be trying to make some sort of castle or hill with a tree or something.

It wasn't very good, but to be fair, he doubt he could make any better.

"Phobos, mind coming over here for a tick." He called out, and he obliged. Aneka snuck up to Phobos' little castle/hill and smashed it before running away, giggling to herself.

"What is this?" He asked, before Jade said to make sure Aneka didn't throw it at anyone. "Is it a rock?"

Phobos shook his head and said. "conut! Tasty fruit inside!" He said and looked at the coconut. "Neeka likes making it rolls around in the sand."

Garland looked at Dina and held out his hand for Dina to give to him. "Do you mind if I take a look?"

Garland felt just how hard the whole thing was, maybe a zith could bite through it, but not a normal man. "Do you know how to break it open?"

"Umm... I dunno, grandpap used a rock smashed it, a big rock." Phobos said before running back to his now destroyed castle. He gave an angry cry before rushing towards Aneka's even worse sand castle and destroyed that.

"Oh dear... Dina, make sure the twins don't start throwing sand at each other, sand in the eyes is terribly annoying and painful." Garland looked around to find some sort of suitable rock to smash it with.

Garland saw a rather large rock, but nothing else, the beach was actually quite clear of rocks. Garland placed the rock on the ground and held the coconut in his hand. "Huh, should be open soon." He said confidently before starting to slam the coconut into the rock repeatedly.
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