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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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(Re) Discovery

Postby Anuk on January 23rd, 2018, 11:18 pm

" Thank you for coming, Anuk." The waife replied and Anuk's chin dipped subtly, appreciative of the welcome. "Yes. I was something of a scientist before, you might call it. I studied Life, and I'd like to see what lives beyond the confines of the settlement." At this the lioness' brow furrowed in perplexion and her lip lifted lightly in a faint snarl that befit her features anytime she was confused, curious or uncertain of something.

       What is there to study about Life? She pondered, a growl wanting to vibrate up her throat. You live. If you don't, then you are dead. Life was a soft word for survival. Survival was her nature. The thoughts brought a smirk to her features. Anuk thought that perhaps a wander in the jungle might be just what this scientist needed to teach him about life.

  When Nya offered her a warm smile and edged closer, Anuk's one-blue-one-brown eyes watched her, her inquisitiveness lightly dappled with wariness. "I'm Nya. You smell far better than all these dogs. Thankfully. I'm thinking of asking James to import some kittens so at least we have other felines around. Even domestic cats are better than all these dogs." The forest cat grumbled, teasing a humorous smile to slip along Anuk's lips. At the expectant look, Anuk took a breath and shifted her weight to lean against the table beside the forest cat. Visually aligning herself just so—cat with cat. When she rumbled in reply, "Mm, yes! I should like more of our kind around." Her gaze alighted with interest, thinking of all the fun it would be to cultivate a little Sykan pride with Nya.

As Nya's voice lowered, Anuk leaned closer still. "I have no idea why we are going to watch birds. Do you think they'd mind if we ate a few? I'll let the scientist look at them first so long as we get to nibble while they are still warm." Anuk laughed, a gravelly, deep sound. Returning the forest cat's witty grin with mischievous, hooded eyes and a hungry look that spoke of the temptation of a stalk-and-hunt, and a fresh, flighty dinner.

        Her attention returned to the group's palaver. "I don't know these lands, and I won't pretend I do. I figured this would be a nice time to explore and see what we could see. I'd like to bird watch, but the Isur, Aladon, suggested we might go see something about lights at the ruins?"

Anuk listened and felt a sigh rumble in her chest. First, birds. Now, ruins. The lioness was about to voice her impatience when The Lone One spoke, mirroring her sentiments. "We go then?" The lioness watched as Merevaika took a stride toward the jungle. Rustling herself, spear in hand, Anuk followed. "Ay, we go." Flicking an inviting grin at Nya, before letting her gaze wander over the rest to see if they followed and picked out Tomas.

     Anuk gestured to him and waved him to company her. "Birds or ruins—you stay in the middle of the party." Her words warned, as her gaze darted over her shoulder approvingly to the Isur in his impressive leather, Nya whose instincts Anuk intrinsically trusted, and Maya, whose dogs were protection. Not bad, not bad at all, for a stroll in the jungle.

    The kelvic took in a breath as they walked in under the jungle foliage. Tasting rich, damp, thriving life on her tongue sent a thrill down her spine. It rippled along her inked limbs, as refreshing as a stretch after a long, needed nap. It was good to be moving with purpose again, in a pride...of sorts.
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