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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

Welcome to the Wicked Game (Avinasai)

Postby Regime on January 3rd, 2018, 10:07 pm

Fifteenth of Winter, 517 A.V.

Everyone knows to stay away from Stumble Alley. Or at least, that’s what the locals say. No beggar walks the confines of the narrow alleyways, no merchants want to do business there, and neither rabid dog or diseased rat wanted to roam the open spaces for any prolonged length of time; most seeking refuge in the abandon homes that made attacks by feral packs of abused dogs a real threat to anyone who sought to hide in an abandon homes.

To those who managed to managed to ignore their common sense to get far enough, they would spot a single shop nestled away, hidden deep within the area that looked truly unwelcoming to any visitors. That shop was known as The Majestic. And to those who knew of it, would know that it was a dangerous place given that it was the domain of the self-imprisoned mage nicknamed, Bashful. However, today The Majestic was proving to see an unusual amount of activity since it had a single customer.

Within the empty barren front shop of the Majestic, seated on a small stool positioned in front of two closed double doors that were shielded by Bashful himself, perched a figure draped in a black cloak in the midst of conversing with the mage on the other side of the door in the back room. "Lethal?" Doler's voice curiously asked from beyond the door. "No. Simply a distraction." It was obvious to tell that the person sitting on the stool was clearly a woman given the petite frame that the cloak wrapped around, or from her voice as she spoke, but her face was hidden by a black veil under the hood.

"Resources, payment, time, and effort. I've better things to work on. But it is doable. What type of distraction?" As they conversed, both of them went silent at the sound of the shops front door opening...
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Welcome to the Wicked Game (Avinasai)

Postby Avinasai on January 3rd, 2018, 10:30 pm

Day, Season, Year

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She was on her way to The Majestic. Thorne hoped that things were going to be fine. Activity hadn't really increased throughout Stumble Alley. Literally at least one person or so during each season show up.

The quiet was nice and all, but Avinasai didn't get much to do. She did get out of her house every now and then, however it just doesn't seem to be enough. Pick-pocketing people every now and then was fun for the time being, but sitting around and scavenging for ingredients to craft poison wasn't all that entertaining. It was when she was actually being active... However, Avinasai needed to go down to The Majestic anyhow to work on her poisons.

Every time she walks down these familiar streets, she could recall the times with her friends and the deals they've made. All of those semi-good deals had ended up making one deal that caused Avinasai and her friends to not be able to follow through. Which in return the small gang group had killed her friends; Janeth, Hoison, and Milo. She missed them every time she thought about them, and most of her customers had requested poison were seeking revenge. Avinasai made some decent clients over time, but not a lot of her clients returned to The Majestic.

When Avinasai first stumbled upon The Majestic, Avinasai thought that Bashful could use her as value since Avinasai had told her her backstory to him. He was the only one that she would tell of her backstory and why she had ended taking the profession of crafting poisons.

The death of her parents was not a mistake. Someone poisoned them in the middle of the night and her brother couldn't handle her any more and after he was old enough. He left Lhavit, and his sister. Avinasai cursed her brother and hoped that he'd come find her, begging at his knees for her protection. Or at least something along those lines... or perhaps he'd be dead. That'd be the other option Avinasai had thought of.

A year or so later when Avinasai was older, she left Lhavit. Moved to Syliras, and tried her go at being a Knight. However, she couldn't handle the strenuous conditions that they were putting her through. She disposed it, and even a few of the other squires in training couldn't handle it. Then, Avinasai heard of some of the squires who were running a business that served them well. However, they had worked on it before becoming a squire. After they quit they've decided to ask Avinasai. Knowing how much stress and pain she was going through. Janeth was very kind about it too.

Avinasai felt no pride taken away from her after she quit. There was more pride when she started to work with poison.


Not even a rat scurried across the streets in Stumble Alley. No dogs either. The only living thing on this street at least was Avinasai. Until... She heard voices. Voices that were discussing. Discussing near a building that normally didn't attract any attention it activity.

Avinasai crouched around a corner as she knew where she was at. She knew that there wouldn't be people here. It was calm and quiet. Peaceful even. The time flies so fast and Avinasai wondered how much longer she'll have to endure this loneliness. She walked into The Majestic, ready to work on some Poison Crafting. Not expecting anything or anyone.
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