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Synsae takes a stab at hunting in her Dhani form.

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One little piggy...

Postby Sae on January 4th, 2018, 2:08 am

43rd of Winter 517

Synsae slipped on her underpants just as some unknown and distant creature gave a cry at Syna's slow rise. She'd only just shifted from her Dhani form (she usually slept as the powerful behemoth) and "the annoying screams of those damned birds" was the last thing she wanted to hear. Even her pups weren't awake so early and the only reason she moved at all was that this was probably the optimal time to hunt. Many mammals, especially the meat and delicious kind, were diurnal, or mainly active in the daytime.

She began to creep around her tent in her scant clothing when she remembered that she hadn't any weapons of any sort. Not even an adequate dagger to skin an animal, if she ever was ever required to do so. A small sigh left her lips as she ran her fingers through her hair in exasperation. She moved back to her bedroll and sat on it for no more than chime before she started to undress whatever she'd gotten on.

Synsae frowned at herself for a tick before she began to shift back. The transformation seemed to flow smoothly for as gruesome as it looked. Though her legs merged, lengthened, and became scaled, her arms never combined with her torso. In fact, they seemed to grow in both size and definition. Her hair sank into her skin, but her head remained humanoid (though it took on extremely serpentine features). The gruesome display was completed in exactly thirty ticks, but in Synsae's place was a monstrous scaled beast.

Her tongue slithered out for a tick then quickly retreated back into her mouth. She flexed her clawed fingers and then her arms. She swung her head for a few ticks and seemed to get used to her altered vision before she moved her torso to the ground and simply slithered out of her tent, her arms used to propel her body faster along the ground.

Though she couldn't see so far, even if she tried to find them with her night sight, she couldn't see the pigs that supposedly lived all over the Swine Swells. Her enhanced sense of smell was almost overwhelmed with the briny scent of the ocean, so she couldn't quite smell them, either... But every so often, when the waves of the ocean were low, she could hear the sleeping snorts of a mass of swine, thanks to her enhanced hearing.
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