Solo Bitter Work (Job Thread)

Neras investigates the death of a couple of Sun Birth raiders.

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Bitter Work (Job Thread)

Postby Neras Frostfawn on February 10th, 2018, 9:30 pm

Time Stamp: 75th of Winter, 517AV

Neras Frostfawn hated having to answer to Jaren Joander. The guy might be rich, but he was basically a bleeding arsehole. All Neras heard coming out of his mouth was blood covered shyte, and the Gaurdian could just stand there and smiled stupidity as he offered him a drink of water. The teenager thought to himself, 'Too good to share your fine booze with a grunt..typical.” The man poured a water from a crystal and slide the glass across the table to the criminal on the other side. Neras caught the glass in his hand before it spilled into his lap. He stayed silent. He knew that he was already on Jaren's shyte list for breaking the crystal vase on Kelski back. The half breed smirked to himself at the throw. It was a good throw, and he was amazed that the flower stayed in the container when it struck the kelvic slave. It only broke when it hit the wood floor. He should of cleaned it up, but petch Jaren. He shouldn't of had him do such a stupid task in the first place. He wasn't piercer, and he could give a damn if he wanted his pet jewel up. The only thing good about the who ordeal was meeting Kelski that kelvic was to sweet for Sunberth if she was going survive. She needed to adapt. He wished that he didn't have to do it, but he needed to not let her escape. If Jaren hadn't got all butt hurt over a small vase, he would be furious if his slave was running through the barracks trying to escape. He lucky that she didn't get to the common area.

Neras look into his glass, and he could tell the water wasn't purist pour for him. Looking at the crystal clear water behind him, he could tell that he was given water wasn't drinking water Looking at it, he swear that he saw a leaf and dirt sitting at the bottom of his glass. Neras set it down on the table and said with a smirk, “You took the water from one of your vases didn't you?”

Jaren gave him a clever grin and said with a shrug, “I figure Shanty Town trash like yourself would appreciate drinking from water that your kind is more...Lets just say...antiquated with..” Jaren picked up his glass of wine, took a sip from it, and said softly,“You should be grateful that I even offered you a refreshments. Normally, I would only drink and talk openly with people that I respect. You aren't one of them. You owe me for the vase and after the shenanigans your pulled with my pet Kelski.”

Neras looked at this pompous arse, and he was about to say something nasty or about locking the doors, but he was already in trouble with the marshal, so he had to watch his tongue. Sticking the tip of the finger in the glass, Neras responded with a nod, “I personally thought it was good throw, you didn't lose your slave, she is properly pierced, so the job was complete even if it wasn't flawless, but it got done.” Taking the finger out of the glasses, he dripped the dirty water on the table and continued, “I took my punishment, so in my mind we should be square, but if you want to hold a grudge over a vase than I can't do nothing about it.”

The rich man hand downed his drink and said trying to control his temper, “You realize that the creator of the vase is dead? I could have sold it for a small fortune.”

Neras looked at him and said with a shrug, “Than you should have bought two...Sir.”

If Jaren Joander could catch him on fire with his eyes, he would at this moment. He said simply and pouring himself another glass, “You are not of my world, Urchin, so you wouldn't understand my world.” The rich man downed another glass of wine, “Your presence in my apartment is taxing, Gaurdian, and I can only stand you for a few chimes at a time.”

Neras said deadpan, “It always a honor to be called to your apartment. It keeps reminding me of my place in the world compared to men well like yourself.”

Jaren stayed silent as he just watched Neras still swirling the water in the glass with his finger. The stuffy bastard said after a long moment of silence, “I have a job for you, Neras...”

Neras grin widened and said with sarcastic enthusiasm, “Oh I am quite honored, Marshal. Do you need me to drown puppies or find a pregnant cat and throw it into the slag heap? Because I am your man!”

Jaren started rubbing his head with both his hands and said, “Please shut up. You are giving me a head ache.”

Neras places two fingers over his month, sets them in his lap, and listen intently to the marshal.
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