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Business and home of Deadalus Dagwood.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

Dagwood Metal

Postby Daedalus Dagwood on February 25th, 2018, 2:53 pm

Dagwood Metal


    A rectangular building made of brick long ago made form the mines, runs adjacent to the edge of the city; the closest building to the Westwatch Tower, Image There is a wooden sign with metal letters nailed into one of the shops door that simply reads: Dagwood Metal. Lived in, Owned, and Operated by Daedalus Dagwood. Dagwood Metal is his personal workshop dedicated to the practicing of industrial arts, scientific studies, and gadgeteering advancements.

    The Shop

    Upon entering the first door on the right, someone would find themselves standing inside of a small shop several several several shelves covered with assorted items all made of various metals for sell ranging from branding irons, simple toys, or metal alloy.

    The shop itself is overseen by the stores clerk Gwendoline Dagwood. She can often be found sitting behind the counter at the back of the shop which blocks people from reaching the entrance to the Dagwood Metal office where Daedalus lives. Gwendoline greats everyone with a sweet smile on her face. Ready, willing, and happy to help any costumers procure their metal goods.

    In contrast to Gwendoline's sweet smile, Darik Dagwood can often be found roaming the building preforming various tasks with a menacing grin on his face. The youngest brother of the family run business, Darik is a laborer who has no qualms about doing what needs to be done in order to keep his siblings safe. While he works as a laborer, his combat skills make the shops unofficial security.

    The Foundry

    ImageShould anyone enter either one of the two doors to the left of the entrance, a visitor would find themselves within the foundry of Dagwood Metal. Its filled with the smokey scent of a constantly burning furnace that could be found at the center of the room. The massive hearthfire is where Daedlaus Dagwood could be found crafting metal. Chains and pulleys dangle from the ceiling that he uses to lift alloy and ingredients up to dump into the top of the furnace.

    Gwendoline Dagwood
    ImageName: Gwendoline Dagwood
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Title: Clerk
    Skills: Negotiation, 26
    Metalsmithing, 9
    Leadership, 5
    Blacksmithing, 5
    Weaponsmithing, 5

    Info: Sweet as sugar and kind as a butterfly, Gwendoline is the last person someone would expect to be a blacksmith. In fact, on listening to her, most people doubt she's ever lifted a hammer in her life. That is until people see her at the forge in the midst of slamming a hammer. She is too modest to admit it but she does enjoy hitting things or people with it. When she isn't in the smithy or foundry helping the owner, who happens to be her brother Daedalus, with a project, she's constantly found running Dagwood Metal's shop as its Clerk. Or the entire business when Daedalus needs to step away for any reason.

    Credit for this NPC goes to Daedalus Dagwood

    Darik Dagwood
    ImageName: Darik Dagwood
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Title: Laborer
    Skills: Weapon: Rapier, 30
    Unarmed Combat, 15
    Dual Wield, 5

    Info: Growing up, Darik distanced himself from his family to the dismay of his family. It wasn't long before Darik found himself understanding that blacksmithing or crafting wasn't for him. Time after time he tried to find a craft to focus on, and with every failure his resentment for crafting grew. His frustration grew so much, that after being bested over and over by his siblings which darkened his heart further from the crafting, that it pushed him to enjoy the art of violence.

    Darik found his way through the world with a weapon and decided that if he couldn't build, he could protect. He became a fighter in his own right and would often fight his siblings battles for them while growing up when they ran into trouble. He now works as a laborer at Dagwood Metal preforming odd jobs for the business.

    Credit for this NPC goes to Daedalus Dagwood
    Gang Ties

Metals and Alloy material
Dagwoods creates and sells various metal alloys. Clay used for making molds of patterns are also sold to Pycon's for sustenance.
Item Cost
Brass 7 sm/pound
Bronze6 sm/pound
Cold Iron/Steel1 gm/pound
Lead 5 sm/pound
Copper 5 sm/pound
Clay1 cm/pound
Coal1 sm/pound
Iron 5 sm/pound
Lead 5 sm/pound
Silver 3 gm/pound
Tin 1 gm/pound
Zinc5 sm/pound
Gold5 gm/pound
Weapons and Weaponsmithing
Dagwood Metal Offers a small selection of weapons that can be made, though inquires can be made about the creation or repair of items not offered.

Item Cost
Dagger 2 gm
Morningstar 8 gm
Sword, Short 10 gm
Rapier 20gm
Greatsword 50 gm

Unique items
Listed Items are made on special request and through consultation

Item Cost
Animated Item Specal note: Daedalus does not openly practice Animation. Special consultation required through PM to plot accordingly, price to be determined. Level of animation depends upon Daedalus's Animation skill.
Simple Toy 5-20gm
Common Sculptures/carvings/etc. 1–5 gm for 5-15lb statue
Simple Machine Components (Lever, Wheel and axle, Pulley, Inclined plane, Wedge, Screw ) 10-15 GM
Pump Screw 15 GM

Goods sold
Item Cost
Holy Symbol, Bronze 15 gm
Holy Symbol, Copper 5 gm
Holy Symbol, Gold 50 gm
Holy Symbol, Silver 25 gm
Holy Symbol, Wooden 1 gm
Metal Waterpipe Mouthpiece 1 gm
Metal Pipe; waterpipe 20 gm
Cooking Utensil 2 sm
Branding Iron 6 gm
Scale, Merchant’s 2 gm
Iron Drill 8 gm
Tongs 6 sm
Iron Kettle 8 sm
Iron Pot 5 sm

Services Rendered
Service Cost
Metalsmithing Lessons 1 day Novice lesson 1GM. 1 Day Competent Lesson 2GM
Use of Blacksmith Forge5 sm/per Bell.

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