Location Dagwood Metal

Business owned by Deadalus Dagwood.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

Dagwood Metal

Postby Twister on December 10th, 2013, 1:35 am

Dagwood Metal


Sitting adjacent to a dirt road which leads away out towards the edge of the city heading towards the Slag Heap, A rectangular buildingImage holding the same shape of the bricks from which it was constructed. Above a tattered single door; a door which appears to be the main entrance into the building compared to the constantly closed double doors to the left of it. There is a wooden sign with words painted in white above the shops door that simply reads: Dagwood Metal. Owned and Operated by Daedalus Dagwood, Dagwood Metal is his personal workshop dedicated to the practicing of industrial arts, scientific studies, and gadgeteering advancements.

Upon entering the small door someone would find themselves standing inside of a small shop. Within are several shelves covered in with assorted items all made of various metals for sell. The shop itself is overseen by stores clerk Gwendoline Dagwood. She can often be found sitting behind a counter at the back of the shop with sweet smile on her face, willing and happy to help any costumers. In contrast to Gwendoline's sweet smile, Darik Dagwood can often be found roaming the building preforming various tasks with a menacing grin on his face. The younger brother to the owner of Dagwoods, Darik is the a laborer who has no qualms about doing what needs to be done in order to keep his siblings safe. While he works as a laborer, his combat skills make the shops unofficial security. Most often found at his sisters, Gwendoline's, side.

Gwendoline Dagwood :
ImageName: Gwendoline Dagwood
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Title: Clerk

    Negotiation- 26
    Metalsmithing- 9
    Leadership- 5
Info: Sweet as sugar and kind as quite as a butterfly, Gwendoline is the last person someone would expect to be a blacksmith. In fact, on listening to her, most people doubt she's ever lifted a hammer in her life. That is until people see her at the forge in the midst of slamming a hammer. While she is too modest to admit it, she enjoys hitting things and when she isn't in the helping the owner, who happens to be her brother Daedalus, with a project; she's constantly found running Dagwood Metal's shop as its Clerk.

Darik Dagwood :
ImageName: Darik Dagwood
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Title: Laborer

    Weapon: Rapier- 30
    Unarmed Combat-15
    Dual Wield- 5

Info: Growing up, Darik distanced himself from the family unit much to his families dismay. It wasn't long before Darik found himself understanding that blacksmithing or crafting wasn't for him. Time after time he tried to find a craft to focus on, and with every failure his resentment for crafting grew. His frustration grew after being bested over and over by his siblings which darkened his heart further to the arts which pushed him to new found lengths of violence.

He found his way with a weapon and decided that if he couldn't build, he could protect. He became a fighter in his own right who would often fight his siblings battles for them while growing up when they ran into trouble. He now works as a laborer at Dagwood Metal preforming odd jobs for the business.

Metals and Alloy material
Dagwoods creates and sells various metal alloys. Likewise, Clay used for making molds of patterns are likewise sold to Pycon's for sustenance.
Item Cost
Brass 7 sm/pound
Bronze6 sm/pound
Cold Iron/Steel1 gm/pound
Lead 5 sm/pound
Copper 5 sm/pound
Clay1 cm/pound
Coal1 sm/pound
Iron 5 sm/pound
Lead 5 sm/pound
Silver 3 gm/pound
Tin 1 gm/pound
Zinc5 sm/pound
Gold5 gm/pound
Weapons and Weaponsmithing
Dagwood Metal Offers a small selection of weapons that can be made, though inquires can be made about the creation or repair of items not offered.

Item Cost
Dagger 2 gm
Morningstar 8 gm
Sword, Short 10 gm
Rapier 20gm
Greatsword 50 gm

Unique items
Listed Items are made on special request and through consultation

Item Cost
Animated Item Specal note: Daedalus does not openly practice Animation. Special consultation required through PM to plot accordingly, price to be determined. Level of animation depends upon Daedalus's Animation skill.
Simple Toy 5-20gm
Common Sculptures/carvings/etc. 1–5 gm for 5-15lb statue
Simple Machine Components (Lever, Wheel and axle, Pulley, Inclined plane, Wedge, Screw ) 10-15 GM
Pump Screw 15 GM

Goods sold
Item Cost
Holy Symbol, Bronze 15 gm
Holy Symbol, Copper 5 gm
Holy Symbol, Gold 50 gm
Holy Symbol, Silver 25 gm
Holy Symbol, Wooden 1 gm
Metal Waterpipe Mouthpiece 1 gm
Metal Pipe; waterpipe 20 gm
Cooking Utensil 2 sm
Branding Iron 6 gm
Scale, Merchant’s 2 gm
Iron Drill 8 gm
Tongs 6 sm
Iron Kettle 8 sm
Iron Pot 5 sm

Services Rendered
Service Cost
Metalsmithing Lessons 1 day Novice lesson 1GM. 1 Day Competent Lesson 2GM
Use of Blacksmith Forge5 sm/per Bell.
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Dagwood Metal

Postby Daedalus Dagwood on December 13th, 2013, 9:59 pm

OOC: For simple Item purchases, feel free to self-mod browsing the shop and finding your various metal items, tools, and materials. The Gwendoline Dagwood NPC Is sitting behind the counter ready to take payment.

If consultation is necessary for any unique item requests, make a separate thread at the location with Daedalus tagged and then post threads link to this thread. I will then post to the thread as quickly as possible.

Dagwood metal first opened Winter 1st, 513AV.
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Dagwood Metal

Postby Eleazar Victor Syroin on January 29th, 2014, 12:24 pm

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Dagwood Metal

Postby Kelski on February 10th, 2018, 4:43 pm

Timestamp: 25th of Winter, 517 AV

Kelski, escorted by her ever present guard, slipped into Dagwood Metal. As per usual, Kelski brightened immediately, inhaled deeply and started wandering around the shop. She kept a close eye on her guard who loitered at the door, leaning against the framed entrance only half keeping an eye on his charge. Kelski was a good girl. She never stepped out or gave him much trouble and so more and more he trusted her with things, like handing her the coin she'd need to make her purchase. The Kelvic tended to like to go to the shop herself, pick out her ingots, and pay for them herself. Jaren, her owner, had approved this routine behavior because it was good for his little kelvic to get out of her workshop and get some fresh air once in a while.

And as long as there were no issues, the behavior would continue.

As per usual, the Kelvic browsed. Kelski was a tactile creature and by the time she'd made her rounds of racking, her fingers were oil stained and coated with the scent of all the metals she loved. The very act of walking through what Kelski considered this sanctuary made her happy. She kept her eye out for the man who worked here - owned the place in fact - Daedalus, because she honestly didn't want him to see her. Gwen had seen the new piercings, but Kelski was self-conscious about them when it came to Daedalus, and would rather he didn't see her like she was now. So she kept her hood of her hand-me-down cloak up and her eyes open on the the entrance to the other part of the shop. Would he be working in there?

She wandered by to take a peek, half to see if the big forge was fired up and half to catch a glimpse and see if anyone was working inside. The Kelvic told herself it wasn't too see the man, but she missed him after her first lesson - as frustrating as he had been. Arrogant, intelligent, and somewhat distant... the Kelvic was drawn to how much he knew about metal and how he was around it. She remembered how he smelled, but there was no lingering scent of him having been recently been here. As an eagle her nose was not the sharpest anyhow. It was her eyes that gave her the advantage.

Glancing at Darvin, who was looking bored but not bored enough to intervene, she passed back by the ingots and began to gather up a few. She needed more silver, copper, and bronze. The gold she left, because as hedonistic as Jaren was, he rarely wanted her to make anything from gold because it was too expensive and just reserved for his biggest ass-kissing endeavors. If he needed something made, she'd make a special trip back here and thus maybe see Dae..... The Kelvic cut off the thought again and quietly passed by the weapons racks which held good quality items though nothing special. Glancing at Darvin again, the Kelvic slipped two daggers underneath her pile of ingots and then carefully headed to the front counter.

Kelski gave Gwen a smile, moving so that her body was blocking the view of what she laid on the counter from Darvin. Gwen had seen her since Neras got ahold of her face, so Kelski wasn't so self-conscious about all the metal in her ears and nose now in front of the girl. She'd said nothing the first time she'd seen Kelski so it was the Kelvics' hope she wouldn't say anything about the daggers now.

Silver = 3gm/lb - 5lb =15gm
Copper = 5sm/lb - 10lb = 50sm = 5gm
Bronze = 6sm/lb - 10lb = 60sm = 6gm
Daggers = 2gmx2=4gm
Total = 30 GM

"Good morning, Gwen. Are you and your brothers well?" Kelski asked, resisting the urge to glance over her shoulder in guilt. Gwen returned her smile easily, but hesitated over the daggers. The Kelvic bit her lip, her steel grey eyes wide and pleading, as Gwen carefully added the weapons' cost to Kelski's tally. Then she nodded.

"They are well. And you?" Gwen replied, counting out the ingots and tallying the total.

"It's a beautiful day for a walk so we came to resupply. He's been keeping me busy crafting, and I got to work with pearls for the first time so that was nice. The silver is to finish that project." The jeweler said absently, her gaze still glancing sideways towards Darvin, her body tense with nervousness as she watched to see what Gwen did.

"Can you wrap this order up? I don't want to be dropping them all over when we still have a few stops to make." Kelski said softly, leaning over the counter hoping that Gwen would do so without a fuss. The shopkeeper gave her a strange look, glanced down at the daggers, over to Darvin and seemed to assess the situation. Gwen knew Kelski was a slave. She knew the odds of a slave being allowed to own weapons was slim to none, but she also knew that the coin was good, and business was business.

She wrapped the daggers up with the ingots. And put the whole thing in a non-descript burlap bundle that Kelski was able to slip into her backpack.

"Thank you." The Kelvic said as she handed over the coins. Her eyes were warm and grateful, even though she realized the odds of Gwen giving a thought to her situation was slim to none. She wanted the woman to know that she was thankful.

Turning, she left the shop, Darvin trailing on her heels bored and looking around for something far more interesting than his boring little jeweler charge.
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