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The beach dwelling of Jaylani Rae

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Seashell Beach

Postby Jaylani Rae on March 5th, 2018, 9:52 pm


Jaylani Rae has claimed a spot of five acres on the tip of the peninsula that juts out just across from Solitude Isle near where the Syka Commons are located.

The acreage is mostly made up of white sandy beach, but does stretch back into the jungle about an acre or so just beyond where the main encampment has been set up. Found at the very end of the acreage plot within the jungle to act as a sort of boundary marker there is a small freshwater spring that is full the majority of the year and teaming with life. The occupant of the acreage has not ventured far enough into the jungle as of yet to realize that this stream exists, but it is there to be discovered whenever she or another goes far enough in the jungle to find it.

The most noticeable thing about Seashell Beach (and the reason for its name) is the mass amount of seashells that its occupant has gone to great lengths to collect from the beach itself and arrange around her camp in decoration. Shells of all sorts both whole and broken encircle the fire pit that had been dug into the beach a third of the way down the beach from where the living quarters are located. Mostly broken shells can be found on top of the soil in each and every pot of plants the mixed blood owns. Within her living quarters the shells have found their way to just being scattered about her floor. The very best ones have made their way into her backpack to be saved for something special. Then of course there are all the shells left just in the sand by nature, it is only a matter of time before these are found and picked up as well.

The main encampment can be found just along the jungle border and is a made up of a very simple, four-person, tent that Jaylani purchased before moving to Syka. The tent itself is nothing special and could be considered as being rather shabby. Jaylani does not care for she does not spend much time within the tent itself. Within the tent, a visitor would be able to clearly see that Jaylani does not give much care to appearances or order. Her belongings are thrown to wherever they land and are left. She has a crate to one side where food is kept and her tools for finding said food is often found at the opposite side of the tent. There is no sense of organization or order within the tent, but the mixed blood does not seemed phased by this.

As of Fall 517, Jaylani has taken to keeping things like those fishing supplies an her extra length of rope outside when she is not around due to have a rambunctious and untrained wild kitten living with her. An unused winter blanket has been tied up with a fifty foot length of rope to the ceiling to cut the tent in half in attempt to contain said kitten. How well this will work as the kitten grows and regains health remains to be seen. On one side of this makeshift barrier can be found the majority of Jaylani’s belongs. Her sleeping area, made up of only a simple bedroll, has been put against the wall of the tent with her food crate at the foot of the bedroll. The rest of the things are left wherever they ended up when she shifted things around. On the other side of the barrier there are some seashells for the kitten to play with along with a set up for food and water that Jaylani refills as often as needed.

Outside of the living quarters things are not much better. On the left side of the tent can be found a wood stack. More accurately, a pile of wood with pieces varying from small twigs to large pieces of driftwood. Opposite that, on the right side of the tent anything that could possibly function as a home for a plant has been made into a pot with a plant put in it. Some of the various herbs Jaylani has planted are young and thriving, others never got a chance to live due to overwatering or lack of proper living conditions. Everything seems to linger in some stage of chaos and the garden is no exception. As mentioned before, in the dirt of each pot can be found many pieces of fragmented shells. There is no rhyme or reason to how the plants have been set up and only memory of what the seeds were when planted serve as a guide to tell Jaylani which pot holds what plant. It is kind of a mess, but, well, Jaylani Rae is a bit of a mess so in a weird way it all just kind of works. For the time being anyway.

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