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Jaylani Rae

Postby Jaylani Rae on June 30th, 2017, 4:39 am

Name: Jaylani Rae
Nicknames: Lani & Rae

Race: Mixed Blood (Eypharian/Myrian)
Sex: Female
Birthday: 77th of Spring, 495 (23)
Language: Common (Basic)
Scent: Sea and Citrus

Birthplace: Ahnatep
Lives: Syka, Seashell Beach
Profession: Animal Doctor

Merits: Loyal, passionate, forgiving, honest, trusting, strong willed
Flaws: Socially inept, blunt, lacks understanding of most things, childlike

Likes: Plants, animals, being a help to those around her, connection, patience
Dislikes: Those who bring harm, arrogance, bullies


Jaylani is a bit of a wild child, almost more animal than human. She is a fierce lover of nature and all those within it, preferring the company of the plants and animals to anyone else. While she understands that interacting with other sentient beings is important, society and social norms are completely lost on her. She is a bit naive and has a tendency to be rather foolish, but she has the ability to learn whatever she wants as long as the desire is there. Despite not being exactly aware of her emotions, she is a very passionate being who goes into everything she does with her whole heart, soul, and mind. This leaves her a vibrant soul somehow unburdened by the stresses of the world.

Jaylani is one who trusts and forgives easily. She does not hold onto past hurts, but instead lets everything go. Her loyalty is easily earned and hard to break. One might say these characteristics of hers are so strong that they become faults. Though she is blunt, for her lack of language skills leaves her like a child in this area, she is at least honest. No one ever taught her how to properly lie. She is like neither of her parent’s people, but she has the potential to be like either of them. Only time will tell what changes the gods have planned for her.


Jaylani is what most would consider a beautiful woman with gilded, hazel, toned skin and golden eyes. Her hair is a mess of ringlet curls that falls just over the top of her bust colored in shades of brown with hints of caramel that come out with the sun. Her face is rather oval shaped with a pronounced jaw line and supple lips. It is true that she inherited the beauty of her Eypharian mother, but she also has gained some of the fierceness of her Myrian father. Jaylani finds looks to be very unimportant to her, however, and rarely, if ever, works to show that natural beauty. She usually has a very wild and unkept appearance, being one with nature rather than society.

Because of her love of nature, Jaylani has spent large portion of her life living among and exploring it. This has given her a thin, fit body that stands at a height of five feet and eight inches and weighs something around a hundred and thirty pounds. There is nothing overly impressive about her body, muscle making up the bulk of what she does have, even her bust remains small despite having reached womanhood. Though, because of her bone structure, her hips do slightly protrude out from her waist which gives her a bit of a pear shape. Lack of care has led to her nails becoming short and jagged at the ends with the skin around them mostly torn up. Callouses cover her hands and feet as she relies on those more than shoes or gloves. Jaylani lives on a side of life that cares not for her looks, but her ability to survive. Her appearance from the day to day simply reflects that.

Character History

Jaylani’s mother and father met in a place that neither of them called home. They were both young and reckless, forgetting the dislike between their respective peoples and caring only for themselves. It was a fling not meant to turn into anything other than what it was and the pair was successful in parting ways when the time came. The Eypharian woman had been rebellious and it had been fun, but she had known from the beginning it could not last forever. So she went home willingly, not knowing of the child in her womb, and married another of her kind to whom she had promised her hand before leaving home. There never was any mention of the man she met during her time away let alone what they had together. Instead she went on with life as planned and pretended for too long that everything was as it should be.

A few short seasons later, in the spring of 495, a baby girl was born to the Eypharian woman. It was too soon and the baby too big for it to have been fathered by the woman’s husband, but those were not the only problems. See, both husband and wife were of the six armed variety of Eypharians and the baby the woman bore had instead only two arms. It was apparent that the one who was suppose to be her father was not which instantly caused great strife between the married pair. All within the woman’s wealthy and arrogant family who found out demanded that she rid the world of the child before any discovered its existence, but the new mother was too soft. She harbored secret feelings towards the baby’s Myrian father despite the disgrace. Because of this, the mother could not kill the baby. So, within the first twenty-four bells of the child’s birth, she sent it with a servant to be smuggled out of Ahnatep. She wished for the servant to find the baby’s father, but knew it likely an impossible task. Because of this, the now childless mother just wished for her child to live, but to never be thought of or seen in Ahnatep again. It was the servant who gave the child her name, Jaylani Rae.

The details of Jaylani’s early childhood are fuzzy and not well defined. It is known that the servant did succeed in getting her out of Ahnatep and the baby spent her first years on a Svefra ship wandering the Suvan. The servant taught Jaylani what little she knew of the world and the gods, though nothing of her heritage in Ahnatep. The servant harbored feelings of resentment towards the place she had long called home and wanted to protect the little child from that life and the family who wanted her dead. To this day, all Jaylani has from that life is a single name. Roshia. Her birthmother’s name.

Jaylani’s surrogate mother did not even try to do what Roshia asked of her, at least, not at first. The woman, Malla, was fearful of the Myrians. She had heard nothing but terrible things about them and therefore did not wish to willingly seek them out for fear that it would only mean death. Doing this placed a great burden on her heart, however, for she thought the little girl ought to know some of her family. Her mother’s family had cast her out, but maybe her father’s family would not be the same. Malla did not know if this was correct for she knew so little about the Myrian people. Just that they were known as savages and that the Eypharian’s saw them as an ignorant and primitive people group. In all honesty, she had been nothing short of shocked when Roshia told her that a Myrian was responsible for the other half of Jaylani’s bloodline.

At around the age of six, Malla began growing weary of taking care of the child who was not her own. Jaylani was a handful who had a tendency to run off and get herself into potentially life threatening situations whenever they were on shore. She was not much better on the ship, always running amuck and making trouble. The little girl refused to take to the social mannerisms Malla was trying so hard to teach her and was not progressing in her language skills hardly at all. The past servant was wearing out, unable to keep up with the child who was always going. She made the decision that they were going to Riverfall, the place where Malla believed Roshia met Jaylani’s father. Malla thought that perhaps he was still there and she hoped that she could hand the girl over to him. It was not that Malla did not love Jaylani, she did. She loved her like her own, but she was growing older and she knew her health was not what it had once been. She thought that the mixed blood would be better off with her father. At least then she might have someone who could keep up with her.

Malla did not make the trip. They were just days away from Riverfall when her health took a turn for the worse and she passed into Dira’s hands. It was one of the Svefra that saw to it that Jaylani made it into Riverfall. This Svefra woman did try to find the girl’s father, but with so much time having passed and no name to use in her search, it really was a lost cause. The woman had to return to her ship and she was not particularly keen on taking Jaylani back with her for she had seen what trouble the child had a tendency to cause. The Svefra found another woman to leave the child with, lying and saying that she would return later for the girl. She left and never looked back.

The woman Jaylani was left with was not very bright and not much of a caretaker. She did nothing in the way of teaching her new charge and let her run around as much as her heart desired. Jaylani was just smart enough to stay within the city, though she did go to the water a lot. She found peace there and she loved the sea. She spent her days exploring and making friends with the animals she came across. Occasionally she would run into others who lived in Riverfall there, but the older she got the more outcast she was. Other children her age did not like her because she was not like them. It was like she had frozen when Malla died. Her vocabulary did not progress and her will to fit into society remained absent. It was not that she was incapable of learning, she just had no desire to at the time and no one pushing her to make sure she learned despite her lack of desire for it.

The mixed blood’s last caretaker was not all bad, she did teach the girl some things. The woman was a healer so she taught Jaylani some herbalism and some things about medicine. She also taught the girl about the gods, Rak’keli mostly for that was her god. Though, she had taken notice of Jaylani’s ways of drifting towards nature rather than people. In light of this, the caretaker taught Jaylani about Caiyha as well. Jaylani took a great liking to this goddess instantly and it became a wish to one day meet her.

Time went on and Jaylani Rae kept growing. Her caretaker never got any better at being a sort of mother and the mixed blood never really got any better at mingling with society. She remained very solitary and fancied herself an explorer. There were many days that she spent on the beach just staring longingly out onto the sea. There was much she knew she had to learn and there was much she wanted to learn. By this time she had realized how different she was. How far behind she was. It did not bother her much, but she knew that if she was ever going to properly be apart of the land she lived in than she was going to have to learn. Only, she had no desire to stay in Riverfall. She wanted to leave, go out and find somewhere else to live.

A man came along at this point. He was taken with Jaylani's beauty and interested by her strange ways. It was him who told her of Syka and what it had to offer. Seeing her interest in the place, this man taught her a few things about construction and how to survive in the jungle as well as the beginnings of how to wield a quarterstaff to defend herself. They dreamed up a plan to go to the settlement together and build a life for themselves there. Jaylani was rather infatuated with the male even though she did not really know or understand her own feelings at the time. She let herself believe that they would go to Syka and life would be grand. Only things did not quite pan out as she thought they would. He just simply disappeared one day and though she waited, he never returned.

After a year of waiting for him to return, the mixed blood decided that he was not going to come. She still wanted to go herself, though, so she piled what things she could carry into a pack and said goodbye to her caretaker just before her twenty-second birthday. She found the ship going to the new settlement and boarded, leaving behind Riverfall and setting off for a new life. With excitement and curiosity bubbling up within her, she faced the future unafraid and ready to see where life would take her.

Pre-Creation Timeline :
Spring of 495 Born on the 77th and smuggled out of Ahnatep.

495-504 With a Svefra pod being cared for by Malla.

Winter of 504 Malla dies and Jaylani is left in Riverfall with an unfit caretaker.

504-515 Jaylani lived in Riverfall left mostly to her own devices, spent lots of time exploring. Eventually she decided she wanted to leave and explore the world, but had no idea where to start.

Fall of 515-Spring of 516 A charming man is taken by Jaylani's strange ways and tells her of an island settlement called Syka. They prepared to go together, training and progressing their skills. The man disappeared in the spring of 516.

Spring of 517 Jaylani decided she was done waiting for the man to come back and decided to go to Syka on her own. Packed up her things and boarded the Veronica on its last trip of the season.

Summer of 517 Character created and started.

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Jaylani Rae

Postby Jaylani Rae on June 30th, 2017, 6:39 am


Player Characters
Player 1
To be filled and expanded as role-play happens
Player 2
To be filled and expanded as role-play happens

Non-Player Characters
Name: Malla Coralstone
Race: Human, Mixed
D.O.B: 66th of Fall, 469
D.O.D: 50th of Winter, 504
Skills: 20 Sailing, 26 Sewing, 26 Childcare

Description: Malla had a fierce, but gentle look about her. She was rather small, standing no taller than five feet, three inches, and was not made of muscle. She had bronzed skin from spending much of her time under the light of Syna and shining sea blue eyes from one of her parents.

History: Malla was a strong woman who spent too many years in the service of Eypharians. She grew to resent the people and the land, though was loyal to Jaylani's mother. When the chance came to take Jaylani out of Anhatep, Malla did not hesitate. Using the help of others, she got the child out and found a pod of Svefra to travel with. Since she was half Svefra herself she was happy on the Suvan and raised Jaylani as best she could. Malla tried her best, but she grew sick and just did not have the energy to keep up with Jaylani anymore. Though she had grown to love the girl like her own, she wanted to do what was best for her and she thought that would be finding the girl's father. The woman did not make the trip.

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Jaylani Rae

Postby Jaylani Rae on June 30th, 2017, 6:53 am


.: Competent :.

Skill EXP Total Notes
Wilderness Survival *Tropical Forest 26+2+3 31 10RB 16SP

.: Novice :.

Skill EXP Total Notes
Acrobatics 2 2 N/A
Animal Husbandry 10+4 14 10SP
Bodybuilding 1 1 N/A
Botany 1 1 N/A
Butchering 1 1 N/A
Cleaning 1 1 N/A
Construction 5 5 5SP
Cooking 2+1 3 N/A
Cosmetology 1 1 N/A
Endurance 2+1+3 6 N/A
Foraging 1+2 3 N/A
Gardening 1 1 N/A
Herbalism 7 7 7SP
Logic 1 1 N/A
Medicine 7 7 7SP
Meditation 2+1 2 N/A
Observation 5+4+2+1+4+3 19 N/A
Organization 1 1 N/A
Philosophy 1 1 N/A
Philtering 1 1 N/A
Planning 2 2 N/A
Running 1 1 N/A
Socialization 4+2 6 N/A
Swimming 3+4+4 11 N/A
Tactics 1 1 N/A
Weapon: Quarterstaff 5+3 8 5SP

Rewards and Penalties :
Thread: Fireheart
- Plus Orange seashell
Thread: Seashells in Saltwater
- Plus Clam Shell

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Jaylani Rae

Postby Jaylani Rae on June 30th, 2017, 7:13 am


Total : 27

Cooking: preparing fire-roasted fish

Lore of the strange rainbow fire
Lore of surprise firestarting!

Foraging: finding bananas

Kittens: Knowing when they are hungry,
Kittens: Improvising formula,
Kittens: Can eat fish

Location: The Community Pool
Location: the Panacea
Bathing Pools: Relaxation and Cleanliness Can Be Found there

Meditation: calming your fears

Lore of the cycle of life and death

Quaterstaff: basic holds
Quaterstaff: basic stances

✤ Lore of Religion: Caihya

Lore of trusting issues

Swimming: treading water
Swimming: doggy paddle
Swimming: learning to float
Swimming: holding your breath underwater
Swimming: How to hold one’s breath underwater
Swimming: How to float on one’s back
Swimming: How to tread water
Swimming: The importance of Relaxation

Syka: Clothing Optional Near The Beach

Wilderness Survival
✤ Wilderness Survival: How to start a fire
Wilderness Survival: an ashy fire pit is a fire hazard

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Jaylani Rae

Postby Jaylani Rae on June 30th, 2017, 7:21 am


Summer 517 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Deposit +100 GM 100 GM Starting Package
Deposit +500 GM 600 GM Cashed in Housing
Large Tent (4 person) -10 GM 590 GM Starting Purchase
Camouflage Tarp -12 GM 568 GM Starting Purchase
50ft Hemp Rope x2 -2 GM 566 GM Starting Purchase
Lantern, Hooded -7 GM 559 GM Starting Purchase
Kit, Fishing -10 GM 549 GM Starting Purchase
Fishing Net -4 GM 544 GM Starting Purchase
Compass -75 GM 469 GM Starting Purchase
Kit, Herbalism -20 GM 449 GM Starting Purchase
Flint and Steel -1 GM 448 GM Starting Purchase
Bedroll -1 SM 447 GM 9 SM Starting Purchase
Blanket, Winter -5 SM 447 GM 4 SM Starting Purchase
Torches x2 -4 CM 447 GM 3 SM 6 CM Starting Purchase
Fresh Fish -1 GM 446 GM 3 SM 6 CM Thread Purchase
Small Crate -5 CM 446 GM 3 SM 1 CM Thread Purchase
Fabric *2 sq. yards of dyed cotton - 5 SM 5 CM 445 GM 7 SM 6 CM Thread Purchase
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 310 GM 7 SM 6 CM Common. Summer 517
Seasonal Wages +546 856 GM 7 SM 6 CM Summer 517

Fall 517 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 310 GM 7 SM 6 CM From Summer 517
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 721 GM 7 SM 6 CM Common. Fall 517
Seasonal Wages Pending Pending Summer 517

Winter 517 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A N/A From Fall 517
Seasonal Expenses ~ ~ Inactive
Seasonal Wages ~ ~ Inactive

Spring 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 721 GM 7 SM 6 CM From Winter 517

Summer 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A N/A From Spring 518

Fall 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A N/A From Summer 518

Winter 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A N/A From Fall 518


- Simple Shirt (Olive)
- Simple Pants (Brown)
- Simple Undergarments (Ivory)
- Simple Cloak (Dark grey)
- Simple Boots (Brown)
- Skirt (Purplish blue) *Handmade out of cut fabric. Tied to keep on. Frayed edges and irregular shape
- Chest Wrap (Purplish blue) *Handmade out of cut fabric. Frayed edges. Tied around to keep on and keep chest area protected.

- 1 Waterskin
- 1 Backpack
- Comb (Bone)
- Brush (Bone)
- Soap
- Razor
- 1 eating knife
- Flint & Steel
- Large Tent (four person)
- Camouflage Tarp
- 50ft Hemp Rope x2
- Hooded Lantern
- 2 Torches
- Bedroll
- Blanket, Winter
- Fishing Kit
- Fishing Net
- Compass
- 1 Small Crate

- Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
- 1/2 lb Fresh Fish Consumed

- Orange Shell
- Clam Shell

- A wooden quarterstaff gifted to her by the male who left her


Margay (Jaylani does not know this)
Born Summer 517

Jaylani rescued the orphaned kitten after Uta found him besides his dead sibling in a nest that looked as though the mother had abandoned it. After spending multiple nights wondering if the kitten would survive, Lani finally got him to eat some solid food and things started looking up. Since then the pair have been practically inseparable aside from the times Taj goes off hunting on his own or disappears for short lengths of time. Jaylani does not worry though, she knows he is a wild cat and she is sure that he will always come back.

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Jaylani Rae

Postby Jaylani Rae on July 2nd, 2017, 12:56 am

Thread List

Summer 517
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
2nd Fireheart Solo Jaylani learns that fire sometimes can be created without flint and steel Complete, Graded
4th The Balance of Things Solo [Job Thread] Jaylani learns that she cannot save them all Complete, not graded
27th Among the Wild Theo Popcampio Jaylani meets Theo while on a search for something she has not been able to find. Does he have it? Abandoned, not graded
35th Seashells in Saltwater Solo Jaylani tries to teach herself how to swim Complete, Graded
36th Water and Stone Solo Jaylani continues her mission to learn how to swim at the community pools Complete, Graded
45th Practice Makes Better Solo There is no such thing as perfect, but near perfect can be achieved Complete, Graded
46th Water and Stone II Solo Jaylani continues trying to learn to swim Complete, Graded
51st [Heat Is On] Gemstones and Jewels Anibesa, Merevaika, Eamon, Caele Smokesend, Open Various gemstones start appearing around the city, mostly washed up on the beach or on the banks of the River or discovered in streams. In progress
61st [The Heat Is On] Under the Light of the Moon Open A strange tide at the full moon washes iridescent and bio luminescent sea urchins to the shore. Birds feast and the settlers find them edible. Once eaten, the bio luminescence is transferred to everything that eats the urchins for a brief period of time. In progress
90th This Life so Pure Solo [Job Thread] Jaylani cares for an orphaned animal in the late hours of the night Complete, Graded
91st Embers in Ash Solo The last of summer nights Complete, not graded

Fall 517
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
1st A Roof Over Your Head Karin, Jade Laken, Ashka, Open Karin seeks help to build her home Abandoned, not graded
23rd Acquaintances make for an Interesting Adventure Jade Laken Jaylani seeks out Jade for some pottery and finds herself in an interesting trade of labor In progress
TBD Saltwater and Syna Light Solo Secrets.. Secrets.. Secrets Placeholder
TBD Golden is the Light of the Sun Solo [Job Thread]Words... words.. words Placeholder
TBD Seashells in the Sand Solo [Job Thread]More Words.. So many words not yet written Placeholder

Winter 517

Spring 518
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status

Summer 518
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status

Fall 518
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status

Winter 518
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status

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