Wrong Side of Vengeance (Berkley)

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

Wrong Side of Vengeance (Berkley)

Postby Bronwen on April 2nd, 2018, 11:04 pm


40th day
Spring 518

Bronwen slid into the shadows of an alleyway just beyond the entrance of The Pig Foots Tavern and from her vantage point, she could easily see who came and went from the tavern. It was the same place that the late bells of the night had seen her occupy for the last 9 days. The Syliran was on a mission and this mission Bron would see to the end, even if it meant her own end.

Clad in a dark leather vest, pants, and boots, hair pulled tight in a pony tail, Bron melted into the darkness, her bow strung laying at her feet, quiver at her back, and her staff slung through a shoulder strap, the woman was ready for the fight that she anticipated. The fight she wanted.

Ten days earlier, Bron's father, Mat, had left the city for Syliran shores and the very next day the seed of vengeance had been planted. Bron couldn't help but think if this had been planned all along -waiting until her warrior Father had left the city, before such a heinous crime was done. Bron thought so, but grief had muddled her thoughts, of late, and she had only one thing in mind that she was certain of.

She would kill him.

For her.

For Rose.

Bronwen had found the girl lifeless, her small and naked body was bruised, and bloodied, discarded like rubbish behind empty barrels in the same passageway that the young urchin had called home. The girl's blonde, nearly white, hair had been tangled and knotted with dried blood, her eyes, the blue of a cloudless day, stared lifeless into a world that she would never have a chance to grow old in.As she had entered the passageway, the woman had seen the man stumbling away and as he passed beneath a lamp, his features were burned into her memory; thick curly dark hair, bearded, tall, and lean, but the one thing that set him apart from the thousand other assholes in Sunberth was the man's swaying limp.

By chance, the Syliran had seen him enter the Pig's Foot Tavern a day after Rose was brutally raped and killed, and Bron had followed him ever since. Every night the man bellied up to the tavern's bar and bell's later would stumble out and cut through the alley in which she now waited, but the problem was he was never alone, robbing Bron of her chance of revenge, but one night, the man marked for death would be alone and Bron would act. She hoped tonight would be that night.

Bronwen's revelry was cut short as the taverns door swung open, laughter and the clinking of mugs spewing out into the night as bright lantern light spilled momentarily out onto the street. Bron's heart skip a beat, then raced within her chest when she saw the telltale features of the man she sought step through the portal--alone! Bron cursed silently, eyes falling to the bow at her feet. This was the one thing she warred with; kill the man outright, or let him know why he had to die; bow or staff? Bron cringed, sliding the staff out from behind her shoulder.

He would know why Bron was killing him.

Closing her eyes, the tall Syliran waited until the sound of his footsteps entered the passageway, then, grasping her quarterstaff in a fighting hold, began to move out of the shadows.
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Wrong Side of Vengeance (Berkley)

Postby Berkley Whispers on May 31st, 2018, 1:36 am

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