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Jei of the Dancing Dagger

Postby Jei on May 31st, 2018, 11:15 pm

Jei of the Dancing Dagger


Race. Myrian
Gender & Sex. Male
Age. 21
Birthday. The 41st of Spring in the Year 499 after the Valterrian
Origin. Taloba, Falyndar

Residence. Syka
Occupation. Ranger
Allies. TBD
Enemies. TBD
Patron Divine. Lady Myri, Goddess of War

Fluent Language. Myrian
Basic Language. Common


Race. Myrian
Gender & Sex. Male
Age. 21

Description. Though a full-blooded Myrian, he lacks the figure that most men his age have. He stands at about six feet tall, which isn't too unusual. Instead of the thick, athletic muscle most Taloban soldiers boast, however, he's slender, lean, with wiry muscle that leans toward speed and agility rather than brute strength. His skin is a warm bronze, well-accustomed to the perpetually humid heat of the jungle. Far from flawless, his skin hosts a scattered assortment of body art and battle scars alike, lacking much symmetry or even significant meaning, but no less attractive and proud.

His hair used to be quite long, the black locks often decorated with bones and fetishes. But on the boat to Syka, he and his leader agreed that cutting it and discarding of the charms and decorations would be best to fit in. His blue eyes are similarly unremarkable, though he has a habit of allowing his lids to remain closed or even half so, giving him a decidedly apathetic, uncaring appearance.

Gnosis Mark. Marked by his Goddess-Queen Myri, Jei's blade-shaped mark is placed at the center-point between his shoulder blades. The vertically aligned blade looks exactly like his favored curved dagger, with the blade covered in blood. A single mark of Prowess grants the warrior an instinctive ability to use their existing combat skills in the most advantageous way. They are treated as having 10 points more in Unarmed Combat and/or their favored weapon skill. This is not an actual concrete skill bonus however and only represents the warrior's ability to get the most out of their existing skills.


An explorer that wants the world, from the north to the south, the east to the west. It is a constant dream that has plagued and blessed his dreams from the moment he knew how to walk. As his legs grow longer and his body grows stronger and his mind grows sharper, the ever-thrumming need to know of it all sustains the young man just as much as any regular food or drink. Where he goes, he could not care less... When he goes, the timing could hardly matter. The only thing that does, is that he is able to one day see those sights.

An artist whose medium is his body. To have complete control of his every limb, of his every muscle, is a goal that may never end, but one that he will strive for until he is naught but dust to dust. He knows that the dance of his Clan is far from the only dance he may learn, and that knowledge does nothing but excite him. It is one of the largest and most influential parts of his life, a part that, if it ever left him, would spell the end of love in his heart (yes, it is that deep).

A fighter by force and a protector by choice, his home is truly his heart. He would put his life, limb, and liberty on the line readily for his Goddess-Queen Myri and Her land, and that will never change. He will venture miles and leagues to find his Queen's enemies for Her, and he would do so with joy in heart and bloodlust in his eye.


Jei was born to one of the smaller, lesser known Clans of Taloba, the Dancing Dagger. They were a people of dance and storytelling, of art. If Jei had been granted the luck of being born a woman, he would be one of the most promising young women of his Clan, gifted with the enthusiasm for dance and expression that many were not... But he was not, and that was the unfortunate fact of the matter. His Elder and other family members could plainly see his love for dance, could see the wonder on his face when he saw the most experienced of them move with such deadly grace and beautiful prowess... But alas, he was born with too much between his thighs.

And so his life was not as great as it could have been. Aye, he was taught some about his Clan's dance, of that deadly, fluid, powerful movement, but not as much as the young women of his Clan were. Not as much as he wished. He naturally gravitated towards the dagger, as his Clan often used, and was gifted a curved blade similar to those the warriors of his family were given after they completed their Coming of Age Trial and their Blooding. His was nothing remarkable, nothing particularly special from the norm, but he was finally recognized as a useful, worthwhile member of society.

And he would further prove his use by spending much of his time in the military, something that he was happy to do. He was far from a hunter, and not a skilled enough artist to create a living from that. No, he was a warrior, and one that found the vast, dangerous wilderness a home away from home... If that home wanted to kill you at every twist and turn, and not a soul would be able to survive by themselves very long without others or great experience and skill, of which he had the former, and was not yet at the latter. He simply had to train more...

It had not gone unnoticed. Though he was never given a title, he was given a chance for greater responsibility, and perhaps a bit more recognition. Taloba had long since heard of a new settlement near the shores of Falyndar, and probably one of the closest to their home, now. Being a warring state, the Taloban government (or more, the Goddess and Her Council) kept a close eye on the settlement with the occasional ranging party. Having some skill in the wilderness and the want to prove himself, he was sent on one of these parties. They spent only a bit of time there, engaging more with the locals of the place to understand a bit of their customs and general attitudes. Mainly, to see if they were already or had the capacity to become a threat.

Finding no evidence to suggest such, Jei's party, lead by one of the better warriors of his Clan, returned to reveal the new information they had gained, which honestly was not much. The settlement had not much to report, and, from everything they had seen, nothing for the great Taloban army to fear, despite the deep suspicion they held. To be fair, they were suspicious of all that stepped close to their jungle. It was lucky they were not Dhani.

Even then, the wise Goddess-Queen Myri would have a small force to keep an eye on the people just in case anything ever changed. And so Jei was soon travelling back to the beaches of Syka with that small party, to live longer among them. If he could handle it.

Skills and Lores

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Camouflage +2 2 Novice
Dance 5 SP, # 5 Novice
Endurance +1 1 Novice
Foraging +1 1 Novice
Land Navigation +2 2 Novice
Observation +4 4 Novice
Planning +1 1 Novice
Running +1 1 Novice
Tracking 10 RB, # 10 Novice
Unarmed Combat 5 SP, # 5 Novice
Weapon [Dagger, Double-Bladed] 14 SP, # 14 Novice

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Wilderness Survival [Jungle, Ocean] 26 SP, +3 29 Competent

- Lore of Religion: Myri
- Combat: Dancing Blade - using your momentum
- Wilderness Survival: Be Prepared for Your Trek
- Wilderness Survival: Don’t Eat Random Things in the Jungle
- Land Navigation: Marking Trees to Signal Your Path
- Land Navigation: Using the Sun to Tell Direction
- Camouflage: Using Mud to Cover Your Scent
- Camouflage: Using Local Plants to Blend In
- Foraging: Look for Bugs Under Rocks


- Simple white shirt full of random bugs and plants.
- Simple black pants.
- Simple brown jacket.
- Simple traveling boots.

- Perpetually empty waterskin.
- Wooden comb.
- Wooden brush.
- Soap.
- Razor.
- A week's worth of dried rations.
- Eating knife.
- Sharpening Stone, Personal
- Rustproofing Oil

Housing Package
- 1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks

Hidden on Person
- Knife, Wrist (x2)
- Dagger, Double-Bladed
- Scabbard, Dagger (x2)

Heirloom. Consisting of a curved blade with a stained hilt.

Housing. A tent on the Sykan beach.


Transaction Gained Lost Total
Starting +100 GM 0 GM 100.00.00
Horse and Tack +250 GM 0 GM 350.00.00
Knife, Wrist (x2) 0 GM -2 GM 348.00.00
Scabbard, Dagger (x2) 0 GM -4 GM 344.00.00
Sharpening Stone, Personal (x2) 0 GM -20 GM 324.00.00
Rustproofing Oil 0 GM -10 GM 314.00.00
Summer 518 Expenses 0 GM -45 GM 269.00.00

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