The Landing (Gossamer)

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Landing (Gossamer)

Postby Jei on July 12th, 2018, 4:34 am

Jei of the Dancing Dagger
8th of Summer, 518 Years after the Valterrian

Myrians weren't sea creatures. The difference between the hazardous lands of the jungle and the downright digusting movement of the sea were like Syna and Lhex. If Jei could turn green like the Akalak of Riverfall, he would have done so long ago, but was resigned to only puking over the side of Svefran vessel every so often. He'd long since given up on sleeping or eating or even relaxing and instead merely clutched the side of the boat; whether port or starboard he couldn't tell you, but what he could tell you, between bursts of sickly spitup, was that his stomach felt like it was being swatted around by a playful tiger, his legs felt like coils of rope, and his heart felt like a wardrum being beaten by an overly excited man-child.

So when the vessel landed on a beach near a rather small settlement, he didn't hesitate to drag himself over the edge of the craft and simply stay on the beach on his hands and knees, waiting for his body to settle. His Myrian traveling companions weren't any better, but they had remained on the ship, as they'd all been told they would only stay in this place, Syka, for a very short amount of time. He could feel their eyes on him, unsure and slightly angry. He was meant to go to Riverfall with them and learn with the giant warriors and then return to teach as best as he could. But when he'd heard of this new land, it had taken less than a tick for him to go to his leader and tell her that he wanted to stay in Syka.

She'd quickly began shutting him down, but he'd given a rather strong argument for staying. Since it was still in Falyndar, they'd need Myrians present in case a party from Taloba came and visited or if they needed to send a detachment in case the people of Syka needed to be put down. "Information on new potential enemies is valuable, and since I am the least skilled here, I am the most expendable," he'd said, which was hard to argue against. The conversation then turned for the better, in his opinion. She had taken the time to discuss with him the type of information he'd need to gather and what he needed to pay attention to. And as a parting shot, she'd elected to have his hair cut and all its decoration removed. "To blend in better and look friendlier," she had said.

Thus, here he was, his items packed neatly and ready to survive in a jungle and his weapons hidden on his person. When he looked back on the ship and met his leader's strong eyes, he nodded once, and she returned the gesture, telling the boat man that she and the rest of the warriors were ready to continue.

Jei got to his feet and didn't look back as he walked towards the largest building in the settlement, his eyes looking over everything he passed. It seemed like a new yet still well-established place. He could tell immediately that it wasn't a village of warriors: he couldn't see any training grounds filled with young fighters, or hear a constant buzz of activity the Taloba held. The few people he saw didn't have weapons on their person, and there weren't many mounts or roaming guards that kept the city alert to danger.

To the fledgling warrior, it was a.... Very odd, lazy looking place.

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