[Calendar] Summer 518 A.V.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

[Calendar] Summer 518 A.V.

Postby Regime on June 8th, 2018, 4:46 pm

Calendar: Summer 518 A.V.



Slab Ship Mysteries

In the city of Sunberth, locals enjoy a life of freedom and paranoia. Every day, an opportunity is sized or equally lost. The season starts with a bit of mystery when an abandoned ship is found docked at Byron's Bank of Baroque Bay. Its torn scarlet colored sails drawing all eyes towards it.

Many curious citizens sought steal from it or extort the captain, only to find that no living souls were aboard it. To the dismay of the city, the only thing people found within its cargo hold laid one of the two "cursed' stone slabs which were said to have tormented the city several seasons ago.

The ship itself has also proved to be unmovable, resulting in the Saique becoming a sea side public museum for the strange curio.

The Slab :
Anyone can visit the slab. It is simply a one foot long, by six inch wide, by five inches thick slab of pure unmovable granite in the cargo hold of a Saique. It clearly has words written on it, but all who try to read find their minds unable to focus making the slab illegible.

-A saique is a small merchant vessel, which has a mixed rigging of square and lateen sails. It possesses a large cargo hold for its size and is usually found close to the coasts. This is the most common class of merchant vessel. It supports 2 light mounts. Crew: 10, Passengers: 5

Gangland Politics
Things have started to heat up this season as the Daggerhand have made their first show of true show of strength in two years. On the fifth day of the season, a room in Brega's House of Happy Endings was painted red in the blood of five Dragoon Warden's of the Sun's Birth who tried to flaunt their influence on Daggerhand territory. Each of the bodies were left at the walls of The Riverside Dovecote in Night Eye territory as some type of message.

This season, people will be hard pressed to find a Daggerhand or member of the Sun's birth in the same location without an incident of violence igniting. The gangs are focused on each other, and while they try their best to keep the innocent public out of their altercations, collateral damage does happen.

The Weather:

Seasonally, Sunberth hardly sees any amount of precipitation in the early summer with mild showers occurring more often nearing fall. Summer may be the time when most people visit Sunberth by Sea with brave traders from Zeltiva or elsewhere in Mizahar all swarming the ports with tourist traffic, making it the perfect season for pick pocketing. The coastal fog generally hovers over the Sebakem Ocean coastline throughout most of the day. Mornings are generally cool with a misty layer that burns off in the afternoon resulting in a humid and muggy evening.

Events of Note:

    Summer 5th:
    The Murder at Brega's: Five Dragoon Warden's were executed after a lengthy tussle with three members of the Daggerhand.

    Your story & Plot Seeds

    I learned that last season you all enjoyed the plot seeds. They were put in place to allow all of you to put some weight behind your writing by doing things which effected the city in your own way. I still wholeheartedly want your adventurers in the city to be a more personal endeavor.

    That is why the Plot Seed still exist this season. The only thing different about this season is that all of my clues will lead you all to various end goals. Many of you will, in your own way, stumble upon the same paths to the cities hidden gems.

    What does this mean?
    Communication is key for this type of thing. Last season I had to move houses which affected many of your stories, but that issues is over and done with. This will also get me back into the habit of quick firing back PM's (A skill I need to work on)

    If you want a plot seed for this season, PM me, get in touch with me on discord, or post that you want a plot seed in the SB OOC forum.


  • Visit the Slab.

  • Publicly state your opinion of the Daggerhand or Sun's Birth at the Slag Heap.

  • Aid a Daggerhand or Sun's Birth NPC or PC in a fight.

  • Do something worthy enough to be listed on "Events of Note"
    (This requires you to get permission from me first, inform me before you write it.)

  • Learn how the Night Eye feel about the Daggerhand 'message'.

  • Have your PC visit a location in SB that they have never been before.

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