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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

The Mines of Sunberth

Postby Regime on June 22nd, 2018, 4:57 pm

The Mines of Sunberth


Cower in Freedom

Prior to the Valterrian, Sunberth was a major mining center.

Gold, silver, and other precious metals came from its seemingly inexhaustible shafts. And despite having lost many things to the Valterrian, the city is still scared by the influence of the immense labyrinth of the old world that lays below the city. The most well known entrance to the mines resides two miles west of the Slag Heap, out side the city proper. Known simply as "The Cowards Pass" or "The Traitors Way", it is the main shaft used by many who wish to run and hide from their problems.

In recent memory, it was used as a place of safety for many seeking shelter from the Great Djed Storm of 512 A.V.

The profession of being a Miner carries a stigma of intense hatred with it. It is a stigma that even the most diseased beggar in Sunberth would rather die than carry. No matter how old or young, every generation was raised to remember how the populous were violently oppressed into being slave miners in its distant past.

This stigma keeps even the most wealthy of avaricious people from trying to search the mines for its long forgotten riches. It is also known that those who worked the mines before the Valterrian have already sucked the readily accessible land dry of their precious metals, leaving its most valuable prizes and dangers among Semele's darkest dept.

The mine shafts are littered with many pre-Valterrian rail-ways and ruined machines of impeccable unknown design, some of which are rumored to still be in use to this day by among the deepest mine shafts. At the end of The Cowards Pass is a large platform that can be used as a lift, although any means of activation have been lost, leaving only the best of climbers access to the depths.

Image Despite The Cowards Pass being the most well known entrance to the cities underbelly, it is not the only one. Their are many mine shafts running through the hillsides just past the city proper. Many of these lesser mine shafts have become claimed by the Wildlands, claimed by bears, monsters, and other wayward brigands chased out of the city. There are also many rare and lesser known entrances to tunnels that run under the city used by the Night Eyes and Sun's birth beneath the city itself.

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