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Sophia Sunshore

Postby Sophia Sunshore on July 5th, 2018, 9:33 pm

Sophia Sunshore

Race: Human x Svefra
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 83, Spring, 495 a.v.
Age: 23

Gnosis: Phylonura (1 - Grassland)
Mark covers her entire left forearm.

Birthplace: Suvan Sea
Location: Syka

Job: Currently settingup a Herbalist shop in Syka

Languages: Common - Fluent, Fratava - Good

Physical Appearance

Sophia’s Svefra heritage is clearly evident to those who see her. Her eyes are a bright, clear blue, often crinkled around the edges from a smile. She is neither tall nor short, a fairly average height of 5’6”, with lean muscle cording her body from the years she spent on her family ship. Blonde hair is often left in unkempt waves and her skin is tanned from years under the sun – which has also left a smattering of freckles across her nose.
She wears clothes typical of her Svefran roots, often dressed in flowing garments in ludicrously bright colours. She is usually adorned with an assortment of beads and shells, and very rarely wears shoes. A scarf of some sort is also often wrapped round her neck, wrist or hair.

Tattoos :

Pod Tattoo

Sophia's pod tattoo is a stylised geometric pattern that incorporates various aspects of the sea and the beaches where they spend the vast majority of their time.
The tattoo is situated on the inside of Sophia's upper right arm and spans the whole length of her inner bicep. The tattoo is even more special to the half-Svefra now that she has left her pod, for it is a reminder of her family that she can keep close to herself.


Tavan Tattoo

Her Tavan tattoo is an intricately detailed seabird, reminiscent of her prion, Pearl.
It is located on her left shoulder blade, facing outward (tail end toward her spine).


Born and raised on a Svefran ship, Sophia is a happy and carefree individual - the embodiment of sunshine. She is quick to smile and rarely worries, always ready and willing to chat, explore or even plan a party. Sophia wears her emotions openly, so it is usually pretty easy to tell how she’s feeling. Thanks to her upbringing she has a stellar work ethic. On the ships everyone has to do their part and she isn’t afraid of getting stuck in, even if she’s new to the task at hand.
She harbours a curiosity that came from spending her childhood travelling from port to port, meeting and interacting with people from all over Mizahar and is fascinated by the world around her, constantly seeking to learn about the lands and seas she inhabits. Sophia has a particular love for flora, quite at odds with her sea-fairing roots and this is the reason she made the difficult decision to leave her family ship and come to land.

Sophia's Tavan is a small seabird, a fairy prion Pachyptila turtur, that she has named Pearl. She is approximately 20cm long with a white underside, mid grey to the top and has a darker line of feathers in an 'M' across her back, tipping her wings and tail.

Pearl is self-sufficient, and is completely at home in Syka, where she can easily come-and-go as she pleases, finding microscopic plankton in the seas to eat.
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Sophia Sunshore

Postby Sophia Sunshore on July 16th, 2018, 6:40 pm


Sophia has had what most would consider an easy life. Her Svefra father, Breeze Sunshore, met Lilian, her mother, while his Pod was at port in Zeltiva over the start of 494 a.v. The following Spring Sophia was born, named so for Lilian’s mother. As Lilian was not a Svefra by heritage she wanted her daughter to carry piece of the life she had known, and thus gave the child her grandmothers name.

ImageShe grew up calling the oceans her home and the sea animals her friends. Like most Svefra children, Sophia wanted for nothing except adventures to fill her day with. Travel, parties and an abundance of food was how she knew life to be, and rather naively it would take her a long time to understand that life was not always like that for everyone.

She spent most of her days swimming, learning how to tie knots, playing with the other children and generally being a nuisance, as most young Svefra are. As she grew her tasks grew with her, and the young woman helped to navigate and sail, and was often given the task of looking after the younger generation. When her Pod came to port she would wander through towns and cities wide-eyed, absorbing the nuances of whatever culture she was temporarily immersed in.

It was during these times ashore that Sophia’s innate curiosity for life began to appear. The girl was fascinated by nature, especially of the plant variety. She wanted to know the name of every leaf and flower she laid eyes on, much to the amusement of her kin. She often learned a few titbits from the locals but it was never enough. She always needed to know more. How did they grow? Why in this particular place? What can you use them for?

A time came when life aboard her family ship was not enough for her. Sophia longed to learn about the natural world, but she simply could not in the open oceans. Her short days in ports always left her feeling empty, not fulfilled, as she was at pains to leave the places where her knowledge could be furthered. During the Spring of 618 a.v. Sophia departed her family ship for the last time in Riverfall. The decision was heart wrenching, but she knew that her family would be everywhere – all Svefra were kin and she would always be able to find one somewhere.
While in Riverfall, Sophia was gifted with Phylonura, the mark of Mother Caiyah. She was granted the grasslands to watch over and protect, but by then she had booked passage on a trading ship headed for the new settlement of Syka. She had also missed the tail end of the Endrykas run. The tent city wasn’t really that far away, but she decided to board the ship with plans to return in a years’ time.


Sophia has 1 mark of Phylonura, the Gnosis of Caihya.
Her Gnosis mark starts at her left wrist and covers her entire forearm, up to her elbow. Sophia is a Grassland Witch and so her mark represents that biome. The base, near her wrist, depicts the golden green grasses that cover the Sea of Grass, swaying in a gentle breeze. A trio of Cyphrus horses runs through these grasses, and above them a beautiful blue sky stretches over, a single eagle gliding overhead.

Story :
Sophia had only been in Riverfall for a handful of days, but she already felt restless. At the start of the season the half-Svefra had made the painful decision to leave her Pod – her family – and come to shore for good. She loved the ocean dearly for it had been her home, but she had always felt as though there were something missing from her life. She needed something more, something that meant something and deep in her heart, no her soul, she knew that she would find that on land.

When she was young and her Pod would come to shore to trade and stock up on supplies, Sophia would often wander on her own. On one particular time they had stopped in Riverfall and the child had, for once, stayed around the port. A tiny school of silvery fish had caught her eye and she wanted to watch them ‘dance’. After a few chimes she had an incredibly odd sensation come over her and she peered round to find a small feline watching her intently. It appeared fairly normal, aside from the large emerald green eyes that were fixed on the young Svefra. It was from that day that Sophia knew there was something she was not understanding, although it took her a great many years to truly grasp that thought. It was this particular thought that had eventually led her back to the city of Akalak’s, but she had been disappointed when her nagging feeling hadn’t faded after her arrival.

That was why she had found herself wandering away from the city one Spring afternoon. The few locals she had spoken to told her to take a guide, but Sophia had assured them that she wasn’t going far and would be sticking to the marked route anyway. Of course, things never turn out quite how you expect, especially when one sets off with such bravado. She was looking for plants that were different, new. The ones they had inside the city were lovely, but so… cultivated, and they hadn’t bought about the sense of joy and discovery that she had so been hoping for. In hindsight, the young woman should have realised that the Sea of Grass was full of – well, grass, and she would have to do a lot of wandering to find something to interest her. But everyone knows what they say about hindsight.

She had let her mind wander and her feet take her where they fancied, which of course was probably the worst thing she could have done. When the Svefra noticed that she had been daydreaming, she stopped in her tracks and squinted up at the sky. It appeared she had been out for a while now and should probably return to the city. Sophia turned around only to find, to her utmost horror, that Riverfall was not behind her. Nor was it on either side. Fear rose in her stomach and she hastily looked around for a marker that would show her where the travellers path ran, however she came up short. She then remembered with a moment of relief that she knew how to navigate by using the sun, only to realise that she had no idea which direction she’d been walking in in the first place. She was well and truly lost, and only had herself to blame.

In panic, she chose a direction she thought she might have come from, continuously sweeping her eyes over the horizon as she did so. Several chimes passed with no change and the panic was slowly crushing her more and more in its iron grip. She was making fairly rapid progress across the grassland when all of a sudden her foot landed on something that was definitely not solid. She pitched forwards and flailed as her body fell into cold, stinking marsh water. Luckily it wasn’t deep and, gasping for breath, she managed to scramble back to flop onto the bank. Sophia roughly wiped the muddy water out of her eyes. The marsh had been fairly well obscured from her direction by the taller grasses, but on the other side the plants were shorter, and she could see something just past the opposing bank. She squinted at the small, lumpy form before realising it was a young horse lying on its side. Her splashing about had clearly roused it, and the animal was now frantically kicking its legs in an effort to stand. The Svefra woman ran her azure gaze over its flanks and spotted some deep gashes that had clearly been oozing blood for a little while. The panic fled her for a moment and she started to move as if to help, though she didn’t know the first thing about tending wounds.

She heard it approach before she saw it and flung herself into the dense plants at the edge of the marsh just in time. Half submerged in the swampy water once more, Sophia cautiously peered between the grasses as a lone glassbeak approached, clearly called over by the struggling of the poor young horse. She had never seen one before, but she knew instantly what it was from the sheer size alone. She said a silent prayer to Caiyha, hoping the stinking water she had dunked in was enough for the predator not to notice her.

Sophia watched, frozen in both terror and morbid fascination as the glassbeak started to make quick work of the equine. The scene gave Sophia pause, and her panic cleared enough to let other thoughts in. She was witnessing the death of an innocent creature, but surely she was also witnessing the life of another? The horse was providing for the glassbeak, and honestly could the glassbeak be blamed for following its natural path? Sophia would have likely ended the struggling animal’s life anyway, so was it not better that the death was not pointless? Sophia’s mind was reeling with questions and sudden realisations, and she forgot that she was so close to one of the most feared animals in the grasslands. Any revulsion she may have felt was gone, replaced with a respect and awareness that settled over her, gently smoothing away the nagging she had carried with her from the ocean. Everything in the land worked together so that it may thrive, and death was as much a part of that as life.

Only when the glassbeak had eaten its fill did the young woman pause again, a small spike of fear lancing through her gut. Apparently though, the enormous creature was sated, and Sophia’s marsh water coating was doing the job of masking her scent. The great bird moved away at alarming speed and relief rushed over her, quickly followed by elation as she spotted a small smudge in the distance that could only be the city walls. She waited in the grasses longer than may have been necessary until standing, cramps winding down her legs as she did so.

Something caught her attention, and the Svefra turned her head and started in shock when her eyes fell on a small cat. It had bright emerald eyes and they were trained on her. She knew those eyes. Sophia blinked and all of a sudden there was a person standing exactly where the cat had been. She was otherworldly, a stranger yet so familiar all at the same time. Her hair was all the greens one could ever imagine and twined with flowers. Her dress was the same shades but seemed to shimmer as if made with gossamer spider’s silk. Everything about her was alive.
“Caiyah.” Sophia’s voice left her in a whoosh of breath and the woman smiled. This was the Goddess, the Mother of all the land’s living things. It was her who commanded the circle Sophia had just witnessed. ”My dear Sophia.” Caiya smiled and it was both terrible and wonderful at the same time. ”What have you witnessed today? What do you now know?”
“I know… that life cannot be without death. I know that all of your creatures have a place in this world, even the smallest ones. They all need to work together for the land to be… right.”
Caiya inclined her head. ”Harmony. Nature is balanced, and that balance must always be maintained. You are correct in that life and death are both parts of that balance. I have been waiting for you to understand this for a long time. You have not been ready till now, but now I am granting you my gift and I will watch over you as you use it. Be sure to use it well, be a guardian of my lands and make sure that the circle is maintained.”
Caiyha reached out to Sophia, who froze as the Goddess’ hand grasped her shoulder. There was an odd burning pain down her left arm, that receded as suddenly as it appeared. ”My request to you is to follow the mark I have given you. Protect and nurture the land that I have called you to.” Caiyha released Sophia’s shoulder and as she did her form grew misty, till the Goddess had disappeared from sight.
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Sophia Sunshore

Postby Sophia Sunshore on August 12th, 2018, 2:52 pm


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics +1 1 Novice
Botany 15 SP +1 +1 +1 +3 +1 +2 +3 27 Competent
Climbing +2 2 Novice
Cooking +4 +1 5 Novice
Copying +1 +1 2 Novice
Drawing +1 +2 +3 +1 7 Novice
Endurance +1 1 Novice
Food Preservation +1 1 Novice
Foraging +3 +1 4 Novice
Gardening +1 +1 2 Novice
Herbalism +1 +1 +1 +3 +2 +1 9 Novice
Interrogation +3 +2 5 Novice
Indimidation 2 +2 Novice
Investigation +1 +1 2 Novice
Land Navigation +2 2 Novice
Logic +1 +1 +2 4 Novice
Mathematics +1 1 Novice
Meditation +1 1 Novice
Navigation (Sea) 5 SP 5 Novice
Observation +2 +5 +3 +4 +4 + 5 +3 +4 +3 +1 +2 36 Competent
Organisation +1 +1 2 Novice
Persuasion +1 1 Novice
Philtering +1 +3 4 Novice
Planning +1 +2 +1 +2 6 Novice
Rhetoric +2 2 Novice
Sailing 5 SP 5 Novice
Shortbow 5 +5 Novice
Socialisation +4 +1 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +4 +4 28 Competent
Swimming 10 SP 10 Novice
Teaching +2 2 Novice
Weapon: Cutlass 10 SP 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival (Rainforest) 10 RB 5 SP +2 +3 +1 +1 22 Novice
Writing +4 4 Novice


Acrobatics: Using Leverage to Save Balance
Botany: Common Flora of Riverfall (sp)
Botany: Camphor, Characteristics
Botany: Tamarind, Characteristics and Growing Conditions
Botany: Soursop, Identification
Botany: Tree Fungus Feeds on Its Host
Botany: Checking Soil To See if Plants Need Water
Botany: Soursop Seeds Not Edible
Botany: Preserve plants by drying them
Botany: Keep dried plants in a dry place
Botany: Plant pressing process to remove moisture from plants
Botany: Common flower anatomy
Botany: Passionfruit Flower: Appearance
Botany: Passionfruit: Appearance, plant type, flowering cycle and fruit description
Botany: Important to mark all observable information, description and exact location of specimens when taking field notes
Botany: Sketch as much of the specimen as possible, including extra sketches of definable features when taking field notes
Botany: Not always able to take live specimens so it's important to take the time to sketch them
Botany: Strangler Fig: Appearance and growth habit
Botany: Epiphytes
Botany: Liana Vines: Appearance
Botany: Bromeliade: Appearance
Botany: Philodendron: Appearance
Botany: What A Bromeliad is
Botany: What An Epiphyte is
Botany: Aloe Vera grows on the beach
Botany: How to remove husk, flesh, and water from coconuts
Botany: How to strain out coconut milk
Cartography: Roughly map out surroundings as a guide if need be
Climbing: Plan for Both the Ascent and the Descent
Cooking: Preparing Fruit for Juice
Cooking: Little Juice From a Lot of Fruit
Cooking: Preparing Tea
Cooking: Lavender, Lemon and Honey Makes Delicious Tea
Cooking: Recipe for coconut snack balls
Copying: Mirroring Uta's notes in your own journal
Drawing: Sketching Plants
Drawing: Botanical sketch of a passionfruit flower: Start from the centre and work outwards
Drawing: Adding colour can help define the parts of a botanical sketch
Drawing: Sketching your surroundings
Drawing: A mortar and pestle
Endurance: the difficulties of trekking through jungle growth
Food Preservation: Drying Herbs for Storage
Food Preservation: Making an Herb Press
Foraging: Coconut, Harvesting and Appearance
Foraging: Oranges, Harvesting and Appearance
Foraging: Papaya, Harvesting and Appearance
Foraging: Signs strange plants are eaten by animals
Gardening: Potted Plants Don't Survive Well at Sea
Herbalism: Medicinal Properties of Camphor
Herbalism: Camphor’s Use in Perfume, Soaps, and Insect Repellent
Herbalism: Medicinal Properties of Tamarind
Herbalism: Crush the plant stalks to release the oils
Herbalism: Harvesting Almost Dead Leaves
Herbalism: Cat’s Claw: Appearance & Usage
Herbalism: The signs plants might be poisonous
Herbalism: Inside wrist test to see if something is poisonous contact-wise
Herbalism: Possibilities for an Aloe Balm
Herbalism: How to make coconut oil
Investigation: the follow up
Land Navigation: Leaving a Visible Marker
Land Navigation: Using Game Trails
Logic: fitting the facts together
Meditation: Addressing Rising Emotions
Navigation: Navigating by the Sun (sp)
Organisation: The importance of labelling dried and drying plants
Philtering Recipe: Lemon Balm and Honey Tea
Philtering: Camphor Oil is Extracted Through Steam Distillation
Philtering: Recipe for Lavender, Lemon Balm, and Honey
Phylonura: Asking An Animal To Leave In Peace
Planning: Always good to have a map on hand when going out in the field
Research: Always mark time of day, location and conditions when taking field notes
Research: Label everything you can on sketches when taking field notes
Research: Try to note what wildlife is around when taking field notes
Research: Having one journal to make rough field notes in and another for more organised, detailed and elaborate notes
Shortbow: They All Do The Same Job, Pick One That’s Comfortable For You
Shortbow: How To Properly Draw A Bow
Shortbow: How To Hold A Shortbow
Shortbow: Proper Stance/Body Position
Shortbow: Draw The Bowstring With Three Fingers
Wilderness Survival: Gathering Supplies for a Fire
Wilderness Survival: Building and Lighting a Fire
Wilderness Survival: Packing for Jungle Exploration
Wilderness Survival: Tents are Useless in the Jungle
Wilderness Survival: Vine Snake Appearance & Mannerism
Wilderness Survival: Coconut husk can be used for tinder
Wilderness Survival: How to make smooth bowls out of coconuts husks
Writing: Labelling the parts of a botanical sketch

Location: Syka
Location: Uta's Cave
Syka: A Small Settlement
Syka Location: Syka Commons
Syka Location: The Panacea
Syka Location: Uta’s Dwelling
Syka: Settlers Need to Contribute
Syka: Settlers Need to Learn Skills to Survive
Syka: Founders Offer Loans
Syka: Settlers Receive 5 Acres of Land
Uta's Cave: Free to use to dry own plants as long as Uta knows in advance

Buraga Shamzen: Syka Settlement Defender
Iolara: A Charoda Witch
Jansen Alavarth: Akalak Healer of the Panacea
Kamilla: Downplays Injuries
Kamilla: Seamstress
Kamilla: Also lived in Riverfall
Kamilla: From Zeltiva
Okara: Appearance & Personality
Okara: Keeps Chickens
Okara: Apprentice to Jansen
Okara: Marked by Rak’keli
Pearl: Sophia's Prion Tavan
Randal Zor: Personality, Traits
Randal: A Carpenter
Self: Knowing Your Dominant Eye
Sophia: The Jungle Calls to Her
Sophia: Never at Home on the Sea
Sophia: Unmarked by Laviku, Unwanted Daughter of the Sea
Stu Alkamar: Appearance
Uta: Syka’s Resident Botanist
Uta: Has been storing plants since Syka was founded
Uta: Needs Help Cataloguing Plants
Uta: Grows her own plants to study
Bromeliades: Uta's favourite
People: Shoal Wavecrest
Breeze Sunshore: a pirate
Breeze Sunshore: a reimancer
Lore of the rumoured unsavoury history of Breeze Sunshore
Lore of the Wavecrest Svefra pod
Soursop Juice: An Odd Taste
Veronica: A Ship from Syka
A Rock Thrown at the Sea: An Angry Gesture to Laviku
Lore of the daunting process of starting a business

Skill & Lore Tracking

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Sophia Sunshore

Postby Sophia Sunshore on August 12th, 2018, 2:53 pm


A simple gold necklace – the chain falls to just below her collarbone with a small sun pendant.

  • Flowing yellow shirt
  • Simple Pants
  • Simple Undergarments
  • Simple Cloak
  • Simple Boots
  • Isuas trousers
  • 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • Archers glove
  • Archers arm guard
  • A cutlass
  • Shortbow
  • 20 shortbow arrows
  • Small axe
  • 4 person tent
  • Large tarp
  • 100ft rope
  • Lantern
  • 2 torches
  • Bedroll
  • Blanket
  • Fishing tackle & hooks
  • Small 1 person tent
  • Hammock


Start of Summer 518: A 4 person tent on the beachfront of Syka.
From 60th Summer 518: A simple home on the Sykan beachfront, built by Randal Zor.


Purchase In Out Total
Starting +100 GM - 100 GM
Selling horse back +250GM - 350GM
Cutlass - -12GM 338GM
Blank book - -3GM 335GM
6oz jar - -6CM 334GM 90SM 4CM
Herbalist Kit - -20GM 314GM 90SM 4CM
Soapmaking Kit - -50GM 264GM 90SM 4CM
Trousers - -8SM 264GM 82SM 4CM
Shirt - -1 SM 264GM 81SM 4CM
Archery purcahses - -33GM 231GM 81SM 4CM
Summer Living Expense - -135GM 96GM 81SM 4CM
Summer Wages +546GM - 642GM 81SM 4CM
Fall - - -
Winter - - -
Spring 519 Start - - 642GM 81SM 4CM
Spring 519 Living Expenses - -135GM 507GM 81SM 4CM
Loan Payment - -400GM 107GM 81SM 4CM
Spring 519 Wage +546GM - 653GM 81SM 4CM
Summer 519 Expenses - -135GM 518GM 81SM 4CM
Quest purchases - -15GM 503GM 81SM 4CM
Survival Toolkit - -25GM 498GM 81SM 4CM

Ledger Note: Sophia was inactive during Fall & Winter 518.


Sophia has been given a loan by the founders of Syka in order to build a modest home and set up a business.

Payment Date Total
+1400 1st Spring, 519 1400gm
-400 1st Summer 519 1000gm
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Sophia Sunshore

Postby Sophia Sunshore on May 29th, 2019, 11:20 am

Thread List


Fall 519 a.v.
Date Title Summary Status
1 Of Snakes and Water Women Sophia and Kamilla are not quite who they know theselves to be. Ongoing
2 Finding Answers to Questions Not Asked Syka Quest Ongoing

Summer 519 a.v.
Date Title Summary Status
3 Rumours on the Breeze Sophia discovers a heritage she didn't want to know about. Complete
17 Show Me the Way Sophia and Jehu meet. Ongoing
30 Winds of Discovery Sophia and Kamilla get caught in the windstorm. Ongoing
33 Piecing Together Sophia and Ines help to repair the Tidepool after the storm. Ongoing
43 'Bug Off!" Sophia tries to make insect repellant -

Spring 519 a.v.
Date Title Summary Status
17 Voices Ringing in your Head Sophia gets lost in memories Graded
17 Waiting for you to Awaken Sophia looses, and then finds herself, in the jungle Complete
18 Learn to be Still Sophia recovers from insect poison and contemplates her place in the world -
23 Heaven Lying at your Feet Sophia and Randal start to build her house -
21 It's Just Another Day Job Thread - Fungi investigations. Complete
26 We Don't Know // But Don't Know Why Sophi and Quzon meet through mutual illness ??
42 So We Wander//So Who Knows Sophi and Kam meet Complete
49 So We Wander//So Who Knows pt2 Job Thread - Sophi assists Kam with a plant problem Complete
53 Answering That Bell // And I've Made Up My Mind Sophia meets Finn Ongoing
75 Flowers in your Garden Sophia and Randal start the shop structure -
83 Another Day in Paradise It's Sophia's birthday! Kam and Finn join in the fun Ongoing

Winter 518 a.v.

Fall 518 a.v.

Summer 518 a.v.
Date Title Summary Status
12 Welcome Home Sophia arrives in Syka Graded
12 A Budding Opportunity Sophia gets a job. Graded
13 On Sunny Shores Sophia settles in to her new home. Graded
15 A Novice’s Hunt Sophia and Jei buy shortbows. Graded
20 Birds of a Feather Sophia meets Nieve after the Kelvic almost eats Pearl. -
23 Jungle Flowers, Jungle Trees Uta leads Sophia and Okara into the rainforest. Graded
30 Jungle Curiosity Sophia finds an old satchel. Graded
34 Experiments in Juice and Tea Sophia tries her hand at making some drinks. Graded
42 More Than Just Cataloguing Job thread. Complete
60 Scouting New Territory Nya leads Sophia and Taren on and expedition. Graded
71 Botanical Notes Job thread. Sophia learns how to take proper field notes. Graded
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