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Job thread - Sophia and Uta study some fungi.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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It's Just Another Day

Postby Sophia Sunshore on May 12th, 2019, 8:47 pm

21, Spring, 519


A breeze wound its way through a clearing near the home of Uta, Syka’s resident botanist, and ruffled the long blonde hair of a young woman knelt in the soft mixture of moss and soil. Sophia paused her work for a moment, letting it cool her face with a small smile. The spring in Syka was sweltering, with the rains everyone had been expecting to continue for a while longer disappearing to almost nothing. Sophia pushed her sleeves up further before returning her attention to her current task.

Uta had sent Sophia to the clearing to plant a sapling the pair had been growing. The botanist had spent some time clearing the small area near her home so that she could study how some of the rainforest plants grew in a - mostly - controlled environment. The trees and flowers they had been finding here were so unlike anything else they knew about, and so Uta had devised this particular idea so that they may learn as much as they possibly could.

The sapling Sophia had with her today was a young cinnamon tree. Uta had marked the place she was to plant it with a stick, and the Svefra was currently in the middle of digging out a hole large enough to place the root ball in. The soil was fairly easy to move for despite the heat everything was still slightly damp here thanks to the proximity of the clearing to the rainforest proper. She was using a rudimentary spade borrowed from Uta, ramming it into the soil with force then lifting out clumps and setting the dirt in a pile to one side.

When she deemed the hole large enough, Sophia gingerly pulled the sapling over to her. She had asked to plant something else out, for the cinnamon tree was fairly precious. Once it was established in the clearing, the bark could be harvested to make a spice, and cinnamon was not particularly cheap. She eased it from the pot and then placed the root ball into the ground, eyes scanning over the tangle of white roots for any signs of decay or disease. Satisfied the specimen was healthy, Sophia filled the space around the roots with the excavated soil, pulling it back into the hole with her hands. She pushed down on the ground around the young trees skinny stem to firm the soil as Uta had instructed, apparently to help the roots grow better and stronger.

Sophia pushed herself to her feet and wiped her hands on her trousers, soil leaving dark smears on the fabric. She reached for a large bowl of water that she had laid nearby and poured it around the base of the freshly planted sapling. Next, she collected her journal to scribble a few notes.
Cinnamon sapling planted out morning of 21 Spring, 519.
Weather is hot, slight breeze.
Healthy specimen, good roots, glossy undamaged leaves.
Sapling approximately the length of forearm.

She flipped the book shut as moss-muffled footsteps announced the arrival of Uta. The botanist was carrying Sophia’s backpack and cutlass in her hands, her own backpack slung on her shoulders. The Svefra raised an eyebrow by way of a greeting. Uta smiled. “I thought we would head into the jungle now you’re finished planting. Not far mind - I found one of those fungi nearby that I want to check out.”

Sophia took her things from Uta, strapping the cutlass round her waist and carefully stowing the journal into her backpack before putting that on too. She tidied the supplies she had used to plant the tree and left them next to the sapling to be collected later and turned back to Uta and nodded. “Lead the way!”
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