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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

Execution Square

Postby Regime on July 10th, 2018, 9:38 pm



On the eastern edge of The Sunset Quarter (K9) lies an all but abandoned city square that was once a very prominent park. Now, however, this rather large square has been almost thoroughly taken over by a singular tree. Known as the Hanging Oak, this live oak dominates the area creating private spaces that are often gathering points or hangouts for locals looking for a little peaceful nature in an otherwise dreary city.

Day use is common for picnics and little barbecues. Stone fire rings and fire pits are scattered in and among the sprawling spaces the branches make great areas to cook in. After dark, the homeless and runaways of the city can sometimes be found around these rings trying to keep warm. Peaceful during the day for the most part, Execution Square is one of the rare beautiful spots in the city for Sunberthians to enjoy.

Execution Square also turns into an artisan area during the clear warm days of summer where craftspeople set up tables and sell knickknacks and artsy things to the citizens of Sunberth. Jewelry, thrown pottery, artisan clothing and weapons, as well as homemade foodstuff are commonly found here.

The tree is not without its own denizens as well. Large squirrels, the size of house cats, scramble around its branches and make homes in the hollows within its old wood. They are very good thieves, especially when it comes to picnic foodstuffs. Skull crows can often be seen perched in its branches. At night, the hooting of what sounds an awful lot like a giant owl can be heard among its branches. The owl hunts the large dog-sized rats that roam the square at night. Rumor has it that because the mysterious owl is so reclusive - heard but not seen - that people who do actually see it often end up falling victim to Execution Square's after dark violent setting.

And finally, though people try to ignore the fact for the most part, Execution Square is still often in use. Gangs will utilize the space for lynchings, duels, and all kinds of judgements being passed among their own members and indeed rival members who have been caught acting out against opposing forces.

It is not uncommon for Sunberth's early mornings to include fresh bodies swinging from the oak. If the corpses are not cut down rapidly, they will often begin to bloat and smell, making the park uninhabitable until the animals infesting the park make short work of the corpse or some helpful (or greedy) person cuts the corpse down and disposes of it (usually in one of the abandoned buildings of the Quay).

Muggings, rapes, and kidnappings are also common within Execution Square after dark. During the day, however, it is a relatively calm and peaceful place to enjoy as a recreational area so long as bodies (and the smells associated with their decay) aren't present.

* PC lynchings need to be ran via moderator approval.

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