Quiet Down Up There [Job]

An attempt at calming a ghost turns complicated

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Quiet Down Up There [Job]

Postby Anja Nightwatcher on August 2nd, 2018, 4:00 pm

Grades Have Arrived

Anja Nightwalker

XP Award:
  • +4 Observation
  • +2 Socialization
  • +5 Persuasion
  • +4 Spritism
  • +2 Riding

  • Location: Jolly Good Stables
  • Spiritism: Calming a Ghost With Comfort
  • Observation: Relying on Maisa’s Keen Senses
  • Riding: Letting the Horse Do the Leading
  • Spiritism: Reading a Ghost’s Memories Through Possession
  • Spiritism: Expelling a Possessed Spirit From One's Own Body
  • Riding: Shifting Weight to Cause a Horse to Halt
  • Tieria: The Drykas Handler of Jolly Good Stables
  • Spiritism: Giving Ghosts the Lie
  • Persuasion: Giving Them What They Want
  • Spiritism: Sending a Ghost On by Easing Regrets

Rewards and Penalties:
  • Sore Ribs Lasting 7 Days


XP Award:
  • +2 Socialization
  • +1 Intelligence
  • +2 Stealth
  • +4 Observation
  • +1 Climbing
  • +2 Acrobatics
  • +2 Intimidation
  • +1 Interrogation
  • +1 Glyphing
  • +1 Shielding

  • Location: Jolly Good Stables
  • Stealth: Using Commotion as Distraction
  • Intelligence: Gathering Information From Urchins
  • Acrobatics: The Flip and Roll
  • Intimidation: Using Physical Force
  • Interrogation: Using Violence to Get Answers
  • Maisa: Smarter Than Your Average Horse
  • Shielding: Standard Shields Don't Stop Ghosts

Rewards and Penalties:
  • N.A.

Note: Fun thread Ky! Let me know if I missed anything!
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