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Elegy for the Lost [Job][Meriann]

Postby Anja Nightwatcher on October 1st, 2018, 4:42 pm

Anja watched as resolution dawned in Meriann’s eyes. It was a tangible thing, heralded by a flood of other emotions. Excitement. Fear. Relief. When Meriann reached for Anja, he of course let her touch him. They linked fingers for a moment, the coolness of soulmist meeting the warmth of a living and breathing body. Then Anja saw the expression he had been waiting for, the one he always craved to see reflected in a ghost’s unearthly eyes. Acceptance. The final stage of grief, and the last step required for moving on.

Anja listened calmly as Meriann spoke her final words to him, and he burned them into his heart. He couldn't promise not to be overcome with death. After all, it was his job and the sole meaning left in his life. But he could take Meriann’s wish and translate it to what she really wished for him; to not let himself become overcome with the sorrow that so many people associate with life’s eventual end.

“You look ready,” Anja told her. “You’re going on to better things. Enjoy your next life. It will be better than this.” Anja squeezed Meriann’s hand. “Feis zul rhotame. May the God's bring you home.” With that final prayer spoken in the language of Anja’s birth, Meriann vanished in a kaleidoscope of monochrome. The lights flashed for one bright moment, and then there was nothing.

Anja stood for a long moment in the center of the pit, feeling Meriann’s absence and eyes closed against the visions of death still vying for his attention. There was a melancholy there, but also a satisfaction. As counterintuitive as it seemed, this final comfort to the dead was one of the few things left that made Anja feel alive. Finally, with a breath, Anja turned from the pit and headed out to find Tall Johnny.

What hope was there left to find in this city? What light could be found? Anja didn't know. All he knew was that he would be looking.

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