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[No Mans Land] Oh Brother Dearest

Postby Tove on July 26th, 2018, 12:26 am

42nd Day of Summer, 518av
30 chimes after the 13th Bell

Colorful shadows danced around the Seaside market as the sun beamed down upon the colorful fabrics that shielded the merchants and shoppers alike. The sounds of the market echoed throughout the air, the smell of spice, manure, food, and everything else within the market accompanying it.

Tove had grown more familiar with the market due to the time she had spent with Kelski just two days prior. This time she had a list of things to buy however, so she was already ten steps ahead of where she had been on the 40th. She shoved past the huddled bodies walking around her as she walked all the while attempting to avoid the odor radiating off the crowed.

The market was full of foreigners, another reason Tove had found it so interesting. Strange accents and smells filled her senses, new sights appealed to her eyes. Foreign merchants sold all kinds of strange goods whether they be exotic or mundane in nature. Things the locals wouldn’t normally see within their own homes.

A jewelry merchant was the first to catch her eye; ornate gold and silvers had captured her attention. Tove liked shiny things though she lacked the funds to purchase such things. Too pretty to be practical. No, jewelry was not on her list nor could she afford to waste precious coin on such luxuries.

The next stall she had found was far more to her liking; a clothing merchant. His goods were simple yet lovely, practical too. Long dresses and tunics were showcased in the front but hidden along the many shelves were cheaper goods that the Kelvic could afford.

“Hello, hello! A lovely dress for a lovely lady? Maybe a corset to exaggerate one’s curves? Or a simple hat perhaps?” The merchant smiled, some of his teeth had been replaced with gold. Tove shook her head in response as she eyed a soft and flowy blouse.

“How much would this be?” Tove questioned, her eyes locked on the fabric as her fingers traced over the hem. It was much softer than her current top, better in quality as well. A perfect fit, or at least she assumed it would be.

“Hmm…let me see.” The merchant peered over her shoulder as he too inspected the shirt. “It’s nothing special, maybe eight silver Mizas…unless you want something a bit more extravagant?” The merchant was clearly disappointed with her choice, the cheaper the clothing the less he would make in a day. Tove shook her head as she pulled eight Mizas from her pocket before dropping the coin into his eager palms.

Thirty chimes of walking passed, not much else on her list was of such great importance. Her eyes fell upon ‘No Mans Land’, a tavern that provided shelter from the heat, food, drink, and whatever else one could enjoy within a tavern. The idea of food was the one that had guided her into the tavern, her eyes adjusting to the dim lighting as the door swung shut behind her.

Most Taverns Tove had entered were loud and lively, No mans land was no exception. She took her place at a table next to a boisterous table full of gamblers after she had ordered some food. She watched as two men held arms, pushing against one another in a particularly heated arm wrestling match. The men around the two competitors yelled and cheered as they placed bets on who would leave the match victorious.

Tove wondered who would win. Both men were strong and capable, and both wanted to win. The thought was interrupted as the barmaid reproached her in order to drop off her meal. She hadn’t been able to see who had won, though the crowed that had surrounded the two gave away who the victor had been. One side cheered as they were passed coin, the other yelled angrily at one another as they relinquished their own. Tove attempted to repress a smile as she watched the men. They took such a simple game far too seriously.

As she lifted her fork to her lips a sudden movement caught her eye. Across from her sat a man, one that had not asked whether or not his presence would trouble her. The smell of alcohol radiated off of him as if he had doused himself in the fragrant beverage. It did little to ease he mind as she wondered what one was meant to do in such a situation.

"Aye lass, 'yer sittin here all by your lonesome, so I figured ya wouldn't mind some company." The man smiled as he slurred his words. It was impossible for Tove not to notice the mischievous gleam that danced behind his eyes.

What does he want from me, coin? Food? Drink She wondered. Being a female was hard enough in Sunberth. Being a Kelvic female was worse. Not only had a constant fear of being attacked plagued the girl, but she also had to be on constant watch for those who threatened to wrap yet another collar around her neck. No, never again would she heel to the needs of another.

"Ya know, a lil lady such as yourself shouldn't be sittin' alone 'ere. For obvious reasons ya know? Might attract some, er, unsavory attention if ya catch my drift." The man purred, his intentions becoming clear as his fingers traced over her knee beneath the table.

Tove's eyes widened at his touch, never had a man shown any interest in her...not so publicly at least. Many women enjoyed such attention, but the situation was hardly appealing in a tavern filled of strangers, especially since the man that had showed her such attention seemed rather crooked in nature.

"I ugh-" Her eyes hunted for an escape as panic began to rise in her chest. She knew not of the man's affiliations so outright slapping him was not the best course of action. Without much thought her arm outstretched, shaky fingers had wrapped around the wrist of a taller man.

"As lovely as you are, I'm not here alone. I was simply awaiting's arrival you see? He has been traveling for several seasons, right brother?" Her eyes peered up into his own, the coloring was similar. Maybe the man would buy into it, but it would be up to the stranger to continue on with the story.

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