Solo The Mechanics of Using Violence, pt. 2

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The Mechanics of Using Violence, pt. 2

Postby Nellie Hawkins on July 28th, 2018, 3:15 am

17th of summer
9th bell


Clack. Thwack. Clack.

The dummy stood, unprotesting, as Nellie ran through the attacks she had learned a tenday ago; while not as fast as she would like, or as smooth, she knew that her movements were much better than they had been that first day. Captain Eleuia had told her to practice on her own before returning, and Nellie had taken the charge to heart, spending at least a bell each day working on her budding skills. It wasn’t much, but even knowing a little bit had made her feel safer on the streets of the city, and she’d arrived today eager to expand her knowledge.

“Not bad, Nellie. Not impressive, but not bad,” the voice came from somewhere behind, and Nellie spun around in surprise, practice dagger held in front of her, coming face-to-face with the dragoon captain. Rather than springing back from the unintentional confrontation, Eleuia stepped in close. Her left arm came up to block Nellie’s arm at the elbow, knocking the blunted blade harmlessly to the side, while her foot lashed out, hooking Nellie’s ankle and pulling her leg out from under her.

Tumbling down, Nellie dropped the dagger, and landed solidly on her butt in the dirt. The impact forced a surprised grunt from her, and she stared up at Eleuia from the dusty ground of the training area, only to see the other woman grinning down at her. “But you’re really very good at falling,” the captain offered, reaching a hand down to drag her back to her feet.

Childishly, Nellie refused the proffered hand; her cheeks flamed as she scrambled back to her feet and collected her dagger. At least no one’s here to laugh at me this time, she thought, sparing a quick glance around as she brushed the dirt off her pants. The training facility was fairly empty today, and everyone who was there seemed entirely focused on their own training. As she had been, she realized. So focused that she hadn’t heard the other woman’s footsteps as she’d approached, startling her and instigating this whole ass-in-the-dirt experience. Lesson learned.

Eleuia watched her clamber up, still smirking a bit at the exchange. “If your pride isn’t too injured, I’ll show you a few tricks just like that one before we’re done today.”

Nellie bit her tongue at the jibe; the other woman was right. Her tumble in the dirt had only injured her pride. Why had she expected the captain to be any friendlier today than last time? Actually, I think I preferred it when she wasn’t grinning at me and knocking me on my tail, Nellie acknowledged silently. Forcing her pride back down, she nodded at the captain, “Thank you. That’d be a neat trick to be able ta use.”

“Hm. Well,” Eleuia considered her for a tick, as though she expected further childish temper. When none was forthcoming, she nodded slightly. “Alright. Before we start today – the running. Four laps this time.”

Nellie stopped the groan from escaping, barely, and took her time setting the practice dagger down by the dummy. Taking a deep breath, she took off at an easy pace and almost felt herself wishing Gimor or one of his buddies were here to mock her again. Eleuia had split her attention between the two of them last time, and Nellie hadn’t realized she’d been let off easy. Why was I looking forward to this? As her feet pounded into the dirt, she was hard-pressed to remember a single reason.

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